Mum’s Friends Ch. 04

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Tuesday Morning.

Jean had arranged a meeting in the Center with six of her friends. Pat, the cataloger who had worked a lot with Jean in Sotheby’s and the television programmes. An Aunt and niece, Isabel and Val, who had also worked with Jean at Sotheby’s and the television programmes. Lady Margie Watson, who was also on the television programmes but she was in her early sixties and was semi-retired. She was very knowledgeable and very popular. She had over two million Twitter followers.

Finally, there were Sue and May, two sisters. Sue had studied law then joined Sotheby’s. She was very knowledgeable. May was a doctor, who sometimes helped Debbie out at the Spa. Their family business which was quite substantial had passed to the two sisters on the death of their father. They shared a vast property portfolio. All were widows apart from Sue who had never married.

Debbie was at work so wouldn’t be at the meeting. Jo was busy with the funeral which was on Wednesday. Paul had told Jo that he wouldn’t attend as he had no wish to see Kay again. When Paul had told her, this Jo replied, “To be honest I don’t want to go but I must as so many relatives are coming.”

Jo had people arriving from Spain who would stay with her until Sunday. She had come to Paul’s house on Monday afternoon, and they had a good session. Paul was having a very good time with Debbie, Jill, Jean and Jo. He was managing to keep them all happy.

They arrived at the Center just before ten and the six were waiting for them. When Paul saw them, he was impressed. They all had class and were all very fuckable. Jean introduced them to Paul and Jill. Jean then took control. She showed them the Center then the warehouse. They were all impressed. Paul suggested that rather than go out for lunch he had a table that could seat ten. He could order an Indian takeaway. Everyone agreed. They went upstairs to Paul’s apartment. Paul offered them Champagne. They all accepted. Paul ordered the food which arrived twenty-five minutes later.

They were all going to rent space. Paul had a private conversation with Pat. She would start tomorrow as Center Manager. Paul found Pat very attractive. She was tall and had a matronly appearance. She also had enormous breasts which just stuck out. Paul spoke with everyone. Margie would rent space and also advise everyone on purchases. Isabel and Val would start to bring their items tomorrow. Margie, Isabel and Val were very similar. They all were very attractive, and all had wonderful breasts.

May and Sue were very reserved in everything they did or said. They would start bringing their stock tomorrow. May asked, “I have several houses to clear as I am downsizing. Is it possible I could rent some space in the warehouse?”

Paul replied, “No problem. There will be no charge if it’s just on a temporary basis. Do you have many houses?”

May smiled then replied, “My parents died, and they had two. My husband died, and we have two. All are nearly sold, so I need somewhere to store the contents. I love your props department. I could give you several entire rooms from different periods.”

Paul replied, “That would be good. We could split the rental, and there will be no charge for the Warehouse. Debbie Roberts sends her regards.”

May said, “I appreciate that. I send my best regards back. I haven’t seen Debbie for a couple of months.”

Paul thought May and Sue would be tough to get into bed, especially May. They were both very attractive with great bodies. Paul doubted whether the two of them were getting any sex.

They all left the Center together. In the car, Jean said, “That was a good day. Every one of them will be an asset for the Center. Sue and May are quiet and reserved, but both are very hard working.”

Paul replied, “I was thinking the same. I don’t believe that they have a very active sex life.”

Jean replied, “In all the years I’ve known Sue, I have never known her to have had a boyfriend or girlfriend. I have heard that May didn’t have a good marriage.”

Jill said, “They are the ones that are usually the hottest.”

They arrived at the house. Jill said, “I must phone my housekeeper. All the rooms are covered in dust sheets, so she needs time to prepare for us. I will also arrange the flight for a week on Thursday in the morning.”

Jill then went on to the terrace and phoned Colette, her housekeeper, as Jean and Paul sat in the lounge. Twenty minutes later Jill came into the lounge. She said, “This is unbelievable. I phoned France; everything is OK, we will go a week on Thursday. I have not spoken with Colette for over five years. She has been the housekeeper there for over twenty years. She told me that she and a friend have been using two barns at the Chateau to store Antiques. She was very guilty that she hadn’t asked my permission. I told her that I trusted her and that didn’t matter. I have asked her to send me pictures of the stock she has. I have given her my email address, and she gaziantep bayan escortları will send me the pictures.”

