My First Time with a Nurse

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It was time for my six month check up the doctor’s clinic. When I got there the nurse, Tina, call me into the exam room.

She said, “Doctor Black was called out on an emergency, but we can do the preliminaries until he gets back.” She place the blood pressure cuff around my arm and started to pump the air into the bag.

My arm was tucked against her side and was rubbing very close to her bra cup. I slowly moved my arm until it was right up tight against her bra covered tit.

She didn’t say a word, but removed the cuff and asked me to take off my shirt. Normally the doctor listens to my chest with the stethoscope, but I did as she asked. She listened to my lungs and chest and then told me to stand up. I did as she asked and she moved in close and reached for my belt.

I stood there paralyzed as she undid the belt and unfastened my pants, letting them drop to the floor. In one smooth motion, she yanked my briefs down as well.

My cock was dangling there between my legs, all eight inches of it. She said, “you better never breath a word of this, do you understand?”

I nodded like a fool, then she pulled her blouse and pants off. She removed her panties as well to reveal a small pairs of titties and a brown hairy bush!

She got on her knees as reach for my shaft, taking it between her lips. I moaned loudly and thrust my cock into her mouth. She worked my cock over, licking the underside, and nibbling on istanbul escort the head.

It didn’t take too long until I was rock hard. She told me to lie back down on the table. I complied as she climbed over top of my cock and lowered her pussy directly above my cockhead. She seemed to hover there forever, but then she sunk down, inhaling my cock with her pussy!

She was tight as a virgin, and began sliding up and down on me. I had her asscheeks in my hands, massaging them, pulling them apart.

“Fuck me, you bastard.” That was all she would say, as she rode up and down my cock. I then cupped her tits with my hands, squeezing them with all I had.

She reached back and found my sacs. They were full of seed and she was going to milk it all out of me! I started to think about someone coming to check up on us, but I had no intention of letting this nurse stop fucking me.

I told her I was getting close to cumming, I couldn’t hold on much longer.

“Spill your baby seed into my pussy.” she said to me.”Let me have it all.” I arched up and blew a huge load of spunk into her belly.

It seems I kept cumming for minutes until I was completely dry. Tina collapsed on my chest, then eventually pulled off of me.

She found a towel and cleaned both of us up. We got dressed, but before she opened the door, she gave me a deep kiss.

She told me she was attracted to me from the first time I came istanbul escort bayan to the clinic and she always wanted to act on it. Today had been the perfect time!

Tina and I made a date to hook-up later that week. I went around to her place and as she opened the door. I received a surprise. Tina was total nude except for the briefest of panties.

I walked into her apartment and was rewarded with a deep, passionate kiss.

That is certainly a good way to start off this date,” I said.

“I thought you might like that,” she replied.

She led me back to her bedroom, where I proceeded to remove those shear panties she was wearing. Tina then began to undo my pants and remove my shirt. I took off my briefs and socks until I was standing before her, totally naked.

She pushed me back towards the bed and told me to lie there. She climbed on top of me and took my cock in her hand. Slowly, she started stroking me. She then lowered her mouth and drew me in, working on my cockhead at first, then she began to deep throating my shaft.

I thought I was going to pop my load right then and there. But Tina wasn’t going to allow that to happen just yet. She brought her mouth up and away, saliva was running down her chin.

“How did that feel, Tiger?”

I told her how close I was to cumming.

“Maybe you better use that thing before you shoot,” was her reply.

She flipped over escort istanbul onto her back, and spread her legs wide for me to see. Tina was wet, she ran a finger up and down her pussy, then put her fingers to her mouth, licking her love dew off.

She was making me crazy for her now. I climbed over top of her, aiming my cock directly at her love opening. There was a brief moment before I sunk my shaft into her.

“Mmmmmmm,” was the only reply I got back from her.

I proceeded to stroke her for all it was worth. Circling my cock around inside her, pulling my cock out, then driving it in all the way. This went on for many minutes. I lowered my mouth and took a taste of her erect nipples. Working on one, then the other.

Tina’s pussy was so wet by this time, I was sliding in easily. She had her head tilted back, taking in my cock greedily. Her pussy muscles were gripping me, urging me to release my cum. I was nearly there, but I wanted to feel her explode all over my cock. “Cum for me Tina, coat my cock.”

I pushed my cock in one more, and left it buried to the hilt. That was all it took. Tina started to orgasm, bucking beneath me as if it were the first time she had made love.

I then lost control myself and started to fire my hot load of cream into her. We were perspiring as we kept up our fucking. I felt our love juices seeping out of her hole. I was getting softer and eventually slipped out of her fucked out pussy.

We were both lying together on the bed, kissing and touching each other. Tina told me she wanted more of my cock, she was addicted now!

Tina and I are regular lovers now, we even now sometimes sneak into the doctor’s office and do it on an exam tables, just for a laugh!

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