My Cousin Zane

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


I packed my bag, and I would be on the next bus out that night, I would arrive late afternoon, My Uncle and Aunt had six kids all grown up, most married or moved out, owning their own farms in the area, their youngest son my age was a tall young man about six foot three, massive arms from hard work, farm work, his legs tree trunks. He had long black hair, tied back in a pony tail, overalls tied only on one side, and work boots, socks and not much else, he had a great tan as he spent so much time outdoors.

My cousin would pick me up at the bus stop, it was great to see Zane after almost a full year of school, he looked taller and more muscular, and more tanned, I swore he did it to make me envious. He and I picked up supplies for the farm while he was in town, parts for the tractor and house supplies for his Mom. We stopped and had a cola at the local market, he turned the girls heads when he was in town.

“Zane man there is not one of these girls you fancy?” I asked him.

“Nope not a one!” Looking at me in the eye. Zane was always a man of few words.

On the ride back I got a good look at him I was pretty sure the guy got more handsome this past year, his jawline was more prominent, his face more rugged, his hair that much longer, the perfectly trimmed beard, that muscular hairy chest, the guy could pose for magazine covers. We made small talk along the way, I told him of my school year and he of his things he had accomplished on the farm.

I brought in the groceries to my Aunt, he took my bag and his parts to the shop where they repaired the equipment, he and I would stay in the loft above the shop. We had a full bathroom, with an over sized shower, a small kitchen, sitting room the works, all open concept, made up like a log cabin, with vaulted ceilings, it was our very own cozy apartment.

After I chatted with my Aunt I told her. “I better get out and help Zane with his chores.”

She was busy making dinner, homemade bread, stew, the aromas were incredible, my mother only made ready to serve meals, hard to believe they were sisters. He was working on the tractor when I got to the shop.

“What can I do while you work on that?” I asked Zane.

“There were a few things that need to be done.” Zane commented.

I got busy getting those done so he could work on the tractor,

“Thanks for the help!” Zane said as I walked away.

“Zane that is why I am here ain’t it!” I said bluntly.

He laughed, “Yea I guess so!” Shaking his head.

After dinner we headed back to the shop, he wanted to get that tractor back to work right away, I did what I could to help, handing him tools, that sort of thing. We again talked small talk, then he up and asks.

“How come you don’t have a girlfriend Tommy?” Zane asked giving me a look.

“You know Zane I am not really sure I say cause I am saving money but I am not sure that is really why. I guess I do not have the interest to be with a girl is all! How about you?” I asked knowing the real answer.

He kind of looked at me with this quiet look of his,

“Probably the same reason as you, can’t seem to find one I want to be with, and don’t want to waste my time with the wrong ones!” Zane remarked.

Our conversation went back to the tractor the work ahead and what he had planned for us to get accomplished this summer. At the end of the conversation he looks at me and says

“Why don’t you stay on after summer vacation, your finished school, and there is nothing holding you to the city, we have enough work all year to keep us both busy and working full time!” Zane suggested.

“True, true there is nothing holding me there and I need full time work, let me think about it for a while then I will let you know.” I said to him contemplating my decision.

It was going on seven o’clock when he finally stopped working, he would have a few more things to do in the morning, then she would be up and running for another season. We headed upstairs, once there we each had a beer, he removed his boots and socks, his feet were stark white compared to his dark upper body, I laughed and pointed at his feet.

“You should see my ass! That thing is snow white and glows in the dark.” Zane said.

We both laughed,

“I need a shower I am wiped out.” Zane said as he walked into the washroom.

Zane came out in a pair of boxer briefs, I went into the bathroom and hoped in the shower, I did not shut the door as it was very steamy in there. When I came out of the shower he was in there brushing his teeth, he hands me a towel,

“Hope you don’t mind that I am in the bathroom while your showering?” Zane said checking me out.

“Not a problem man, your not the first guy to see me naked and I am sure not he last.” I said as I toweled myself off and walked out.

“Hey man do you mind if I sleep naked, I can’t wear underwear or pyjamas?” I asked Zane.

“Not a problem Tommy I always sleep nude did not want to make you uncomfortable is all!” He says.

With that he slips off his briefs. I Büyükesat Escort had never seen him naked, the guy was hung he was eight plus inches soft, with low hanging balls, his cock and balls are shaved, his bush trimmed. I have been told I have some nice equipment but man is this guy hung.

