Mountain Resort Ch. 03

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Leena was on her second mission to Shandrakor on behalf of princess Kira. Her task this time was simple : act as a deputy of Kira in case of a major problem and provide her team of Dalits R&R to maintain their spirits on a day to day basis. The mission had begun in the pickup car that was transporting her to Shandrakor. She had not been given a seat next to the driver. One of the Dalits had pushed her on the back of the cab and fucked her mercilessly with his monstrously huge dong. Leena had come dangerously close to being split in half but had managed to survive that experience. A second Dalit had given her much more pleasure before the six other ones had gangbanged her soundly on the floor of the pickup car. They fucked her continuously during the three hours of their travel.

Leena had been sheathed so many times she had lost the count of the men having cummed in either of her holes or on her body. They were eight men and all of them had enjoyed her body at least three times as if they had been starved from sex for months. She had been afraid when the first Dalit who was really mounted like a horse and brutal had approached her for a second bout. Most of the men had fucked her cunt for the first time and chosen her ass for the second. Leena was sure his gigantic weapon would rip her ass open but he had chosen her pussy. It was now totally loose and lubed aplenty by maybe twelve loads deposited by his friends and himself. He went in as smoothly as if he had been of normal proportions.

When they reached the crossroads leading to Shandrakor, Daleep had the car stopped and ordered Leena to climb down from the car. He made her on her belly on the warm hood. She was told to part her legs wide. He climbed on the bumper to place himself at the appropriate height and pushed his shaft in her asshole in a single shove. She moaned slightly when he filled her now very sore anus. He wanted it rough and she soon began to squirm on the hood and scream loud with her eyes closed. Her bottom was impaled on his shaft, so only her torso was able to move at all, grinding her breasts on the metal. When she turned to the right and opened her mouth for just another scream, she felt something plunge between her lips. It was the car driver who had decided to participate into the fun. Leena liked to be double teamed by two men who had so far only watched her. Fresh troops are always a relief. . .

The Dalits in the other cars had glimpsed some of Kira’s endeavours but were not given any occasion to participate. While they waited for the delayed blue car, they organized hastily a reception for Leena. A saree was spread on the grass. Finally the car arrived slowly among the cheers of the whole team. A nude Leena was standing on the motor hood. The driver and Daleep maintained her ankles while other hands steadied her belly, tits and buttocks. There was even an hand between her legs with two fingers that were hooked into her cunt. They could have driven at normal speed, Leena was safely in place and would go nowhere without their acquiescence.

Daleep led Leena to the saree spread on the ground and made her lay on it. She had parted her legs wide and he initiated the event by getting on his knees between her legs and fucking her in plain view of everyone but he refrained from cumming in her cunt. Instead, he pulled back completely and stood up. He wanked rapidly his cock until he cummed, spewing his sperm on her body. Leena did not try to escape the droplets. Four other men had already taken place on his left and right and were actively working on their cocks until they erupted and covered her with their spunk. As soon as they had emptied their balls, they left their places to other ones, even the cook and his assistant. When the last one had left her, Leena was a mess covered with white lines of slimy goo that glided slowly on her skin to puddle on the saree that was completely drenched. Leena was in shock, unable to move. Her own education, even with her long sluttish experience of the last years had not prepared to something as wicked as a long car travel where she had been used so many times followed by a cum bath with more than twenty men covering her from head to toe with their sizzling hot seed.

Shilan gave a few sharp orders. Leena was wrapped in the soiled saree and carried unceremoniously toward the entrance to the well. Men took jerricans down to fill them while others went down with pails. Leena was barely aware of their agitation. They soon came back. The pails were filled with clay found at the base of the well staircase and the jerricans had been filled bu the pire water of the source. Shilan shook Leena’s shoulder.

– Can you wash yourself or must I ask them to do it for you? They will relish both!

– I will wash myself! May I have some privacy?

– You are joking! After watching you take a bath nude in front of them all, I will just announce that you will be offered this evening in priority to the man who had sorted the most stones. I think that this heap of rubble will be sorted this evening.

