My Angel in Angora

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This is the continuation from my first story entitled My New Neighbour Wearing Angora where a man with a mohair and angora fetish fantasizes about his new neighbour. In this story his fantasies come true.


My fascination with my neighbor who wore angora remained at the very front of my consciousness following our last meeting on her return from vacation. My suspicion that she knew what I had been doing with her angora and mohair sweaters whilst she was away on vacation played on my mind for a number of weeks.

My next meeting with her came when I went round to her house. I was having trouble completing a home project that I was working on and I knew that her husband had the necessary tool that I needed. I knocked on their front door and her husband Simon answered. I explained the situation and he invited me in whilst he went to look for the tool.

“Come in and see Susan while I look for it”, he said, and as I went into their living room to wait for him there she was sitting on the sofa knitting. There were balls of mohair yarn strewn over the sofa and the front of the tight white t-shirt that she was wearing was covered with mohair.

“Hi Nick. How lovely to see you”, she said. “You’ve come at just the right time as I need a helping hand.” With that she stood up with the knitting in her hand. “Could you just hold this up against my shoulder so that I can see whether it is going to be long enough?” She handed me what must have been a sleeve, took my hand and placed it on her shoulder. The mohair was a deep purple with flecks of red, blue and yellow throughout. The mohair was so soft in my hand and I couldn’t take my eyes off it nor the nape of her neck where the fluff nestled against it.

“Do you like the colour?” she asked. “This mohair is the finest Italian mohair and it took me ages to find some online. I love the softness of Italian mohair and it’s so fluffy. I think that the sleeve needs to be longer. I like them to be longer so that I can pull them down over my hands.” I gulped and before I could say anything her husband came into the living room and handed me the tool that I needed. I thanked him and, as I turned to say goodbye to Susan, she said “Thanks for your help Nick. Maybe next time we see each other I’ll have finished my knitting and will be wearing it.” With that she leaned towards me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered in my ear “You’d like that wouldn’t you?” She gave me a knowing smile and said “See you soon.”

I hurried home wondering how the heck she knew about me loving mohair but those concerns were short lived as I soon started to fantasize about her wearing that deep purple mohair sweater.

I work as a freelance consultant project manager in the construction industry and often have to spend short periods working away from home. Typically this is just a few nights a month but, a short while after my last visit to next door, a fantastic opportunity came along that was too hard to turn down. The financial rewards would be huge and my future career prospects would be significantly enhanced. However, it meant that I would have to be away from home Monday through Friday for approximately a year as the construction was in a city over 200 miles away. My wife wasn’t too keen on the idea initially but the thought of the financial rewards in the shape of a new car and a Caribbean holiday overcame her initial reluctance.

Within a month I had started working on the new construction site. To save on my costs I chose to rent an apartment rather than stay in hotels. This way my wife could come and stay at weekends rather than me have to travel backwards and forwards each week. The apartment that I rented was in a small block not far from my workplace, was furnished to a high specification and came with a secure entrance system. I worked long hours for the first few weeks as the project was in the initiation stage and when I came back to the apartment late in the evening totally exhausted all I wanted to do was have something to eat, have a glass or two of wine and speak to my wife on Skype. Afterwards, if I wasn’t too tired, I would shower and then wearing a fluffy mohair sweater I would lie on the bed and watch TV until I became so worked up that I had to masturbate.

Sometimes I would fall asleep wearing one of my sweaters and it felt so good to wake up in the morning feeling my body covered in soft fluffy heaven. This wasn’t something that I did at home, although I did occasionally wake up in the morning feeling really horny and quickly put a fluffy sweater on before sliding up behind my wife, put my swollen dick between the cheeks of her ass and then lean across to start massaging her gorgeous breasts. I loved it when she would roll onto her back, smile without opening her eyes, wrap her arms around me and stroke the mohair against my skin and then guide my now engorged dick into her soft, warm pussy. The harder I pounded into her the more she would rub her hands and arms all over the fluffy mohair erzurum escort sweater that I was wearing until I exploded. I typically then rolled off her and we cuddled before going back to sleep for a little while longer. This was a heavenly way to wake up in the morning.

