My dog Bud (part1)

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Until recently I thought I was a normal 23 year old single guy enjoying life a day at a time without a care in the world. My job in construction gave me lots of money and a decent apartment that I didn’t have to share with anyone but my dog, Bud. My only sexual thoughts were toward the hot women that I met at the local clubs. They were constantly trying to move in with me but I let them know that it wasn’t going to happen. I had no plans to settle down for a while.

On game days my buddies and I would watch football on my big screen TV. No girls were allowed on game days. We wanted no distractions from the game.

This idea came to me after a game night when a buddy of mine, Ted, was again drunk as hell and puking his guts out in the bathroom. This was a regular thing for Ted. On most game nights this is where he would spend the night. He would eventually pass out bent over the toilet. The first few times he did it I worried that he would fall in head first and drownd. Somehow he always found the perfect balance, on his knees with his head laying on the padded seat. He spent hours in that position. He never fell in, so I quit worrying. I usually checked on him and flushed his last barf down before going to bed. He never woke up when I did this.

When Bud my german shepard mix got about 5 months old, like most male dogs, he started humping peoples legs. My buddies would kid me that I needed to get him laid but there were no willing female dogs around.

Then that fateful night I was buzzed up pretty good after a party listening to Ted barfing in the bathroom when Bud started humping my leg. He was about 7 months old by then. The rest of my friends had gone home so it was just me, Ted and Bud… and Bud was horny.

Well, I let Bud hump my leg while I petted him. I noticed that he was sporting some impressive meat. I hadn’t noticed it before but it was obviously big, red and ready for action. He had to have about 5″ of thick red meat showing and he was looking at me with those sad puppy dog eyes.

Ted had quieted down so I knew he was out for the night. I went over to check on him and found him on his knees with his head laying on top of the toilet with his bare ass showing. He must have been too wasted to pull up his pants. Bud pushed right past me and started sniffing him. The toilet stunk with barf so I flushed it. Ted didn’t flinch. I shook him. He didn’t move. He was out cold.

My perverted mind gaziantep travesti clicked and started racing. First I tried to get Bud to mount him but he didn’t get it. I went to the kitchen and got some gravy from the fridge. Bud loves gravy. I dripped a little gravy on Ted’s ass crack and shoved Bud’s nose in it. As he started to lick it up Ted started moaning. I about freaked and ducked out of sight. Peeking around the corner I watched Bud licking Ted’s ass. I reached into the room and jacked Bud a few times to get him hornier. Suddenly Bud jumped up on Ted’s back and started humping. What luck, this was what I was hoping for.

Bud danced around for a while getting closer and closer until he made some contact. I was silently rooting for him but I could see he kept missing low and high. He was at the right height but had bad aim. I didn’t want him to give up so I reached back in and helped him hit the spot. When he felt that he went wild. Ted moaned so I hurried out around the corner again. Bud was holding on tight and fucking like there was no tomorrow. Ted was moaning and that only encouraged Bud. Bud was getting close to coming, I could tell by his wimpering. Suddenly he stopped and held himself tight to Ted. He was coming. I noticed that Ted had also cum on the floor even though he was passed out. I thought it was all over but when Bud went to jump off I noticed that he was stuck in Ted’s ass. I forgot about the knot. I was half panicked. I reached into the bathroom and held Bud’s collar so he didn’t pull Ted off of the toilet. What a great show this was. Eventually Bud did shrink down and plop out of Ted’s ass. Then he cleaned up himself and Ted before going into his corner for a nap.

I went to bed with a hell of a hard on from the show and ended up jerking my meat to a fantastic orgasm. I had all kind of wild dog dreams that night. Ted was gone by the time I got up in the morning as was his usual way.

The next game day at my place Bud hung around Ted all night. He even tried humping his leg a few times. Ted asked me what was up with Bud. -He really didn’t remember.- Ted was in fine form again and ended up at the toilet again. I had to latch the door to keep Bud away from him. It’s a good thing I had two bathrooms. I couldn’t wait for everyone else to leave.

When everyone was gone I opened the bathroom door. Ted was out cold. Bud was ready and jumped up on him right away. I had to pull him off because there was a problem. Ted still had his pants on. This wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought.

