Mothers Brainwashed By Sons Pt. 01

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After several world wars the fate of mankind was in jeopardy. The dead were so numerous that governments on all sides brought in measures to increase the population. In Nation City the capital of the New Americas genetic reagents were added to the water supply to increased female fertility. The experiments were so successful that the birth rates went up 3000 percent in the first year. For almost a decade this continued and the war had a fresh supply of young patriots to give their lives for the cause.

The first signs that resistances to the drugs were appearing was covered up by the government. Slowly though even the media with its tight leash could not avoid reporting the downturn in birth-rates. The next decade saw increasing doses of new more aggressive drugs introduced, until finally extreme measures were inevitable. The Birthing farms were created.

Giant hospital complexes deep underground containing carefully selected patriotic females who were conscripted for breeding purposes. The women saw it as their moral duty to preserve the nations way of life and were held in high esteem despite the taboo nature of their role. The males were selected amongst the elite super-soldiers given a brief stay of leave to spend time at “The Farm”.

They were multi level apartment blocks deep within the mountain ranges of the old Canadian American border. The Farm contained special clean rooms turned into living habitats where every aspect of the environment was controlled. They relied on a pure unpolluted supply of the genetic modification drugs to create the perfect environment for conception. The females once pregnant would conceive very quickly and delivery of the child was handled with robotic drones to ensure perfectly sterile removal.

It was hard parting with a child and were it not for the horrors of the war and fear for their families many of the women would have fallen apart. As it was they performed their patriotic sacrifice and dealt with it as best they could. Counselling films were provided for their emotional state and the perks were somewhat of an incentive. The pods used anti ageing drugs and metabolic adjusters which kept the women fit and young. These drugs and pheromones also made the often plain looking women more physically appealing to the soldiers who visited. Likewise even with their brief exposure to the climate of the pod the men themselves experienced massive surges in virility to ensure impregnation.

The war ended not with a bang or a great victory but slowly winding down as attrition wore each side into economic collapse. As the world outside was destroyed, life continued on inside the mountain. The occupants started to notice their visitors became less numerous but were unable to learn more due to their isolation. The computer systems fed them with cover story after cover story but the walls were thin. If you stayed very quiet at night you could hear the faint shouts from those prone to gossip speculating on the war.

Eventually the visitors stopped coming as the world outside ground to a standstill. The women in the mountain although imprisoned in their individual pods were actually the lucky ones. There was no famine or nuclear winter here. Food, water, power and their every need was provided with inexhaustible supply. The reactors running on automation would work for a thousand years without a problem.

Many of the external systems which were operated by the workers outside shut down as they fled to seek their own shelter. This affected a lot of systems; particularly the communication webs leaving the trapped women with very little human interaction. The birthing facilities now unmonitored by administrators went offline shortly after.

The women who had received the last batch of visitors before the problems were the ones most affected by the shutdown. This time the drones did not deliver the babies into the processing chute. This time after delivery they simply left placing the newborn by its mother’s side. Many hundreds of pods were affected by the arrival of these new occupants.

Claire was in her 3rd month at the farm. She was the wife of a small community priest, herself a school teacher. She had signed up after her husband was kidnapped by insurgents who often sought out western religious targets. She’d married young and only briefly had a physical relationship with her husband before he left to do gods work at the front. She did not really think through her current decision especially that of being intimate with another man.

The nations councillors had seen Claire as easy prey in her grief stricken state. They were master manipulators when explaining to the distraught wife how her patriotism in this hour would honour his sacrifice. She wanted desperately to make her husbands ordeal worthwhile. She wanted him to be proud upon his return so it just made sense.

On her arrival at the farm she tried hard to fit in to her new role. Unfortunately despite their best efforts administrators did not find a successful gerçek porno mate for Claire in several months. Each time opportunity arose she backed out at the last moment unsure if she was doing the right thing. Finally times became so desperate they resorted to extreme measures to get her and the other uncertain wives to conceive for the nation.

Now she was a sudden and unexpected parent of a child belonging to a man she knew for only a day. Her hopes that the child would be removed so she could do her patriotic duty without reminder of her infidelity were crushed. She had like many of the women in the facility struggled with being a mother under such bizarre circumstances. Luckily her rooms computer trained her with childcare and parenting videos so she settled into a routine eventually bonding with her son.

The child grew up quickly thanks to its father’s DNA and became a welcome distraction from the loneliness. Now there were no doctors, workers or human interaction of any kind available to her. Except now of course for the baby. She named her son Jerome after her husbands father out of respect. More like his biological father Jerome grew into a large brutish boy but with a slightly milder temperament. His real father like so many of the farms visitors had been quite rough and physically abusive to the women during his brief visit.

As time went by the pair bonded but with each passing year her son become a little more dominant in the relationship. The pods environmental systems meant Claire barely aged while Jerome eventually matured into a 6ft 4 muscular 18 year old. As he grew larger Claire became nervous at some of the strange implications of sharing her pod with him. She had noticed that the sounds coming through the walls late at night were not the usual doom and gloom wailings of a dissatisfied neighbour. Claire felt sure she could hear a woman moaning almost like the sounds of a mating couple below. Since there had been no official male visitors for many years; she wondered if she was going mad.