One evening whilst talking to my wife on Skype I noticed an email come in from an email address that I didn’t recognise. The subject line had the words ‘For Your Eyes Only…’.

Intrigued, I couldn’t wait to finish my Skype conversation and open the email. The email had no text in the body of the email but had an attachment. Normally I would have flagged the email as spam or deleted it but this time, for some unknown reason, I double clicked on the attachment to open it. The attachment was a photograph of a woman with fantastic firm tits, with pink nipples that looked like rosebuds, which were sitting on top of her crossed arms which were covered in fantastically fluffy deep purple mohair sweater. The bottom of the sweater had been pulled up above her tits and the fluffy edges rested on them.

Who the hell sent this to me, I thought to myself. I looked at the display name of the sender and it wasn’t anyone that I recognised so I clicked on the properties. It was a Gmail account but the email address was not known to me. I looked back at the photograph and whilst the tits didn’t look familiar the mohair looked like the yarn that my neighbor was knitting when I went round to her house a couple of months ago. It couldn’t be, could it? I clicked on the Reply button and typed the following:

‘Hi whoever sent me this. I don’t think I have ever seen such a sexy photo before but thanks very much for sending it as it has made my day (quite possibly my week and my year). If you

feel that you want to send me more, then please feel free.’

I pressed send and was feeling so horny that I got one of my favourite sweaters out and masturbated as hard as I could until I exploded.

For the next few days I constantly checked my email on my Smartphone to see if I had been sent any more photos. To my utter disappointment I didn’t receive anything. Every night when I got back to my apartment I would open up the photo and leave it on my laptop all evening. The thought that it could be my neighbor’s tits wearing the mohair sweater that she was knitting made me want to masturbate all night, every night. I also started to wonder whether it was her and how the heck she knew about my fetish. One evening a few days later I had just arrived back from work when I heard a ping from my laptop on the desk that indicated a new email had arrived. I was really too tired to have a look but I did anyway. I poured myself a glass of wine and sat on the sofa and opened the email.

The email was from the same sender as before with the same words in the subject field, but this time the email just had the following in the body:

‘Thought you may enjoy this. Xx’.

The email had an attachment like last time, so I double clicked on it to open it expecting to see another photo of her tits encased in mohair or something even better. However, what I saw was a video of me in her bedroom getting naked and putting on her green mohair sweater. It then showed me lying on her bed wearing the fluffy white angora sweater and masturbating with the green mohair sweater.

I gulped my wine and started to sweat in panic. What would my wife say if she was to see this? Or even worse, what if whoever sent this put it up on the internet for the whole world to see. I just sat on the sofa wondering what the hell I was going to do when the buzzer from the security entrance system sounded. I got up, walked to the wall where the system was and pressed the intercom. “Hello”, I said.

The muffled female voice at the other end said “I have a package for a Mr Nick which needs to be signed for.” I wasn’t expecting a delivery and particularly this late in the evening. As I was tired I couldn’t be bothered to walk downstairs to collect and sign for the package.

“Ok can you bring it up to the apartment. I’m on the top floor”. I pressed the button to allow the delivery person to come through the front door to the apartment block. I poured myself another glass of wine and as I took a large gulp there was a knock at the door. I put the glass down and went to open the door.

As I opened it my neighbor Susan was standing in the doorway. She was wearing the deep purple mohair sweater which went halfway down her thighs, black fishnet stockings and black stiletto boots that went to above the knee. Around her waist was a wide, black leather belt which made her waist look really slim and made her tits look really big inside the gorgeous sweater. The sweater had a huge turtleneck which must have been rolled three times at least. She was pulling a aircraft cabin style suitcase and had her coat and purse in the other.

“Hello Nick. I bet you weren’t expecting me to be the package were you?” With that she walked past me into the apartment and looking at my glass of wine said, “Well aren’t you going to pour me a glass of wine?” I was dumbstruck but I closed the door behind her and watched her walk up to the table, just staring at her cute ass covered in the oh so fluffy mohair. “I was in the city on business so I thought that I would drop by and surprise you. From the look on your face I reckon I have definitely done that. Did you enjoy watching the video I sent?”

