Ms. Marca Ch. 68

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Alexa Pearl

Chapter 68

Daddy was at work

Sucking Our Teenage Neighbor’s Cock;

I was home after being gone for over a week doing a trade show. My dad already left for work and I was still lying in bed thinking about what I needed to do over the next few days before I had to go to New Orleans for a company that was doing some promotion on a new produced. I knew I have my alone time until 6, when daddy got home. I got up went to the living room, turned on the TV and fell back asleep for about another half-hour and when I woke up I was horny. I then hit play on the DVD button and one of dad’s porn videos came on. As I watched it I started to play with my pussy openly in the living room. I was so caught up in the movie watching some girl suck the biggest cock I ever seen with a passion that my mouth was open in awe of her.

As I was going to town fingering my pussy, I did not realize I was not the only one in the house. Caught up in my routine I did not here the back door open. When I looked up I saw a teenage boy standing in the doorway in just his jogging shorts and running shoes rubbing and stroking his crouch. I let out a squeal … “Who are you? What are you doing in my house?” I said as I tried to cover my big 40DD with one hand and my other hand I put over my bald pussy.

“I’m Erick, I live next door we just moved in a few weeks ago, you must be Marca? I retuned your father’s tool box.”

He took a few steps toward me like he was going to greet me and make himself at home. Erick was 18, 6’1, with a runner’s body, a nice looking young man, cute with a big smile.

“Please you should not be here, I’ll tell my dad you retuned his tool box, you should go.”

Still covering my boobs, as best I could, hard to do when you got a set of jug like I have. I looked at him and down to where his hand was still stroking, rubbing on his shorts at his front, damn that boy looked big. I looked back at him and for a second time I told him he needed to go.

“Please you need to go, it’s embarrassing me here naked and you looking at me!”

“Hey if it would make you feel better let me drop my shorts, and we both can be naked together.”

Before I could tell him no he pulled down his shorts to his knees and he was packing at least an 11 inch cock. It rivaled the guy on the porno I was watching. As he was rubbing his crouch in front of me I could not help but stare at him and his massive package. I am serious — it looked unreal, I guess with all my staring and all, he stopped and started to shake it, when I looked up he gave me an evil grin. He started to walk closer toward where I was sitting and I could not take my eyes off him all the while he kept his little evil grin as he got closer. Erick then got to the edge of the couch where I was sitting and just stood right before me blocking the TV with his cock so big and sticking straight out it was literally right in front of my mouth.

“So you into porn, you like the cock sucking porn?” his words got me out of my dream state.

“No, no its my dad’s porn, I don’t watch it.” Fuck here I was watching it and he saw me finger fucking myself … “Will maybe I do once in a while.” Than my mind started to wonder. Shit Marca you can’t, he is a kid, younger than me, but maybe not that young.

“How older are you Erick?”

“I just turned 18, I understand your 22, right?”

“Yes, was 22 in April.” Fuck he is not that much younger than me, maybe, shit, he might tell his folks? As he leaned toward me, I was in awe of his cock and wanted to grab it. I looked up at him and gave him a look as if I was asking permission to touch; he knew it in my eyes and just nodded. How did i get here, get into this? I was sitting in my living room playing with myself thinking about sucking a big cock, fucking one and here and now I’m hypnotized by my 18 year old punk neighbor. I reach out and grabbed it and instinctively started to stroke it. After a minute I placed both hands around it and was stroking it. I looked up and he still had his evil grin on his face looking down at me.

“You can’t tell anyone, about this, please don’t tell your mother or father?”

“Shit I’m not telling anyone, my mother is clueless when it comes Görükle Escort to shit like this and if I told my dad, he would be over here trying to get a BJ from you.”

“He would?”

“Yea after old man Larson down the street told him about you fucking his brains out my old man been hoping to run into you.”


“Yep, he was down at the VFW, told a few of the old guys, dad happen to be there and I overheard dad telling granddad, dad’s father, about you and you fucking one of the neighbors!”

Then I looked down at his midsection and his monster was at my lips. Fuck, the world knows about me, why not. After a few seconds, he reached down and forced my head closer and with that move his monster cock was pressed against my face. There was no stopping it now. Erick was in total control and he knew it. Finally he placed his monster at my lips and I licked the pre-cum off the tip. I loved the tasted of it and knew I had to have more. He then spoke and said “put it in your mouth”.

I slowly lapped my tongue over the crest of his crown. I dipped the tip into his slit and licked out the pre cum. I could feel his thigh muscles tighten at the contact and an ever so slight thrust of his hips silently begging for more. I took the opportunity run my tongue all over, starting with his heavy sack. I took each testicle in my mouth, gently sucking and massaging it with my tongue before switching to the next and back again. I could hear his breathing coming faster and his hand on my breast squeezing tighter and plucking at my distended nipple. He was trying to speak again and had to repeat himself twice because no one could understand him.

