Mr. Right Now Ch. 08: Brad

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I’m lying in a queen-sized bed in an old basement, naked under the covers, beside another naked 18-year-old boy. I’m wide awake. He’s pretending to be asleep. My painfully hard cock jerks and my body stiffens when his hand brushes my thigh.

* * *

It’s early summer and I’ve just graduated from high school. Dad and I have spent the last week at Grandma’s ranch, doing some minor maintenance. On the way home, we’ve stopped to visit his college friends Carl and Katy. And their son Brad.

I’m an average teenage boy. Basically a walking hard-on with limited social skills and a burning desire to put my painfully hard stick somewhere . . . anywhere.

I’ve been dating girls all through high school. We kiss and fondle each other’s bodies, but none of them has let me go below her belt. I’d never pushed it, but I’ve spent a lot of time fantasizing about the girls I’ve dated while I beat off.

But, I also like seeing the other boys in the locker room naked. Trying to look casual while staring at their cocks, balls, and butts. Even popping the occasional boner when the horseplay in the shower gets really personal . . .

Brad’s really cute. As sexy as any girl, except in a totally male way. I want to get naked with him, to touch his hard body, even to kiss his sexy lips . . .

And he’s looking at me the same way.

* * *

After supper, Brad and I leave Dad and his parents in the living room and go down into the basement. The house only has two bedrooms, so we’re sleeping downstairs.

Part of the basement is a utility room, dominated by a spooky-looking furnace with long tentacles radiating in every direction. Brad takes me past the furnace into a big rec room with 1950s knotty pine paneling on the walls, but equipped with a modern flatscreen and sound system.

We play on-line games for a while, then steal beers from the refrigerator and cruise the free porn websites. We just look at straight videos, but Brad carefully points out how sexy some of the men are. I definitely agree.

I want to take my dick out, but I’m waiting for Brad to make the first move. He’s got a well-defined bulge in his pants, just like I do, but he doesn’t reach for his zipper.

Eventually, it’s time for bed. There’s only one bedroom, with a queen-sized bed. “Hope you don’t mind sharing,” Brad says as he strips off his tee-shirt.

“No.” I can’t help staring at his muscular chest. “It’ll be fun.” I try to act casual while we undress: shirts, shoes, socks, blue jeans . . .

Brad pauses with his hand on the waistband of his boxers. “I usually sleep raw.” His eyes flick over the bulge in my briefs. “It’s more comfortable. That okay?”

“Sure. I sleep naked, too.” I pull my briefs down, feeling super self-conscious. My rod swings free. It’s obviously swollen, but fortunately I don’t pop a full boner.

Brad stares at my cock and balls for a few seconds and then pushes his boxers down. They fall around his ankles and he kicks them away. Like mine, his cock is half-hard.

We look at each other’s crotches and then faces. “You’ve got a big-ass dick,” Brad says.

My rod stretches and swells under his gaze. “You’re pretty big yourself.” His cock is getting harder, too. “I’ll bet you keep your girlfriend happy.”

He grins at my swollen pole. We both have full hard-ons now. “Haven’t had any complaints.” He slips under the covers and reaches for the light switch. “We better go to bed.”

“Yeah.” I slip under the covers to hide my boner. “Good night.” Brad mumbles something and switches the lights off. Lying still in the dark with my heart pounding, I listen to Brad’s breathing grow slow and regular as he pretends to fall asleep.

The tension builds. My painfully hard cock jerks and my body stiffens when his hand brushes my thigh.

I relax and wait for the next “accidental” contact. It comes a few seconds later, the palm of his hand flattening against my leg. I lie still, waiting. He knows from my breathing that I’m awake.

Brad’s hand roams upward to the top of my thigh, hesitates, and then travels on down between my legs. “It’s all right.” I catch his hand and guide it to my crotch. “I want to have sex with you.”

His fingers curl around my rigid pole. He slides them up my shaft and strokes Çankaya Escort my cock-head with his thumb and index finger.