Despite now being 18 Jerome’s lack of external stimulus made him very immature for his age and his behaviour began to deteriorate. Of course all teenagers go through a phase of disrespecting their elders as they come to terms with their now larger physical presence. With Jerome however it seemed much worse. What Claire had not considered was the effects of the pod on a male who had been exposed to its conditions for such a long time. By now the DNA modifiers in the climate systems had elevated his testosterone levels to an unnatural state.

He did of course love his mother as most angry teens do; but the effects of the environment made him increasingly unstable around her. Jerome soon discovered masturbation and despite the clear instruction that this practice was illegal he found the temptation too much. Unfortunately his only frame of reference for a female beyond the cartoon fertility films was his own mother. He jerked off furiously to thoughts of her every night.

Inevitably Jerome soon lacked the maturity to control his urges. He had watched many of the education films about breeding partners. He felt it was perfectly logical to think this way about his mother given there were no other women here. The films said mating with a female was essential for society to continue, that masturbation was illegal and that spilling male seed on the ground was an act of treason. Being so inexperienced living in such an isolated bubble he was unable to distinguish between breeding partners like in the films from the love a son has for his mother. To Jerome they were the same thing. To Jerome he was experiencing that obsessive phase of teen infatuation when he would do anything to gain the attentions of the one he desired to mate with.

He began behaving very inappropriately around his mother often “accidentally” brushing up against her from behind as she went about her chores. One day while pinned to the kitchen surface by him Claire felt his large erection pushing into the folds of her bottom. She turned and slapped him hard on the cheek. His mother sternly reminded him that while not illegal in their society, incest was still one of the most frowned upon sins from a religious perspective.

He staggered back confused and unsure what was happening to him. He angrily babbled something about how their laws must come before some made up god. That it was more important that they, as a patriotic male and female, breed children to protect the nation. She dismissed this not quite sure of the legality of what he was saying and explained to him this is just his body growing up making him a little crazy.

For a while they found an uneasy peace following the reprimand. They tried avoiding one another as best they could. Jerome hurt and upset by his mother raising her hand to him and Claire ashamed about what had happened wondering if she had been a bad parent in some way. At night she kept the door of her room locked firmly from the gay porno inside and hoped for guidance from the information films in her hour of need.

Jerome was not only maturing into a very physically large young man but an exceptionally intelligent one too. He had a gift with electronics and using the pods education system was able to gain a degree in computer science, molecular engineering and psychology. Through his amazing knowledge of computers he was soon able to hack into the old remnants of the pre-war webs. While there were no websites left he did find lots of file dumps containing something called “porn”. He managed to reconstruct the files revealing images and videos of real people on the outside having intercourse.

These films were so real and not at all like the naive cartoon reconstructions they watched in the education films. He even discovered films where mother’s had sex with their own sons including sucking their cocks (a new word he liked). He became angry that his mother had lied to him with her propaganda nonsense. He even found some in which the mother’s desired to become pregnant by their sons. With all the huge influx of knowledge from the outside Jerome became even smarter and dedicated his new expanded intellect to his incestuous motives.

Claire had originally been selected into the programme for her own good balance of intelligence and physical fitness. But the lack of stimulus and the years of brainwashing on the farm left her mentally a shell of the mind she once was. Unbeknownst to her the pods atmosphere also contained compounds which worked on shrinking portions of the female brain which controlled higher functions.

The video walls and educations systems were far from educational. They were a careful mixture of cognitive control systems designed to make the occupants more accepting and susceptible to suggestion. After all, to believe all the propaganda they would be fed when they got in here required a particularly malleable mind. Things like her previous love of literature or her religious studies seemed much less important lately. Learning about hair and makeup felt much more satisfying and she became obsessed with clothes, shoes, and underwear. Her days now filled with little more than preparing herself for a breeding partner that would never come.

With his new found intellect, like a chess player having discovered a new approach; Jerome began to psychologically profile his mother. He hacked all her personal files from the farms therapy sessions gaining intimate knowledge of her deepest fears, hopes and dreams. He intended to use this new understanding to manipulate her like he’d seen some of the sons do in the porn he’d watched. Once Jerome controlled the pods computers he learned about the climate control systems and how to mess with them. He lowered the intake into the pod of the fertility modifiers and introduced drugs which affected female hormones and growth.

Claire soon started to notice her body beginning to change. At first it was subtle, things like her complexion clearing, her mousey limp hair becoming blonder and fuller bodied. Then her lips started to thicken and pout changing her features slightly. Within a month her breasts grew 3 cup sizes, her nipples harder and longer. Her stomach and thighs lost weight rapidly, but her buttocks swelled to twice their natural size.

