My Fantasy Becomes Reality

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My story begins when I was 18. My name is Amy. I am now 22 years old and still enjoying the single life. I am a small framed girl with strawberry blonde hair, pale skin, very small breasts and a body that I enjoy keeping in shape.

I have a very vivid imagination and it keeps my sex life very interesting to say the least!

When I was growing up and began to develop, I was always very curious about my body and how it worked. I would even use a mirror to get a close up look at my vagina, just to see what was what and how it felt to touch the different areas down there. As I got a little older and started dating, I really enjoyed being touched by guys although I never went all the way with one at this point in my life.

I had never given any thought to making love to another girl before and was always satisfied with looking at men and imaging what it would be like to have a man inside me. It was always a turn-on to masturbate and pretend that my finger was a guys cock.

One day, while checking out the family computer, a came a crossed a video file that sparked my interest. The title was simply “girls.” It must have been something that my brother had downloaded and forgot to erase. I clicked on the file to see what it was and there staring me in the face were two girls in the 69 position licking and sucking on each other! I was mesmerized by the site of these girls that seemed to be really enjoying each other. For the first time in my life, I was turned on by girls. I found myself squeezing my legs together as I watched them get up from their position and start kissing each other.

I couldn’t stand it any more; I had to touch myself right then and there! I slid my hand under the elastic band of my shorts and into my panties. I exploded in the most intense orgasm that I had ever had! I turned off the computer and ran up to my room, almost ashamed of myself for what I had just done, but yet, extremely curious! I lay down on my bed and just tried to forget about it. I new I liked boys, but why was I so turned on by girls?

Later that night, it was time for bed. I said good night to my family and head up to my room. As I was attempting to go to sleep, all I could think about were those girls in the video. Again, I was so turned on by them. I began wondering what it would be like to do it with a girl. As I began to masturbate again, rubbing myself through my already damp panties and then moving my panties aside so I could push my fingers inside wanting pussy. I pulled my hand out of my panties and brought it up to my nose so I could imagine what it would smell like to have my face in another girl’s crotch. Again, it sent this rush of energy through me that I had never experienced before!

I wanted more!

I slid my hand back down to now soaking wet crotch and continued to slide my finger in and out of me as I thought of another tongue licking me. Again I brought my hand up to my face but this time, I put my wet fingers in my mouth! I loved it! It was so good that I had to use my other hand to rub myself while I continued to dip my fingers in my pussy and lick them off! It was incredible! Again, I had another intense orgasm! I laid back on the bed, the smell of my own juices all over me and fell asleep.

As time went on, I continued Eryaman Escort my secret masturbation acts, looking at lesbian pictures on the internet and continuing to use my imagination. I had found that putting my panties on my pillow and smelling them while I fingered myself was a huge turn-on! I thought that I would never really get to experience another girl, but one day, that all changed!

One summer day, my mom was having a little pool party with some of the women that she worked with. One of the ladies brought her 18 year old daughter Ella to the party with her. My mom introduced me to her and asked if I minded hanging around to keep Ella company.

Without hesitating, I quickly responded “yes of course!”

You see, Ella was a stunning raven haired girl that was everything that I had been fantasying about. She had a petite build with small yet very sexy breast, a flat little tummy and this ass that was just absolutely perfect!

Ella and I spent most of the day hanging out in the sun around the pool just getting to know each other. I suggested to her that we get changed into our bathing suites and go for a swim. I pointed Ella to the pool changing room and told her to go ahead and change and that I would go in when she was done.

When Ella came out of the changing room, my jaw almost dropped! There she was in this stunning white bikini that would make any girl jealous! The contrast of her long black hair, and her dark tanned skin against her white bathing suite looked like she should be on the cover of Sports Illustrated! I even commented on how great she looked. I went into the pool house to change, and there in front of me were Ella’s cloths in a heap, with her panties lying right on top! I felt that warm rush come over me again as I just had to pick them up and smell them! I was so nervous as I lifted to my nose to discover that they were very wet in the crotch area. I almost exploded right there as I smelled her female musky scent and rubbed the wet material into my face.

I knew that I couldn’t stay in there very long or Ella may wonder what I was doing in there. I quickly put my bikini on, stepped out the door and right into the water to try and cool myself off! Ella was already swimming and we spent most of the day in and out of the water as it was so hot out.

As the afternoon wore on, most of my mom’s friends were heading home. I asked Ella if she would like to stay and have dinner with us and I could give her a ride home later. Ella thought that that was a great idea and let her mom know that she would be home later.

As day turned into night, Ella and I decided to go back out to the pool area and enjoy the beautiful evening. We continued to talk to each other about ourselves and at one point, the conversation turned to our sex life. I was a little embarrassed as I have never really talked about my personal sex life with anyone before, let alone a perfect stranger!

As I was sharing with her about my past experiences with guys, Ella openly admitted that she had done it with a girl once! I was blown away! I was speechless! I was turned on!! She then asked me if I had ever kissed a girl. Of course I had to say no, but I told her that I had thought Sincan Escort about it. She said that it was the sweetest softest kiss that a girl will ever experience. She asked me if I would like to try it. I had been dying to experience it so I cautiously said yes.