I shook Ted to make sure he was out. Again I flushed the last of his barf. Then slowly I carefully undid his pants and pulled them and his underwear down to the floor. Bud was after him right away licking his ass. Soon he mounted Ted and this time he didn’t need my help with the penetration. He hit home right away and was off to the races.

I was brave this time and laid down on the floor to watch from the side. What I noticed right away was Ted’s cock was hard as a rock and throbbing in time to Bud’s thrusts. I don’t know what got into me but I reached over and grabbed hold of it. I stroked it a couple of times. It was hot,hard and leaking. I thought what the hell no one would know so I slid my head underneath him and took him into my mouth. I’ve never done anything like that before. I sucked and tongued his cock slowly just to get the feel of it while enjoying an underside view of Bud’s red rocket ramming Ted. I could see the knot this time and was watching for it’s entry.

Soon I could tell Bud was getting close because he sped up his thrusting and was wimpering again. I sucked a little harder on Ted’s cock. He was oozing precum steadily. Then Bud pulled himself in tight and I watched the knot squeeze into Ted’s ass and that’s when I felt Ted’s cock throb and spew gobs of cum into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could. I couldn’t believe how much cum he put out. It didn’t taste half as bad as I expected. I swallowed it all. Why not I thought. There was no use spitting it out and then cleaning it up later.

Well Bud hopped off of Ted and stood there ass to ass with him, this time not trying to pull away. He was a good dog and a fast learner. By this time I had a major hard on in my pants so I unzipped and pulled it out to see what Bud would do. He licked it eagerly. That tongue felt great. My cock drooled precum and when I was sure it was going to cum I backed out of his reach. I had a better idea. Ted was going to pay me back for the favor I did for him. As soon as Bud pulled out and went to clean himself I plugged in. It was an easy entry because of Bud. He was nearly as big as my 7 incher. I went slow at first but wasn’t going to last long so I rammed it to him. Ted didn’t seem to mind. I had what had to be the best orgasm of my life. I nearly passed out. After I pulled out Bud came around and licked us both clean. What a night and what a way to end it.

The next morning when I got up, Ted was gone again like usual. I went to the bathroom for my morning piss when Bud tried to lick my cock again. So I let him lick me while I was pissing and I started to get horny. When I was done I dropped my shorts and sat down to let him have his fun. I was really getting worked up so I started stroking while he licked me. Soon I was feeling that feeling down deep in my gut and then I blasted out across the floor. Bud licked as fast as he could but missed a lot. When I was done I leaned back and let him clean me up. Then he jumped up and started humping my leg. I reached down and held his slimy cock as he humped and he really went wild.

Thinking back to last night, I wondered what it would feel like to let him fuck my ass. I pushed him away and got down on the floor to see if he would try. He did. He jumped on my back and started humping. I walked around the floor on my knees to tease him for a while he hopped around holding on to me. Then I stopped to let him get me. He hit the spot quickly and went to town. It hurt a little at first but soon felt real good. I was just letting him do his thing while I enjoyed the new feelings when I thought about the knot. I really didn’t want that in me for my first time. I started to feel it bumping up against my ass so I looked under myself to see if I could see it. Bud must have liked the new angle because he pulled himself up tight and rammed it in. I just caught sight of it going in. Holy shit, what a feeling. It swelled up quick but didn’t hurt too bad. Bud stopped moving and I could feel him pumping the cum into me. I could feel the warm cum filling up my bowels.

It was a good feeling and I was savoring it. Bud was destined to be my best buddy from now on. Soon he hopped off and we waited ass to ass for the swelling to go down. I pulled away from him to feel the knot tug on my ass. It was a nice feeling. I clamped down with my ass muscles a few times to see what Bud would do. He turned around, hopped back on me and started humping again. I wondered what I had restarted but he quit after a couple of minutes. I kept squeezing my muscles feeling the knot. He stayed on top of me until he plopped out. Bud then jumped down and went to work cleaning himself up. I stayed in my position until he came back and cleaned me up. His tongue felt so good on my ass.

I took my morning shower thinking what a way to start the day.

more to come…..

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