My Angry Little Princess Pt. 02

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I stalk naked through the apartment, towards the sounds of coffee being made in the kitchen, having woken in an empty bed.

My rock hard cock leading me, seeking her out.

I find her working the coffee maker, she’s humming a tune and twitching her body slightly in time to it.

At some point she’s grabbed a tee shirt, the apartment is cold in the mornings, it’s long enough to cover down to her upper thighs.

“Hello princess,” I whisper in her ear as I step up behind her.

I sweep the hair away from the back of neck and place a series of small kisses there. I engulf her body in a hug.

“Mmmmmmm,” she responds by writhing in my arms.

My hardened cock presses against the small of her back, the tee shirt having ridden up slightly when she moved in my arms.

“I feel him. His heat.”

She arches herself, pushing herself back against my cock. The pressure is delicious.

I move my hands down her body, following the contours as they go.

The touch of her skin under my hands thrills me, when I reach the hem of her tee shirt. I slowly slide my hands round to my lover’s lower belly and trace them upwards, towards her breasts.

The tee shirt rises with my hands, exposing her fully.

She leans forward, putting her hands on the counter, pushing her ass out against me.

I change direction with my hands, sliding them down to her hips, guessing what she intends.

Shifting her weight to one hand, my lover reaches down with the other, through her opening legs to take a hold of my shaft.

“I want you to cum in me,” she breathes as my cock is pulled to her pussy.

I give in to her demand and let myself be guided by her; I thrust into her wet hole fully.

“Oh! I love it when you do that!” She rolls her hips against me. “Now fuck me like you mean it to hurt me!”

I don’t need any encouragement and start to pound away at her.

She ducks her head forwards, looking at where my cock is sliding in and out of her.

“Look at him. He is so wet from her! You love it, don’t you?”

I look down, slowing my pace to see my own glistening flesh, covered in her juices as it vanishes from my sight into her body.

I groan low and long, she’s right, this is what I want. Need. Lust after.

“Harder!” she eggs me on again, “I want your cum!”

I speed up my thrusts and start to feel a low pulling in my belly; an ache, a sign of building orgasm.

Grunting and panting, pawing at her hips and back, I crash through the wall between pain and pleasure, my cock jerking and throbbing inside of her, hot juices bursting into her.

“Mmmmmm…,” my lover rolls her hips istanbul escort again, “Exactly as I wanted.”

My cock slips from her, shrinking back to a semi rigid state. My lover turns and bends over, planting a little kiss on the tip of it. “Good boy.” Moving a hand between her thighs, she dips two fingers into her dripping pussy and brings them to her mouth, looking into my eyes as she licks them clean.

“You go back to bed. I’ll bring the coffee.”

I head back to the bedroom, grab an extra pillow and make myself comfortable, there’s a good chance I’m about to see something I love.

The bedroom door opens and she walks in, places a coffee for me on the bedside table and stands back, cocks her head to one side and looks at me.

“Greedy bastard,” she mocks me, “Only thinking of yourself! Well, now you have to watch me do for my self.”

She peels her tee shirt off over her head in one movement and throws it at my face. I laugh, grab it and throw it on the bed next to me.

I look up to see her crouched and looking through a drawer under her wardrobe. The toy drawer.

With a cry of “Ah-hah!” my angry princess turns to the bed and brandishes a g-spot vibrator. Small, pink with a purple heart on it.

I watch her move towards the bed, her blond hair hanging in rats tails round her face, lithe runners body and little high pointed breasts.

My lover climbs onto the foot of the bed and kneels with her legs apart, facing me. Not saying a word, she clicks the vibrator on and starts to draw it across her shoulder, down her arm to the wrist and back up again. Down her chest, lingering on her nipple, which rises to meet the vibrating toy. A little hiss escapes her as she descends it further.

She leans back, giving me a clear view of her pussy, my cum smeared across the tops of her thighs.

Opening her pussy lips up with her left hand, she moves the vibrator to her clit and leaves it there, pulsing through her. Her hips jerk back and forth, fucking an imaginary cock.

The left hand ascends now to start pulling and pinching at her own nipple. She bites her lip and I can tell she’s coming to the edge.

I hold still, knowing better than to disturb her when she’s so close. Her face is beautiful when she comes and I want so much to see it.

I’m not disappointed.

Eyes closed. Brow furrowed in concentration. Mouth open in an “O”. Hand pulling her breast until it looks as if she may hurt herself. She rises up fully onto her knees and with a sudden exhalation falls back onto her haunches.

The vibrator rolls on the bed, discarded. I pick it up and turn it off.

