My Best Halloween Ch2

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After all the other people left, the couple came over to us and after a brief conversation, asked if we could spend the night. They informed us that it had started to rain, and neither of them was ready to go to sleep. My whole body was alive with desire and I felt the juices running down my legs. I looked at John and winked, he nodded, because he knew that his baby wasn’t done fucking.

I licked my lips hungrily, flashed Jim a seductive come fuck me look, and suggested, “I for one cannot wait to see what kind of action, lay ahead for the four of us.”

John stretched, winked at me, and confessed. “Wow, I do not know about you, but I had one hell of a time at your party, Jim. We’d love to stay and fuck all night!”

Kathy then spoke up and said, “I’m getting something to drink, would anyone else like one?”

I looked her in the eyes, grinned, and purred, “How’s about I help you with those drinks?”

I followed her over to the bar, as the men carried on their conversation.

“Hey John, remember me telling you that my wife wants to have another encounter with a woman. You know she really loves the taste of a woman.”

“Oh fuck, Jim, you’re making my dick hard, just thinking about watching them.”

I tapped Kathy on the arm, looked back at the men, and whispered, “Do you want surprise our husband and have sex with me tonight?”

Kathy almost dropped her drink, “Oh God girl, you never told me you were interested in me. I love the idea, follow my lead honey, and let’s continue to have some lusty fun!”

After pouring some drinks, we each carried two glasses and walked back over to the men. As we came close enough to hear their conversation, I quivered as they talked about us women having sex.

After Kathy handed her husband a drink and I noticed her hands were quivering.

Kathy laid her glass down, reached over, pulled me close and planted a kiss on me that would curl my toes. I watched the men’s reaction. They were drooling, and each one’s cock was definitely getting hard.

I then turned my attention to Kathy. I lightly stoked her back as I responded to the kiss.

I knew my actions were stimulating John, when he reached over and caressed my back with quivering hands.

Jim spoke up and bellowed, “Let’s take this action to the bedroom, I’m dying to see what those two will do.”

Kathy lead me down Sex hikayeleri the hallway hand in hand, as the two men followed. Once we entered the door, there was a flurry of hands fingers and clothing. I looked at her breast, they were not as big as mine, but the hard nipples were very tempting, because I love to suck on a woman’s tit as my fingers do the walking all over her hot cunt.

Kathy eased me on the bed, climbed up beside me, leaned over, and took one of my hardened nipples into her mouth. “Mmmmm, I love having my nipples toyed with.”

I didn’t notice what the men were doing until I felt Jim’s mouth on my other nipple. I threw my head back, grinded my hips, and let out a lusty purr.

It was then that I looked around for John. His eyes were glued on our actions as his hand groped his hard member.

Kathy stopped sucking my tit, looked around for a moment, then leaned forward and kissed me again. After that, she nibbled on my ear and whispered, “I’m hungry for cunt.”

I told the men to sit back and watch they show. I then spread my leg and shrieked, “Kathy, eat my cunt.”

She began kissing me again but not just my lips. Her mouth tantalized every inch of my body as Kathy worked her way down to my pussy. When she came to my bush, the aroma seemed to intoxicate her.

Kathy rolled her eye, quivered, licks her lips, and slid a finger between the juicy folds of my wanting cunt. I knew she couldn’t wait to taste me.

I reached out to her with shaky hands. I was not really sure what to do next, as my experience with women is limited.

I guess she sensed my apprehension because she looked me straight in the eye and uttered, “It’s okay baby, let me show you how to pleasure a woman.”

I relaxed some, except for my throbbing clit. Kathy ran her tongue the length of my slit and purred, “Mmmmmmmmm!”

I raised my hips to meet her mouth and glanced over at the men. They were both slowly stroking there cock.

Jim looked over at John then back at me and asked, “Do you like what she’s doing baby?”

I moaned louder and replied, “Oh fuck yes!”

Kathy started to lick her slowly at first then deeper and harder as my arousal grew. She then placed two fingers inside my hold as her tongue flicked across my pulsating clit.

I closed my eye, and moaned in delight.

Kathy stopped eating for a moment, Sikiş hikayeleri glanced up into my face, to watch my reaction.

I opened my eyes, winked at her and shouted, “Ooooooooh fuck, don’t stop now, I’m about to cum!”

