My Dog Sitter Ch. 01

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I stared at the clock waiting for the next few minutes to pass before the bell would ring and my students would hand in their tests and go to their next class.

I leaned back in my chair and tried to relax even though I was incredibly nervous.

I had planned this out and what happened next could set it in motion or derail it completely.

When the bell rang students rushed to give me their papers, except Paige.

I watched between shuffling students as she put away the book she had been reading, The Family by Mario Puzo.

Interest choice of book.

She moved her curly brown hair to one side of her neck and delicately swung her legs out of her desk.

I looked away to my leaving students while she gathered her backpack, purse, and test.

Her mouth formed a smile as she approached my desk and set her test facedown.

“Hey Paige. I was wondering if you could help me out.”

“I’ll certainly try Mr. Reeves.”

“I’m going out of town Friday to see family and I was wondering if you could dog sit for me. I wouldn’t ask if I hadn’t tried my other options.”

She seemed interested.

“I have three dogs and I think I can trust you with them for a weekend. You’re eighteen, right?”

I tried to hide how nervous I was as I waited for her answer.

Not that I had to wait long.

“I am. Since last week actually. I can watch them for you. I love dogs!”

I knew she did which was why I choose the dog sitting excuse to have her over.

She wrote a paper on some work she had done at the local animal shelter.

It included her experience in giving dogs CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and dislocated joints.

“Great. Thank you so much Paige. Let me give you my number and you can call me after school for all the details. I don’t want you to be late for your next class.”

She ran her fingers over her necklace and I snuck a peak at her before writing my number on a post-it.

It seemed that whenever Paige wasn’t doing anything she would trace her finger over the gold heart that hanged from the small chain around her neck.

“I’ll call tonight.”

“Okay. Thank you again, Paige.”

I watched her walk out and it wasn’t long before my next class trickled in.

I got home around five and still hadn’t received a call from Paige.

As usual my dogs greeted me at the door.

I set my things down and gave them belly rubs and told them about Paige as if they understood what I was saying.

I ordered a pizza and sat down on my couch to watch TV with my cell phone and a beer.

By the time the pizza had arrived she still hadn’t called.

I ate three slices and moved on to my next beer.

It was almost six and my phone started ringing. I ran back to the couch and saw an unsaved number.


I exhaled slowly and calmed down. “Dean Reeves.”

“Hi Mr. Reeves, its Paige.”

I closed my eyes when she talked and let her voice take its effect on me.

“Hey Paige.”

“Hi, I didn’t mean to wait so long to call. It’s like as soon as I got home everyone needed me to do something.”

She sounded flustered.

“Not at all. It’s okay. Like I said, I have three dogs and you would be watching them from Friday night to Sunday night. That is, if you’re still interested.”

She was quick to reply.

“I’m still interested.”

“Okay. After school on Friday do you want to leave your car at the school and I’ll drive us to my place? I will have menus for places that deliver and I’ll have the house stocked with food.”

“Um… Yeah, that’s okay.”

Everything was falling into place.

“Okay and I’ll leave you money if you decide to order something.

Speaking of money, do you want to shoot me a price after you’ve watched them?”

“That’s fine.”

I wondered what she was doing while we talked. What she Gaziantep Saatlik Escort was wearing…

I undid my pants and closed my eyes as I thought of her in her underwear, on the edge of her bed, talking to me.

“Okay. Well I think that will cover it for now. Any questions that I can answer for you now?”

“What kind of dogs are they?”

She sounded so interested.

I stopped imagining her like that so I could concentrate on answering her question.

“Birdie is the biggest one, he’s a Rottweiler. Duchess is the one in charge of her brothers. She’s a seven year old Beagle mix of some other breed. I think Greyhound, maybe Whippet? Then the smallest and youngest one is Whiskey. He’s a mutt through and through but looks most like a Pomeranian.”

As soon as I answered her I went back to take care of my hard on.

“Cute! Okay. They sound great.”

It was quiet.

I cleared my throat to end the silence but she beat me to it.

“Oh, I have to go. I’ll see you in class tomorrow. Thanks for asking me to dog sit. I’m looking forward to it.”

“Sure, no problem. Thanks for saying that you’ll do it for me.”