“Yeah,” I whisper. “That feels good.” I kick the covers away, then reach over and grip his hard-on. We lie in the dark, jacking each other’s hot rods. This is the first time I’ve touched another guy’s hard dick. I stroke his cock like it’s my own, running my fist up and down its hard shaft and rubbing my thumb and index finger over its precum-slick cock-head. He moans and responds by caressing my stiff pole, creating a super-sexy feedback loop. It’s way better than humping a girl through our clothes.

The tension in my teenage nuts is building when Brad releases my cock, then rolls away and turns the nightstand lamp on, filling the room with a warm glow. “I want to see you,” he says. “That okay?”

“Oh yeah!” I’m lying on my back. I sit up. He straddles my hips and sticks his hard-on in my face. His cock has a big plow-shaped head. Its tightly-stretched skin gleams with precum. “Suck my cock.”

I stare at his tool. It’s so sexy and male. “Please,” Brad adds.

I’ve never sucked a cock. Or gone down on a girl. Or gotten a blowjob. But, I want to suck his cock. As badly as I’ve wanted anything. I take his swollen pole in my mouth, pressing my closed lips over his broad plow-head and thick shaft. It tastes like sweaty skin and precum.

“Oh yeah,” Brad whispers. I bob over his dick, working my mouth over its head and shaft. “That’s so good.”

I let Brad’s rod slip out of my mouth. “You like this?”

“Oh yeah. Better than I’d imagined.”

“I’m just getting started.” I clamp my lips around the groove between his cock-head and shaft. He moans as I swirl my tongue over his plow-head.

I look up at Brad’s face. He’s staring down at his cock in my mouth. “Fuck! That’s good,” he whispers.

“Good for me, too.” I wrap my fingers around his thick shaft. He moans and rolls his hips while I lick and suck his cock-head, stroke his shaft, and knead his balls.

He grabs the back of my head and fucks my face furiously. It’s scary, at first. I’ve heard girls don’t like it, and I can understand why. But, I’m getting off on the helplessness. I like being used like a cheap piece of meat. My cock is rock-hard and throbbing. If I touch it now, I’ll come.

“Fuck!” Brad gasps. His hot cum splashes against my tongue, filling my mouth with his raw gamy male taste. “Oh fuck!” He comes over and over. It’s so exciting. Almost like I’m coming myself.

He finally finishes and pulls his dick out of my mouth. It’s as hard as ever, gleaming with spit and cum. “Wow! That was fun.”

Yes, it was. More fun than I’d ever imagined. I look up at Brad and lick my lips suggestively, then grab him, pull him down on top of me, and kiss him—open mouthed with lots of aggressive tongue.

He’s startled and tries to pull away. I grip his shoulders to hold him in place and keep kissing him, hard and dirty. He relaxes and kisses me back, humping his stiff dick against my swollen rod while I knead his muscular buttocks like bread dough.

“I like the way you kiss,” he says. “Rough. Not like kissing a girl.”

“Yeah, it feels good,” I answer. “I’ve never kissed a guy before.”

“Me either.” Brad hesitates and then says, “I had sex with a college guy, but we didn’t kiss.” He starts to say something else, but then stops. He stares at me silently for long seconds and then asks, “You want to fuck?”

Like I said earlier, I’m an average teenage boy—a walking hard-on desperately looking for a hole to penetrate. “Sure.”

Wait. Did I just agree to get fucked? I’ve never thought about taking a dick up my ass . . .

“Great.” Brad takes a little plastic squeeze bottle out of the nightstand and hands it to me, then lies on his stomach and sticks his butt in the air. “Come on. I’m ready.”

I’m relieved, but also disappointed. Brad’s cock is way too big to go up my ass easily. Still, the thought of taking another man so intimately into my body is frighteningly appealing.