Without replying I poured her a glass of wine and handed it to her. “I did say that probably the next time you saw me that I would be wearing the mohair sweater that I was knitting”, she said. “Well do you love it or what? Come and feel how soft it is. I bet that you’d love to wear it wouldn’t you?”

I just stood there staring at her wearing the sweater and was lost for words. “So what did you think about the video then? I bet you’re wondering how and why and whether anyone else, other than you and I, has seen it. Well let me reassure that you and I are the only people lucky enough to see it, and that will always be the case irrespective of what happens this evening.” With that she sat down on the sofa and sipped at her wine.

“Come and sit down next to me”, she said, “and I’ll tell you how and why I made the video.”

I picked up my glass of wine, walked over to the sofa and sat down next to her. “You didn’t give me a welcome kiss when I came in,” she said and leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. The kiss was a mixture of red wine and sweet perfumed lipstick and was intoxicating. “So would you like me to start with the why or the how?” she asked. Before I could reply, she took hold of my hand and started to rub it slowly and gently over her arm.

“Let’s start with the why, shall we?” she said. I nodded in agreement but my mind was on how it would feel to stroke and knead her breasts whilst at the same roll down the neck of the sweater and start to nuzzle her neck. “I have always loved wearing soft fluffy sweaters since I was a young girl. They have always felt sensual and feminine but what I have always enjoyed most is the effect that wearing them has had on certain boys and men. I learned early on that that those boys that I dated when I was in my teens couldn’t keep their hands off my breasts when I was wearing one. Even though it wasn’t fashionable to wear angora or mohair sweaters when I went to university I continued to wear them at times. I received a lot of positive comments but, disappointingly, never dated anyone who was as keen as the boys in my teens who couldn’t keep their hands off me and my sweaters.”

“After I graduated and started working, I occasionally wore an angora sweater to work and could see that most men and, interestingly some women, gave me admiring looks. I do remember one colleague in particular using every opportunity he could to corner me in the small kitchen at work and brush his hands lightly over my back and arms. Unfortunately for him, and for me, he wasn’t my type so we never dated and he never got an opportunity to get his hands on me and my sweaters. When I met Simon and started dating him, I was convinced that he loved me wearing my angora sweaters but whilst he said that I looked sexy in them he never seemed to have the passion for them. Mind you he has a passion for other things, but that is a story for another day. I have tried getting Simon interested in wearing my mohair sweaters while I wear an angora one but he is not interested. As the years have gone on I have started to fantasize more and more about finding a man who had the same passion and love of angora and mohair or anything fluffy.”

I sat there entranced with what she was saying and was having real trouble not jumping on her and ravishing her. She was still holding my hand and rubbing it slowly over her arm that was encased in the purple mohair. With her other hand she was stroking the hem of the sweater, holding it between her index finger and thumb. As she continued to speak she was looking into my eyes.

“When we moved next door to you I have to admit that I found you rather handsome and when I caught you staring at me at one party I wondered whether it was that you fancied me because I was wearing such a short skirt and fishnets. I was rather flattered and planned to see how you would react if I was to wear a short skirt, fishnets and one of my fluffiest angora sweaters. When you put your hand on my shoulder at that party I could feel you caressing my angora and your reaction was more than I could have possibly dreamed of. I was then convinced that you had a passion for fluffy sweaters. I needed to find a way of definitely proving whether you had the passion or not and I used to lay awake at night thinking of ways to do that. However, you did that for me when we went on vacation”.

She laughed and gave me another gentle kiss. “Now I suppose you want to know how I videoed you wearing my sweaters you kinky boy?”

