My First Apartment Ch. 4

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The Holidays quickly passed and I settled into the routine of winter semester. I was carrying a fairly light load of classes – 3 morning classes and a one o’clock with a couple of labs on alternate days. Kathy was heavy into developing her knowledge and skills of Bridge. Frank was still traveling a lot on his job. Kathy practically insisted on not sleeping alone, not that I ever considered not sleeping with her.

One afternoon, I returned from my one o’clock. After I changed into sweatpants and a t-shirt, I went out into the Fun Room to see how the Bridge was going. The regular foursome, Kathy, Ruth, Lisa, and Connie, were taking a break.

We all talked about nothing in particular, when Ruth said, “Rich, I’ve never given you that blowjob that I promised you when you made Connie cum by going down on her.”

Connie giggled, Kathy smiled, Lisa put her hand on my shoulder and I got flustered. “Jeez, Ruth, it was my pleasure and you don’t need to . . .”

“I keep my promises.”

Ruth slipped a hand under the waistband of my sweats. She pulled the sweatpants down as she settled down onto her knees. Lisa ran her hand under my t-shirt and across my chest. Ruth pumped my cock a couple of times then sucked it deep into her mouth. I could feel her nose in my pubic hair.

Lisa worked my t-shirt up and pulled it off over my head. She then pulled her t-shirt off. She hugged me and kissed one of my nipples. I felt her breasts press against me. She unbuttoned her jeans and took them off. She wasn’t wearing plain Jane white cotton panties anymore, but hi-cut ones in electric blue.

My cock was hard and firm in Ruth’s mouth. Lisa squatted next to Ruth. “May I taste that, please” Ruth slipped my fully erect cock out of her mouth. Lisa looked up at me with a wicked smile, took it, licked the head once or twice, then swallowed it until her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

“Lisa! How do you do that?”

“Where did you learn to do that?”

Lisa backed my cock out of her mouth until just her lips were wrapped around the cockhead. She sucked hard and swabbed the crown of my cock with her tongue. Then she pushed her lips down the cock shaft. She held my nut sac on the finger tips of one hand.

She continue to push down the cock shaft until her nose was, again, buried in my pubic hair and my nuts were pressed against her chin. She did this three more times then gave my cock back to Ruth.

Lisa looked up at the other women with an innocent expression, “Isn’t that how a girl is supposed to suck cock?”

She stood up and kissed Kathy on the mouth. Ruth resumed her promised blowjob. Connie joined in. As she and Ruth alternated, I watched Lisa and Kathy undress each other. They lay down on the platform and Kathy started kissing and licking her way down to Lisa’s cunt.

Ruth was squeezing my nuts and pressing her tongue against the bottom of the cock shaft as she bobbed her head. Connie was kneeling beside her. She was rubbing my stomach and kissing and licking a thigh and my cock whenever she could get to it.

I heard Lisa sigh and Kathy breathe, “Wow!” Kathy had just found Lisa’s long clit. My nuts began to tighten as Ruth pressed a finger tip against my puckered asshole and as I thought about sucking Lisa’s clit.

I spread my feet apart as Ruth worked her index finger up my ass. My cock got extra hard, then jerked as she pressed my gland. She gulped rapidly as I unloaded cum into her mouth. Ruth kept her lips clamped tight around my cock shaft as she swallowed, but cum was leaking out around her lips.

She pulled my cock out of her mouth and Connie took over. Ruth stood, wiped the cum off her lips, sucked her finger clean, kissed me and said, “Ruth delivers on her promises.”

Connie sucked the last of the cum from my cock, stood, kissed me, “I hate to eat and run, but George will be home soon.” Ruth and Connie went over and kissed Lisa goodbye and told Kathy goodbye. I don’t believe either of them knew anyone else was near by.

I picked up my sweats and walked back to my apartment. A few minutes later I heard Lisa shrieking then groaning as Kathy ate her to an orgasm. It was quiet for about 10 minutes then I heard the shower start. I heard Kathy and Lisa talking. I thought about joining them, but I figured I’d better get some school work done.

After Lisa finished her shower and had gotten dressed, she stopped by the apartment and said, “Come out Saturday afternoon to see something I’ve working on.” I replied “Is right after lunch O.K.?”

“Make it 1:30.”

“O.K. See you then.”

Kathy came in just as Lisa turned to leave. “You have to teach me your deep throat technique, Lisa.”

“Any time. And I want to learn to eat pussy like you do.” They kissed lightly and Lisa turned and literally skipped out my apartment entrance.

