My Best Friend – University Years Ch. 02

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Big Tits

About a month went by of this idyllic lifestyle, with me studying by day, and socialising by night. Now that I was working for the strippo-gram agency, I had some, ‘disposable income,’ but generally, I didn’t go daft with it. The money I earned for the stripping went through the books and was liable for tax, but the other money, which I earned by occasionally meeting one of Julia’s private clients was strictly cash in hand, which I used to buy myself clothes, books, food, etc.

Although there always seemed to be plenty of sex on hand, especially with Julia, and her horny friends, I also had my own friends and the occasional woman I met either in University, or through my work as a stripper. It was a very poor night if at the end of my act there wasn’t at least two or three women coming on to me or giving me their phone numbers. Some of them I fucked there and then in the dressing rooms provided, where I changed into the costumes for my act, others I met at a later date, and yet others I ignored completely.

One woman who intrigued me was Alicia Sands whom I’d met and fucked on my very first assignment as a stripper. She was a real stunner with long blonde hair, and a lovely slim, but curvaceous figure. She was around 5’8″ tall, and looked like an international supermodel, and very clever and intelligent with it. It turned out she worked for a local law firm and was a lawyer or a solicitor. I didn’t know the difference between a lawyer or a solicitor, and I didn’t really care; the important thing for me was that she was attracted to me, despite the fact that I’d met her at the hen party to celebrate her impending marriage.

Not only had I fucked her a few days before the wedding, but I’d fucked her bridesmaid too. I was quite proud of that, oh I know some folk will say it’s morally reprehensible, but as someone once said, ‘a hard cock has no conscience.’ I do actually have some scruples, but Alicia had not only given me her business card to contact her again but had literally begged me to call her when she got back from honeymoon. I figured she was old enough to know what she was doing, after all, she was quite a few years older than me, but I was guessing she was probably around twenty-seven, or twenty-eight. She’d discovered something about herself the night we met, and was desperate to follow it through, and I was more than happy to aid her in her quest for self-discovery, so I called her. I wondered if she had perhaps changed her mind in the intervening few weeks, and I knew I’d be disappointed if she had.

‘Good morning, Alicia Sands speaking, how may I help you?’ she chimed out.

‘Hi Alicia, you asked me to call you when you got back from honeymoon,’ I replied. There was an extended silence which didn’t bode well I thought.

‘Wh… who is this please?’ she said, and I could hear a distinct quaver in her voice.

‘Well, you never asked my name, but we met in room 24 the night of your hen party, and afterwards you gave me your business card. You seemed quite anxious that I should call you when you got back,’ I added. Again, there was a long silence. I could hear her breathing, and almost a small, very small, whimpering noise.

‘Yes, I remember,’ her voice seemed to have faded, almost breathless, and I knew she was turned on. ‘I didn’t think you’d call me,’ she said at last.

‘There was never a chance that I wouldn’t call Alicia. You’re so beautiful, and so… enthusiastic,’ I chanced. I knew my best bet to overcome any initial reluctance was to exploit her natural sexiness, and the way to do that was to remind her how extraordinarily horny she had been that night and hope to make her horny all over again. ‘Do you remember telling me you wanted to feel dirty and used?’ I asked her, ‘and how you’d always dreamed of having a really big cock inside you?’ I could hear her breathing much faster now, and after a few moments she replied.

‘Y… yes, I remember. Oh god, I must have been mad, or drunk,’ she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

‘You were neither Alicia, just extraordinarily horny, and I think desperate for adventure. You know you have something special, something a bit different and you want to explore it, and you can’t ignore it anymore. Let’s meet at lunchtime, just for a chat, and if you decide to put it all behind you then I won’t bother you ever again.’ She agreed to that, and we arranged to meet at a coffee shop in town, not far from her work. I kinda figured, she was halfway mine already, despite her intelligence and common sense, and the actual meeting was just a last-minute show of nerves and an understandable fear of the unknown.

Be that as it may, she was bang on time and smiled at me shyly, blushing slightly, before we entered the coffee shop. I deliberately picked a booth at the back, and ordered two coffees, before we settled down for a chat. As far as I was concerned it was her seduction that was on the cards, not some namby-pamby round in circles guilt trip on her part. I knew she wanted my cock, and I knew I wanted her Göztepe Escort to have it, so I had to convince her of the same. In the end it was much simpler than I thought it would be, and I quite simply couldn’t believe my luck.

