Motor Cross Men

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Please note that like all my experiences, my boyfriend and I use condoms when fucking with others and that for the purposes of this story, I have omitted that fact. Be safe and have fun guys.


We started renting a couple of rooms in our small farmhouse here in France to bring in some income, we didn’t buy the place to grow much and in fact lease most of it to the farmer next door for peanuts. He won’t be featuring in any stories, real or imagined, he’s old, fat, most unattractive and married to somebody I suspect could be his sister.

Not too far away from where we live is an annual Motor Cross, with guys (they are almost exclusively men) who come from all over France and Belgium with a very small number of other nationalities competing over the whole weekend on the sand. The event has grown over the years and the beach is made into a track of artificial dunes.

In addition to the competitors, there are supporters and thousands of spectators although numbers can vary tremendously depending on the weather.

We took a rental request for a double room, and in the event it was 2 competitors, Seb and Johann. They clearly weren’t a couple and we gave them the room with twin beds. They loved the location of the farm, their (motor)bikes were secured in the modern outhouse and made life easier for them.

Seb enquired how many rooms we had and how many we could accomodate in total. Legally we are allowed 3 rooms of 3, as per our declaration to the local Town Hall and he returned the folowing year, booking places for 8. It meant moving some beds around so no one had to share and in the end a 9th person tagged along last minute but was someones girlfriend so no further furniture removal was required.

Day 1 was for time and track trials and the main event was the following day. As they had taken over the whole house, we weren’t in on the Saturday when they returned, we believe en-masse, and sorted themselves and their bikes, equipment and clothing out but we returned to find the place resembling an immaculately clean pit stop.

It was strange watching them return on the Sunday, Johann was first back and showered as the veterans race was before the others. The under 16s went first but no one of that age was in Seb’s group. During the afternoon a couple of others returned and went to shower and change after hosing down their bikes. Well, one or two parents turned up at our house too with trailers and collected their offspring plus the girlfriends, attractive lads of 18 or so who wandered around in just their underwear before and indeed after showering as we tried not to be too obvious about checking them out. We diligently stripped the bedding and tidied 2 of the rooms plus, for the umpteenth time, the bathroom. Indeed there was almost as much sand in our house as there was on the beach.

That only left Seb and Clemence due to return and we were told that Clemence had done well and should be in receipt of an award so he was going to be back late, Seb had stayed for moral support as he was the team leader and organiser. (Seb too had apparently done well in the over 35s, so we had correctly guessed his age at very early 40s).

Clemence was the looker. He was 21, short with brown hair and incredibly blue eyes, sideburns and a hint of beard. Solid, medium build and very much the boy next door. And indeed, most shaggable, the total opposite of the farmer next door! We’d only seen him in baggy jeans and a jumper, then briefly in full leathers as he set off for the day just after breakfast.

Around 5pm, the two of them and their bikes returned. They politely asked if they could clean down their bikes before loading them on to the double trailer at the back of Seb’s car and half an hour or so later, they were having a warming coffee and finishing off. They had a couple of hours drive and understandably wanted a shower escort bayan gaziantep before they set off. They stood on the porch just off our dining room and as they knew we had no other guests due that night, helped each other out of their leathers and folded them neatly for the journey, both standing there in only their briefs. Now they were both fit for their respective ages, Seb was completely smooth chested (and his stomach too), Clemence had some light chest and stomach hair leading down to the impressive bulge in his whites. Seb was the taller of the two and his package didn’t look quite as endowed.

It sounds sexy and trust me, I like sweat, but these two needed the shower. And fast. A whole day sweating away in leather isn’t as pretty as your nostrils might imagine. They disappeared down the corridor together, chattering and joking away with each other. I could see them both go in the bathroom together although guys do change collectively at gyms and the like, and their ‘civilian’ clothes were ready for them in the one adjacent bedroom. I heard the water running, more voices and chatter, more laughter, more splashing… and curiosity got the better of me as I knew the bathroom door hadn’t been closed. I walked down under the pretence of checking they had towels.

Both of them were naked in the shower, Clemence was in front of Seb facing the wall and Seb had his back and bare arse facing me as I went in. A smooth, firm, round muscular arse. He hadn’t seen me and he used the shower head to wash and rinse a very generous amount of bubbles away from his crack. It was a good long rinse and as I washed myself the same way, parting my own cheeks and enjoying the sensation of the powerful jets of water on my own ring, I knew he’d be clean. He then moved the hose round and rinsed Clemence’s back for him.

