My Dear Brother Ch. 05

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We lay together, arms and legs entwined, and I snuggled my face into Michael’s neck and shoulder. Neither of us spoke and I listened to his heart beating in his chest. Gradually its pace slowed and his breathing returned to normal. I looked down his body and saw that his penis was still erect; not fiercely swollen as it had been before, but still jutting proudly from his loins. I reached down and took him in my hand, wrapped my fingers softly around him just below the head and gave him a gentle squeeze. He gave a little moan and shifted his position so that he lay on his back; his penis stiffened and throbbed in my hand. I caressed him for a while, running my fingers slowly up and down the shaft. Every time my fingers traced up towards the head his hips lifted in anticipation. I ran my fingertips lightly over the head, touched the moisture seeping from him; I coated the head with the slippery juices and the way the tip swelled and throbbed caused a sudden trickle of my own moisture to escape me. I could still taste his semen in my mouth and I looked down at him again, remembering the wonderful excitement of holding him in my mouth and feeling him pulse between my lips as he flooded into my mouth. Just as I was considering sliding down and taking him in my mouth again Michael reached down and stopped my hand from moving on him.

“Jen, we had better stop, they will be back soon”.

I looked at the clock by my bed. Yes, it was getting late and I knew we had to do some tidying up before Mum and Dad got back.

“Ok”, I said, and kissed him on the lips, “but I promise you, we are going to do this again!”

He hugged me to him. “Oh Jen, I hope so, it was the most wonderful thing! I never dreamed you would do that. Promise me it wasn’t awful?”

I gave his penis one last adoring squeeze.

“Michael, I loved it! And to prove it I am going to do it again, soon”.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have said that, because as we got dressed Michael had a great deal of trouble getting his trousers zipped up over his erection. It seemed to have grown an inch or two! We covered our tracks as best we could and I could see that Michael was nervously worrying about whether we had left any incriminating evidence. I took the precaution of brushing my teeth, as I had no idea whether Michael’s lingering aroma that was so strong in my own nostrils would be identifiable!

When Mum and Dad eventually came home the house was back in order and we were innocently watching TV. When Mum asked, “What have you two done tonight?” I could see Michael flinch, but I was ready.

“We played a bit of scrabble and watched TV, but there wasn’t much on”.

I had even scanned the TV Times to make sure what had been showing, just in case they asked. Michael didn’t speak much but we exchanged several very knowing glances.

The next day the weather was lovely and in the afternoon Michael and I decided to ride our bikes out to the nearby woods. It was a distance of about three miles and we had often gone there when we were bored at home with nothing to do. Because it was so hot I wore a pair of white shorts and a little pink vest. I was in a devilish mood so I decided to go without a bra. My breasts were small and I didn’t really need a bra at all but Mum always tried to make me wear one. Whenever I went bra-less she always tut-tutted and complained about how I mustn’t do it because I would look like a tart. As we got our bicycles from the garage I noticed Michael sneaking peeks at my breasts.

“What are you looking at?” I teased him. His answer was so bold it surprised me.

“Your tits!”

I never expected him to use that word.

“Do you mind me not wearing a bra?” I asked.

“Not at all, I like it!” he grinned at me. My straight-laced brother was beginning to lighten up!

We rode to the woods and I revelled in the sensation of freedom as the wind blew under my vest and over my breasts. My nipples hardened and I loved the feel of them brushing against the fabric as my breasts bobbed up and down as I pedalled. I also became aware of the feel of the saddle between my legs and my mind went back to the previous evening when Michael had put his penis between my legs in the shower. When we got to the outskirts of the woods we chained our bikes to a metal post in the car park and set off along a track. Neither of us had said anything but we both knew that we wanted to find a quiet spot where we could be alone.

Unfortunately the lovely weather had brought people out to the woods in droves and it soon became clear that it was going to be difficult to get any privacy unless we moved off the beaten track. Our previous explorations had made us very familiar with the woods so we headed off through the thickest undergrowth to a place we knew where a stream flowed through a small clearing in the woods. To get there required some awkward scrambling through brambles and we were fairly certain that the old folks walking their dogs would never go there.

