My Dark Desires

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Come, walk with me. Walk with me as I talk to you of dreams, fantasies and desires. Walk with me as I share my hopes, my plans, my longing to own you body, mind and soul. You know you long for that deeper ownership, for the mind that is in front of you, the arms that surround you, the strength that encompasses you, and above all, the will that commands you.

I want to talk to you about my dark side, that part of me that longs to explore pain and submission, ownership and the ability of another to give all. I want to show you my toys; my floggers, my crops, my cane my paddles. I want to show you their weight, their texture the way they strike. I want to show you my violet wand and its intense sparks. I want to show you my gags, my collars, my ropes and my cuffs. And in all this showing, for you to think about how they would impact on you, feel striking you you, restrain and expose you to my intensity. You imagine the mind that can consider inflicting such pain, and you shiver, yearning to feel those sparks that ignite you.

I want to talk to you of limits and boundaries, of safety and sanity. I want to uncover your real fears, Tipobet your dark desires, to explore moving beyond the realms of civilization into a world of dark swirling passion, and for you to reach to me and beg to be taken there.

Come, crawl with me. Crawl with me as I strip you of your humanity, your dignity, your rights as a woman. Crawl with me as I humiliate and denigrate you, as I call you a slut, a hooker, a bitch, a cunt, a piece of dripping fuck meat, a piece of shit that deserves nothing, and is grateful for any attention she can get. Crawl with me as I make you beg to use you, to hurt you, to inflict my darkest imagination on your flesh and in your mind. Crawl for me naked, exposed to my gaze and my will. Crawl for me, belly down on the floor, my foot on your neck. Crawl for me whimpering, licking my feet, turning over to expose your belly and your slit in complete and utter submission. Open your mouth to my piss and drink it down, sucking the last drops like nectar from the head of my cock. As you read those words, test your sex, marvel at its arousal, sense the mental ropes that already wrap their Tipobet Giriş silent, secret way around your heart and will, dragging you into my domain.

Let go in your mind of the safety of my kindness. Abandon all hope of my gentleness. Sacrifice your will for your life. Cast yourself on my mercy, knowing that I own and control your breath, your pulse, your sanity, your world.

Come, suffer with me. Feel those floggers stripe your flesh. Allow their thud and fire to course through your body. Note the streaks of pain as the thin leather cords stripe your skin. Cry out as the crop and the cane cut into your hide, underlining my force and freedom. Whimper as I draw the knives over your sensitive membranes and score your surface. Weep as I taunt and mark you with my violet wand, your body arching as I spark your most sensitive places or writhe as I write my name in fire across your back. And feel my ownership set you free, free to finally be what you know you are, to enter finally into the dark dungeon of your fantasies, and make your home there.

Scream in agony as I push fish hooks through your nipples Tipobet Güncel Giriş and hang lead weights off them. Grunt as I force my fist into your sex and twist it around, and then howl as I apply crocodile clips to your nipples and your labia. Drown in the sensations that play over your nerves until there is nothing but my next act, my next choice, my next whim. Surrender to my right to inflict anything I wish upon you, seeking only to accept all as a slave accepts their Master. You know that your freedom is in letting go. You know that your release is in accepting all. You know that your hunger is to suffer all, and return again and again for more.

Come, embrace my sexual use of you. Your holes are equally mine to stretch, pound and delve into with whatever I like, however I like, as often as I like. There will be no permission, no warning, no preparation, no lubrication. Your dryness will be a bonus, your tightness a blessing, your depths a hunger to be plumbed. I will bend you for my convenience and twist you for my pleasure. You will be less than a whore, less than a female, nothing but a rag, a cock warmer, a condom for my fantasies. At as you learn your lesson, take in that truth, and embrace your darker self, you will shudder, writhe, whimper and explode with a pleasure mixed with pain that it will make all else fade and be like nothing.

Come, take my chains, and be free.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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