“Does Lisa always deep throat you?”

“I’ve only been with her twice, but, yes, this was the second time.”

Kathy grinned at me, “I’ll need a practice partner, if I start taking lessons from gaziantep escort her.”

“Only if I can go down on you too, Kathy.”

“Then it’s a deal. By the way, I’ll be gone from Friday afternoon on. I have a weekend tournament that begins Friday evening. It will be just Frank and you.”

“We’ll be O.K. And we won’t do anything that you wouldn’t approve of.”

The rest of the week passed quickly. I stopped at the university library after class. Then I went back to my apartment and hit the books. Kathy had left earlier for her tournament so it was quiet in the house.

After about three hours of work, I decided to take a break and work out. I was finishing my routine on the exercise machine when Frank came in. I had heard him come into the house earlier.

He was dressed in his workout clothes. I moved over to the treadmill to cool down by walking and Frank began his routine. We each talked about our past week. Frank mentioned he was really looking forward to the weekend and how he hoped we could do a few things together. I headed for the shower.

I was rinsing my hair when Frank came into the shower. He handed me the soap and asked me to wash his back. I was lathering his shoulders when he reached behind himself and gripped my cock.

I knew what things Frank wanted to do so I moved my hands around to the front and started lathering his chest. Frank let loose of my cock and I pulled him back against me so my cock was pressed into his butt crack.

Frank pushed against me. I lathered his stomach then moved to his cock and balls. He got an immediate hard-on as I stroked his cock with my soapy hand. “That feels good, Rich. Keep it up.”

He was humping his hips. My cock was starting to get hard as it slid in and out between his butt cheeks as Frank fucked my hand. We kept this up for a few minutes until Frank stopped. He turned to face me and held my cock. “I want to save this until later, if you don’t mind.”

We finished rinsing, dried off and slipped into a couple of robes. Frank said he didn’t feel like cooking and he hoped there was something in the refrigerator. He asked me to eat with him.

We found a plate of cold fried chicken and a bowl of potato salad in the refrigerator. I opened a couple of brews as Frank got out plates, etc. Frank was restless as we ate.

I knew he wanted us to get it on together, but I think he wasn’t sure how I would react. He and I had never talked about any of our sex sessions and he didn’t know about George – yet.

We finished eating and I carried our dishes to the sink. Frank was still sitting at the table. He looked over at me, “It’s dessert time, Rich.”

I walked back to the table. Frank slipped his hand into my robe and squeezed my cock. Frank grinned and stood up. He turned and I followed as he walked into his and Kathy’s bedroom.

He untied the belt on his robe as he sat down on the edge of the bed. Frank beckoned me and I stepped over in front of him. Frank untied the belt and opened my robe. He looked at my cock, looked up at me, then he extended his tongue and gave my cockhead a flip.

Frank pressed his face into my pubic hair and nuzzled my cock. He rubbed my cock across his lips and the rest of his face. Finally, he held my cock shaft between two fingers as slipped his lips over the cockhead.

Frank slowly swallowed my cock. He cradled my nut sac in the palm of one hand as he sucked me up into a hard-on. Frank stopped sucking and moved back onto the middle of the bed. He lay back on his side and propped himself up on an elbow. I got onto the bed and kneeled in front of Frank. He leaned forward and resumed sucking me off. I shrugged off my robe. Frank’s robe was lying over his hip. I pushed his robe back. His cock was erect and lying against his stomach.

I reached down and squeezed his balls. Then I slid my hand the length of his cock. I gripped him and began to give him a hand job. Frank never stopped sucking me as he moved around to give me better access.

I lay down on my side with my face inches from Frank’s cock. I licked his cockhead, then by stretching a bit, I licked the bottom of his cock down to his balls. Then I nibbled my way up the side back to his cockhead.

I swabbed the crown with my tongue and ran the tip of my tongue around it, before taking about a third of Frank’s cock into my mouth. I alternately sucked and massaged his cockhead and shaft with my tongue.

As I settled into my first man-to-man 69, Frank increased the strength and speed of his mouth action on my cock. At some point he had lubed a finger with spit and was trying to push it into my ass.

I paused in my own sucking and adjusted myself to give him easier access. Frank pushed his fingertip into my pucker. It did not feel unpleasant as I resumed sucking Frank.

Frank was giving my cock long, slow strong sucks as he work his finger deep into my ass. My cock got harder as he sucked. He must of touched my gland as all of a sudden my nuts exploded. I clamped my lips tight around his cock shaft. Frank was making gulping noises as the cum rushed up my cock and gushed into his sucking mouth.

