My Best Friend The Pin-up

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As you are walking up the sidewalk, confident and so sure of yourself, the first thing I notice is how fucking beautiful you are. I let my eyes wander, and my heart skips a beat as I take you in. Everything about you screams sex kitten, from your cherry red lips, to the heels that make your legs look amazing.

We make eye contact through the screen door and I melt. I meet you at the front door with our usual hugs, and as I catch the first wisps of whatever intoxicating perfume you have on, my head is already spinning. I know exactly what I want, but I don’t want to come off as too cocky, or over zealous. We talk for a while, feeling each other out, the sexual tension is so thick the air is buzzing. For whatever reason, neither of us seem to want to make the first move. We both know what we want, and we both want the same thing.

Waiting is both agony and bliss, then, its almost as if we had the same thought at the same time, neither of us can wait any longer, and we both lean in. Immediately all of my senses are on hyper drive. Everything about you, from those ruby red lips, to your amazing body, have me trembling with raw desire for you.

I’ve never been more turned on as my hands find their way to the back of your head, and a gentle tug on your hair exposes the soft, tender flesh of the side of your neck. I take advantage, with slow kisses, and gentle bites, the moans escaping from your smudged red lips only make me want you more. Just before I reach behind to free your breasts, I pull back as if to get the okay from you. You give me a small nod, and bite your bottom lip, and that’s all I need.

As my hands rus escort find the clasp of your bra, I look up to the door to make sure it’s locked, it is. In no time I have you out of your shirt and bra, they are on the other side of the room, and I find that spot on your neck again, as I busy my hands with your amazing tits. The sounds you are making, are driving me crazy as I slowly kiss my way down your chest, until my lips find your left nipple. As I draw it into my mouth, I feel pure unadulterated desire take over, and absolute bliss ensues. I cannot get enough. My mouth and hands work in tandem to bring us both into a frenzy. Every sigh, small moan or “oh fuck” that escapes you only gives me more motivation to make sure you are fully satisfied. I could devour your chest for hours, but I have a few other things in mind.

We stand and I lead you to the wall at the end of my bar. I back you up against it, my lips find yours again as your arms snake up around my neck, and your fingers run playfully through my hair. No one else on earth exists as we each use our hands and mouths to explore the other’s body. Each second that goes buy throws us deeper into a frenzied desire for the other. Nothing seems more important than the ultimate goal, but neither of us wants this to be over too soon.

Before long, I cannot stand it any longer and my hands find the button of your jeans. Your breath catches in your throat as you realize what is about to happen, and you welcome it wholeheartedly. In fact, you almost beg for it with only the look in your eyes. I reach into the waistband of your yenimahalle escort panties, and fill my hands with the flesh of your ass, as my teeth find a new spot on your neck. I feel your body shudder, as if any resignation that may have been there just completely disappeared, and you’re ready now to surrender yourself to my tongue.

I lift you onto the bar, and help you out of your jeans, while you find a position that is comfortable. Hot kisses, and tiny nibbles land all over the inside of your thighs. I find the wet spot on your panties and press my lips against it. As your legs find their spot draped over my shoulders I take in your intoxicating sweet scent. I cannot wait.

I look up and see the desire in your face, it makes it all the better, as my mouth finds the crotch of your panties again. I run my hands up the outsides of your legs, and hook my fingers into your waistband, all the while kissing an licking your pussy lips from the other side of the thin material. Moans and sighs are escaping your lips as I slowly work your panties off, all the while sneaking kisses and nibbles.

For the first time I get full access to you. I cannot wait another second as I go in for the first sweet taste. My tongue darts in slightly hesitant at first, however it doesn’t take much before my tongue slowly circles your clit, and dips down inside of you. It doesn’t take long before your legs are trembling in anticipation of your first orgasm. My lips find your clit and slowly draw it into my mouth, and you explode in your first climax as you grab the back of my head and shove it as deeply as possible, as if I could never get close enough.

I gently lick and suck on your pussy lips until you are begging for more. I want this to last as long as possible, so I continue to bring you to the brink of insanity by slowly fucking you with my tongue. Finally when I don’t think you can hold on any longer I keep my tongue inside you as I use my fingers to bring you to orgasm by teasing your clit.

As soon as you recover enough, I can tell you need more than just my tongue inside of you. While I am flicking my tongue back and forth over your clit, my fingers slowly glide deep inside you. My tongue traces slow lazy circles around your clit as I start to slowly fuck you. My fingers are gliding in and out now and we are picking up a rhythm. You match me thrust for thrust, and I know the tension inside you is growing quickly.

My free hand wanders up to your nipple, and gives it a gentle tug, and a slight twist, this is all it takes to set off another wave of climax, but I’m not done yet. I’m not sure how much you have left in you, so I had better make the next one the biggest. Keeping both fingers deep inside you with cum dripping down your thighs, I seize the opportunity, and slip the tip of my finger into your ass, as I grasp your throbbing clit between my lips, using my teeth to apply pressure, but not cause pain.

I start fucking you hard and fast as I deliver an amazingly perfect spank to your bare ass. The stinging from your spanking is just subsiding as I feel your fingernails dig into my scalp. Your pussy spasms and slams down on my fingers several times, as you scream my name and drench my face with your cum. After gladly accepting the delicious fruits of my labor, I help you sit up.

I then slowly slide you into my lap, so that you can taste yourself on my lips as we kiss slowly, before we allow the real world to come back into focus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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