My First Night of Sex Ch. 03

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Lying on a chaise lounge on a tropical beach, drifting off with the sun beating down, it’s warm rays heating my body, I felt like I was in paradise. The only sense I had was the hot sun that was covering me, when slowly, I noticed a wonderful, salty flavor on my lips that beckoned me to open my mouth for more. A bulbous head slowly entered as my tongue darted out to receive more of the flavorful treat. Gradually I came to enough to notice it was pitch dark, I was actually lying in bed, and Bill’s wonderful weapon was waking me up to an even better adventure than the one I had been dreaming of.

Slowly regaining my senses, I was ready for more of what a short time before, was the greatest experience of my life. I reached for his shaft and swallowed as deep as I could , moaning in pure pleasure. The feeling of this wonderful cock filling my throat, the salty emission from his crown, and the knowledge that I was giving as much pleasure as I was getting drove me to heights of passion I can in no way properly describe.

Hours before I had been taken by a man for the first time. A short time later I had been had every which way by three men, and now the cock of my dreams was coaxing me to continue my adventures in man on man sex.

I don’t know how I got to this point. I really hadn’t had time to think about it. One day I was straight, and a week or so later I was a full-blown cock sucker. And a cock sucker who was insatiable. Somehow this man I met about ten days before had turned me into his whore and I was loving it. Maybe loving it too much. I was falling for him like no one else ever before. Yet, at the same time, I wanted more!

A few hours before Bill and two of his friends had fucked me silly, and that was how I wanted it again. Making a man shoot deep into my ass while another buried a load down my throat made sense to me like nothing else. How quickly I was changing! All I had thought of all week was spending a sensual night alone with Bill, where I could suck him and be fucked by him. But after what had just happened to me, I was wanting more. I wasn’t sure if one cock would do for me ever again.

Well, evidently, Bill sent Jim and Steve home and now I would have to make do with just him. All these thoughts running wild in my head, yet at the same time a wonderful, creamy cock was sliding in and out of my most grateful mouth as I escort bayan gaziantep came to my senses and moaned in pure passion. Sliding my mouth up and down on this wonderful shaft of his was so natural, with a euphoric feeling of fullness as I took his crown all the way down my throat. Stretching my mouth as wide as I could to take him as deep as possible, then clamping my lips on his shaft as I held him there, all of my senses going wild. Then sliding his cock slowly out of my mouth, I slurped my tongue around his shaft till I reached his crown again where I sucked in his still streaming salty discharge.

So quickly I had become a cock whore. Why did it take me so long to get to this junction in my life? All I ever needed again was cock. How fortunate it was to have met Bill and his large, beautiful joystick. He slowly began sliding himself onto the bed facing opposite direction from me and worked himself into a sixty-nine position. On our sides, he took my now hard cock into his mouth, and immediately we were in a rhythmic motion, my groans now filling the room as absolute pleasure overtook me.

I didn’t know how long I could last like this, Bill’s tongue and mouth attacking my yearning cock with the utmost pleasure. It made me suck harder, the feeling in my own cock making me want for him to explode so I could swallow all he had to offer. I wanted it so bad, but he had more in store for me. Pushing me onto my stomach, he straddled my ass, sitting with his legs folded on the outside and his cock resting along the crack. I couldn’t wait for what was coming and tried to push up off the bed to meet him. Slowly entering me, his legs keeping my cheeks pressed tightly together, his cock felt enormous. As it moved deeper into me it felt like a tree trunk and I screamed into the pillow momentarily stunned by the pain. But the feeling of fullness overtook the pain in very short order and I began pushing back while moaning and begging for more.

I was panting, gasping for breath as Bill proceeded to take me roughly, slamming deep into me, the feeling of helplessness overcoming me. I had a sudden fantasy that I was being raped, powerless to resist and destined to be fucked mercilessly by a unrelenting cock. That actually excited me even more, the idea of being defenseless before the onslaught. I screamed with every thrust and I think that turned him on even more. Bill wouldn’t let up, but kept pounding away and pretty soon, despite the fantasy I was imagining of being raped, I couldn’t help myself.