“Something wrong Tommy?” Zane asked with a sly smile.

“No I’ve never seen you naked before is all, never knew you had a horse cock!” I said.

We both laughed,

“Just how big does that thing get by the way?” I asked needing to know.

“Ten and a half when its rock hard, and its rock hard a lot!” Zane said with pride.

“Dam that’s a big cock!” I said swallowing.

We had a king sized bed we would share, I would not miss the bunk beds he used to have, I slept so good, no city noises, fresh air, okay only noise was his snoring, but even that was not bad. I had not slept so good in a long time. I woke up at five, our day started early, we both got out of bed, me to the bathroom he making coffee, I was boned up, my cock would not go down the dam thing had a mind of its own.

Zane walks in half mast pointing right at me, he grabbed his toothbrush and proceeded to get ready, after rinsing,

“Your not shy, your semi erect cock pointing right at me,” I said not taking my eyes off of it.

“Yours is not exactly soft neither Tommy boy.” Zane said looking at my cock.

We decided after work Friday we would head to town hit he bar then maybe a movie, his cock was in my view constantly now, that thing swayed when he walked, you could see it in his overalls, he would be semi erect in the middle of the day, after a few days I tried not notice it anymore, his massive pole was always in sight. We got dressed up and headed to town. We had a few drinks in the local bar, more men than women in there, the ratio of men to women in the town was seventy percent men and thirty women. If you found a woman you married her quick.

Zane and I headed to the theater we found a movie we both wanted to see, it was a good movie, kind of predictable, but it was okay, it was a nice change of pace from the work week. We stopped by the bar on the way home we would have one for the road, there was a pretty little woman that was madly in love with him, maybe she had seen his big equipment? I was not sure, but she threw herself at him but he showed no interest whatsoever. She finally gave up and walked off,

“Why not her? She is kind of hot.” I suggested.

“Yea hot and been with every guy in town, no thanks to that! I’d rather jerk off!” Zane said abruptly.

When we got back to the farm, we sat in front of the television, had a beer or two and talked about nothing. The conversation always came back to sex and how little us two guys were getting. He up and says

“We could play with each other!” Zane said waiting for a reply.

I laughed Zane just gave me a look, nothing more was said on the subject. We headed off to bed, he stripped while I brushed my teeth, he came in the bathroom naked and pole at half mast again.

“I could dry clothes on that thing!” I jokingly said.

“There are better things you could do with it than that!” Zane said with a sly smile.

For some odd reason my cock jumped, it started to get hard, I rinsed and walked past him, my hand brushing his ass, my cock again jumped, I was semi erect, he had me so fucking horny with his talk. When he came out of the bathroom his cock was harder and so much longer, I hoped he did not see how my cock was tenting the sheets, he pulled the sheet back to reveal my semi erect cock,

“Someone is horny it seems!” Zane commented.

“Fuck man I have not jerked off in a week here, that’s a record for me, I need to blow a load soon or my balls will explode!” I said seriously.

“We can jerk off together, do you need porn to jerk off to?” “No but a little lube would be great!” I said asking.

He opens the drawer on the nightstand hands me some lubricant “For Him” its called, I squirt some on my cock, I reach over and squirt some on Zane’s big pole, dam that thing is massive, my eight inches looks so small to his ten plus. Zane is watching me stroke my cock, I am mesmerized by his huge cock, What does it feel like in his hands? Is it sensitive from top to bottom? Could someone suck that to the base? Without realizing it my cock is like a geyser, shooting cum all over the both of us, Zane covers his face and eyes, mocking my ejaculation.

“Dam you could take an eye out with that thing the way it shoots.” Zane remarked.

“Can you help a guy out? I need help to cum Please,” Zane asks sheepishly.

Without thought I sit up, grab his big pole and stroke it, from tip to base, I grab a handful of balls, the boy has huge bull balls, fuck I want to lick the precum that is on the tip of his cock. I lean in and lick the tip, Zane closes his eyes I take his knob in my mouth I roll my tongue around it, I place my tongue at the base of his huge cock and slowly take his cock into my mouth.

I need to know how much I can swallow. I get about Elvankent Escort five to six inches down, the lube helps, but I can’t swallow anymore, seems I will need more practice. I work my mouth and tongue, using a technique I saw in a porno, Zane is moaning, his big bull balls pull up in their sack, he is about to blow, his load is massive, but he is not a shooter, it slowly seeps out of his cock, I savor it all, I milk his pole to get every last delicious drop.