“We installed a security system in the house when we moved in and I had the installation guys install one in the bedroom as that is where I keep all of the expensive jewellery that Simon has bought me over the years. Simon is not very technical and so I installed an app on my phone that allows me to monitor the house when we are at work or away on vacation. The system can be set alert me and then to start recording when it detects motion in a room but, as you and Julia were coming in and out of the house to feed the cats while we were on vacation, I only enabled it for the upstairs. I got an alert on my phone when you went upstairs into my bedroom and I immediately checked what had triggered it.”

“You can’t imagine my surprise and obvious delight when I saw what you were doing. I wondered whether you would use the opportunity to look for my sweaters and I left my favourite green mohair sweater on the bed as bait to lead you to looking for my other sweaters. I suspected that you would take the bait but I never dreamed that you would wear my fluffy sweaters and then masturbate on my bed. It was so thrilling to see you enjoying all of my favourites and I was so happy that you appeared to enjoy wearing them as much as I do. You definitely have a fetish for anything fluffy don’t you Nick? Have you done anything like that before?”

“Not in somebody’s home,” I replied, “Although there have been a couple of occasions at work. I used to go into the office at the weekend to catch up on work as it was quiet and I never got disturbed by the phone or people coming in to talk to me. There was a young woman who used to wear fluffy sweaters to work and I remember going into the office one Sunday and noticed that she had left the mohair sweater that she had been wearing on Friday on the back of her chair. I couldn’t resist going to her chair and just stroking it. I couldn’t concentrate on my work that I was supposed to be doing as I kept thinking of her wearing that sweater. In the end I walked to her chair, picked up the sweater and hurried to the bathroom where I shut myself in a cubicle, stripped off and put the sweater on. I can remember the smell of her perfume and how soft and fluffy it was. I quickly masturbated and then returned the sweater to her chair before going back to my office. On another occasion she left a mohair cardigan on her chair over the weekend and I did the same thing.”

“Do you like the smell of my perfume on this sweater, Nick?” she asked.

I leaned into her neck and nuzzled the soft mohair. “Of course I do”, I replied and then rolled the turtleneck down and started to kiss her lightly on the neck. The smell of her perfume and the soft mohair tickling the underside of my chin was so exhilarating.

“Well smell this then”, she said. With that she held her arm up and placed the sleeve up to my nostrils. “What do you think this smells of?” I moved my nose lightly over the fluffy mohair and breathed in deeply. It was the smell of her pussy juices. I was about to say that but she beat me to it by saying “Yes, it is the smell of the juices from my pussy as I rubbed it over my clit to make myself come last night in bed. Do you know why I masturbated last night? It was because I was thinking about what I hoped would happen tonight when I came here.”

With that she put both arms around my neck and leaned in to kiss me. It was a deep , passionate and opened mouth kiss and our tongues met which appeared to send tingles of expectancy in both of us. Whilst I had had fantasies of her wearing fluffy mohair sweaters and me being able to stroke them, I never ever imagined being in this position with her kissing me passionately and wanting me as much as I wanted her. As she broke off the kiss she asked where the bedroom was and I pointed to it. She unbuckled the belt around her waist and seductively removed the mohair sweater and dropped it over my head.

“Why don’t you put this on and then give me five minutes to freshen up”, she said. “I will shout when I am ready. Don’t get too excited and waste all of your energy wanking while you wait for me”.

She was wearing a very lacy basque along with the black fishnet stockings and stiletto boots and looked drop dead gorgeous in just that. She turned, picked up the aircraft cabin style suitcase that she had brought with her, and walked sexily towards the bedroom. As she closed the door behind I quickly stripped, pulled the sweater over my head, rolled down the turtleneck and bathed in the softness of it. It was sensational and the smells of her perfume and pussy juice were truly intoxicating. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me.

The minutes waiting for her seemed like hours but I used the time to stroke the sweater and enjoy the feel of it against my skin. My dick was throbbing like crazy as I rubbed the bottom of the sweater over it and small amounts of precum started to make it wet. As I wondered what she was doing in the bedroom I heard her shout that she was ready and that I should come in. My heart was beating so fast that I was worried whether I was going to have a coronary but my throbbing dick led me quickly to the bedroom door and I opened it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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