By the time Escort bayan we arrived at the clearing my legs were scratched and stinging and Michael made me sit on a fallen tree while he wet a handkerchief in the stream and used it to soothe my legs. I stretched out my legs and he carefully tended to my scratches. His own legs were far more badly scratched but my darling brother made sure that I was OK before he splashed a little water on himself. We sat together on the tree trunk and Michael held my hand. We didn’t speak at all for several minutes and then Michael said, “Jen?”

I turned my face toward him and he bent forward and kissed me softly on the lips. I returned his kiss and when we parted I asked, “Were you going to say something?”

He looked at me for a few seconds and then whispered, “I love you”.

“I love you too, Michael”, I replied and kissed him again. Our lips parted and I felt myself getting breathless as our tongues touched and dipped into each other’s mouths. I had to come up for air and I noticed that Michael was also breathing heavily. I also noticed that the front of his shorts was distended by a very eager object inside. I giggled, “It looks as if he wants to come out to play!”

Michael grinned back at me. “I think he can remember last night!”

I kissed Michael again and his hand slipped under my vest and gently cupped my right breast. I moaned with pleasure as my nipple hardened instantly and pressed into his palm. He stroked my breast so tenderly and then took my nipple in his fingertips and teased and played with it until I shuddered; the tingle in my nipple seemed to shoot down to my crotch where I sensed growing moisture. My hand on Michael’s thigh slid upwards until I was holding the tent pole in his shorts. As I fondled him I felt wetness on my hand and looked down; there was a big damp patch at the apex of the tent. I felt for the buttons and opened his fly, reached in and found the warm hard shaft. Michael reached down and helped me release his penis. I looked down at it, marvelling at how strong it looked jutting out of his shorts. I wrapped my fingers around it beneath the head and slowly ran my thumb up and over the tip, feeling the clear liquid seeping so copiously from him. It was so slippery; I moved my thumb in small circles and Michael shuddered and moaned. I looked at him in my hand; I loved the feel of him, the stiff shaft so hard and strong as I squeezed my fingers round it, and the lovely head at the tip, soft and silky smooth and so graceful with its sensuous curves flaring out to the prominent ridge where it joined the shaft.

“Michael”, I whispered in his ear, “your cock is so beautiful”.

I could sense that Michael was a little shocked at what I had said but he was also excited by my brazen language and I decided to continue.

“I love you – and I love your cock”.

I enveloped the head in my fist and gave it a soft squeeze.

“Do you want me to kiss it?”

Michael groaned and I took that as a ‘yes’. I slipped off the tree trunk and knelt between his legs. His cock jutted from his fly, inches from my face. From that vantage point I admired the long curving arc of the shaft and the beautiful swollen head at the tip, pointing defiantly skywards like an arrowhead. I studied the shape of it, marvelling at the taut bowstring connected just below the slit, and the perfect symmetry of the head to either side. It was a masterpiece of creation, designed for exquisite penetration and I yearned to feel it entering me. As I gazed at it more liquid welled up from the slit, forming a glistening jewel in the sunlight before it lazily spilled over and slowly trickled down the underside of his shaft. I put a hand on each of his hips and brought my mouth closer. Before I even touched him Michael groaned and his cock jerked, I knew he could feel my warm breath on him; I pursed my lips and blew on him and he sighed. I bent forward and kissed him gently on the very tip.

“Oh, Jen!”

I moved my head from side to side, my lips brushing over the tip, kisses as soft as a butterfly. Michael leaned back on the tree trunk, bracing himself with his hands behind him, thrusting his crotch up to meet me. As my lips touched him they grew wet with his juices; I ran my tongue over my lips, tasting the salty fluid. I teased him unmercifully, caressing him with the softest touches of my lips, pushing his hips away from me as he strained to enter my mouth. When he looked as if he could take no more I extended the point of my tongue and licked slowly and deliberately down the shaft, down to the base and then slowly back upwards, closer and closer to the head and finally I dipped my tongue into the pouting eye at the very tip.

“Oh, God, Jen, please!”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Oh Jen, no, please… please…”

I knew very well what he wanted. I looked up into his eyes. “Do you want me to suck you?”

“Oh yes, yes!”

I held him at the base between fingers and thumb, gave the Bayan escort tip another quick lick and took him into my mouth. As my lips wrapped firmly around him Michael shuddered. “Oh Jen, yes, Oh God….”

