My Best Friend’s Brother

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Jeff and I had been friends for about two years, after his sister and I had been roommates. No matter where we went, we were always finding new things to bond over, and there was always a significant amount of underlying sexual tension. However, due to his involvement in a long-term relationship, nothing could be done about it. Until this day.


“I can’t wait to see my brother!” Angela grabs my knee as we fly down the freeway. “Lila breaking up with him is a bad reason to, but I still can’t wait to see him.”

“Definitely,” I add, not really sure how I feel about coming along on this spontaneous journey.

Angela roars through the tiny town in Pennsylvania, peeling into a parking spot in front of the apartment complex where Jeff, in all his bearded glory, is waiting for us.

What I wouldn’t do to sit on that beard, I think to myself as we all hug and make introductions to the roommates. Oh my gosh, Whitney, he was just cheated on you can’t be thinking like that right now. Just hand him the beer you brought him and shut up.

I hand Jeff the 6-pack of Killian’s I brought him, and our eyes lock for a moment, a flash of realization that I remembered his favorite beer glimmering across his dark gaze as he grabs our bags to carry upstairs.

“Thanks for the beer, sis. I’ll definitely need it,” he winks at me as his smoldering glare returns to normal.

The evening progresses as any night in a college apartment would, drinking and shenanigans commence almost immediately, and a round of the drinking game “Kings” soon begins. The first card drawn is a 10, “Never Have I Ever”, and a groan escapes from my lips.

“Poor Whitney,” Angela chuckles. “She has never won a game of this. Considering some of the people she has played against, that’s a real accomplishment!”

Jeff’s smile turns mischievous as he begins the round with “Never have I ever given a blowjob.”

Down goes my first finger, along with Angela’s. We’re the only girls in the room. The rest of the round is tame, as the other guests in the room are trying to help me win my first game; but now we’re back to Jeff.

“Never have I ever had a threesome,” he stares in my Trabzon Escort direction; down goes another finger.

“Never have I ever had sex with more than one person in a day,” I’m down to seven fingers.

This trend continues until I am losing the game, with one finger remaining, by at least three fingers. It is Jeff’s turn and all of the air has left the room.

“Never have I ever wanted to hook up with a friend’s family member.”

Holy shit, what do I do?! I silently freak out. I can’t say I do because Angels will hate me, but if I say I don’t, he’ll think I actually don’t!

I leave my finger up, staring into Jeff’s eyes, pleading for him to realize what I am doing, as the round continues around the table. Finally, the game is over when Angela says “Never have I ever owned a dog.” Whew.

However, the crisis has not been averted. While Jeff and I were trying to understand each other, plans had been made for Jeff’s roommates and Angela to go downstairs and see Jeff’s friend’s cat, leaving us in the apartment. Alone. Together. Shit.

As everyone leaves, Jeff walks up behind me and places his hand on my forearm, electricity coursing through my entire body.

“Are you really not sexually attracted to me?” he asks, I can hear the sadness in his voice.

I turn and we lock eyes, my lack of response answering for me. He slips his hand from my forearm to my side, his dark brown eyes questioning as he slowly runs his tongue over his supple lips.

“Jeff, kiss me. Please,” I plead.

And in what feels like an eternity, he does, and two years of sexual tension is suddenly in our faces.

I smash my mouth against his, not able to maintain any semblance of control. I’m too far gone. His hands graze my backside as he tries to touch my entire body all at once. He decides on my lower back, pulling me to him, as my stomach is pressed against his pulsating erection.

“Jeff,” I whimper, fumbling with his zipper. “Jeff, please, please, let me…”

He flings his zipper down, closely followed by his pants and gray boxer briefs, as I position myself in front on him on my knees.

“Whitney, babe, you don’t Trabzon Escort Bayan have to…ohhh…” he growls as I take his entire length deep into my throat. It is exactly how I had imagined it would be when I touched myself to the thought of him the night before.