Leena resolved herself. she peeled the slimy saree fabric from her body and used the first Sakarya Escort jerrican just to wipe her face and body of the most part of the smelly gooey that was covering her skin. She lathered the clay on herself. It was so fine that she used some to wash her hair. She would look for her beauty wallet later when the Dalits were working hard to gain her. Leena wanted her make up to look perfect when she would be handed to the winner of the day. After all, being a prize award had its own prerequisites for a pretty woman.

When she was dried, Leena discovered that all the men even Tajun, Shilan and Daleep had gone their ways and were working quite hard. They did not bother her during the whole day. Leena had chosen as during her previous experience there to remain naked, just putting on shoes for protection. Watching the treasures of the luscious body they could win that very evening was surely a good enticement to work harder. And god they worked pretty hard, considering the heap of rubble that was dwindling as hours passed and the heap of carved and building stones was climbing. Leena only contact with them came when she made some errands to gather her luggage or retrieve something for the cook. During these walks, she occasionally found one or two Dalits on her way and they could not refrain from a few caresses to her back, her romp or her breasts and a few jokes on what they intended to do to her if they won the challenge. She always replied in kind, teasing them lewdly. They would work even harder and Leena’s main task could be achieved faster that would please Kyrhan. On another plane, her teasing would also excite them and she may benefit from it this very evening already.

Tajun noticed her continual tease and told her to stop it as the Dalits, especially the new ones could get unmanageable but she continued it especially with those who had fucked her so brutally on the way to Shandrakor. Tajun decided that a good spanking would calm her. He placed two metallic trunks one above the other. With the help of Daleep, he tied Leena’s hands behind her back and pushed her on top of the trunks. Then they tied her ankles to the metal handles on both extremities. Leena’s feet were drawn far apart and she moaned in anguish. Daleep secured her chest while Tajun untied her hands before securing them again to the handles. She was now totally helpless, her bottom on one side of the trunks and her head on the oppsite side.

Tajun went to cut a small tree branch he kept only the flexible stem. He proceeded to spank her back, bottom and legs. He did not stop at six as Leena had expected but continued until all her back was sore and burning, flaming red with the abuse she had been subject to. The punishment had attracted the attention of the Dalits who had gathered around to watch Leena’s ordeal. When Tajun thought that the job had been properly done, he just left, leaving her to cool still tied on the uncomfortable trunks. Two hours later, the signal of the end of the work day made once more the dalits gather around her. They were anxious to know who would fuck their buxom fuck toy. Her bondage position made then even hornier. From their lewd comments, she could be sure she would be fucked still tied to the trunks and they would use her ass hole or her mouth as her cunt was pressed on the metal.

Daleep announced that there was a tie as four men had sorted the same number of stones. He proposed to draw between them the winner but they roared in protest. The four of them had won, so the slut was theirs for the evening. Daleep did not want to argue

– These strong men have worked very hard this afternoon, Leena. You were intended to be the tip for the day of one man but I’m afraid that you will have to pay the tip to four. She’s all yours for two hours. You may use whatever hole you please but she is never to be untied until the end of the time allotted to you!

The four sweaty and dirty Dalits cheered and came nearer to fondle Leena’s body. They were happily chatting in hindi. Leena gathered that they were pleased by the whiteness of her skin, especially her breasts and her shaved pussy, just another habit of Kira she had adopted.

The first one slapped crudely Leena’s left bottom cheek. He reached down to kiss her on the lips. His mouth smelled awfully bad and she had to fight nausea. He was still sticky with sweat mixed with dirt. He pulled down his dhoti and forced his cock into her mouth. He did not expect her to suck him but he wanted to fuck her mouth. He made her head bob up and down on his cock. Leena had just to hold her lips tight around his cock and let him screw himself with her mouth, just a hole to be filled. Leena found it particularly humiliating. She was denied even the right to service this man. In a few minutes, he quietly exploded into her throat and let her clean his cock head with her mouth.