‘What do you want from me?’ she asked. ‘You know I’m married now.’ She looked at me with her lovely blue eyes, trembling slightly. I nodded in agreement.

‘Of course, I know you’re married now, but that didn’t bother you the night we met, and I promised to come for you again, when you were married and use you, really use you until you felt like a cheap dirty whore, and you agreed to that too.’ She closed her eyes and shuddered, and I continued. ‘That’s one of the things I want from you, and I want it because I know it’s what you want if you’d only admit it to yourself.’ Her head sunk down almost on her chest.

‘I know, and I do want it, but I’m so frightened. I scared myself that night; really scared myself. I’ve never acted like that before, never felt anything so powerful.’ I held her hand to reassure her.

‘You can’t deny your true nature Alicia,’ I said, taking her hand under the table, placing it on my cock. She didn’t pull away, so I let her feel my length. ‘I know I want you again, and you know you want it too.’ She nodded almost imperceptibly. ‘You asked me what I want from you,’ I reminded her, and she nodded again, ‘well I want you to go into the toilets right now take off all your clothes so you’re naked under your coat.’ She looked at me.

‘Really, right now?’ she asked, and I told her, I meant right now, so go and do it. She sat there for a moment or two, then got up from the table, and disappeared in the direction of the toilets. Five minutes later she was back with her coat buttoned up and a flush on her face. ‘Okay, I’m naked under this coat. I must be fucking crazy.’

‘No sweetheart, you’re horny and on the brink of adventure,’ I soothed. ‘You want to be used like some dirty whore, so now I’m going to take you outside, and let you suck my cock in some dirty back alley. Follow me,’ I said, and walked out of the coffee shop, and she came right along behind me.

We found a narrow alley, and went some distance away from the main street, and found a deep recessed doorway. I pulled her into it and told her to get my cock out. She was almost whimpering, crying with need and humiliation as she got my cock out and immediately took me in her mouth. ‘Oh yes, that’s it you dirty little cock gobbler, you needed that didn’t you?’ and she nodded in agreement. I pulled her to her feet, and opened the coat showing her lovely breasts and trimmed pussy. ‘Want some cock in your hairy cunt, my little slut?’ I asked. She nodded frantically.

‘Oh yes, please, please,’ so I pushed her back against the doorway, slipping my hand between her legs feeling her wetness, and then I moved between her legs. She grabbed my cock placing it against her lips and I pushed it home. Within a few thrusts I was deep in her and fucking her good and hard. For her part she was moaning and whimpering, trying to be quiet in case of discovery, but I could see and hear that she was incredibly excited as I rammed home into her pussy.

‘What are you?’ I asked, ‘and what do you like?’

‘I’m a slut,’ she gasped out, ‘a dirty cock sucking, cheating whore – I like cock rammed into my cunt – your cock,’ she added. ‘Oh god, I’m coming, I’m coming,’ she moaned as her orgasm swept over her. She almost collapsed in a heap, and she told me later that her legs could barely hold her weight; she was so overcome by excitement.

‘Whose slut are you?’ I asked her. She kissed me then and whispered fiercely that she was my slut.

‘Just use me, hard. Make me feel like I’m dirt, I’m bad; fuck me over and over until I can hardly walk. That’s what I want, that’s what I deserve,’ so I promised her I would, before buttoning up her coat and concealing all that naked loveliness. We walked back into the town centre, just a few hundred yards. I asked her when we could meet again and where, because this time, I promised, I really wanted to use her, really fuck her senseless, and for that I needed a bit of time, not a quick fuck in a hotel room, or a knee trembler in an alley.

‘She gave me the address of her flat, explaining that she had moved into a house with her new husband, but hadn’t sold the flat yet, so it was vacant and still fully furnished. It would be a convenient place to meet, so we arranged to meet later that night, and said our temporary goodbyes.

That evening, I arrived a little late, not much, about five minutes, but she was all eagerness and nerves when she opened the door.

‘Oh, thank god, I thought you weren’t coming,’ she shot at me, showing me into the lounge. I followed her in; it was a lovely room, very tasteful and understated, a bit like her too. ‘Would you like something to drink?’ she asked me trying to be the dutiful host. I pushed her down on the sofa.