“Babe, oh my gosh, Whitney, holy shit!” His torture continues as I begin to bob my mouth up and down then length of his throbbing hard-on, my pussy growing wetter by the second.

“Whitney, I can’t hold on much longer, babe, you’ve gotta stop, oh please don’t stop!” He clenches the shoulders of my t-shirt in his hands as he shoots his delicious load deep into my throat.

I look up at him, wiping my mouth as he sinks down next to me on the floor, his hands beginning to explore my body.

“Haven’t you had enough?” I wink at him as his hands slide under my shirt. “Or would you like a little more?”

“Babe, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” he smiles back, the mischief returning to his grin.

Within seconds, my bra is undone as his hands are roaming freely under my shirt. He pulls my shirt and bra off over my head and kisses me as he pins my hands behind my back, putting my breasts on display in front of him. He gently skims his thumb over each of my stiffening nipples, my body reacting to the touch I’ve been desiring for so long. As I close my eyes, his mouth replaces his thumb and a moan escapes my lips.

“Jeff…” I trail off.

He kisses my breasts, taking turns caressing and sucking my nipples, as he pushes my onto my back. He trails his kisses further down my belly, to the waistband of my leggings. He pulls them down, his fingers brushing my sex, already soaked with my own juices.

“Someone has been enjoying herself,” he quips, smiling at me from between my legs. “And I haven’t even done anything yet.”

His words are like lava on my pussy. The hot air is enough to push me over the edge. But he won’t stop there. He slides two fingers into my pussy as he begins to tongue my slit and my entire body tenses. The warmth of his tongue on my swollen clit is too much as I moan his name.

“Jeff, baby, oh god,” I moan.

He slides his fingers in and Escort Trabzon out of my molten core as his expert tongue massages my clit, and soon I can feel myself falling into the abyss of my orgasm.

“Jeff! Oh, please, Oh my God!” I cry out, lacing my fingers into his hair.

When I pull out of my post-orgasm bliss, he is laying beside me, his hand stroking my stomach.

“Jeff, I don’t know or care how much longer they’re going to be downstairs, but I need you to fuck me right now,” I look at him, in all seriousness.

“They could walk in on us, you know that right?” He inquires.

I grab his hand and place it on my still-soaked pussy. “Do you think I really care?”

“If you insist,” he pulls a condom out of his wallet.

I can’t believe I’m about to fuck Jeff on his living room floor. I never thought this would happen, I smile to myself. I wanted it to, but I never thought it actually would.

“You look happy there, missy,” Jeff observes.

“Just happy this is happening, is all,” my smile stays.

Jeff eases the condom onto his hardening cock, and I push him onto his back. I climb on top of him, straddling him in my favorite position, and guide his erection into me.

“Babe,” he moans as his entire dick disappears into my wet cunt.

I begin to ride him, as he rolls his head back, closing his eyes. His hands explore my torso as I pick up the pace, my breasts bouncing along to the beat.

“Mmmm, Jeff, yes,” my pussy clenches around him.

“Holy shit, Whitney, you are so hot,” he tweaks my nipples.

I bury my head in his neck, and the room is filled with the sounds of my stifled moans, his breathing into my ear, and my pussy bouncing up and down on his cock. Jeff wraps his arms around me, and digs his fingertips into my back as be begins his ascent into climax.

“Whitney, yes!” I ride him faster. “Oh my god, Whitney, Yes!!”

He throws his head back as he shoots his load into my pussy, his nails digging into my back.

“Whitney, holy shit…” he pants.

I settle down onto him, his cock still inside me, and kiss him softly, on the mouth.

“Wonderful babe,” I jokingly coo at him. “I really love your cock, but you need to put your pants on so your sister doesn’t catch us.”

We gather ourselves and head to the kitchen to grab another beer just as the others come back.

I wonder if I can sneak into his room tonight? I giggle to myself.

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