Frank continued to slowly suck me after I finished cumming. He eventually let my cock slip out of his mouth as he lay back on the bed. I continued to lick, kiss and suck his cock until he asked me to stop.

I sat up and looked at Frank. He had a cum mustache and cum had run down his chin. He pulled my face down to his and gave me a French kiss. My cum smeared my lips and filled my mouth as I sucked Frank’s tongue.

Frank broke the kiss and lay his head on my chest. He gripped my cock as I put an arm around his shoulders as I lay back on the bed. Frank began to breathe deeply and slowly as he fell asleep.

I must have slept too, because the next thing I knew, I was chilly and we were lying in total darkness. Frank awakened as I tried to pull some covers over us. He squeezed my cock as he brought his face up to mine and gave me a peck on the lips.

“When you are rested, Rich, fuck me.”

I thought a minute. “Frank, how would you like to have my cherry?”


“How would you like to fuck my virgin ass and take my anal cherry?”

“I’d love to, but are you sure, Rich.”

“Just as sure as we sucked each other’s cocks and I blew a load down your throat, Frank.” “When?”

“Right now, Frank. How do you want me to lay?”

“Pile up the pillows in the middle of the bed. I’ll get some lube.”

I pulled the covers off the bed and piled the pillows. When Frank got back to the bed, I leaned over and slipped his cock into my mouth. I sucked for a couple of minutes, then crawled across the bed and lay on my stomach on the pile of pillows.

Frank pushed me up so the pillows were under my hips, he grasped my ankles and spread my legs wide, he then pulled my cock and balls out from under me and pulled them down so they were out in the open and exposed on the pile of pillows.

Frank was on his knees behind me. He was lightly running his hands over my back and ass. He would run his fingers down my ass crack, press my pucker and graze my balls and cock.

He stopped long enough to lube a finger. I tried to relax as he rubbed my ass with one hand and slowly pushed his greasy finger into my asshole.

Frank’s finger felt o.k. He was still for a moment, then Frank started rotating and flexing his finger. After about five minutes or so, Frank removed his finger and inserted a nozzle. The cool lube felt good to.

Frank pressed two fingers against my pucker and slowly pushed them in accompanied by more rotation and flexing. A third finger joined the other tow as Frank stretched my asshole. Three fingers hurt a little, but I tried not to tense up.

Frank again pulled his fingers out. After lubing all of his fingers, he tried four. I told him to stop. He went back to three fingers which slipped right in.

Again Frank stopped. I turned and watched as he lubed his cock. I got comfortable on the pillows and relaxed as he squeezed some more lube into my ass. Frank was up on his knees. He crawled up between my legs. He put one hand on my back as he used his other hand to guide his stiff cock up to my waiting asshole.

Frank pressed his cockhead against me. I took a deep breath as Frank kept a steady pressure on my pucker. I could feel it stretch as Frank’s cockhead pressed in. Frank pressed slowly through the muscle ring. The stretching with the fingers had helped.

When his cockhead “popped” through the muscle ring, I felt my hole close around his cock shaft. Frank waited a minute then pushed his cock all the way into my ass. I felt his pubic hair brush my butt. Frank waited again.

“You’re so tight! How does it feel? Does it feel o.k.?”

“It feels o.k., Frank.”

“I’m going to pull back and start pumping.”


Frank set up a slow steady pumping action. He held my hips and he ran his hands over my back and shoulders as he fucked me. “So tight! Oh, so tight!”

I was sort of surprised that having a cock up my ass felt pretty good. I lay over the pillows and relaxed and enjoyed the experience. When Frank would bottom his cock in my ass, he would press down on my hips which, in turn, pushed my rigid cock into the pillows.

I imagined that my cock was up another ass. I thought briefly about George, Connie’s husband, but my thoughts turned back to my own ass as Frank picked up the pace.

Frank was fucking me with long fast strokes. He was panting. He pushed his cock deep and gripped my shoulders. His pubic bone bumped hard against my ass as he used short quick strokes to pump his cum into me.

I could feel his cock twitch as each wad blew into my ass. Frank fell forward and lay on my back. “Fuck, Rich! That was fantastic! What a tight ass! You gripped my cock like a glove!”

Frank was quiet for a moment. “How did it feel for you, Rich? Was it good? How was you first ass fuck?”

