Mrs Washington Pt. 01

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Mrs. Washington (


Ethan Washington wanted me.

I knew because he wouldn’t stop checking me out. Initially when I got the job to work as his personal assistant, he gave me subtle glances which usually lasted a few seconds. Back then, it was as if he feared looking at me for too long — scared his wife might catch him.

You see, Ethan is the powerful son of Mr. Gabriel Washington, owner of Brent five star hotels. He had other companies under the Brent name and as the only child, at age twenty six his father handed over the wine company to him. Brent restaurant was more like the classy the classy McDonalds but just for the rich.

There were times I wondered what his poor wife would do if she ever found out her man had a thing for me. But, I usually discard every pity for the girl. Danielle wasn’t any better. At age 24, she stopped nude modeling for Kitty me, a popular, erotic magazine. Believe e when I say she’s beautiful. Her butt wasn’t as big as mine, but her big tits, blue doll eyes, platinum blonde hair, plum lips and full hips any rich man would want her as his. She not only had a slutty look, men loved using her. She managed to fuck a lot of rich dudes before finally settling down with Ethan. I don’t judge though because I was no better. I did a lot of crazy things too, fucked my teacher back in high school, teased my cousin’s boyfriend by showing my tits and fucked a cab driver to stop myself from paying. But still, Ethan was too nice for someone with Danielle’s attitude.

Turning around with a tray of wine in my hands, I turned around to see Ethan still staring. He stroked his well trimmed beard then bit his lips in a predatory manner. I looked at the two men talking to him and his beautiful wife clad in a blue stripped suit and a revealing camisole to go with it.

Sucking in a deep breath, I inhaled the intense, rich smell of the cologne from them as I carried the tray of wine and four glass cups. The tray shook in my hand and could’ve sworn Danielle’s eyes zeroed on me. When I reached the round glass table of these powerful men, I carefully put the tray down and tried opening it with the wine opener. For a brief moment, I glanced at Ethan whose eyes stayed rooted on my arm. I jerked from his cold touch, but not enough to get his hands away.

My eyes stayed on his steely gray ones as his face morphed into a soft smile. ‘Damn!’ his lips were plump and moistened and not in a way to make him look less masculine. His eyes said something I couldn’t decipher. I wished I could see through his mind. ‘What could he be thinking?’ When his eyes finally left mine, it drifted to the top of my cleavage. Clearing my throat, I straightened up then looked at the two men — both were busy with their phones — my gaze quickly shifted to Danielle whose eyes were solely on her husband. It was hard to know what she was thinking, the woman hardly showed much emotions. She mostly carried around a blank expression. Slowly, I removed my arm from Ethan’s touch.

“Thank Lily, Danielle will take it from here,” his voice was calm, yet commanding and it sent thrills down my spine.

“Okay sir,” I said then turned away.

As I walked down the stairs my butt wiggled. For a moment, I stopped to catch my rear view in the glass walls. The Washingtons had a thing for glass and chandeliers — or maybe it’s just a thing for büyükesat escort the rich.

My derriere protruded in a way that I liked. My lips lift up into a smirk. ‘No wonder men having me from behind’ and for a second, I wondered how Ethan’s hands would feel on my exposed ass or boobs. My breasts were big, it wasn’t so big in a way that made it look out of shape, but they were large enough to satisfy any man. The light from the chandelier glistened over my cocoa coloured skin. I was beautiful, there’s no way a man wouldn’t want my body. My face accentuated in a way that made my cheeks slightly hollow and plump lips to go with. I have an arched brow that made my face contoured and my eyes are thin more like a mixture of Japanese and black. The painful part is, I had never been lucky to get down with rich men, just the poor ones. Adjusting my red body con gown, I pushed the bathroom door open and came face to face with Danielle. I yelped, then stumbled forward almost crashing on her. She quickly held my arms.

“Hey!” her eyes twinkled with a weird intensity. “I like your dress.”