‘Just the juice from your pussy, that will do nicely,’ I said. She pulled İstanbul Escort her skirt up round her waist – no panties, and I knelt between her thighs. She was wearing stockings, and I knew they were especially for me. ‘You’re a dirty cow,’ I said to her quietly. ‘All ready for action, eh?’ She nodded, obviously heavily aroused already, so I wasted no more time and got down between her legs, gently licking the sensuous lips of her labia. She cried out with pleasure as I teased and sucked her pussy and moaned in approval when I inserted three fingers in her vagina. With my fingers sliding in and out and my tongue doing sterling service on her clitoris, she came within minutes.

‘Thank you,’ she gasped out. Say what you will, Alicia was a well-mannered girl when it came to being pleasured. I undressed her, and she unbuttoned my shirt, and unbuckled my belt. She couldn’t keep her hands off my cock, ‘Oh please, I need it, please,’ she gasped out, as I pushed her back against a dining table. I sat her on the edge, and fed her cunt with my rock-hard cock, pushing in rather roughly, which I thought she might like, and she certainly did. ‘Oh fuck, oh yes, that’s it, that’s what I want,’ she squealed as I began to pump her hard.

She came again, and I ignored it, just kept on going, filling and stretching her lovely pussy. She couldn’t get enough, so I insulted her again, telling her she was a fucking whore, and a cock mad nymphomaniac. Then I added she was a cock slave her dirty cunt had fucked up her brain until she could think of nothing else but prick. She agreed with me each time, getting louder and more excited, and then she came again screaming with pleasure. She lay across the table, gasping for breath like a fish out of water, but I wasn’t finished with her yet, and turned her over, entering her from behind. ‘Please be gentle, I feel rather tender down there,’ she pleaded.

‘Alicia,’ I said as I began to move in and out, ‘you wanted to be fucked and you wanted to be used, so that’s what I’m going to do. Use you for my pleasure. What you want has fuck all to do with it, you’re mine now, and I’ll use you as I see fit. Understand?’ She nodded her head vigorously. Of course, all my ‘arrogance’ was purely for effect, simply because it seemed to me that was what the delightful Alicia wanted and craved. I’m not like that at all in real life.

‘Oh yes, yes, that’s what I want,’ and as she said it, I really rammed my cock into her hard to emphasise the point. She moaned and whimpered again, but I could tell by the way she was pushing back against me that there was more pleasure than pain in it for her. She went absolutely wild when I slapped her bottom a few times like I had done that first time in the hotel room. The beautiful globes of her arse soon turned a nice shade of red, and when I reached forward and grabbed a huge handful of the long blonde hair and pulled viciously, I knew by her reaction that she loved that too. I was pretty close myself now, and I knew what I had to do. I pulled her off the dining table and made her kneel in front of me, making her suck my cock. As I felt myself begin to come, I pulled out of her mouth and rubbed myself.

‘Open your mouth bitch,’ I snarled at her, and shot my come all over her face and into her mouth, like they did in the porno films. I was taking the gamble that if she wanted to feel used, that might be the sort of thing she wanted me to do. She frantically rubbed at her pussy as I shot over her, in her hair, over her face and chin and into her mouth. She was so excited that she came again and slowly collapsed on the carpet. She cleaned my come from her face with her fingers as she lay on her back on the floor and put it in her mouth swallowing it all like a real porn queen.

‘You’re fucking amazing,’ I told her. She just smiled at me and closed her eyes, savouring the moment I thought. I sat down on her couch, just watching her, wondering how long it would take her to start thinking about cock again

‘How about that drink now?’ I suggested after a while. She slowly and stiffly got to her feet, and smiled at me, heading for the kitchen. I told her something cold, like coke or lemonade would be fine. I wasn’t much of a drinker when it came to alcohol, and quite frankly, I could take it or leave it, more usually leaving it. She came back into the lounge with a glass of coke in her hand.

‘I’m sore,’ she said ruefully, touching her pussy and smiling at me. ‘Are you going to fuck me again?’ she almost whispered as she knelt on the floor beside me. I nodded.

‘For fuck sake Alicia, of course I’m going to fuck you again, I’ve only just started, don’t tell me you’re quitting already,’ I teased her. She looked up at me, smiling, and just shook her head. ‘What was that you were saying that night in the hotel, something about I’d done something to you?’ I asked her. She blushed.