“She and her friend are selling to the trade as she wouldn’t use the Chateau as a shop. This could be interesting. She is sending me some pictures. Jill got her iPad. Five minutes later she had lots of pictures which she showed to Jean. Jean looked at them then said, “I would need to know the prices, but the quality is fantastic.”

Jill then phoned Colette and put Jean on the phone to speak with Colette. Twenty minutes later Jean came off the phone and said, “The prices are incredible. She knows what she is talking about. Every Spring I hire a seven and a half ton lorry. I spend a week in France and Belgium. I could live from the profits that I make from this trip for a year. I believe that you are going to France next week. I would like to come with you. I would like Pat to come too. Margie is in London next week filming.”

Jill said, “I think that is an excellent idea. I am now so looking forward to this trip.”

Next Thursday morning Jean, Pat, Debbie, Jill and Paul left for Reims. The flight was booked for eleven thirty. They were in the air at eleven thirty-five. They all had Champagne which was dreadful. Jill said, “This Champagne is awful. Order lunch but could everyone order a different meal as I would like to check out the quality. I haven’t been on Gibson Jets for four years, but that Champagne was nearly undrinkable.”

They all ordered different meals. One was worse than the other. Jean said, “The plane and service is excellent, but the quality of the food and Champagne is dreadful. Jill, I think you need to do something about this.”

They arrived at Reims Airport. Colette was there and drove them to the Chateau, which was impressive. Colette was driving a V-Class Mercedes which had nine seats. Paul asked, “I’m looking for a good Champagne producer can you point me in the right direction?”

Colette replied, “I’m so glad you asked me that now. My partner in the Antique business’s husband is a Champagne producer, but his Champagne is not so good. There’s a restaurant two minutes from the Chateau, which has been awarded a Michelin star. The food is fantastic. All the major Champagne Houses are using him. He does banquets for two and three thousand guests. His father Rene Vert produces, in my opinion, the best Champagne from the region. I will reserve a table for you for this evening but don’t tell Nicole about this and don’t invite us if you want to negotiate with him. Serge, his son, speaks perfect English, therefore, you won’t need me.”

Paul thanked Colette. They were shown to their bedrooms, which were amazing. Then they met on the terrace where they were introduced to Nicole. They were then taken into the two barns where the Antiques were stored. It was an Aladdin’s cave. Jean and Pat were impressed with the quality of the pieces and the prices. After two hours they went into the lounge where Nicole offered them Champagne. She said, “This Champagne is from the Champagne House of my husband.”

The Champagne was poured. Colette was right, but everyone was diplomatic. Jill and Paul had gone to the Master Bedroom to make a call. Jill had called her PA within the Gibson group. Lena was her name, and she was Swiss and had a law and accountancy degrees. Jill said, “This morning was embarrassing. Four friends and I flew on Gibson Jets. The Champagne and meals were disgusting. Does anyone check the quality of what we are serving? How much Champagne and how many meals do we get through every month and what do they cost us?”

Lena replied, “Jill, I am so sorry to hear this. When I am flying, I don’t drink as I have to work at my destination. My flights are usually short, and then I have working lunches or dinners, so I don’t eat when I am flying. We are using Airport catering as it is the most convenient. I believe that we are going through thirty-two thousand meals a month and twenty thousand bottles of Champagne. I will need to check the prices but will get back to you in the next hour.”

Jill replied, “Thanks, Lena, I am going out for dinner in the next hour but please phone as soon as you know. I don’t blame you for not being aware. We must do something quickly to rectify this. I look forward to hearing from you.”

Everyone was now changing for dinner. Colette was going to drive them to the restaurant at seven. They were going to have a meeting after breakfast regarding the Antiques. Colette and Nicole were more than impressed when they saw that Lady Jean Smart was involved in the business. She was a huge star on French television as the Antique programmes were sold to a French television company which then used subtitles when they were shown on French television.

They arrived at Serge’s restaurant. It was quite quiet. A Frenchman with a beautiful smile approached their table. Paul asked for the Champagne of the house. The man nodded then came gaziantep eskort bayan back with a bottle and five glasses. He presented the bottle; the label read, “Rene Vert Premier Cru”. He then poured a tasting amount in Paul’s glass. Paul tasted it then said, “Wonderful.”