The next one wanted more from her. He had already taken out his cock, erect, hard and ready to fill another hole. He pushed it into her mouth to lubricate himself on her saliva. He withdrew quietly and placed himself behind her upturned bottom. He parted quietly Sakarya Escort Bayan her ass cheeks and placed the head of his cock against her shit hole (it was nothing more for him) opening. Then he grabbed her hips and just as quietly pulled her to him, forcing his cock into her anus, not taking the least attention to her painful screams. She was used, not even fucked or raped, like an inflatable doll, not like a woman, a human being. Fortunately, Leena was accustomed to being abused by uncaring men and her cunt adjusted fast to being stretched that way. She even began to enjoy his continuing assaults as he was thrusting on inside her. Her bottom was not feeling abused and sore but deliciously filled to capacity. She begged for more, encouraging him loudly to fuck her harder and deeper.

The third Dalit went wild when she urged his colleague to fuck her in Hindi. He used her only available hole in her position : her mouth. She was in heaven being double teamed by these two very strong men. Leena began to suck this new huge and long cock. After a few trials, the two men worked in unison, a thrust into her ass forcing the other man’s cock into her mouth and both men withdrawing simultaneously before plunging back in.

The watching crowd was encouraging the men to continue, slapping the rhythm with their hands. The two men came together in torrents of cum, screaming in delight. Leena felt exhausted when they withdrew their cocks from her ass and mouth and the last Dalit moved toward her. He helped to lift her belly from the trunks and present her twat to his big cock. He pushed it in and began to ram it back and forth. Each time he pushed in, her belly was lifted from the metal surface as far as her bonds allowed it. He didn’t try to do her in some sophisticated way but he pumped into her aroused body as far and as fast as he could. This primitive way had an immediate result for Leena : She felt orgasm after orgasm convulsing her internal organs, drawing shrieks of ecstasy from her throat. The first orgasm had not calmed down that the next one was mounting. They fused together, making her shudder in a frenzy she had rarely felt the equivalent.

The man reached his own climax, shooting many spurts of hot cum inside her womb. Several minutes later when he exited his daze, he wiped his cock in her hair before leaving her with her three holes soiled with their cum and sperm oozing from her cunt and ass hole or dangling from the corners of her mouth and from her hair. After a while, Daleep came back and untied her. She gathered up her clothes and led her off to her tent. She followed him, stark naked to the showers. Later, while rinsing herself meticulously, he told her he was pleased with her amazing performance. She didn’t reply, too tired even to move.

That night, Tajun, Shilan and Daleep called her to their tent. They engaged in a fierce foursome with Leena at the center of their attention. She had often her three holes filled together. They did take their times this time, making her scream in passion using their hands, tongues, mouths and cock on her whole body, bringing her to another series of hot and steamy climaxes. When they were through, they tied her spread eagle to the ground on a sleeping bag outside their tent. The night rain fell on her and the morning dew covered her face and body with sparkling droplets. Before leaving her, they told her :

– Sleep well, Leena, for, tomorrow you will service the whole team. There are twenty of them, three drivers and the three of us. We have decided that you will have your hands tied and we will hang you by the wrists to a tree. You will be on your tip toes, at a distance from the trunk, unable to oppose any resistance. They will be able to use you at will. Imagine, all those horny men leering at you, using your cunt and ass hole freely, shooting gallons of sperm inside you! If you were not already pregnant, you would after so many fucks.

The next morning, Tajun untied Leena and led her to a big tree, a few yards from the work area. He tied her wrists in front of her and told her to lift her hands to the sky. He threw a rope above a big branch and tied her restrained wrists to it. Afterwards he threw another rope further on the same branch and called for help. They drew down the branch and attached the rope holding Leena’s wrists to the trunk. Then they freed the branch which pulled Leena up. She was now dangling from the rope, the tip of her toes just touching the ground. They tied her ankles apart, leaving her cunt and ass hole totally vulnerable to anyone.

Leena was left alone for maybe two hours until the first Dalit took a pause. He went toward her and just took out his big cock. He was facing her and he simply aligned his cock to her vulva and shoved it up. Her bonds had made her totally available and her excitation had steadily built up, making her cunt to open widely on its own. The head of his cock was protruding from his uncircumcised shaft. Leena gazed sheepishly at the incredible big cock that was about to invade her. His big cock found her hole and she moaned as his pole slid inside her. Although she Escort Sakarya had been repeatedly shafted, the day before, he could not enter her completely. He lowered himself then pushed up again and again, getting slowly deeper and deeper. She was completely passive, moaning loudly as he fucked her. He was still not all the way up her snatch when she exploded in a strong climax but he continued to shaft her.