“Goodnight Mr. Reeves.”

“See you tomorrow Paige.”

When the line went dead I thought of Paige laying down on her bed with me on top of her.

I thought of what her body would look like as she writhed from the way I touched her.

How her necklace would fall to one side of her chest.

I bit my lip when I thought of how much I wanted to kiss her neck.

I wanted to hear moans escape her throat when I entered her.

I jerked off faster when I thought of her voice saying my name.

I felt my release and grabbed nearby napkins. When I finished I turned my attention back to the TV and drank another two beers before going to bed.

During the week I would smile every time Paige met my gaze.

She was so beautiful.

At night I would get off just thinking about her.

Wednesday I went to the grocery store and bought easy to cook meals as well as stuff to make sandwiches.

I wandered the aisles trying to think of other things to buy for Paige.

I decided junk food was a good option. I didn’t know what she would want to drink so I texted her asking what to get.

After about five minutes she replied with this specific tea stuff.

I looked at the several options and grabbed a box of what I thought was the closest she asked for.

It looked good enough to me.

I decided root beer was another good option.

Who doesn’t like root beer?

I also picked up beer for me.

I grabbed stuff to make chili with so that she could have leftovers of it when I make it tomorrow night.

Thursday I got home as fast as I could to clean up around my house and set up the guest room . Once the room looked nice as well as smelled nice I closed the door to keep the dogs out of it.

I cleaned the hardly used guest bathroom for the first time in a very long time too.

I didn’t want her to think I was a slob.

I paced the floor of the living room thinking of what else to clean.

I turned to the kitchen and decided the fridge could be cleaned along with the stove and oven. While cleaning the oven Birdie stood next to me and watched.

I took a break and rubbed behind his ears. “Hey boy.”

I leaned in to smell him.

“Huh. I guess you guys could use a bath too. The things I’m doing for this girl…”

“Birdie just looked at me panting.

I finished cleaning in the kitchen and vacuumed the carpets as well as the couch to remove the dog hair.

I laid a large blanket over it to prevent excessive hair on the couch.

I would take it off Friday morning before I left.

Once I felt like my house was taken care of I turned to the dogs.

“Who’s going first?”

Duchess was the only one who wasn’t laying down.

I brought her into my bathroom and washed her.

She was my favorite one to talk to.

Probably because she was a female and I felt like she was more understanding than her brothers.

After I washed the other two I changed into a clean pair of boxers.

“Guys and gal, I am tired.”

I sat on the couch and rested before making the chili.

To make it just right it would have to cook overnight.

I prepped everything and grabbed a beer after setting it all in the slow cooker.

I was going to have to get up early to do the finishing touches before I left.

After eating a ham sandwich for dinner I looked at the clock.

It was now eleven thirty.

I had to be up in five and a half hours.

I finished off my beer and packed my suitcase.

Unknown to Paige, I only needed an outfit for one day.

I zipped up my suitcase and crawled into my bed too pressed for sleep to jerk off.

My alarm went off and I sprang to life.

I was ready for today.

I took a hot shower and got dressed quickly.

I made sure I smelled nice and changed my beard to a goatee.

I admired the new look. It was an in-the-moment decision but it looked nice.

I fed the dogs, made up my bed, moved the blanket off the couch, divided the cooked chili so I could take some with me for lunch and put the rest in the fridge for Paige.

The dogs watched me move like crazy getting everything ready.

The clock said six fifteen, I was making good time.

I still had forty-five minutes until I had to leave.

I sprayed some stuff so the house smelled good and took the trash out.

I took a last look in the mirror and felt confident.

I may be forty-three but I still had it.

I let the dogs out one last time before I left. Once I brought them back in I grabbed my things and went out the door.

Today was going to be a good day.

During my class with Paige she was working on an assignment.

I watched her as she concentrated hard on it and bit her lower lip.

The hair that was behind her ear fell and as she set it back in place her eyes met mine. I didn’t look away.

She knew I was looking at her.

I wanted her to know. I moved my eyes from hers and let them move down to her neck and down to the top of her chest where her necklace lay. She started tracing it while looking at me, looking at her.

I flicked my eyes back to hers and she was still.

I gave her a small smile and looked away.