Rene finished the bottle filling the five glasses. He looked at Paul and Paul signalled for another bottle. Everyone said the Champagne was excellent. Then a younger man in a chef’s uniform came to the table with menus. Paul said, “Your father’s Champagne is excellent. Do you have a distributor in the United Kingdom?”

Serge replied, “No we don’t, but we would like one.”

Paul stood up and shook his hand. Paul said, “Depending on the price I could be your man. Is it possible to have ten cases of this Champagne when we leave? Is it also possible to have six of the bottles chilled?”

Serge smiled and gave them the menus then said, “That’s not a problem. The Coq Au Vin is today’s special.”

Jill asked everyone to pick a different main course which everybody did with Jean opting for the Coq Au Vin. Everyone was so impressed with the Champagne. Jill got a WhatsApp message from Lena which read, “Champagne costing twenty-two pounds per bottle. Meals nineteen pounds fifty per meal. Steaks twenty-six pounds fifty per steak. Hope this helps. Call me back if I can help further. Regards Lena.”

Paul, after he read the message, shook his head. The meals arrived. Everything looked perfect on the plate. There was total silence as they ate. Then fantastic, best I have ever tasted, so tasty and so special were said. Jill said, “We must have these meals.”

Serge came to the table and asked, “Have you enjoyed your meals?”

They were now on their fifth bottle of Champagne. Paul asked, “Serge, I need twenty thousand bottles of Champagne per month. I also need thirty-two thousand meals a month. Initially, I would like a choice of five main courses. Later we can extend this. Can we arrange a meeting to discuss price but at the moment is it possible for you to supply these amounts?”

Serge replied, “Wow that’s a big order. Yes, we can provide the Champagne, but if you need twenty-five percent more per month then we would have to look at it, but we still would be able to supply you. The meals are easy. I would suggest for the five courses a salmon dish, which would suit vegetarians, Coq Au Vin, Hungarian Goulash, a lamb dish and Entrecote Steak Chasseur. If you come tomorrow, you can taste them.”

Paul replied, “We could come at lunchtime tomorrow. Can you give me an indication of the price?”

Serge replied, “The meals apart from the steak would be five euros per meal. The steak would be ten euros fifty. I must ask my father for the price. He has changed you eight euros a bottle for your order tonight. For twenty thousand bottles per month, I am sure that it will be less than that.”

Jill winked at Paul. Then she phoned Colette to pick them up. They were finishing their Champagne when Colette came into the restaurant. Serge hugged her, and they kissed each other on the cheek. Serge said, “Is the Champagne for the Chateau? If it is, then take the case with the six chilled bottles, and my father and I will deliver the rest at eleven thirty tomorrow morning.”

Paul paid for the meals and all the Champagne. Then they left. In the car, Paul said, “I’m going to have those meals in the bistro. That Champagne is easily the best that I have ever tasted.”

Colette drove them back to the Chateau. She said, “You have done the right thing.”

When they arrived at the Chateau Debbie, Jill and Paul took a chilled bottle of Champagne upstairs. Jean, Pat, Colette and Nicole were in the lounge. Fifty minutes later, Debbie, Jill and Paul were asleep.

Next morning they all had another session. They showered together then went downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast Colette filled the dishwasher then joined them in the lounge. Paul said, “We are very interested in doing business with you and Nicole. I believe that you are not retailing your stock but wholesaling it on to the trade. My intention is to ship all your stock to the Antique Center then retail it. In a typical week, how much do you spend on inventory?”

Colette replied, “The trouble is our cash flow. We can easily spend over five thousand euros every week, but we have only bought one thousand euros worth in the last two weeks as we don’t borrow money to buy our pieces. We only spend what we have in cash.”

Paul said, “That is the best way to work. Can you tell me how much you have in stock at the moment?”

Colette got up and came back with her iPad. She opened it up then said, “At cost, we have one hundred and twelve thousand six hundred and fifty euros. We have three thousand eight hundred and forty-five euros in cash.”

Paul who Jean had told him the cost value of the two barns was over a quarter of a million pounds which Pat had verified gaziantep bayan eskort then said, “Thank you for your honesty. I have a proposition to offer you and Nicole. We have eleven people in our group within the Center. Every one of us will invest twenty thousand euros into a buying fund. We will also put in twenty thousand for you and Nicole. That’s two hundred and sixty thousand euros.”

