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I do not get you. One day you are Mr. Rodgers, and the next you’re a Frat boy, which is not necessarily bad.I am just not sure which one I want to fuck more. Well, it doesn’t really matter. Maybe if things go well I can pretend it is a three way…

Since you like reading and listening so much, I thought I would really delve into my favorite fantasy of late. . .

I am lounging in my lazy boy wearing a soft black button up shirt and black lace panties, my hair tousled. I am listening to Tom Jones, absent-mindedly playing with my nipple and fingering my pussy remembering the night we met and what a great fuck you were.

Then,as if in a dream,you knock on the door.

I look through the peephole and smile. After a deep breath or two,I let you in.

You look at me, smile and pull me close. I wonder if you can feel my heart pounding, as you kiss me, slow and deep. I pull away to catch my breath, and walk you to the couch. You sit down and pull me onto your lap, I cannot help but escort şişli notice that you are hard, and I grin. You whisper to me “I know what you need” I whisper back “and I you.”

I lay my head against your chest, relaxed, as you run your hand from my throat to my breast, slowly tracing the outline of my breast. You’re unbuttoning my blouse, watching intently as my nipples grow hard, and shuddering under your touch, as you playfully pinch and roll my nipples. My desires grow, and I place my hand on your chest, remembering the first time we were together, exploring each other’s bodies. Yours was so strong and smooth. Hastily, I remove your shirt, as I kiss your neck and chest, licking your nipples, and then pressing myself into you.

Indeed, you do know what I want. You carry me to my bed. You lay me down gently and undress me, as I work to relieve you of your own attire. I am in awe of your body, your flawless smooth skin, and the most stunning cock I have ever escort nişantaşı seen. I wrap my hand around it, to kiss it and to stroke it lovingly. Wrapping my lips around the head, sucking you into my mouth, the taste is so sweet, and I look up into your eyes; I can see that you like the feeling of your cock growing harder in my mouth.

To show your appreciation, you open my legs and gently rub my clit with your tongue, sliding it in and out of my cunt until my juices begin to flow into your mouth, teasingly working your way to my asshole and back, bringing me to the brink of orgasm and keeping me there.

I think you like the way it feels on your cock when I moan, as you thrust yourself deep in my throat.

To make it just that much sweeter, you not-so-gently work two fingers deep inside me, determined to make me beg for release.

All I can think of now is having your cock inside me. “I want to fuck you,” I say as I push you on your back. escort mecidiyeköy Eagerly, I move on top and work you inside me. Your cock is so big, and it takes time, but the time is most enjoyable. I feel you opening me up, until I have all of you inside of me. I take my time, rocking back and forth, sliding my cunt up and down the length of your shaft. It is pure ecstasy, one long orgasm. I almost feel guilty.

However, it does not take long for you to take control of the situation, positioning yourself on top of me, pinning my arms by my head, driving your prick hard and deep inside me.I watch you appear and disappear between my lips, until I close my eyes, and cum in waves of ecstasy. Before I can fully recover, you position me on my belly, and whisper in my ear, “Can I put it in your ass this time?” I lift my ass and let you guide the head of your cock right where you want it. With some gentle effort, you push your cock into my ass, and reach your hand around to my pussy and finger my clit. You start slow and gentle letting me get used to the feeling. It just takes long for me to cum, and the until I feel your cock swell and explode in my ass. I guess I could go on, but I’m a little breathless and need to… Well I am sure you know!

Special thanks to StellaGrace for help in editing

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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