I kneel between his spread legs. His hard cock and balls are out of sight, pressed between his body and the sheets. His butt cheeks are beautifully sculpted. I squeeze and Keçiören Escort stroke their muscular flesh, then pull them apart, revealing Brad’s pretty puckered hole. I want to kiss it, but that seems kind of gross. Instead, I run a finger up and down Brad’s crack, teasing his hole each time my finger slides over it.

“Stop fooling around.” Brad thrusts his butt higher into the air. “Fuck me now.”

I lubricate my stiff cock, then lie on top of Brad. I rub my hard-on up and down his butt crack a few times, then shift my cock so its head angles into Brad’s sexy little pucker.

Brad gasps as I push my cock-head through his tight anal ring. The pressure on my swollen glans is amazing. Then, his ass muscles relax and I plunge into his depths, bouncing my balls against his butt cheeks. “Oh yeah,” he whispers. “Fuck me. Good and hard.”

“Your ass feels great.” I draw back slowly, stopping with my cock-head just inside his ass-mouth, and then push back in. He moans and rolls his hips, shifting my rod in his butt.

I’ve never been so excited. I’m already close to coming, so I fuck him hard and fast, slamming my pelvis into his butt cheeks hard enough to shake his body.

The tension in my nuts builds rapidly as I pound Brad’s ass. “That’s right!” he gasps as my first shot explodes up his butt. “Come in me!” I hammer his ass, shooting over and over.

I finally finish and collapse on his back, with my still-stiff dick buried in his asshole, filled with a sense of wonder. After years of teenage jack-off fantasies, I’ve actually fucked a real live human being. Masturbating will never be as satisfying again.

We lie still for a while. My cock stays rock hard and I’m as horny as ever. I ram Brad’s ass again, way harder and faster than before. This time, I last a lot longer before pumping a big load of cum into his hot tight ass.

“Wow! That was good.” I get off Brad and roll onto my back beside him.

“Not just good.” He rolls onto his side, facing me. There’s a slick puddle of cum where he was rubbing the sheets, but his cock is still as stiff as a steel rod. “That was great. You’re better than the college guy.”

I cuddle up to Brad, pressing my rapidly returning hard-on against his rigid pole. “What happened with him?”

He laughs softly and puts a hand on my butt cheek. “My parents were on vacation. My big brother brought some college buddies home for the weekend, and they had a party. Lots of weed and beer.” He strokes my crack, running his finger slowly up and down. My now rock-hard cock jerks every time his finger glides over my asshole.

“One of Big Bro’s buddies hit on me. He was drunk. I’d had a couple beers myself.” Brad’s finger stops in the middle of my pucker. “But the beer didn’t make any difference. I’d have done it anyway. He sucked my cock and I fucked his ass.” He pushes his fingertip into my hole. Dry, it hurts, but not very much. “What teenage boy would turn sex down?”

“I sure wouldn’t.” I kiss Brad tenderly. He kisses me back, more aggressively. We keep kissing, getting hotter and more dirty.

“I felt the sexual tension between us,” he says. “As soon as you walked in.”

“Me too.” I grind my hard-on against his stiff cock. “Mutual lust.” I kiss him again, then pull away and get on my hands and knees. “I’ll do more than your college guy. I’ve kissed you, sucked your cock, and fucked your ass . . .” I wave my butt seductively. “Now, I want you to fuck me.” I grin, even though he can’t see it. “I’ll bet my asshole’s tighter than his, too.”

“Well, let’s find out.” He moves behind me and picks the lube up. I wait, horny but scared. His dick looks awfully big for my tight little ass.

My cock jerks as Brad slips a lubricated finger up my butthole. It’s startling, but doesn’t hurt. “Yep,” he says. “It’s pretty tight.” He works his finger in my butt, occasionally pulling it out to add more lube. My painfully hard dick throbs and my balls tighten, but after coming twice in the past few minutes, I’m not close to shooting.

“You like that?” Brad asks, fingering me roughly.

“Sure.” I’m still scared, but I want Brad’s giant pole up my ass more than anything . . .