‘It’s true. I’ve never been what you would call, “sexy,” or a very sexual person. I could take it or leave it, too busy getting on with my Anadolu Yakası Escort career, and I guess, or rather I know now, that my husband isn’t a very sexual person either. Our love life was sort of low key, comfortable and pleasant enough, but now I realise it just wasn’t exciting. I had nothing to compare it to, and then you came along.’

‘So, it was all my fault was it?’ I smiled at her. She nodded and blushed again.

‘Actually, it was, yes. Like most women I suppose, when in the right mood, I had wondered what a really big penis might feel like. So, I had kind of fantasised about it, and then suddenly you were there, right in front of me. I’d had a couple of drinks, but I wasn’t drunk, or even the slightest bit tipsy, but I suppose it was enough to loosen my inhibitions, and I could see as you danced around me that you were very well endowed. I don’t know what happened, it was like, oh I don’t know, like something was wrenched out of me, something that had been blocked, and then it was gone. I felt myself growing really wet with excitement, something I’d never felt before, and I knew I’d regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t at least try to find out what it would feel like.

That’s when I told you my room number, and then you took off your g-string or whatever you call it, and I felt a little faint just looking at it. When you did that teasing thing with the towel, I knew nobody else could see us and I just grabbed it and sucked for all I was worth, making myself even hornier into the bargain. I’d never sucked a cock before that, I promise you, never!’ I laughed.

‘Well, you’re really good at it sweetheart,’ I told her, ‘a natural born cock sucker.’ She looked inordinately pleased with herself. ‘Carry on,’ I told her, ‘let’s hear the rest of the story.’ She thought for a moment.

‘When I made my way up to the room, I knew we wouldn’t have a lot of time, so anything that happened would have to be quick, and I was pretty scared too. I was about to do something completely out of character for me, so I thought the best way to do it was just get into the room, get my knickers off, and act like a tart, which funnily enough made me even more excited. I knew if I stopped to think about it I’d probably lose my nerve, so that’s what I did. I thought my heart was going to explode with excitement when I came round the corner and saw you standing at the door.

When we got into the room, I just lifted my skirt, took off my panties and opened my legs, and oh god, I thought I’d die, when you started to push that, “thing,” inside me. I’d never been so stretched before, and then you began to move in me, to fuck me. I could hardly breathe, but the sensations that were emanating from my pussy were unbelievable; I’d never felt anything like it before, and when you told me I was a slut, well that’s exactly how I felt, but I liked that idea, it excited me even more. When I came, and it was really quickly for me, I was ecstatic, but then you took me from behind and I was totally helpless as you fucked me, and then smacked my bottom too.

Very much to my surprise I liked it, the pain and the pleasure, and the way you insulted me, calling me a whore and all the rest, but it was driving me wild with excitement. I was confused, yes, but above all I was on fire, and then I came again, and you filled me with your come. As you stood up and began to get dressed, I felt completely used, but in a good way. My pussy usually easily satisfied was eager for more, but I knew I had to get back to my guests. I could hardly believe what I was doing when I opened my legs and started masturbating in front of you, and then of course I came again as you watched. I knew I’d never be the same person again and I wanted you to fuck me again, which is why I gave you my business card. I’m so glad you called,’ she finished.

‘You didn’t seem quite so certain about it this morning,’ I said.

‘I’m sorry about that, but honestly, I’d never stopped thinking about it. I’d be doing something on honeymoon or in the office and I’d have a flashback about it and get incredibly wet. You surprised me this morning, but I can tell you as soon as I heard your voice and knew who it was, I was back in that hotel room being fucked silly by you. There was never a chance I was going to say no’ she looked up at me then, ‘was that bad of me?’

‘Yes, it was, but I’ll think of a way to punish you for it you bitch,’ I said grabbing a tuft of her hair in mock anger.

‘Oh yes please, I think I’d like that,’ she said, smiling, and reaching for my hardening cock. She rubbed me up and down, then got on her knees and I opened my legs to give her better access. She took me in her mouth, and despite being new to it, tried her best to swallow as much as possible. She was a game one, no doubt about it, but after a moment or two I stopped her.

‘Let’s go through to the bedroom,’ I suggested, and there I fucked her mercilessly; first with her on top, then me on top, then doggy style again, and in between I finger fucked her, smacked her bottom, pinched her nipples quite hard and went down on her. Then I came again, filling her delightful pussy with my come. As she lay back and it leaked out of her well stretched cunt, I told her to masturbate again, like she had done before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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