I held him still in my mouth and then began slowly sucking, moving my tongue over and around the head as I sucked, feeling the head swelling ever larger. Liquid seeped onto my tongue and I savoured the taste; I was growing to love it! I experimented with my lips and tongue, varying the amount of suction, sensing from his moans and the way his hips jerked what pleased him most. I soon found something that drove him wild; I held him with my lips wrapped tightly just below the crown of the head with my tongue extended underneath – I sucked rhythmically, like a baby on its mother’s nipple, and lapped with my tongue at the sensitive bowstring.

“Oh Jen, oh yes, oh stop, stop!”

I took my mouth from him. Michael held my face gently in his hands, his cock twitching as it throbbed.

“Oh Jen, that’s unbelievable! I nearly came”.

“You can if you want to”, I said, smiling up at him, “I told you last night, I love it”.

“Yes, but I… I want to do something for you”.

Michael lifted me to my feet and started unbuttoning my shorts. “Are you sure there is nobody around?” I asked.

“We would hear anyone if they were near”.

Michael undid my shorts and pulled them own and I stepped out of them. He arranged them neatly on the tree trunk.

“If we hear anyone coming you can slip them on quickly!”

My panties followed. Michael sat me on the tree trunk. As he stood over me he kissed me on the lips and then knelt down, parting my legs. I was breathless in anticipation. Was he going to do what I suspected? Michael lifted my vest and kissed each nipple in turn. I trembled and held his head as he sucked and licked the tips of my breasts. Then he kissed beneath them, and slowly his mouth traced a path over my stomach. I lay back, braced with my hands behind me just as Michael had done, and my heart pounded in my chest as his lips and tongue slid ever lower. His tongue moved down through the curling hair and I spread my legs and gasped as I felt his breath, hot between my legs. I tilted my pelvis upward and whimpered as my darling brother kissed me, kissed me right there! I felt his mouth on me, his lips on my lips, his tongue probing, and in sheer ecstasy I felt his tongue parting me, dipping inside, Oh God yes Michael, there, yes, like that!

What he was doing was obviously exciting him too; Michael groaned and moaned as his mouth explored me. I found myself spreading my legs ever wider, urging him to penetrate me with his tongue, oh yes, his tongue was at my opening, its right there, Oh Michael, yes, push it in, push it in me oh God yes, its unbelievable!

I lay back, gasping with the pleasure that was surging in my body. The core of my body was totally exposed and open to him, open like a blossoming flower, and Michael was lapping the nectar from deep within me. Oh God, if that was what his tongue felt like, imagine his cock! I think I would die from the pleasure! I leaned back on one arm and put my hand on the top of his head. The bark on the tree was painful on my bottom but I didn’t care. I guided Michael’s head up a little – his tongue left my opening and I wriggled against his mouth, yes that’s it, there, on the bud of my clitoris, yes, oh Michael yes, suck it like that, lick it!

It was as if he could read my mind. I let go of his head; he reached between my legs with his hands and his fingertips held me open as his tongue flicked rapidly over the tender protruding bud. How could he learn so quickly how to please me so exquisitely?

“Michael, yes, don’t stop, please don’t stop!

I felt something surging inside me, yes – it was coming, just like last night; waves of delicious sensation rippled through my body, radiating outwards from where Michael’s tongue was flicking over my clitoris, spreading through my body like molten lava. The thrill grew and grew until I was crying out in ecstasy and then it broke like a wave and I clamped my legs together on Michael’s head as the spasms jolted through me like bursts of electricity. I couldn’t maintain my precarious perch on the tree trunk any longer and I slipped off and tumbled to the ground with Michael trapped between my thighs. I clutched his head in my hands and pulled him against me, selfishly grinding myself against his face, delirious with lust as I experienced my second orgasm.

When at last I regained control of myself I let my poor brother free and he lifted his head from between my legs. He was grinning foolishly and I could see that his face was soaked; my juices were all over him! I held out my arms to him and pulled him to me and kissed him; I could smell my scent on him and when I kissed him I could taste it on his mouth. I was intoxicated with sex and even though I had just had a glorious orgasm I ached to make love to him properly, to feel Escort him inside me. He was lying over me as we kissed; I could feel his cock pressing against my stomach, I reached down, grabbed him in my hand and pulled him downwards, spreading my legs beneath him, moaning as I wriggled beneath him and then I felt it, yes, for an instant I felt the tip of his cock against me – yes, Michael, put it in me, oh God I have to feel it inside me!