I moved in to the corridor unseen and shouted through “you guys okay for towels?” and reentered the bathroom. Seb had turned round by now and Clemence was rinsing his back, through the glass door I caught a real good glimpse of his totally shaved cock. The warmth of the water had done it some good, it was an impressive size at perhaps 5 to 6 inches, I would have said slightly aroused but not erect, although perhaps the lack of pubes was flattering to the appearance.

“Yep, fine, just finished” said Seb and he turned off the water and then used his hand to take away the excess on his upper body and legs. I continued to make conversation about how we’d more towels if they needed, just so I could get a better look, which I did indeed get when he opened the slightly steamed door. I handed him a towel and then he moved forward and it was Clemence’s turn. He wasn’t shy either about being naked in front of me, his tool was a little smaller and he had a full bush. He’d looked the larger of the two in underwear and I think he probably had been until Seb’s had started to swell. Plus Clemence had the larger bollocks.

Seb continued to dry himself off and as Clemence stepped forward, he bobbed down somewhat and yelped. “Cramp! Cramp! I’ve got a cramp.” Seb went and slid himself under Clemence’s arm so he was supporting him and he helped him step out of the shower. I took the other towel and began drying his back and then his chest.

“Okay?” I asked, to which he nodded, so I did his back and chest again, this time moving lower. My boyfriend Dave came to see what all the fuss was about and found Seb, naked as his towel had slipped from round his waist and Clemence, naked as he’d never had a towel round his, both being patted down mainly above the waist by me. That said, I had indeed had a couple of pats on Clemence’s slightly hairy arse cheeks. They too were muscular, even firmer than Seb’s.

I suggested we get them both into the next bedroom to where their clothes were (as it had a double bed) and let Dave work on the cramp, explaining that he had done some personal training. A little white lie I guess but he did go the gym and trained… well himself… so that’s personal. And I knew he’d enjoy the view.

Clemence flopped on the bed face down on to a clean towel and Dave worked away, massaging his thigh. I sat on the side of the bed and Seb was stood up. In fact his cock wasn’t that far from my face when I turned round as we were all 3 of us looking at the affected area. Or maybe just Clemence’s perfectly formed arse. He moaned as if approving of Dave’s massaging and so it continued.

I kept taking not-so-sly glances at Seb’s cock so he could see me and it seemed to be getting larger each time. I touched the face down Clemence on the shoulder and asked if he was okay to which he replied with an approving moan. Dave seemed to be working his leg even higher, rubbing just along the underside of his butt cheek and on the very top of his inner thigh although his legs weren’t spread open wide enough for us to see too much of his crack or any scrotum. I reached up and touched Seb’s hip with my other hand, letting it linger as I asked if he was okay. It seemed he was so I ran my hand down from his hip to his knee and winked.

He winked back and his cock pounded noticeably forward momentarily. I bent forward and licked his piss slit, which made his cock swell further, still pointing towards the floor somewhat but well on the way to being solid. Dave saw me and prised Clemence’s legs apart gently so he could really massage his inner thigh, all the way down to his scrotum. But he didn’t linger so Clemence would get suspicious, he kept his hand moving, just more along the base of his buttock, across to the other one on his ‘good’ leg and occasionally up his crack, getting nearer and nearer his ring with each stroke. There was no resistance offered.

I saw this and so did Seb but I went for taking the whole of his knob end in my mouth, licking around where his foreskin had been pulled back. By now he was fully hard and I removed my t-shirt and undid my trousers, my cock staying in his mouth except when I slipped my T over my head.

Clemence never lifted his head and Dave said he’d be back in a minute, returning with some baby oil and without his t shirt . He applied a little at the very top of Clemence’s legs and rubbed as I watched as best I could with my mouth full. He rubbed it gently and made more moves on Clemence’s butt cheeks, 2 circling motions with each stroke opening the clean but slightly dark and hairy crack, revealing that beautiful pink little bullseye. I stopped sucking Seb momentarily and took the baby oil and the next time Dave had his cheeks parted, I dribbled a little right down his crack and let a few extra drops hit his ring. It instinctively puckered with the sensation before relaxing again, the pinkness glistening now. Both Seb and I watched, I slowly and steadily squeezing Seb’s dick.

