Movie Night

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This experience was a game we talked about many times, I just needed the opportunity. I was to get another man’s hand in my panties at the movies, have him get me off. Use him for my benefit. Rules were set, which included staying in touch as much as I could, and posting the experience here.

The perfect opportunity arose to play out our game late one evening. I was heading to the movies with a friend of mine, John. I am in my early 30s, 5’4, size 6. Sexy and attractive, all around cute. I took a few pictures of myself dressed casually in a sweatshirt and yoga pants and sent them to you as I was walking out the door. I was everything from “simply irresistible” to “teasing.”

I texted you the entire way to the theatre while I was in the car with John. I was warming up from the knowledge of our game, the sexual aspect of the movie we were going to see, and most of all the added encouragement from you.

We were two of three people in the theatre. Part way through the movie, John’s hand moved to my leg, rubbing the top of my thigh softly. I slipped out of the movie so that I could text you, tell you what was going on. You were very excited at the thought.

I went back to the theatre, sat down and leaned my leg back against him. Giving him the okay to touch me again. He started running his fingers up my thigh, coming close to my pussy, but not touching it. Doing the same with my other leg. It was so soft and teasing; I was very aware. He kept that same light touch and finally grazed his fingers over my pussy.

The movie ended and we just stayed talking in the theatre. I thought the other person in the theatre would never leave! As he did, he stopped and talked to us for a bit. I leaned forward slightly as I turned, and John slipped his arm behind me and started rubbing my back. When we were alone again, I leaned completely forward in my seat, his Görükle Escort hand stayed on my back, moving under my sweatshirt and lower into the waist of my pants. We kept talking, just idle chit chat, getting more comfortable sitting there in the empty theatre.

He said that we should go find another mostly empty theatre that is still showing. I convinced him to just stay where we were. I didn’t want him to think he could get me that quickly! His hands moved to my stomach, lightly touching and caressing. As we were talking about how long it would be before an employee came into the room, his hands moved to my breasts. John pulled the front of my bra down as he leaned forward and kissed me. He squeezed my nipples, enjoying my breasts. He opened the clasp of my bra, let my tits be free to enjoy. All of a sudden everything stopped in the theatre. The music stopped playing, the lights went out. We were sitting in total darkness. I was getting concerned about that, will someone come check and we get in trouble, or will we be forgotten?

As he lifted up my sweatshirt, my phone fell out of my front pocket. It was like a reminder that I needed to get into touch with you, though I needed none. I convinced him we needed to head out. As we left I thought that was the end of the evening; that the game could continue another time. “You are so bad,” he told me as we headed to the car. “Nah, I just didn’t stop you.”

The drive back toward my house provided colorful conversation. We talked about the movie, first experiences seeing the opposite sex naked, whether we should stop and have a few drinks. All the while I was texting you, telling you what had happened thus far. We decided that we should stop and have a few drinks before calling it a night. After the drinks at the bar, he pulled into a construction area, just around the corner from my house and Görükle Escort Bayan we parked and talked some more. I continued to text you, tell you where I was, what was happening. He said he wanted to pick up where we left off, that he wanted to touch me.

I teased him a little, telling him we couldn’t in the car, it was late, had to be up early, all the excuses. I wanted to see how much he wanted it. I also did want to get home to you. I finished texting you, and turned to him. He leaned over the console to kiss me, his body pushing me toward the car door. He was bolder this time, away from the theatre. His hand moved straight to my pussy, but touching only on the outside of my pants. He reached up inside my sweatshirt again, teasing my breasts. It was not the most comfortable set up, and he grew frustrated. John suggested we should get into the backseat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him move that fast before. I followed him to the back; I didn’t figure we’d be too long.

I sat down next to him and he again leaned into me and picked up where we left off. It ended up with me leaned back, between the end of the seat and a bit on the door. As he kissed me, his hand went to my pussy again and then running back up to my waist, stomach and breasts. He finally reached down and put his hand in my pants.

I thought, “Yes”, I did it. Now that he was there, I wanted him to get me off. His fingers found the wet lips of my pussy. He teased my entire pussy, moving up and down my slit, around my clit. It felt good, really great. The expression on his face looked like he was getting something he’d been thinking about for a long time.

As he was playing with me and leaning over me, he said, “Why do I feel like you’ve been here before?” My answer was indecisive. He kept teasing me with his fingers, feeling me wet. He still didn’t rub me or Bursa Escort Bayan feel me enough. Instead, his mouth went to my breasts, sucking and teasing. It felt really good, but I had to ask him to back off a little bit. It was a little too hard. After I had more shortness of breath, some moaning, he put his hand back in my pants and just rubbed my clit. He was getting me so hot, I was getting close to cumming. He pushed his fingers into me, deep. Did he ever want me…

He stopped me short and told me he told me he loved to taste pussy, that he wanted it. He started pulling my pants down lower to around my knees, bending my legs forward over my head so that my pussy was exposed to him and then went down to suck on me. He licked me, pushed his tongue into my pussy, sucked on my clit. He made me very hot, I enjoyed all he was giving to me. He made me cum laying there on my back like a little slut – your little slut.

I thought that would be it, and then he came up again and started rubbing and fucking my pussy again with his fingers. I never begged for it, but I told him it felt good. He had to have enjoyed me and fucked me with his fingers at least two or three times and sucked on me a good long while. I know he wanted me to touch him, was probably thinking about how good of a fuck I could be. Even though I am your dirty girl, I was a good girl that night. I didn’t touch him at all. I kept my hands to myself, just taking what he was giving me, and enjoying every minute of it. Being that naughty girl. I must have cum at least three times that afternoon.

When I noticed what time it was and I was satisfied, I was very anxious to get back to you. I called you right away and told you what had happened. That I had gone farther than the plan, hoped you forgave me for it. I just wanted to be honest with you. Even told you that John thought you would probably punch him when you met him, considering everything.

I loved the game, making the step but very much would like the next time to be with you there too. I want us both to feel good, want you included, I want to feel like the very naughty girl with you. Just tell me when and where…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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