Frank rolled off me. His softening cock pulled out of my ass with a plop. “It felt pretty good, Frank. I thought it would hurt more, but it felt surprisingly good. I liked feeling your cock twitch as you unloaded your wads of cum.

We rearranged the pillows and pulled up the covers. I lay on my back as Frank stroked my still hard cock. Frank lay his head on the pillow next to mine. “Keep it hard, Rich. It’s your turn to fuck me in the morning.”

The room was filled with light when I awakened. I was lying on my side. Frank was on his side behind me. His arm was draped across my shoulder and I could feel his cock between my ass cheeks.

I thought, “This is what Kathy feels when we sleep together and I wake her by pushing my cock between her ass cheeks.” I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom.

When I came out, Frank was awake. He was lying on his back with his legs drawn up and he was lubing his ass. He pulled the nozzle out and sat up on the edge of the bed. He reached for my cock and tugged me closer.

Frank tugged me up to his lips. He licked all around my cockhead, then slowly sucked me into his mouth. He worked his tongue all around my cock shaft and cockhead until he was satisfied with my hard-on.

Frank lay back on the bed and exposed his ass to me by pulling his knees back towards his head. “Fuck me, Rich. I’ve waited all night for your cock.”

I grasped his legs and raised his ass higher to the level of my hips. I pressed my spit lubed cockhead against his asshole which opened to accept my hard meat.

Frank exhaled as I pushed balls deep into his ass. He adjusted his hips as I began humping my hips. My cock pistoned in and out of his ass in a steady rhythm. Frank was stroking his cock as we fucked.

The friction caused by my cockhead rubbing inside Frank’s ass tunnel was tightening my nuts and I buried my cock deep in his ass as I blew my load. Frank’s cock jerked as he blew his load onto his stomach and chest.

I leaned forward and lay on Frank as my cock softened. Frank put his arms around me. I finally rolled off of him, got out of bed and said, “I’m going to shower. I’ve got an appointment this afternoon and I need to run some errands.”

I was just finishing showering when Frank stuck his head in, “I was hoping we could spend the day together.”

“Sorry, Frank. I’ve got to keep this appointment. I should be back late afternoon.”

I completed my errands and drove out to Lisa’s farm. I rang the door bell. I waited a few minutes before Lisa answered. She was wearing a smock, she was drying her hands and there were streaks and smears of clay on her face.

“It looks as if I’ve interrupted your work.”

“That’s O.K. I’m ready for a break. Come on in. Let me show you what I’ve been working on.”

I followed Lisa into her studio. There was the beginning of a clay sculpture on her work stand. “I’m want to sculpt a male torso and it’s difficult working from photographs.”

It was a reclining torso. I noticed that a number of the photos, including several nudes, that I had “modeled” for earlier were scattered on other tables and surfaces.

I took a chance, “Would you like me to pose for you?”

“Would you?”

“Sure. I like being naked.”

“You’re an exhibitionist.”

“That too,” I laughed as I undressed. While I was stripping, Lisa moved a lounge chair over into a space with good lighting.

“Recline back on that and strike a pose.”

I arranged myself on the lounge. As I reclined I turned my face and shoulders towards Lisa and her pile of clay on the work stand. She was punching and reshaping the clay. “How’s this?”

Lisa looked up. “That’s pretty good. But turn towards me a little more and pull your one knee up.”

I did as she asked. When I pulled my leg up it exposed my cock and balls. “That’s fine.” Lisa looked at me critically as she started to work the clay. She worked for a while before she stopped to look at me again. She tilted her head as she studied me.

“Turn away from me a little. And lay back some more.” I moved as she directed. Lisa looked a while longer then walked over to me. She leaned over me and moved one arm. She smelled earthy – the smell of wet clay and sweat. She touched my face and left a smear of clay.

She giggled. I pulled her to me and kissed her. She caught her balance by putting her hands on my shoulders. We separated. “Really, Sir.” Lisa stepped back. “Now we need to re-adjust your pose.”

But the only re-adjusting Lisa did, was to move my cock so it was laying across my thigh. “That’s better.” She returned to her work stand. I held the pose for at least thirty minutes when she called for a break.

I stood up and stretched. “May I look?”

“There isn’t much to see.” I stood behind Lisa. I nuzzled her neck. “You’ve got something on your mind besides posing for me.”

I turned her around, “Maybe we should examine the object of the sculpture more closely.” I started to untie the bow at the neck of her smock.

“What do you mean?”

I slowly unbuttoned her smock. “I mean the Artist and the Model should get better acquainted and closely examine the object of the sculpture.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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