I got up out of my chair and took Ella by the hand. We left the pool area and went out behind some trees in the back yard where no one would see us. I leaned with my back to the tree and Ella leaned into and began kissing me with softest open mouth kiss that I had ever had! I couldn’t get enough! As our tongues were intertwined, she suddenly began sucking on mine! It was so erotic! I was getting so turned on by this! It was everything that I had dreamed it would be.

As Ella was kissing me, she slid her hand up my t-shirt and began rubbing my small firm breasts. I can’t even explain how I was feeling, it was amazing. I wanted her to put her hand down my pants so bad! I actually start rubbing my pubic bone on her leg as she leaned into me. I then slid my hand up her shirt to feel her rock hard nipples pointing straight out! We were still kissing deeply when her hand left my breast and trailed down my stomach, past the waist band of my shorts, under the elastic of my panties, through my pubic hair and onto my clitoris. I knew that I was so wet that it had to feel like she had her hand in a pond! I moaned and pushed my hips forward so her hand would slide further into my crack. We broke from our kiss and just held each other as I returned the favor and was about to touch another girls pussy for the very first time.

Ella was wearing a pair of shorts that I had to unbutton and unzip them which was a little clumsy, but after I got past that, I slid my hand into her panties to find her so wet that it felt like she had peed her pants. I was loving every minute of it! We began to kiss again as our hands worked on each other. I was about ready to explode when I blurted out……I want to taste you! She didn’t say a word but grabbed my arm and pulled my hand out of her shorts and lifted my hand up to our mouths. As we continued to kiss as we licked her sweet juices off from my fingers. I couldn’t get enough, I wanted more! I stopped her and said, let’s go to my bedroom and continue this. Ella agreed and we gathered ourselves up and headed back to the house.

My parents had already turned in for the night and their bedroom was down stairs so I new that we would not be bothered. We giggled as we headed up the stairs, holding hands and knowing what we had in store for each other. As soon as we got to the room we started tearing each others cloths off while we were sucking on each others tongues.

Once we were naked it was then that I realized just how beautiful Ella was. From the small pretty features of her face, to her perfect B cup breasts, her flat little tummy, down to her nicely trimmed pubic hair and her perfect little ass, this girl was drop dead gorgeous! I went over and sat on the bed and she walked straight up to me and stood there, straddling my leg. I was now staring right at her hairy pussy. I ran my hand up and down hear body, first to her breasts and then down over her stomach, over her pelvis and down her legs. I wanted her Etlik Escort so bad!

She laid me back on the bed and started kissing and sucking my breasts. It felt so good but I wanted more! I slid my hand down to my own pussy and started rubbing my clit. She took my hand and said “I’ll take care of that! Ella knelt down in front of me and lifted my legs so that my feet were up on the bed. She then spread my legs apart and started kissing my thighs, getting closer and closer to my very wet, very wanting womanhood!

Ella reached up and pushed my pubic hair back out of her way and started kissing clit. It was all I could do to stay on the bed! I reached down and pulled her face into me while I humped her. I could feel her tongue darting around, in and out and every now and then licking my butt hole, which felt amazing! I couldn’t believe that I didn’t even know this girl a few hours agaon and here she is now, licking my pussy and my ass! It was amazing!

I told her that I was going to get off and she pulled her face away from me and came up and started kissing me. I could taste my own juices on her mouth and now I wanted to taste hers! I rolled her over on her back and put her in the same position that she had me in. As I was getting close to her pussy, I could see that her milky juices drooling out of her vagina, almost to her butt hole. I could now smell that familiar musky scent that I had smelled on her pantied earlier.

I didn’t hesitate; I buried my tongue right in her pussy and started getting mouthfuls of her cream. I was in heaven!

I had made up my mind that I was going to make her come in my mouth! I licked and sucked in her, from her clit and back down to her pussy hole. I would even stop and tease her pee hole. She seemed to like that. She reached down and pulled her knees up to her chest which gave me full access to her ass! This also allowed me to put my tongue deep into her pussy. I was loving every minute of it and so was she!

When it became obvious that Ella was about to get off, I jumped up on the bed and climbed on top of her in the 69 position. I had been wanted to do this ever since I seen the video that brought me to this place that I am right now! We were both able to get off right at the same time. It was amazing! We collapsed in heap and I just laid there on top of her, my wet pussy still staring her in the face. I got up and turn around and started kissing passionately, both of our faces still covered in our own juices. I absolutely loved this experience.

I knew that is was time to give Ella a ride home.

We didn’t say much during the ride, but Ella was cuddled right up to me, hugging me and rubbing her hands all over me. She told me that was by far the best sex that she had ever had and I had to agree as it definatly was for me too!

When we got to Ella’s house, she kissed me good night with the most loving sweetest kiss that I had ever had! I thanked her for opening up to me and allowing me to experience my biggest fantasy! I told her that it was phenomenal!

When I finally got home, it was late and I was tired, but I couldn’t stop thinking about what had just taken place. I masturbated again just thinking of it and I finally fell asleep.

Ella and I continued seeing each other as often as we could but we kept our relationship a secret. I am 22 now and I have moved away from Ella and we have lost contact with each other. I will never forget her or our experience. I still date women but not exclusively. I just love sex with both men and women…maybe both at the same time sometime….but that’s another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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