“Fuck you … ah yes, you are good, love them … mmm … jugs Marca, love your … oh yea, fucking body!”

I laughed quietly and ran my mouth up and down his shaft slowly, savoring his flavor and memorizing the feel of his silky skin and the hardness of his shaft. When I reached the top again I swirled my tongue around it twice before taking almost his entire length in my hot, wet mouth. When I thought I had taken him in as far as I could, I swallowed and took him a little deeper until I could feel him against the back of my throat. I started humming as I used my nails to gently graze his heavy sack. I could feel his hips starting to thrust slightly and his hand moved from my breast to my hair. He pulled at my long jet black curls with lightning speed and soon my hair was spread over his thighs. I matched his thrusts by moving my mouth up and down his cock, sucking harder when I got to the tip. I used my other hand at his base to jack him off while I sucked.

I looked up at him again and he gave me the same evil grin as before and nodded. That was all I needed. I opened my mouth as wide as I could and started to suck on it. What I knew and men were finding out, in all my 22 years of living that I was a natural born cocksucker. I only gagged a few times before I was able to relax my throat and take more of him in me. I could not believe I could take him all the way, I realized I had his monster all the way down my throat, my eyes were watering and as I looked up, he smiled at me with his evil grin and slapped my face.

That turned me on even more as I was getting face fucked, balls deep. He started pulling out and fucking my mouth so hard that his balls were slapping my chin. After a few more moments, I felt his cock get even bigger in my mouth and with a few last thrusts he started to pump his man seed down my throat.

He was shooting load after load, he finally pulled back and was still pumping load and it tasted great, I was addicted to his dick. As he slowly pulled it out of my mouth still Cumming. I grabbed his ass and did not want it out of my mouth but he pushed me back and sprayed the last of his load on my face. Erick rubbed the last load with his cock all over my face. As it started to get softer, I opened my mouth like a cock hungry whore and swallowed it whole to milk the rest out.

He had to force my mouth off him. When I looked down I had cum all over my big tits. Erick sat down next to me and started to run his hands over my legs and my ass. “Marca go wash Görükle Escort Bayan your face and clean up your tits, we are going to fuck the day away, go girl!”

I giggled and took his hand and pulled him toward my bedroom. After I washed up I came to the bed and I reached in my night stand and pulled out a box of XXX size condom. He ripped the package open and rolled the condom on with a speed that showed that this teenager was no stranger to sex. I figured I’d give that more thought later and wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him closer. He pulled me until I was just on the edge of the bed and aligned the head of his cock with my pussy. He rubbed it up and down a few times, circling my clit until I tilted my hips up begging him to enter me.

“Don’t tease me, give me some cock, you hung bastard!”

He thrust in to the hilt and held it there, letting me adjust to his size. I felt totally filled and as good as it felt, I really needed him to start moving. I rocked my hips hoping he would get the message. He grabbed my hips in his hands and started thrusting in and out with long slow strokes. I closed my eyes, just enjoying the feeling of being stroked on the inside, but was soon needing him to go faster, I tried to increase the speed on my end, but with him holding my hips it was almost impossible. I muttered that I needed him to go faster and a glint of something I didn’t recognize flashed across his eyes.

He pulled out completely, but before I could protest he pulled me to my feet, flipped me over and pushed me face down onto my king size bed. With one hard thrust he entered my hot pussy from behind. Grabbing my hips with one hand he used the other hand to thread through my hair. He tugged slightly forcing me to bend my head back in an angle totally submitting to his wants.

“I bet you fucked a lot of dick in this bed, have you?”

I nod yes and whimper out … “A few.” I was not about to tell him I did daddy here once maybe twice a week. The truth be known I had not fucked anyone in my bed since I moved back home but daddy.

He started to pound me with an intensity that told me he was a boy used to getting what he wanted. A kid with this size dick he would have girls falling all over him, he could have his pick every night. I was amazed I didn’t fight his dominance; instead I felt a gush of extra moisture run down my legs. Soon the room was filled with sounds of his flesh slapping mine. I tried to keep my moans and pleas quiet, but had to resort to biting my lip until I tasted blood. His speed increased and I could feel his thighs quiver against mine and I knew he was getting close. He leaned down, and putting his lips against my ear he commanded me to cum for him. My body responded immediately and I could feel his cock swell inside as the milking of my muscles pulled him over with me. I knew he was doing everything in his power to keep quiet too, but neither of us could keep all of the little moans and whines inside.