I started to scream, “Yes, that’s it, fuck me, fuck me deeper.” Then I was blurting out “Hurt me, hurt me, fuck me, make me hurt.” I pushed back as best I could with each of his thrusts and he was bottoming out with nowhere else to go. Bill whispered into my ear, “I’m gonna breed you, you little whore, I’m gonna plant my seed deep into your ass.” I loved what he said! I yelled back, “Yes, fuck me, I’m your whore, that’s it, breed me, fuck me, master, fuck me.” By then I was screaming, and as I felt my lover shutter and scream”Fuck”, he exploded deep into my bowels, indeed breeding me like never before.

I felt recoil after recoil as Bill’s cannon sent salvos of hot seed into my deepest regions. My ass was spasming uncontrollably as I squeezed his cock for dear life. My own weapon, being slammed into the mattress by the force of his attack, let loose it’s discharge as I screamed and surrendered under the onslaught. But there was no quarter being given as my lover continued to pound away at my defenseless ass for several more minutes before finally collapsing on top of me.

Here I was, fucked raw, lying naked with my lover soon sleeping with his arms wrapped around me and his cock still inside me. With an overwhelming feeling of fulfillment and joy, I knew I would do anything necessary to maintain this heavenly life. The intensity of the feelings I had encountered this day and night had changed me forever. I was now a whore. A cock sucker. A slut. And I was proud of it. I couldn’t wait for more.

A few hours later I woke up with a smile, knowing I had just finished the most wonderful day of my life. With Bill still asleep, his cock long reverted to it’s restive state, I slowly realized his wife would be returning home today and our meeting would be ending soon. Though feeling sad over that, I wanted to make him remember this day as much as I would. I slipped down between his legs and licked the crown of his sleeping cock with my wet tongue. It jumped and I immediately swallowed it whole. With a mouthful of saliva, I sucked earnestly as it grew like a lifeboat being inflated. The feeling of it growing in my mouth made me happy beyond description. Bill stirred and I started riding up and down on the shaft, sucking, nibbling and tonguing every centimeter of that now majestic cock. I wanted to go slow, but realizing in the back of my head that this was all I would have today, I attacked it with a vengeance.

He groaned as I took him as deep down my throat as I could. I wanted to devour him. I sucked and jerked him at the same time but this time I was thinking not of the pleasure I was giving him, but of the pleasure I derived from sucking that joyous cock. I wanted it’s inner treasure and I couldn’t wait. Feeling him grow slightly, hearing him say, “Baby, I’m almost there,” I slid his pole slowly out of my mouth while sucking in at the same time. I wrapped my tongue around his crown as he erupted, sending a salvo of cum into my mouth. I dove back down, swallowing the entire shaft as Bill filled my palate with his seed, screaming and holding my head tightly. He was bucking and I held onto him by his ass as I did all I could not to loose any of the cum. Some was sliding down his shaft but it wasn’t going far. I caught the escaping love juice with my hand sucked it back in with what I already had. I slobbered over his cock, swallowing every drop, then proceeded to tongue bathe his cock, balls and lower abdomen.

As I looked up into his eyes, Bill pulled me to him and passionately kissed me, driving his tongue deep into my still sticky mouth. I felt like I could melt right then and there! I got misty eyed as I almost begged him for an answer to the burning questions I had to have answered. How can we do this again and again, where can we meet, when can we be together again?

The answer was all I could hope for. We would find time again and again and Bill would even have a group over on occasions. His wife travels for work and there would be more of the same. I felt assured that my happiness would continue. We got dressed, went downstairs and, though I offered to help clean up, he told me I’d better leave, he could handle it. As I left his house, I gave him a kiss as a car pulled into the driveway, his wife arriving home early, as it turned out.

As she got out of the car I blurted out.”Holy christ, it’s Mandy.” What a small world! I had fucked her several years before, as had more than a few of my friends. I remembered her as a somewhat easy, yet fun-loving fuck. I never imagined I’d ever see her again, and there she was, married to the man I was falling in love with. I couldn’t help but wonder what the future was going to bring.

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