Mum’s Church and Charity Work Ch. 01

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It was one in the morning when Jack arrived home; he had been at a crap disco, it wasn’t his night to drive, he and his friends took turns so that the others could drink. Jack was a little tipsy, he had drunk much wine, his mum’s bedside light was on, she always stayed awake until he got home, she passed the time either reading a book or a newspaper, tonight it was a newspaper which she put to the side when Jack came into the bedroom, mum said, “Hi Jack, how was your night? I thought that you’d be later, but I’m happy that your home safe. Did you meet any nice girls tonight?”

Jack thought of the girl that he had been kissing at the disco knowing that if he’d been sober he wouldn’t have looked at her twice, he replied, “It was rubbish mum, I don’t know why I bother, there’s a disco in the church hall tomorrow night, I’m doing the driving, the good thing is it finishes at eleven-thirty, so I’ll be home early and sober.”

Mum replied, “That’s good darling, I’ll wait for you, and we can have a glass of wine together, but not too much as we have the church service at eleven and I’m assisting with the service.”

Jack answered, “I’d like that mum, I’ll come to church with you on Sunday morning, I’m sorry about last Sunday morning, but I’d had too much to drink last Saturday night.”

Jack’s father had died five years ago; he was a wealthy Accountant; he was twelve years older than mum. Since he died, mum had got involved in Charity and Church work. Jack was now twenty-two, and in his third year at University. Mum answered, ” Darling, don’t worry about that, it’s normal for young people to do that. I was getting drunk when I was your age. I’m feeling a little tired now so I’ll wish you a good night and will see you in the morning.”

Jack was sitting on the edge of the bed, he lent over meaning to kiss his mum on the cheek, but their mouths met. Next thing both their tongues were buried and exploring in the other’s mouth. Mum was stroking Jack’s ear and neck as she kissed him, then her tongue came out of his mouth, and she gave a gentle bite to Jack’s lower lip. Both their mouths were wide open now; Jack gave mum’s lower lip a bite, mum groaned with pleasure, Jack whispered, “Mum, I’ll let you sleep now, I have rugby tomorrow morning, so I’ll see you at breakfast.”

“Jack, I’ll be up for you, goodnight darling.”

Jack went to the bathroom; he couldn’t grasp what had happened, he had enjoyed kissing his mum, she had been moaning with pleasure as they kissed, they had been tongue kissing for over fifteen minutes. Jack got to his bed; he decided not to mention it in the morning; if mentioned it, he would reply by telling her that he had enjoyed kissing her.

The next morning nothing was said, mum was very friendly and had packed his rugby bag. Jack came home in the late afternoon. Jack had one person to drive tonight, there was a twenty-first birthday party on, and this was conflicting Porno 64

with the church disco. The other person was mum’s friend May’s daughter Mags. Mum then suggested that she would drive them there and pick them up at eleven-thirty; this would allow Jack to drink. Jack was happy that Mags was going, she gave a great blow job. They lived in leafy suburbia, in the beautiful village of St Peters Wood, all the houses, cottages and bungalows were beautiful. It was a ten-minute train journey to the city. There was the St Peters Church and Church Hall and an excellent Primary School. There was an excellent butcher and Baker’s run by Babs White. There was no pub or restaurant. The Golf Club was used a lot for eating out. There were two post boxes, and a mobile Bank visited two days a week.

The church disco was quiet, Jack and Mags slipped away to a quiet place with a bottle of wine, they had a 69 and Mags had cum in Jack’s mouth, and Jack had cum in Mags mouth. May, Mags mother was a doctor and wouldn’t put Mags on the pill, they never had penetrative sex, but Mags loved Jack’s massive cock. They were waiting outside when mum arrived to drive them home. They dropped Mags off then mum asked, “How was your evening, Jack?”

“Thank god Mags was there, we had a bottle of wine and chatted, we didn’t have one dance, there weren’t many people there, perhaps eighty, how was your evening mum?”

“I did much ironing. I’m glad that I’ve done it. Shall we meet in the lounge for our wine? I want to be comfortable, is it OK if we wear our pyjamas? You know that I feel my most comfortable around the house in my pyjamas.”

They arrived home, Jack went to the bathroom, he used the bidet to wash his cock, he noticed that Mags lipstick was around the base of his cock, he washed it away. He then changed into his nightshirt; he was naked underneath it.

He then went to the lounge; mum was already there sitting on the sofa with the wine and two glasses, she was wearing one of her butterfly nightshirts which had buttons from the neck to the bottom, the first four buttons were not buttoned.

They toasted each other then sipped their wine; they chatted generally, neither mentioned last night’s kissing. Mum looked gorgeous, when she was younger when she was studying, she and May had been part-time models, they still did it as mature models, they both did it for the Church fundraising. They finished the first bottle; Jack asked, “Mum, will I go to the fridge and get another bottle?”

“Why not, I’m very comfortable, I am enjoying chatting with you, but we must go to bed by one as I must look good for tomorrow’s service.”

It was now twelve-fifteen, mum went to the bathroom. Jack noticed her huge tits wobble; she wasn’t wearing a bra. Mum was tall with a delightful body; she was slim; her curves were impressive.

