My Angel

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“Come on Angel, its this one.”

“Here’s the key daddy.”

I took the card key from my daughter and inserted it. As we entered the hotel room, I relaxed for the first time in eleven months. This was our vacation, the only one I got each year. My daughter, Angel and I have been on our own for eight years now. Her mother died of cancer when Angel was only ten. It was rough, but I managed to raise our daughter, and she had turned out beautifully. Not only physically, because she was definitely that. With crystal blue eyes, curly brown hair, a few freckles dotting her nose, long legs and a shapely body, there weren’t many people who wouldn’t call Angel beautiful, myself included. She’s also a beautiful person; innocent, kind and always there for her father.

“Hey Daddy?”

“Yes Angel?” Its her name, but also my nickname for her. She is my angel.

“There’s only one bed.”

My eyes flew to the bed, dominating the center of the room. I glanced back at my daughter. She had dropped her bags at the foot of the bed and now sat on the edge of it.

“Don’t worry hon, I’ll call down and see if we can’t get another room.” After arguing with the front desk for nearly five minutes, I hung up exasperated. “No luck angel, they’re all booked up.”

Angel smiled at me and then crawled across the bed to give me a hug. “Its okay,” she whispered against my neck, “We’ll just share.”

One more obstacle out of my way, I decided it was time to relax some more. I leaned back against the head board and flicked on the TV. Angel hopped off the bed, and sprinted for the bathroom. I hardly noticed when she came out.

“Daddy, I’m gonna go down to the beach.”

I looked up to see my daughter in two of the tiniest pieces of material I’d ever seen. Did they call that a bathing suit? Before I could voice any objections to her attire, she was out the door. And for the next two hours, I found myself glued to the window of our ocean view room, watching my daughter prance about in the waves. I told myself I was just making sure that none of those boys on the beach were harassing her, but I couldn’t help but wonder at the real reason. Especially when I noticed that my erection was tenting my shorts.

As I watched my innocent daughter bouncing around in the water, I began to stroke myself through my shorts, trying to ease the discomfort. Before I knew it, my shorts were down around my ankles and I was shooting my load onto the glass in front of me. I was suddenly overcome with shame. What had I done? I’d altyazılı porno just jacked myself off while watching my Angel on the beach. What kind of pervert was I?

By the time I’d cleaned up my mess and settled back onto the bed to watch TV, Angel had come back up from the beach and showered. We ate dinner in the hotel restaurant and took a walk on the beach before heading up to the hotel room to sleep. I took my time in the bathroom. I showered and tried my hardest not to imagine my little girl in here earlier that day. It was becoming increasingly difficult. And try as I might, I couldn’t keep my cock down. I switched the water to cold to cool my desire before leaving the shower.

When I emerged from the bathroom, Angel was already asleep. She looked so peaceful lying there, the covers up to her neck. I quietly walked over to the bed and pulled back my half of the covers. Not realizing my own strength, I ended up pulling back the whole blanket, revealing my daughter’s sleeping form. She wore a white t-shirt and, to my amazement, a pair of white cotton panties. I was just about to cover her back up when she turned onto her back, her legs spreading slightly, revealing the outline of her mound through her panties.

My cock sprang instantly to life. I groaned as thoughts about how she must taste and whether or not she shaved ran through my head. I looked down at myself and found that my hand was already wrapped around my erection. I stroked gently as I walked closer to her, trying to get a closer look at my daughter’s pussy.

I sat down on the bed next to where she lay and reached a hand (the one not on my cock) out to her. I traced my finger down her stomach, through her t-shirt, over her mons and….at the jerk of her hips I snatched my hand away and looking guiltily up to her face. She was still asleep. Sighing my relief, I returned my attentions to her panties. Sliding one finger under the elastic, I moved the cloth out of the way for the perfect view of her glistening, SHAVED, pink pussy.

Another groan escaped my throat. My fingers continued their exploration, her hips jerking again as I grazed her clit. My eyes never left her face. And her eyes never opened. Even as I slid my index finger into her hot channel. She was wet, and tight, real tight. . I knew my daughter was a virgin, but never thought I’d feel the evidence of it. I slid another finger inside her and my thumb brushed circles around her clit. I could feel her juices stirring as I fucked her with my fingers – she was becoming zenci porno aroused, and she remained completely oblivious in her sleep.