At first she tried covering up confused at what was happening to her and asked her doctoral son if this was normal. Unfortunately because of her rapidly declining IQ the gullible mother fell for any bullshit he fed her about it being early symptoms of the menopause. Within a few months She had gone from looking like a plain preacher’s wife to having the body of a porn star. She wore thicker layers of clothes hoping Jerome would not notice or start being inappropriate again. For his part he played along perfectly, acting like nothing was happening.

Once her body had developed to his liking he started working on her mind. He gained the ability to manipulate the education films and information systems. He created hours of new CGI instructional films which appeared to be emergency briefings sent by the farms administrator. She had already been brainwashed to be susceptible to suggestion from the facilities films so he would now begin to use this for his own motives.

When Claire received the update to her inbox she was wildly excited. A video of the facilitates administrator ADAM whom she had come to know well through his educational films over the years. He explained there would be lots of new education films coming now saying they would show her how best to serve the nations cause. The first night she lay in her bed watching a new film; the story of woman who looked just like her.

The woman spoke of her struggle in adversity as her husband was taken prisoner by evil enemy insurgents. As she was not skilled in combat she chose to sign up to one of the farms and gave birth to several sons, all of whom evli porno went on to become war heroes. The film was very emotional for Claire and she cried whenever uncanny similarities with her own life appeared in the story. Alongside this cleverly constructed plot there were also many scenes of cute babies pushing all the right buttons to bring back her maternal needs as a woman to have another child. There followed several other films, lots about pregnancy, patriotic duty, and the importance of maintaining fertility practices in wartime. They all carefully mirrored aspects of her own life and played day and night in her room on a continuous reel.

Jerome slowly ramped up the “realism” in the films and the love scenes soon got switched for the incest porn he had discovered from the outside. This was shocking at first for the innocent school teacher but she continued to watch as these were, after all, materials from the trusted administrator. He knew no matter how much she watched she wouldn’t masturbate. Eventually she was visibly struggling in her daily routine to conceal how constantly horny she was. The slutty whores in the films were now her only female role models and she became so susceptible to their influence.

Soon her voice became more girly around him and she walked differently pushing her breasts out leaning into him as they spoke. She spent hours on her appearance manicuring her nails and waxing her vagina to look like the girls in the videos. Like them, she also felt insecure and desperately needy for the attention of her muscular well endowed son. She would tease and flirt with him by wearing low cut tops bumping in to him with her massive tits giggling. His wide eyes followed them around the room all day.

Sometimes Jerome would slap his mother’s bottom or brush his fingers over her nipples when they broke a hug. Her clothing became more and more revealing as he used clever reinforcement techniques to get her addicted to needing his approval. He made sure he kept pushing her physical boundaries too escalating the touching until it became just like the way people behaved in the porn. When they Hugged he lingered squeezing handfuls of her flesh; the big lump in his shorts pressed to her belly. For Claire it felt like the most normal thing in the world to have him touching her privates now; just like the girls in the films did.

By the end of the third month after the update she had been totally brainwashed. Jerome couldn’t believe how dumb his sexy mother had become, she looked and talked exactly like those big tit bimbos in the porn she was watching. As the hormonal mother became more and more obvious about her desperate need to be fucked, he began to exert his power over her unsteady mind. Unfortunately she willingly allowed it to happen. One night she went in her room and a black teddy, stockings and white heals were laid out on the bed. Jerome chose her clothes most days now and she put them on eagerly then fixed her hair and makeup the way he liked it.

They sat and watched a movie together, which as usual was a carefully selected incest porn film. This particular one about several heavy breasted blonde mother’s giving hand relief to their well endowed sons. As they watched Jerome suddenly took his mother’s tiny manicured hand and placed it on his crotch. His mother giggled and kissed him on the cheek thanking him. She felt so grateful he would allow her to fondle him intimately like this.

After a while she lost interest in the male appendages on the screen. Her attention was now focused on what the real one inside these shorts might look like. He could make so many babies with this she thought as her hands started to shake. Jerome felt a moment of pity for his poor mother who he could see was now physically in pain from her frustration. She had wet herself and a mixture of cum and urine strained the couch like a slug trail where she sat. He helped her pull the straining organ out of the fly in his shorts and reassured her by rapping her dainty hand around the shaft.

They sat like this for a while. Occasionally she would sigh and repeat her thanks to him as she stroked her sons thick penis. She could not describe how powerful it felt to finally have it in her hand. After a while Jerome realised he was getting close. He remembered his plan and how he still needed to break her will completely. With that thought he stood up suddenly and walked into the kitchen. He turned and beckoned her to come to him…HERE.

His mother jumped up timidly and came to him. As she drew close he motioned for her to put her hands on the counter facing away from him. She obeyed without hesitation and looked back over her shoulder at him on tip toe in her big heals. Without speaking he came in close behind her, pushed down his shorts and reached around for her 36DD breasts. He squeezed them and pushed his giant organ up against her panty covered bottom.

This time she did not protest or reprimand him like she had done all those months ago. He whispered in her ear reminding her that this was where she had once rejected him. As he mauled her breasts she felt some distant voice telling her something was wrong. But before she could listen the burning emotions in her tummy made her cry and plead for her sons forgiveness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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