Now Clemence was Seb’s charge for the weekend and much as Dave probably wanted to fuck him and much as I wanted him to (so Seb could cream up my ass if nothing else, fair’s fair), it was only right that Seb should get first refusal. He moved round being young Clemence’s guardian for the weekend and took over from Dave who stood up and removed his trousers, allowing his shaved boner to spring upright and free.

“What’s going on?” Clemence asked.

“Post ride stress relief like I told you,” Seb replied.

I lay face down on the bed too, next to Clemence, placing a hand on the arse cheek nearest to mine. I raised my arse slightly, and felt some baby oil drip down my crack too. Dave was at the back of me, his little dick standing to attention. He fucked me many times before, beautifully, and I wondered if Seb would watch and learn or maybe teach him a trick or too but seemingly the both found the respective willing opening at the same time as I heard Clemence gasp at the moment Dave’s cock entered my ring. I had raised my knee on the leg next to Clemence, making my hole more accessible and it touched his. Seb lifted the same leg on Clemence so we were almost in the same position, parallel to each other. I thought this would facilitate an easier entry for Seb, his cock was bigger than Dave’s and I was pretty sure he was entering virgin or fairly unexplored territory…

Well I was pleased as much as I like a good fucking, Dave and Seb learned from each other. The other pair had adopted our position for ease of entry and were taking things real slow, something Dave copied so that he and Seb could push in and pull someway out in unison. This heightened the sensation of his bell end rubbing my man spot and unbeknown to me, Dave’s hand, still oiled from his rubbing of Clemence’s crack, was probing Sebs hole. He had his middle finger in to the second joint and pushed and pulled, teasing Seb’s manclit as they rocked. I looked over my shoulder from my face down, fuck my arse position and Dave and Seb were swapping spit, which made me somewhat jealous, I love the feel of a guy’s tongue in my mouth when I’m being screwed and not sucking a dick.

Clemence was moaning approvingly and from what I could see he was managing to accommodate Seb’s tool. The guys continued to rock and thrust in rhythmic competition, even Dave pushed in me further than normal and I relaxed my sphincter to the max to help, the oil making it really frictionless. I never know in situations like this who might come first and today was no different. But I didn’t have too long to wait, Dave’s breathing speeded up, excited to be screwing me, poking Seb and ‘competing’ at the same time made him think he was in a race. And he shot over the finishing line.

The sound of him cumming caught Clemence’s attention and the distraction caused him to lose the grip of Sebs cock which slipped out of his arse. He turned over and I caught sight of his rock hard erection which had been pressed face down on the bed all this time. He was stroking himself and Dave deflated and plopped out of my moist arse. I too turned over but moved lower down the bed, offering myself to Seb in a kind of missionary position. He looked approvingly before sliding his cock in my well oiled man hole although he was rather larger than Dave who had nicely loosened me ready for something bigger. Seb pushed in slowly and methodically and once in my arsehole he could divert his concentration to the job in hand. Or jobs in hands. He took a tool in each and began wanking both Clemence and I as he pushed his cock up me and clenched his arse cheeks together. Wow!

I turned my head to face Clemence and smiled at him, knowing all 3 of us were close to orgasm. And as I heard Seb’s breathing quicken and Clemence took over his wanking again and began working his cock faster, I asked him to shoot over my face. He kneeled in front of me as he jerked quicker, Seb continued pumping my arse and the first wad of jizz landed smack across my chin and cheek, close enough for me to lick and taste before the next spurt arrived. Seeing this was the catalyst for Seb to fill me further and he grunted loudly as I clamped my mancunt firmly around his tool. I felt each ejaculation and there were 6 in total, as Dave looked on approvingly. I shot straight away, all over my torso but with so much pressure that the first load smacked me right across my face! I licked as much as I could as I continued spurting before we all collapsed, briefly, in a heap of arms, legs and sadly deflating cocks.

We were all well spent now and the boys needed to be on their way so they quickly showered yet again. It was a pleasure to watch once more and a shame they had a journey ahead as my cock began to stir once more but they dressed and said their farewells before Dave and I showered, together. And and as you can perhaps imagine, took time to dry each other off.

The guys are back again for another Motor Cross this year. Can’t wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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