He thanks me and we are off to sleep, I wake to him dreaming, seems he is having a wet dream, he calls my name,

“Oh yes Tommy let me fuck that hot ass of yours,” He says.

Then some garbled words I can’t make out, he rolls over right on my side his cock against my arm, its rock hard, I gently push him back and pull the covers back, I want to taste that cock once more tonight, I get between his legs and take his big tool in my mouth, I want to get more in, I fight to get his cock deeper in my mouth, I stroke his huge member as I suck on it, he finally wakes up

“What to hell? Oh fuck yea! Tommy suck my big cock man,” Zane says.

I am bobbing on his tool, my hand is following my mouth, his balls bounce his cock swells and wham he floods me with yet another hot load, I lick and stroke his cock dry.

“Dam I would love to swallow that to the base one day!” I say with lust filled eyes.

“Tommy I would marry you if you could do that for me!” Zane says jokingly.

“Is that a proposal? Now I am not sure I want to swallow your big dick, its not binding that I have to marry you or anything is it?” I reply with a snicker.

“Tommy you could do a lot worse, I am a real catch with my big cock and then there is the farm!” Zane says batting his eyes.

I was still mesmerized with his huge cock I liked to hold it, even soft it felt so good in my hands.

“Hey Tommy any chance I can fuck your hot ass some time?” Zane asks with a sly look.

“Not sure I can take something this big, I’ve played with my ass but never put anything that big in it! Might be fun to try .” I said staring at his big tool.

“Maybe another time I have to get my ass prepped before we try that!” I explained to him.

We are both up at five am, me in the bathroom, Zane making coffee, he walks in cock rock hard, he grabs his toothbrush, rubs his cock against my leg,

“Hey Tommy can you help a guy out?” Zane asks his cock rubbing my hip.

My hand goes to his meat, I stroke it, its rock hard and ready for my mouth, after I rinse I get on my knees, I take his big tool in my mouth, I gradually get more and more in, in no time he shoots another massive load down my throat, I lick his cock clean and we start our day.

First chores then breakfast, we have a full day of things to get done, tomorrow we will take the afternoon to go fishing, and maybe some swimming, again I swallow another two loads of his cum, he sucks my cock off, he is pretty good I have to say, he still wants at my ass, begging me to let him fuck me. I still have the fear of his big cock damaging my insides.

I’m not sure if its curiosity, or the challenge but I had to know if I could take that huge meat in my hole. While he gets the fishing gear ready I get my ass ready, we hopped in the truck and were off to the fishing hole.

When we get there no one was around, we stripped down to our suits, it was funny to see him in a swim suit it took everything for it to contain that huge cock and balls of his. We swim out, he is splashing me, we wrestle in the water, my hand goes to his huge pole,

“Want to suck my cock Tommy?” Zane asks.

I shake my head no,

“I want you to fuck me right here Zane, right here in the water.” I tell him. I turn and he pushes a finger into my hole,

“Your ready for me Tommy?” Zane asks.

“Shut up and put it in me before I change my mind!” I tell him.

He places his cock at my hole, he slowly applies pressure, I push back on his cock, his knob slowly slides in, his cock slowly disappears into my hole, my ass is in pain but it feels so full and good at the same time.

He holds his cock deep inside me, till my ass is used to having something so huge in it, he grabs my hips and slowly starts to pump his huge tool into my tight hole, his cock feels so fucking good I want him in me all the time. Zane is very gentle, his cock pistons in and out of me, his tempo gets faster, he starts to moan,

“Oh fuck Tommy I’m gonna cum!” Zane says his breath on my neck.

I feel his cock enlarge, I feel him unload deep in my ass, it feels so dam good to have him in me. When he pulls out it feels so empty, so vacant. I can’t wait for him to be in my hole again, he cleans off his dick and we head for shore. After some fishing which we catch nothing we head home, we have a few chores to get done before the day is over.

Once our chores are done, and after dinner we head back to our room, a little television then early to bed. We are having a beer and watching some crime drama, he looks over and says.

“Thanks for letting Beşevler Escort me fuck you today Tommy that was the best sex I have ever had, my cock felt so good deep inside your hole!” Zane comments with a smile.

“Your welcome want to do that again? right now?” I ask like I don’t know his reply.

“Are you kidding me of course I do!” Zane says with enthusiasm.