“Uh… thanks,” I replied, feeling my throat dry. We’ve never had a conversation like this. Although, there were times Danielle’s eyes lingered on me but before I can start a conversation, she’d take her eyes away.

‘What is she trying to do? She must be up to something,’ I concluded. My gaze focused on her green eyes before giving her a forced smile.

“Can you take me to the store?” she smiled, making her look innocent. Danielle’s doll eyes were contradicting with the rest of her. Her breasts were large, but not as mine. She looked like a porn star.

“Okay. Mrs. Washington –”

“Danielle… you can call me Danielle.”

“Uh, yea,” my fingers went briefly to my lips. In that moment, her hands grazed my arms until it rested on my waist, just inches from my ass. My breath froze in my throat. I glanced towards the stairs that led to where the men were having a meeting before returning to Danielle.

As if she knew it made me uncomfortable, she quickly removed her hands, chuckled lightly then bit her lips. “We’ll take a stop at my house to get my credit card.”

She said then turned to leave.


The drive to the Washington’s was quick. Danielle had drove crazy, honking at every driver she over took then chuckled. Ethan had wanted to drop us, but he needed to visit some of his old college friends. When we reached a pathway lined with green plants, we stopped at the front of a colossal structure. The mansion loomed proudly behind golden, iron gates, flanked by rows of skeletal trees. It swayed gently from the warm summer winds. About ten meters away, a threshold stood a delicate marble fountain, with soft gurgling of the water. Danielle turned her face on a screen next to the gate, it beeped blue and the large gate slid to the right. In minutes, we drove in, stepped out of the car then pushed the giant wooden doors open. I could’ve sworn my heart skipped; about an hour ago this woman wasn’t this friendly to me. What if she had noticed Ethan’s lingering stares and wanted revenge?

Coughing, I pushed the thought down to the deepest part of my mind then took in the beauty of the house. Unlike the outside which was archaic, the inside had a modern beach hose vibe. cebeci escort Asides the large wooden doors, almost everything in that house was made from glass and silver, large windows showing the green grass and tress outside, the silver chandelier and a very weird looking silver art hanging on the wall and the kitchen was just around the corner.

“The maids aren’t coming today,” she cut through my thoughts as she jumped on large, white sofa. She took off her red stilettos then undid her blue stripped suit, revealing a fair amount of cleavage. In all sincerity, Danielle was beautiful; any man would want to fuck her — even if it’s once.

“Have your seat,” she tapped the space next to her with a smile on her face.

“Oh, thanks.”

“Ugh! Don’t thank me. I should be thanking you.”

Her smile disappeared as she studied me, waiting for a response. When I didn’t say a word, she continued. “I hate this life… this luxury…”

“What! I would kill for this life.”

A bitter chuckle escaped her lips. “This life is boring. My life follows the same pattern everyday; get fucked by Ethan, bath, eat, exercise and go to work with Ethan.”

“Uh…” I stammered at the mention Ethan fucking her. I wanted to ask more about them but shut up instead.

“I mean the sex is great… “Danielle chuckled again, her eyes piercing mine and seeing right through my curiosity. “He has a size any woman would kill for… fucks really hard but sometimes I just want a feminine touch.”

My throat dried up. I didn’t know what to say, I just looked at Danielle who was now rolling the ring around her finger. She continued biting her lips then raised her eyes to meet mine.

“I want something new, Linda.”

Danielle pulled off her ring then placed it on the glass table. Her eyes returned to mine, then slid onto my boobs. She moved closer to me then ran her fingers up and down my arm. Her lips parted, making her perfectly glossed lips sexy. I just froze to a spot.

Danielle’s eyes said everything she wanted, it was crazy to me. No woman had ever looked at me that way — just men. She never planned on shopping. I pushed myself up the sofa; her fingers clutched my arm, pushing me down.

“Please…. Don’t go,” with her other hand, she grabbed my boobs and leaned closer to me, enveloping me in a kiss.

‘No,’ I thought, but her tongue pushed into my mouth. It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this, but her kiss left me breathless, begging for more.