The man grabbed her hips fiercely and helped himself deeper inside her belly. Finally His whole huge cock was buried into her sweat covered body. She screamed in lust as he was slamming his cock home hard. They were moaning and screaming in unison. Suddenly he tensed. His big cock exploded once more, shooting loads after loads of hot sticky cum on her cervix. She responded immediately with her own orgasm, probably even more thunderous than his one. He withdrew reluctantly. Cum was oozing from her wide open snatch and his still erect cock shined from their combined fluids. The other Dalits were surrounding them now, drawn by their screams. As soon as he relinquished her body, another jumped to his place while another positioned himself to fuck her arse. The twenty Dalits, the drivers fucked her on and on. When all of them had fucked her, they went back at it a second time, then a third. When the last pair disengaged, she had been unconscious for a rather long time.

Daleep awakened her by throwing a pail of cold water on her. She sputtered madly. They let her hanging from the tree, draining herself on the ground of all the fluids they had injected in her pussy and ass hole. Two hours later, they untied her carefully and carried her to her tent to sleep until the next morning, just eating a light dinner late in the evening.

When she woke up, she expected they would tie her back to the same tree but Shilan told her that her performance of the previous day had delayed the work so she had to make herself scarce and let them work. Her only appearance would be after the dinner when she would be expected to dance for the whole team. Since Kira’s astounding performance in Cairo, All the women of Kyrhan’s harem had agreed to follow lessons of bellydance wherever they lived. They often performed for Kyrhan’s or their husbands’ benefit but on several occasions Kyrhan had also asked them to perform for friends he was receiving and he even organized a short tour in USA, France and Italy for a group of four of them including Leena and Kira. They were now registered as professional bellydancers.

Leena had taken one of her outfits, not really expecting to use it, just in case. Shilan must have seen it when she had opened her luggage. No matter : she would dance the best she could. She loved to perform, especially in front of men, of true, virile men who could fuck her al the night if she gave them the opportunity. In Europe, men were gentle, courteous, polite regarding women as delicate objects of adoration. Here she was just a woman, an object too but an object that could be used and abused but could also be respected, enjoyed and exhibited.

Recently, Leena had met in Birmingham an Indian greengrocer who had fucked her on a heap of leeks in his back store. He was not highly educated, somewhat rough and vulgar but she had appreciated her few hours with him. She had come back to his shop the next week. He had acknowledged her presence not with empty words but with a big grin. He had showed her the most unusual treasures of his shop with some fruits and vegetables coming from the south of India and Sri Lanka she had never seen before. He had explained her how to prepare and incorporate them in traditional recipes. With the shopkeeper, she had felt again totally at ease. The fact that he was in dhoti and she was wearing a saree with a bindi and toe ring while the other customers were in plain clothes with the exception of a few muslim women in Burqha had made them feel they belonged to the same ethnic group. As soon as the other customers had left his shop, he had hung a tablet with the notice : Temporary closed, before ushering her to another door.

It was the place where he slept sometimes : a cramped cubicle with just a bed, a desk and a cupboard with a small Ganesh statue in a corner. She had bent in front of it and he had appreciated the gesture. The man had placed his hand in the hollow of her back, leading her to the bed. With an economy of gestures, he had taken away her saree, unhooked her choli and unknotted her petticoat in an instant. He had not even been surprised when he had discovered she was not wearing any undies underneath but he had changed his plans

He had done her on the armchair with her face toward the back, on her knees. Her bottom was protruding out. He told her to grab firmly the back of the seat. He went behind her and freed his cock. When she tried to turn toward him, he slapped her right ass cheek, telling her in his commanding voice to gaze straight forward. He took in his pocket a short cucumber and offered it to her mouth. She automatically opened wide her lips to accommodate the vegetable. It was long and just big enough to stretch her mouth painlessly. It went far into her throat, silencing her completely. He returned his attention to his cock. He pushed it into her slippery warm twat and she lifted herself somewhat before grinding her pussy down back onto it several times. Both of them knew that this was not where he wanted to cum this morning.

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