“Good.” He pulls his finger out of my butt. Etimesgut Escort “Then, you’ll like THIS even more.” His cock-head presses into my anus. It feels weird, but doesn’t really hurt. I’m thinking this is going to be easy. Then, it does hurt, a sharp stab of pain from my overstretched anal muscles.

I gasp and try to pull away. Brad grips my waist to hold me in place. “It’s okay.” He pulls back slightly. “I’ll take it easy.”

He stays still for a few seconds and then pushes forward, opening my super-tense anal ring a little wider. It hurts when he goes too far, but this time I’m expecting the pain. My body stiffens, but I don’t try to jerk away.

Like before, Brad stops pushing and then pulls back. “Beat off,” he says. “It helps.” I grab my stiff rod and stroke it roughly as Brad works his cock-head deeper into my overstretched anus.

I scream as his broad plow-head slips through my tight anal ring and his long thick cock slides smoothly up my ass. My cock throbs and it feels like I’m coming, although I don’t actually shoot. It hurts, a little, but also sends a wave of overpowering pleasure surging through my body.

“You all right?” Brad slowly draws back and then pushes back into my butt, just as slowly. His balls press against my butt cheeks. His big cock is all the way up my asshole.

“I’m great.” I tighten my anal muscles, clamping Brad’s big rod. “I’ve never felt anything this good.” I rock my hips, moving his rigid pole in and out of my butt. “Fuck me. Good and hard. I’m ready for you.”

Brad fucks me like a horny teenage boy—hard and fast, with seemingly limitless energy. I thrust backward to meet his driving rod, slamming my buttocks into his crotch and taking his long thick pole even deeper.

I reach for my throbbing dick, but then stop. I’m on my hands and knees right over the still-slick streak of cum Brad spewed on the sheets while I was fucking him. I sink onto the bed. Brad lies on top of me, pressing my body into the mattress.

“That’s right!” I gasp. “Fuck me!” I hump the sheets, sliding my stiff pole over the slick puddle of Brad’s cum while his hard hot rod hammers my ass. The tension in my straining nuts builds . . .

“Oh yeah!” Brad growls. “I’m fucking your hot tight ass.” He slams into my butt, shaking the bed under me. We’ve both come twice in the last few minutes, but I know he’s ready again. Just like I am.

“Come on!” I cry. “Shoot it! Shoot your big—” A hot hard jet of cum splashes my anal walls. That sets me off and my throbbing pole squirts more cum onto the slick sheets.

Brad pounds my ass, shooting over and over. I keep coming, too, adding more cum to the big puddle on the sheets under me.

We finally finish. Brad pulls his dick out of my butt and we cuddle at the edge of the bed, avoiding the big wet spot in the center.

“That was great,” I say. “I was horny as hell but scared to death. Your cock was so big . . . But, you knew just how to handle a scared virgin.”

Brad frowns, like he’s deciding if he should answer. “Well . . . Big Bro’s buddy kinda taught me.”

“He fucked your ass?”

“Yeah. He gave me another beer and we smoked a joint. I’d fucked his ass and he said, ‘Fair is fair.’ I couldn’t really argue with that . . .”

“I guess not.” I kiss Brad. “He taught you well.”

We turn out the light and fall asleep after that. In the morning, we take a shower together. We spend a lot more time playing with each other’s cocks and asses than in getting clean.

We get out of the shower, dripping wet. Brad bends me over the counter and fucks me from behind while I watch him in the mirror. Then, I fuck him. After that, we finish the shower quickly, because the hot water’s running out.

Brad strips the bed before we go upstairs. He does the laundry, so he’s not worried about his parents seeing the cum stains.

We kiss passionately at the foot of the stairs. We’ve both got jobs, so we won’t have many chances to see each other this summer. But, we’re going to the same college this fall. Maybe we can be roommates . . .

* * * * * * * * * *

Copyright © 2020 by Ken James

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, organizations, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, locales, organizations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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