“Jen – don’t!”

Michael pulled away from me, he grabbed both my wrists and pinned them to the ground above my head. I writhed and twisted beneath him, arching my back off the ground, desperate to make contact with him again.

“Please, Michael, please!”

“Jen, don’t be crazy, we can’t!”

“Don’t you want to?”

“Oh, Jen, of course I do! But think, we can’t do it without… using a…”

“Condom?” I helped him out with the word.

“We have to get some, Michael, please say you will get some?”

“I will, I promise”.

I stopped wriggling and Michael let me go. He got up and sat on the tree trunk, and I scrambled to my feet. He was clearly disturbed by my total loss of control.

“I had better get dressed!” I said and started to pull on my panties. I looked at Michael. His cock stuck out from his fly; it looked painfully swollen and the head was an angry red – he must have been in torment. I stopped pulling up my panties and kneeled by his side.

“Oh, Michael, look at him! He looks desperate! I think I had better do something”.

I bent my head and gently took the tip into my mouth. I sucked tenderly; I wanted it to be as exquisite for him as it had been for me. My lips sank down the shaft, deeper, deeper, until I could not take any more. Michael groaned as I slid my mouth back up and off the end. I looked up at him.

“Tell me what you like, tell me how to do it”.

“Oh Jen, its wonderful, just do what you were doing before, anything!”

I held him with my hand at the base and took the head into my mouth again and sucked rhythmically, vibrating my tongue under the head as I had done before. Michael could only take a few seconds of it before he gasped and stood up from the tree truck; he put his hands on my shoulders as I knelt before him and his hips started moving, slowly at first, but as I sucked him he started to thrust his hips wildly, his cock plunging to and fro in my mouth in a parody of frenzied copulation. I imagined lying on my back with my legs spread wide and feeling the lovely swollen tip nudging between my legs, sliding into me and thrusting hard in me as I so desperately wanted. I heard myself moaning and my free hand slipped down to my crotch and I touched myself; my fingers encountered swollen, puffy lips that pouted open and dripped with wetness. I touched my clitoris and a shock ran through me – my God, I was so excited – just a few touches and I think I could make myself orgasm again!

I tried to push the selfish thoughts from my mind; this was Michael’s turn, but I could not take my fingers away from between my legs. I struggled to keep him in my mouth as his thrusts grew more violent – to control him better I wrapped my hand around him and tugged on him, jerking his cock as I sucked. Abruptly his thrusting ceased and I tightened my lips around the head, my fist moving up and down on his shaft, as if I was milking him into my mouth.

“Oh Jen, yes, that’s it. Oh God yes!”

I could sense that Michael couldn’t last much longer.

“Oh, Jen, Jen, unh, unh, yes – its coming!”

Michael held my head in his hands, groaning as if in pain as he felt his orgasm welling up. His legs shook uncontrollably. “Jen, Jen, oh fuck yes – aaaaaaaaaah!”

Michael emitted a strangled cry and ejaculated in a flood. I felt his cock throbbing between my lips as he began spurting and I thought I was close to coming myself; the heady thrill of feeling all that warm liquid gushing into my mouth was almost enough to push me over the edge as my fingertips wiggled frantically against my clitoris. I held his sperm in my mouth as long as I could, marvelling at the strange taste, reminiscent of rock pools and seaweed, and the smooth creamy consistency. The incredible eroticism of experiencing my dear brother gasping in ecstasy as he filled his loving sister’s mouth with spurt after spurt of semen was breathtaking. I had to swallow, once, twice, and then the spurts dwindled. My hand ceased its urgent tugging and I tenderly milked him, letting the last drops pool on my tongue as his orgasm waned. I slipped my mouth from him and looked up at him. Michael was gasping for breath as if he had run a mile. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue to show him what was on it, and then slowly and deliberately swallowed.

“Oh God, Jen, you are amazing!”

I knew he would be turned on by my outrageous behaviour, and sure enough, his cock twitched and a little trickle of semen oozed out and hung suspended from the tip, swinging like a pearly pendulum. I caught it in my palm before it dropped to the forest floor and wrapped my hand gently around the tip of his cock, coating the head with the slippery sperm. I moved my hand on him and he gasped, “Jen, oh God, I think… oh yes, faster, faster!”

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