“Shit your pussy is milking me, it’s like a mouth sucking me off, how are you doing that?”

Then I felt his cock head push as deep as he could in me and his warm cream gushed into the condom, oh sweet Jesus, he had a load.


He slowly released my hair and I collapsed forward on the bed. He slipped out of me and I rolled over on my back and smiled up at him as he stood back off the bed looking down at me. His cock was going limp and I took charge of disposing of his condom. I slipped it off and tied the open end off so it would not drip out and held it up to see he had a good 2 maybe 3 oz. of heavy man goop in the tip end.

He pulled me onto him stroking my back and holding me until our breathing returned to normal. He gently kissed my face and told me how long he had wanted to do that, and apologized for being so rough. I told him he was not rough, it was just like I like it.

He looked at me and then at the condom. “Old man Larson have that much?” He had that evil looking grin again, and I had that pissed off look on my face as I went to my bathroom to drop the condom in my trash can. I got a wash cloth and came back to Bursa Escort Bayan find Erick on his back in the middle of the bed resting on his elbows. I sat down next to him and wiped his limp cock off and wiped down around his balls.

“So tell me who all have you screwed on the street, besides Larson?”

“Look Erich, that old ass hole got me drunk and fucked me, you think I would let some guy old enough to be my grandfather fuck me, when I could have just about any guy I wanted?”

“Did he rape you?”

“I was too drunk to say no, he had me turned on and not until the next morning did I realized what I had done and by then it was too late to say no.”

“You let him have anymore?”

“Will the next morning when I woke, we were still in bed together and he had morning wood and was rubbing it on me and before I was out of my dreams he had it half in me and it was kind of hard to say no.”

He pulled me down next to him and I fell into his arm and cuddled up to his right side. He kissed me and we did a tongue dance as my hand went over his stomach to touch his cock. At the same time he had a hand on my big boobs, rubbing a finger over my nipples. We were getting it on feeling each other, rubbing our hands over each other’s body and then he went for my tits with his mouth and began to suck on them, and this always sends me off into a dream world of wanting it.

Just then Erich’s cock twitched in my hand, mother of god it was coming back so soon? Will after all he was just 18, not like dad, 30 years older than the boy. Shit old man Larson was in his 60’s and had to take a pill to get it up, but when it was up it was up for hours.

Erich was not a boy this was a man who knew how to fuck and knew what to do with what god had given him. He was ready to go again, but I wanted to talk some.

“Erich you don’t have a girlfriend, someone special?”

“I went with one girl last fall but started dating other about January of this year.”

“Why did you dump her?”

“Her mother ask me to stop seeing her.”

“What did you do to piss off the mother?”

“Didn’t piss her off, she just didn’t want me fucking her daughter after she and I started getting it on over the winter break. Her daughter went to spend Christmas with her dad, divorce parents, and while she was seeing daddy I was seeing to mommy.”

“Is she good looking, how old is she?”

“She is 38 and not bad looking, but not anything like you, I heard you are a model, that true?” I just smile and nod yes.

“You still see the mother?”

“Once a week, seems she likes the way I screw, I get the impression her ex didn’t have much to offer when they got it on. Question for you Marca … all women like a big cock?”

“All I can tell you I do.” He started laughing, I then asked why he was laughing and he told me that she said the same thing.

“My brother is coming home from college next week for the summer and I’m going to fix him up with her.”

“You dumping her?”

“No … when I told her that Robert, my brother was as big as I was, she got all excited and asked me to fix her up with him, it’s just a onetime thing.

“How old is your brother?”

He is 21, we look alike.” Shit he has a brother 21 and looks like this hunk, oh this could be interesting.

“Maybe we could double date, oh that won’t work, she would hate the fact you were with me, even if she was with your brother … maybe we could go out and I be your brother’s date?”

“Oh girl he would go for you in a big way, I’ll call him tonight and set it up for when he gets home. I kissed him on the cheek and then started south toward his pecker, damn thing was getting firm and when I got there it was hard enough to fuck. I drop my mouth on it to deep throat it and I took it all the way home.

“FUCK MARCA YOUR GOOD! Your one of the best cocksuckers I have ever had and you’re a natural. In the meantime hand me another condom baby,”

I pulled back and kissed the tip as I giggled when I handed him the condom. “Marca … I mean what I said, nobody but one other person has sucked my dick all the way down.”

I said shit she must be a natural to; he laughed and said that she was. He told me it was his old girlfriend’s mother. I knew that he would get a BJ from her and more pussy, which made me a little jealous but I knew after today Erick would start coming by and I would get my chance at him. I looked forward to it and I can see already I can’t get enough.

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