“Let me get cleaned up and ready and then you can fuck me in the bed, it will be more comfortable for us both!” I said as I headed to the washroom.

“Grab the lube we will need it, that was pretty dry today my ass was sore by the end!” I suggest.

When I came out of the bathroom, he was laid out naked, his huge cock rock hard, glistening from the lube he had on it,

“You haven’t been jerking that thing have you? I want you to last longer than you did today!” I assert.

“Nope just got it slicked up and ready for your tight hole!” Zane declares.

He laid on his back I would ride his pole, once I got my ass lubed up, I put more lube on his cock, I positioned his cock to my hole, I slowly slide my ass down on to his huge cock, when I felt his bush on my ass I knew I was there, it felt like his cock would come out of my mouth. I started slow but soon I was like a cowboy on a bucking bull, his cock would get a good workout.

I ran my hands all over his furry chest, I pinched his nipples in between my fingers, he liked his nipples played with, I leaned in and kissed his neck, I slowly worked my way to his lips, I wanted, I needed him to kiss me, he tried to turn away, I took his face in my hands and held it, I looked in his eyes,

“I need you to kiss me Zane,” I pleaded.

My lips meshed with his, I slowly slide my tongue deep into his mouth, he was moaning, he pulls me deeper into the kiss, he rolls me over and then he fucks me, I pulled out of the kiss.

“Come on Zane fuck me, fuck me hard, make me take your big cock.” I insist.

He had a look in his eyes something I could not explain, something primal, he grabs my ankles and places them on his shoulders, he grabs my hips and holds them as he slams his huge tool into my ass, My hole would be destroyed at this rate, he was relentless, I could feel his balls slapping my ass, then all at once.

“Fuck Tommy I’m cumming!” Zane screams, three or four more pumps and he is laid out on top of me.

With his head on my chest, his cock deflating and slowly sliding out of my ass, he looks up at me, smiles,

“Dam that was good Tommy!” Zane says smiling.

He pulls himself up and plants a huge kiss right on my lips, he holds the kiss and slides his tongue deep into my mouth. He lays back and pulls me partially on him, his arm around me. We doze off together, lights on, both exhausted, I wake up to shut the lights off later, when I get back down he pulls me into him, I fall back asleep, and wake at five am, Zane leans in and kisses me, I get on top of him, and crawl out of bed,

“I have to pee and I have cum dripping out of my ass for some reason.” I state.

He smiles, “Yes you do!” Zane says with satisfaction.

The summer is winding down and I have decided I have to head back to the city, I need to see if I can make it there. Zane is not happy about my decision, but I have to know for myself. The day I go comes, that morning he is up before me, he is having coffee at the table, I get up and walk over to him, I try to kiss him but he pulls away,

“I’m sorry but I have to know if the city is where I should be, there is nothing here for me,” I say without thinking.

I get this hurt look from him,

“Come on man you know what I mean!” “I love being with you but I need to see if university is for me or not, they are questions I need answers too!” I say apologetically.

Zane gets up, walks out, he is off to do chores then breakfast, I feel so bad, he is so hurt, I really love being here with him but is it enough for me? I have to go back to the city to find out! After breakfast we head out in the truck to the bus stop, he hardly says anything,

“I am sorry but I have to know if the city is for me.” I say almost crying.

He gives me one of his hurt looks, his eyes red, it tears me apart inside, I care for him so much. We say our goodbyes, I watch my Zane speed off, I am in tears, its breaking my heart to leave him. But I have to do this for myself.

The bus ride is long, I flash back to our summer together, his beautiful smile, his sexy white feet, his hairy chest, his rough hands, his chiseled face, his sweet smile, his beautiful kisses, how he holds me at night. I start to cry as I think of his hurt look when I tell him I have to go, our goodbye as he drives off, the tears in his eyes. I love this man, he loves me, he may be my cousin but I love him with all my heart and soul. I start to question myself, is going to university the right choice for me?

Once I arrive in the city its not the same, I miss the farm, I go to the university to see about enrolling in the courses I want, the lady is very helpful and friendly, she is telling me what I can expect for the semester, the qualifications, I meet all their criteria. I thank her, I walk out, I feel so empty, so lost, I miss Zane so much, I dial his number but do not complete the call, I text message him but again I do not send the message. Registration for the courses will soon be here, I have to get signed up, I know what I have to do, I sign on the dotted line, I pay the man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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