“We can’t,” I stuttered against her soft lips. “What about Ethan?”

“What about him?” devouring my lips with her eyes. “I don’t care about what he’ll think.”

She didn’t wait for my response; she caressed my large bosoms as her eyes rested intently on it.

“Have you ever been with a girl?” I shook my head.

Her hands left my breast then found the straps of my dress. She slid it off my shoulders until my boobs were out. My nipples were rock hard, pleading for attention.

“Wow, you’re hot,” Danielle looked at them hungrily, cupping them.

Her small hands couldn’t grab my whole breasts, even a man’s large, strong ones couldn’t. I looked into her eyes. Damn, it was hot. I pleaded with my eyes, hoping she’d stop torturing me and just stop. Ethan should be home anytime, what would he think kolej escort if he found his wife touching me. ‘Or what if you just shut up and let this woman please you.’ Danielle’s lingering gaze left me speechless and her hands massaging and rolling my nipples even drove me crazy. I let out a moan and for a moment, she stopped then removed every bit of her clothing. Once her tits sprang out of its prison, Danielle chuckled like flirtatiously. Her boobs were just a cup smaller than mine, ‘Ethan such a lucky man.’

Danielle’s curves were soft, accentuating in her waist to reveal a sumptuous hips. Her ass weren’t big, but her sexiness was too glaring. It had been a week since I had sex and it was with my unemployed, cocky neighbour. The bastard wouldn’t even shut up about it. He told the whole neighbourhood, causing more attention from assholes in the area. ‘Maybe having sex with a woman wasn’t such a bad thing?’ I wouldn’t have to worry about other people finding out, and besides, the woman has so far been pleasing.

Her face flushed from excitement. She leaned in again, kissing me hungrily as she parted my thighs with her hands. Boobs pressed to mine, we both lapped at each other’s lips, she tasted like strawberry. When we eventually broke the kiss, she smiled against my lips then pulled back.

“Let’s take this off,” she said, pulling off gown from my waist down. She unbuckled my sandal heels.

Once done, she drew me closer again, resting between my legs. Subconsciously, I arched my back, causing my boobs to push upwards until grazed her lips. Very slowly, she bent downwards and took my nipples in her mouth. Having her lips right there was an unexplainable feeling, and I wanted my other breast attended to. She soon pulled her lips, revealing her glistening pink pout. She returned her mouth to the same nipples but not for too long, she enveloped the other and I cried. She loved my reaction because she intensified, making slurp, noisy sounds.

Danielle held my body in place, but I managed to release my hand to caress hers and she let out a chocked groan. Even though I had never being with a woman, her body pressed to mine drove me crazier than I had ever felt in a long time. Our curves melted to one another, and our soft cries filled the living room. With one hand, I tickled her nipple, making her moan again and again. Soon, she removed her head gathered both my boobs, rubbing them against the other and then licked it systematically. I screamed in pleasure, feeling my juices flood my pussy.

“I want you to eat me,” she said against my nipple, sounding sex crazed.

She got up, swaying her hips the climbed the dining table and spread her legs. I followed, stopped right in front of her and marveled with her beautiful pinkness. In no time, I bent my head, lapping at her opening. I wanted to suck all the juices in her pussy — ‘the same pussy Ethan had ravaged with his dick.’

Danielle groaned, and I intensified the pressure. My tongue traced her opening up to her clit before closing my lips on it. Her legs jerked too many times, but I wasn’t done with her. I knew where to get her excited and didn’t waste time finding it. Once my tongue found the side of her folds, Danielle cried, groaned and jerked all at once. Juices flowed into my mouth, filling it with salty, delicious taste. Finally, I pulled my mouth away from her beautiful treasure, crawled between her legs. She returned my smile.

“I want to taste your pussy too.”

I laughed then dropped my lips to kiss her. The shrieking sound of an opening door startled me, and I jumped away from Danielle. I turned toward the living room to see Ethan standing frozen with eyes glistening with hurt.

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