When the last bell of the day rang I packed up my stuff and waited for Paige.

This was happening.

I pretended to be doing something on the computer while I waited for her.

I looked up and found her standing in my classroom doorway.

She had put her hair up at some point and was showing off that neck that I love so much.


She nodded quietly.

I grabbed my stuff and shut down my computer.

I led her to my car and she set her stuff for the weekend in the trunk along with her backpack.

“I forgot to tell you, the change in facial hair looks good.”

I was happy she liked it.

“You can play whatever kind of music you want.” “This is fine.”

She said softly.

The drive to my house was about thirty minutes.

When we pulled in my drive way I grabbed her bags out of the trunk.


I smiled at her and unlocked the door and the dogs came running.

“Back! Come on, move back guys!”

I let her go in first.

“They won’t hurt you.”

She smiled.

“I’m not afraid of that.”

She got down on their level and pet them while they licked her.

She giggled at their attention.

“You guys are so cute!”

“I’m going to let them out and then show you to your room.”

She stood up and looked at me.


Once the dogs were outside I led her to the guest room.

“This is your room. The TV has cable and a DVD player. Here’s the remote. If you don’t want the dogs to sleep with you just close the door. They won’t bother you then. If you do want them to sleep with you, that’s okay too. Out here, this door is the bathroom and towels are in this closet right here.”

She stood still looking around.

“Your house is nice.”

“Oh! Let me show the stuff I got for you to eat.”

She followed me out into the kitchen.

“Is this the tea you were talking about?” She nodded.


“Sure. I also have some leftover chili from last night that you can heat up in the microwave and I have stuff to make sandwiches and pasta. Basically whatever is in the fridge and cabinets, you are welcome to. That includes the liquor cabinet if you so desire. You’re responsible, right?”

“You can trust me.”

I smiled and pulled out my wallet and took out $80 and handed it to her.

She took in a breath and I watched her chest rise.

“This is for if you want something delivered. I keep the menus next to those cookbooks.”

I let the dogs back in.

“They can get on the furniture and uh the TV in here has cable and the DVD player works. The remotes for those are here.”

I looked around thinking of what else she needed to know.

“Um, the dogs should be let out four or five times a day. You can just let them out the back door. The yard is fenced and they have plenty of room to run around and play. They rough house but it never is serious despite how it sounds.”

She was tracing her necklace while she looked at me.

“Their food is under here. They get fed once a day. Birdie’s bowl is the biggest for obvious reasons. Duchess has this bowl, and Whiskey has the small bowl. I fill their bowls when I wake up in the morning and uh, you know, make sure they always have water. They each get one treat before bed. I keep those in the cabinet on top of the microwave.”

I stood there thinking of anything else she needed to know.

“Any questions?”

She shook her head.


“Okay, well if you think of anything you have my number. I should be back Sunday around four.”

We stood in silence and I looked at her, taking her in.

She is so beautiful and young.

I want to take her right now. “I think that’s everything.”

I went to my room and grabbed my suitcase putting it in the trunk of my car.

Paige followed me out.

I walked over to her and touched her arm.

“Thanks again for watching them for me.”

She stood still and looked at me with a smile on her lips nodding.

“Of course.”

I fought the urge to kiss her and turned back to my car.

“See you later.”

I pulled out of the driveway and saw her wave me goodbye.

“Just wait a day, Dean.”

I turned on the radio and drove away.

I really was going to see family.

I was just going to be back tomorrow night.

I was going to surprise Paige around eleven.

That night at my brother’s place when everyone went to bed I did the same in his guest room.

I thought about Paige in my bed.

I wondered if she would sleep in my bed.

It was wishful thinking.

Paige wouldn’t do something like that.

Oh, but what if she did.

I worked my cock thinking of her laying in my bed, naked.

I thought of coming home tomorrow night and finding her masturbating under the sheets.

Then a new thought came in to my head.

What if she was a virgin?

I squeezed my dick harder as I beat it.

She’s a senior in high school, it’s a possibility.

I thought of Paige wiggling in bed while I pleased her virgin body.

How she would grab the pillows and blanket while she squealed.

That was enough.

I grabbed the nearby tissues and came as quietly as I could.

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