Kathy’s response was, “Hang on a minute. I’m going to get my new big toy out of the bedside table.”

I watched as she withdrew a large ten inch vibrator that resembled the real thing. I began to shake, feeling my orgasm building. “Oooooooh yeah, just what this hot cunt needs, a big hard vibrating cock!”

She positioned herself back between my legs, giggles and asked, “Ready baby? Here it comes!”

I was so overcome with lust; all I could do was nod my head in agreement.

Kathy slid the toy between my pussy lips and all of the sudden shrieked, “Ooooh God yes, John! Fuck me!”

As she fucked me, John grabbed Kathy by the hips, and impaled her pussy on his throbbing cock. I love watching John fuck other woman, and shouted, “Fuck her good baby!”

I returned my attention back to Kathy, reached down and began twisting and pulling at my nipples. All of a sudden, I felt someone caress my cheek. When I glanced up to see what it was, I saw Jim’s hard cock touching my face.

I opened my mouth, licked my lips and said, “Uh-Uh, you will have to wait a bit, because I want your cock in my cunt, when I eat Kathy.”

Jim leaned over, kissed me hard and then replied, “Your wish is my command doll. I cannot wait to see you eating Kathy.”

Kathy’s tongue encircled my clit, after a few moments she took it in her mouth and bit it gently.

I threw my head back, bellowed incoherently while the orgasm raced through my body.

John followed, “Here it comes baby!”

I felt Kathy shutter in response. When John was done fucking her, she moved up, kissed my lips and squealed, “Your turn honey. Eat me! Make me cum!”

I moved down and positioned myself between Kathy’s legs. I did exactly what she did to me. It was marvelous to feel myself eating another woman. We had gotten together with Jim and Kathy many times but she was only the third woman I ever encountered. This time, I was really enjoying it.

Kathy’s pussy was bigger than mine; the bush was thick and well groomed. Her clit, was protruding like a small hard cock caressed by large lips.

I slithered my tongue the length Erotik hikaye of it and heard her moan, “Yesssssss!”

I continued eating and glanced up at her face. Kathy’s eyes were closed, her mouth was open, and she was making purring sounds. I also felt her pussy trembling as my tongue worked it magic.

I flicked my tongue across her clit the drove it deep inside her hot hole. Kathy’s legs tensed and she cried out that she was about to cum.

It was then that I felt Jim’s hand on my ass. My whole body shook with anticipation.

Jim spoke with a lusty deep tone, “Ready darling, I am bout take you on a trip to paradise!”

I stopped long enough to squeal, “Fuck me baby!”

As Jim drove his cock deep, my tongue tantalized Kathy’s pulsating hole. I reached up, encircled her clit with my fingers, and pinched it lightly. I was rewarded with a mouth full of her and Johns cum.

I moaned in delight as I hungry lapped up all of it. Next thing I did was encourage Jim along, “That’s it baby, deeper, ooooh God, do it baby, fill my cunt with cum!”

Jim fucked me harder, as Kathy latched on to my right nipple, and John did my left one. Oh God, I had never felt something so wonderful, I was in seventh heaven!

Jim grasped my hips, and exploded deep inside me filling every crevice of my pussy. That triggered another climax.

The four of us lay back on the bed, breathing heavily; I knew they were thinking about what just happened. As for me, I could fuck all night; I was more energized than the energizer bunny. I love having fun with other couples. Especially when I get to watch John fuck another woman as she devours my pussy.

The expression on Kathy’s face told me she loved every minute of it too.

I snuggled up to Jim and purred, “Well baby, did you enjoy fucking me?”

He looks down and me and confesses, “I always enjoy that pussy of yours Kandy.”

John just smiled, and in his best Dracula voice, hissed, “I’m glad you had a good time darling.

Jim yawned, patted by ass and said, “Well would you look at the time. It’s six am, and it does look like we fucked all night.”

I winked, stretched, and flashed everyone a mischievous look, then asked, “I’m tired. Hey Kathy, do you mind if I sleep in Jim’s arms tonight?”

She smiled back and said, “As long as I can sleep in John’s. After all, when I am well rested, I’m ready to fuck again.”

She led John down to the guest bedroom as I snuggled up in Jim’s arms. Next thing I know is the feeling of someone’s lips on my cunt, and the clock reading two p.m.

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