I withdrew my fingers and brought them up to my face. I sniffed them before tasting my daughter on my fingers. My erection was becoming painful, and I knew I should retreat to the bathroom to take care of it, but the taste of my daughters love juices was too much to resist. Crawling further onto the bed, I spread her legs a little more, and knelt down between them. I knew I was taking a big risk here, I didn’t know how I’d explain it if she awoke to find my head between her legs, but rationality had long ago left the building. So, I leaned forward and placed a kiss on her clit. My tongue darted out to taste it. I heard a moan, but felt confident that she was still asleep. I traced my tongue from her opening to her clit, just before penetrating her with my tongue. I couldn’t believe how wet my daughter was….for me! I kept lapping up her juices, alternating between her clit and her opening, not quite sure which tasted better.

I stopped briefly, to reposition myself, but when my cock brushed up against her leg, it just felt too good. I raised myself up, still kneeling between my daughter’s legs and pushed my boxers down out of the way. I began to jack off, right there in front of my little Angel’s partially exposed pussy.

Wanting to see all of it, I leaned forward and gently eased her panties down her hips. When I got them all the way off, I repositioned her legs so they were spread out wide, and I knelt (now completely naked) between them. Never had I been so glad that my daughter was a heavy sleeper. As I began to stroke in earnest, I felt the need for another taste of her. I slid my finger inside her, amazed once more at how tight she was. I couldn’t help but wonder how she would feel around my rigid cock.

My restraint (what was left of it anyway) left me, and I knew I wanted to fuck my baby girl. I leaned forward, positioning myself above her and between her legs. With my hand, I guided my cock to her love tunnel. I slid my knob into her opening, feeling her tightness grasp my erection. I eased into her until I felt the barrier of her virginity. I felt a swell of pride at knowing that I’d be her first. I withdrew slightly before thrusting past her hymen and filling her completely.

Her blue eyes opened with a startled gasp.

“Daddy?” she asked, frightened.

“Shhh, its okay Angel. Just let Daddy do this.” I began to aldatma porno thrust gently, holding her hips steady in case she began struggling.

“Daddy, it hurts,” she whimpered. I noticed a tear drop slide down her cheek.

“It won’t hurt long baby girl. Daddy just wants to show you how much he loves you. Let Daddy show you.”

With that, I brought one hand away from her hip and to her clit. As I began to rub in circles around her clit, she gasped, in pleasure or in pain I couldn’t tell. But when I heard my little girl moan, I knew she’d begun enjoying herself. Her hips were writhing beneath me and she slid her hands up my arms and onto my shoulders. I could feel her nails digging into my back as she met my agonizingly slow thrusts. Instinctively, she angled her hips so I could go deeper. I increased my tempo.

“God Angel, you’re so tight. You’re pussy is squeezing my cock!” My balls were slapping against her ass as I pounded in to her.

“Harder Daddy! God that feels so good!!”

I slid my hands behind her back and gripped her shoulders, giving myself more leverage to pull her to me. My thrusts were becoming erratic and I knew I was getting close. Wanting to feel my little girl climax as I thrust into her, I once again began massaging her clit.

“Unh, Unh, Daddy….I’m gonna cum. You’re gonna make me cum Daddy!” Angel threw her head back and forth, her eyes clenched shut.

“Cum for Daddy Angel, cum for daddy.” I urged.

When I felt my little girl climax around me and her accompanying scream, my control shattered. Her contracting muscles milked my erection and I just couldn’t hold back.

“I’m cumming Angel.”

“No Daddy, not inside me….I’ll get pregnant.”

The fear had returned to her eyes and she began wriggling her hips, perhaps in an attempt to throw me. My hands gripped her hips, holding her still as I continued pounding her pussy.

“I can’t stop baby, it’s too late….unh, unh, oh GOD!” I felt the hot surge of my orgasm as I exploded into her. My seed shooting into the depths of my daughter in waves.

As the haze cleared and I could remember what my name was, I looked down at my daughter, now in tears. I withdrew my softening cock and lay down on the bed next to her, gathering her in my arms.

“Its okay Angel. I won’t let you get pregnant, I promise. We’ll get the morning after pill for you.” Eventually her tears stopped and her breathing even. She was sleeping again. I waited for the shame, the remorse that was sure to come at the thought of what I’d just done. But as I lay there, my daughter sleeping peacefully in my arms, it occurred to me, she was still wearing her shirt and I had neglected those beautiful tits of hers. “Well,” I thought to myself, “I guess I’ll have to make it up to her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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