When she came back, mum topped up their glasses, as she Konulu Porno bent over, Jack saw her deep cleavage; her tits were massive. Jack was telling his mum that he had enjoyed chatting with Mags; in fact, Mags gave Jack much information about what was happening in the village. May had a Consulting room in their house; Mags bedroom was next door, there was a connecting door between the two rooms, Mags could hear all the conversations.

One of the things she had told him was when Jen, Father John’s wife, had caught a dose of gonorrhoea from Joe Dickson, the bank manager; her mum had to treat it. Val Joe’s wife also was infected. It was nearly a divorce, Joe and Val have separate bedrooms now. May had asked Jen if she had sex with Father John? Jen had said that they hadn’t had any sex. St Peters Wood had scandals too.

At twenty to one, they finished the wine, Jack lent over and hovered his lips in front of mum’s lips before they slid their tongues into their mouths. Both their hands were exploring; mum’s hand was exploring Jack’s firm muscular chest. Jack then brought his tongue out of mum’s mouth; he then started to suck mum’s ear lobe as his left hand felt and squeezed mum’s weighty left breast. Mum was groaning with pleasure as her hand moved south onto Jack’s firm stomach.

Jack had unbuttoned another six buttons of mum’s butterfly nightshirt; there was one button left which he undid too, he now had access to mum’s complete body. He opened the nightshirt then he guided mum’s hard nipple into his mouth, he licked, sucked and squeezed it, mum was making all the right moaning sounds as her hand was making a circular movement on Jack’s firm stomach. Mum said, “That feels so good, don’t stop, please be a little firmer. I like my partner to be in control.”

Mum’s hand moved south again, Jack felt her hand through his nightshirt on his rock hard cock, mum fondled the full length of it, she massaged his heavy balls then pulled his nightshirt up to reveal his massive cock, mum said, “Have I made you so hard Jack? It looks magnificent; it’s so thick and long, it’s thicker than my forearm, the head looks like a big mushroom, may I play with him?”

Jack kissed his mum tenderly and affectionately, then said, “Yes mum, please do, I also want to play with you.”

Mum then went down on Jack, her tongue and lips teasing his bulbous head. Jack then stood up and removed his nightshirt, his cock looked so impressive, mum stepped out of her nightdress the Jack laid her on the floor in a position that they could 69. Mum realised what Jack was doing; mum said, “That’s a monster cock. I’ve never seen one as big, darling, lie down with me and let mummy make you hard.”

Mum had a beautiful body, massive tits, flat stomach, a smooth and swollen vulva and a very long sex slit. When Jack’s hand slid between mum’s legs mum spread them for him, mum know had half of Jack’s Porno İndir shaft in her mouth; her mouth was wide open, she was taking more and more of him with every bob of her head.

Jack spread mum’s cunt flaps open, out popped a vast hooded clit, Jack teased it with his tongue then started to suck it like a little cock as he initially finger fucked her with two fingers, mum loved that, mum said, “Darling, you’re going to make me cum, can mummy cum in your mouth?”

Jack replied, “Of course you can mum, anything that you want you can do with me. I love your beautiful cunt. I’m now going to make love to your huge clit.”

“Jack, I want to suck you off, I adore your cock, shoot your load in my mouth and down my throat, baby, cum for me.”

Jack was sucking hard on mum’s clit; he was finger fucking her now with four fingers, mum was a gripper; she was gripping Jack’s fingers tightly as he finger fucked her. Mum’s head was bobbing up and down; she was taking his full length; her lips were wrapped around the base of his cock. Jack thought that mum had cum as he felt warmth and sweetness in his mouth, then mum had a body-shaking orgasm at precisely the same moment that Jack shot his load into mum’s mouth, it was a fantastic sensation for both of them. They both held the cum in their mouths; then they cum kissed, Jack realised then that his mum was a very set woman. They kissed for several minutes then mum saw that Jack’s cock was still rock hard, “The benefit of youth, your recovery time is amazing, let’s go to my bedroom, we’ll be more comfortable there.”

They lay on the bed kissing and touching, mum was hot, her touch was so gentle, mum said, “I haven’t had a cock since your father died, I want to feel you inside me, can I go on top of you tonight, I promise to give you a great ride.”

Jack nodded in agreement then mum squatted over him, teasing her massive clit with the bulbous head of his cock, she then centred the head of his cock in the middle of her long sex slit, mum pushed down, mum took the full length with the first push, she was now pushing up and down with her hips, gripping his cock at the base. The head, mum, said, “It feels wonderful, it fills every inch of my hungry cunt, I don’t think my cunt will be hungry now that I’ve got you, Jack, I’m fucking my son, I love every minute of it, I am happy we are doing this. On Friday night when we kissed, I loved it; no man has kissed me for years. I wanted to come to your bedroom, but I was scared that you might reject me, now I know that will never happen, whatever happens in this house is strictly between you and me, I love you, darling.”

Mum then moved up a gear; she started to talk dirty, Jack said, “I love it when you talk dirty mum, I’m now going to rub your big clit and play with your beautiful tits as you fuck me, mum, you’re giving me a great ride mum.”

Mum replied, “I love your big cock baby, you’re filling mummy’s tight cunt, it’s your cunt now after your dad died I got sterilised, so you can shoot all your hot spunk deep inside mummies cunt, let mummy feel you, cum baby.”

A minute later, they both came simultaneously. They kissed then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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