“That means the stock in the barns is taken away you will have along with the cash you have one hundred and fifty thousand euros to spend on inventory. After the pieces are sold, the profits would be divided by thirteen. We would all share the same profit. Each of us in the buying group will probably want other items from you which would be a private deal between you and that individual. We would also pay you five percent of the cost value of the items the group buys from you. This is not much, but you are not paying rent for the barns. Do you use the Mercedes for transporting the pieces you buy?”

Colette replied, “That sounds fantastic. Yes, we use the Mercedes. If we have larger items to move, then we use one of Nicole’s husband’s vans. I believe that this could work very well. Nicole, what do you think?”

Nicole answered, “I’m sure it would be wonderful. How many times could we have bought things cheaper if we had that much money to buy with.”

It was agreed that they would do it. Colette and Nicole would also fly to the Center so they could see it first hand. At eleven thirty Serge and Rene arrived. They put the Champagne into the cellar then went into the lounge. Serge gave Paul one hundred euros then said, “My father has agreed to the price of seven euros per bottle. We can have, if you tell us after lunch, have twenty thousand bottles of Champagne and thirty thousand meals ready for Monday. Where will you prepare your meals as you would need a Rational Steamer?”

Jill replied, “That is wonderful. These meals are for Gibson Jets. Every one of the planes has one in the galley. Is it possible for me to see your kitchens?”

Serge answered, “That’s not a problem. After our meeting, we can go to the restaurant, and you will see everything. One thing I must ask you. How quickly can we be paid? I’m sorry to have to ask this, but we are under a lot of pressure from the bank. I had to borrow eighty thousand euros, and they’re charging me eighteen percent on this. The big problem is that they have taken security on my father’s Chateau. The restaurant is worth over two hundred thousand euros, but they won’t change the security.”

Paul said, “I will arrange the loan for you, but it will probably take a week or so to get the money transferred. Do you need any further working cash as I would charge you two percent above bank rate? The bank rate in France is two percent so I would charge you four.”

Serge replied, “That would be wonderful. If you could make it one hundred thousand euros, then that would be perfect. If this comes to reality, then I’ll be able to adjust your prices.”

Jill said, “Serge, you will have your money tomorrow at the same deal as Paul has offered you. As soon as you invoice us, you will be paid by return. Do you know Monsieur Paul Le Grand?”

Serge replied, “I do, Monsieur Le Grand is, without a doubt, the best lawyer in the Champagne area. Does he not look after your vineyards?”

Jill said, “Yes he does as his father did before him and as his son will do after him. I will phone him now and arrange for him to contact you.”

Jill then called Paul Le Grand and explained what she wanted to do with Serge. She arranged to meet him in half an hour at Serge’s restaurant. They all left for Serge’s restaurant with Colette and Nicole. Jean had phoned the Center and Margie, and all the others had accepted the twenty thousand euros for the group buying. When Jill saw the small Rational Steamer which Serge used for experimenting with new recipes, she told Serge she wanted one. Serge phoned the dealer who had one in stock along with a small vacuum packer. Monsieur Fleury was the man that had supplied Jill’s AGA several years before would install the Rational this afternoon at two thirty. Colette would go after lunch to open the door for him.

Paul and Jill were having a discussion about training the Gibson Jets staff in the preparation of the meals on the aircraft. Paul had suggested making a video with Serge.

Jill was happy about this. Jill said, “We will ask Serge if he knows a cameraman.”

Nicole said, “I know a cameraman, he is excellent, he only films in HD. He has wonderful lighting. He is not expensive; I am sure he would do an excellent job for you.”

Jill replied, “Can you contact him then to arrange for him to visit the Chateaux. Is he involved in television or films?”

Colette answered, “Yes he was trained at Canal+ where he rose to a senior cameraman. Eight years ago he set up his company, Jill I will be honest with you; he is excellent, but he works in the porn industry.”

Jill replied, “That does not matter Colette, I respect your judgment. If you can ask him to come to the Chateaux this afternoon.”

Colette answered, “Jill, I will phone him after breakfast. Hopefully, he is free and able to do it.”

After breakfast, Colette came to the terrace and said, “Great news he can come this afternoon at five.”

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