Opening istanbul escort bayan her eyes, she smiles and crawls up the bed toward me.

“You looked gorgeous, princess.”

“Did I? Good,” she says with a self satisfied tone.

She joins me under the covers and snuggles in against me, her hand stroking across my chest and up to my shoulder and neck, pulling me down for a kiss.

Her other hand descends down my stomach and abdomen only to find my cock rising into her grasp.

“Mmm what’s this?” she smiles up at me, “Hungry already?”

“For you? I’m insatiable. You’re my drug. And I’m addicted to you.”

I see the light in her eyes flash up and I know that I’ve said what she wants to hear. Needs to hear.

Wriggling, she works her way down the bed, pushing the quilt back as she goes, exposing my naked body. Forcing my legs apart, she nestles between my thighs and gets comfortable.

Looking up at me, she takes my shaft in one hand tilting it to the side, sticks out her tongue and runs it from the bottom of my ball sack to the swollen head on my cock, then back down again. My lover gently, so gently, takes one of my balls on her mouth and runs her tongue around it.

I run my hands through her hair, it’s sensitive what’s she’s doing, on the edge of pleasure and pain.

My lover knows this can be an overload for me, she releases me from her mouth slowly with a soft noise.

With a wicked grin at me, she pushes my legs further apart. I let myself be guided by her and spread my thighs wider. Still holding my shaft with one hand, her head descends towards my ass and I feel her tongue snake out against that wrinkled muscle. A rapid lick up from my asshole to sack to shaft follows and she repeats.

It feels incredible. An arousing, warming sensation; my cock tensing at each touch.

I buck my hips up with each run of her tongue and groan loudly. I can almost feel her smile in the air just over me as she tongues me. She’s always happy when she’s washing pleasure over me.

Her hand starts to move, rubbing up and down my cock shaft as she licks up from my ass to the base of my cock. She briefly covers the head of my cock with her mouth, swirling her tongue round, before leaving and returning to broad swipes of her tongue up and down again.

I groan again, but pull her away from me, bringing her up until our mouths are level and then I kiss her deeply. I taste a bitter musk, my own taste, briefly as she returns my hungry kiss.

I rotate round until my little princess is under me and I pull her hands over her head, pinning them there to the pillow with one of my escort istanbul own hands, leaning down on them to make sure she can’t wriggle them free.

Struggling to break free, but not too hard, she tilts her face up to me, “And what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to pin you to the bed with my cock love.”

I guide my slippery shaft to her pussy, rubbing my head up and down her lips.

I find it hard not to sink deeply into her.

She half closes her eyes, “I will fight you off me,” she states it simply.

“We’ll see about that.”

I push my hips forward, my cock lunging into her. She gasps loudly. I hold myself inside her moist slit, as promised, pinning her to the mattress.

My lover bucks her hips up at me, but it’s no use; I’m just too heavy for her to dislodge.

I start to roll my hips up and forwards, back and down, keeping my cock in her but putting different delicious pressures on her clit.

I pause, holding still, awaiting her next words.

Her eyes open wide and she looks at me, “Do it!”

I say nothing, holding her head still with my free hand and kissing her neck and jawline, before moving up and plunging my tongue into her mouth.

My angry little princess, so rarely tamed, moans into my mouth.

She’s felt this hip manoeuvre before, I flex and thrust from the waist, always leaving her impaled but rolling delicious wave after wave over her as I smoothly assault her body. She knows I can keep this up for some time before I let myself cum.

Hands grasp into claws under my control as the first orgasm arrives; her back arches up under me and she tries to throw me off.

A few minutes of relentless pressure later the second arrives, panting and sweating she rolls under me.

“Let me go! Let me go!” she begs me.

Showing clemency, I release her hands; in a flash they are clamped onto my lower back pulling at me.

“Come for me!” she hisses in my ear, wrapping her legs around my waist.

A red mist of lust washes over my vision and I start to pound at her, a man possessed and desperate for release.

The headboard starts to thud against the wall, matching the slapping flesh noises of fucking.

I lift her body time and again as I withdraw from her and descend back into her boiling pussy.

She claws furrows in my back, begging in my ear for my cum, whispering nonstop how much she loves me fucking her.

With a sudden cry I throw my head back. Darkness crowds my vision for seconds as I jet cum inside her, the tension curling my spine in release.

I collapse forwards onto her, eyes closed, hearing her repeated phrase, “My king. My king,” whispered in my ear.

We fall together into sexually exhausted daze, holding her close to me as my eyelids slide shut; my final memory is of my princess shifting my hand to her breast and holding it clamped over her heart; I feel its beat as it slows.

Sleep takes me.

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