My First Woman Ch. 2

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I sat on my computer chair wearing my favourite nightie. It was a deep blue, full length silk one. It felt so smooth and sexy against my skin and I always got very aroused when I put it on….. Tonight was no different. Tonight I was waiting for Paul to come online so I could tell him about my latest adventure with Judy. Judy was my female lover and together we’ve been meeting occasionally to explore each other’s bodies and to try different things together. Today’s adventure was the best yet. Today we’d done something neither of us had tried before.

Today was not like any other day, as I woke this morning the sun was shining and it was already getting warm. I had the day off from work and had rung Judy last night to let her know I was free today. As I lay in bed thinking of what pleasures awaited me today, I could already feel myself getting wet at the thought of what we had planned. We had agreed to meet for lunch at a local restaurant near my house. As I had a few hours to kill I decided to have a nice long soak in the bath.

I filled the bath with hot water and added my favourite sweet smelling bath salts that made large wonderful bubbles. I slowly settled into the water and laid my head back against the bath, letting the small ripples I’d caused stop slapping against my breasts. My imagination was slowly starting to work overtime, thinking of how Judy would react when she saw the new toys I’d bought. One was a pink 18 inches long double-headed dong and the other was a full-harnessed strap-on jock with build in butt plug. The thought of pushing that little plug into my ass and then fucking Judy with the 10 inch dildo attached while she knelt and played with her clit, made my juices start to flow like a river. I slide my hands down my stomach and gently touched my clit, it was very sensitive and I could feel my body start to react, my orgasm start to build. Inserting my fingers into my very wet pussy, I slowly fucked myself, all the while thinking of what was to come later today.

I dressed in a little white tank top that showed off my breasts and a very short skirt. Today I decided I would not even wear any panties. As I walked into the restaurant Judy was waiting for me and smiled as I approached her, I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek hello. “Let’s order a bottle of wine today, I feel like going all out,” I said to her, Judy said, “Yea that sounds great, you look like you are up to something here.”

” Wait till you see what I have for us at home.” I said. Judy slowly ran her tongue over her lips as she eyed up my breasts and asked, “What is it?” With a laugh I just said, “Honey wait and see, I promise you won’t be disappointed.”

We finished the wine in what seemed like indecent Çankaya Escort haste. I was sitting opposite Judy and every now and then, she would drop her shoe, stretch out her foot and slowly slide it up and down my inner thigh, she would almost reach the junction between my legs but never made it all the way. I could see the cheeky smile on her face and knew that she was doing this on purpose, seeing how long I could sit still and not press against her foot. We left the restaurant arm in arm, got into my car and headed off to my house. As we drove Judy would slide her hand up my thigh and gently tickle around my clit. I was so wet I was leaking all over my seat and Judy would get some of the juices on a finger and then slide the finger into my mouth and then she’d get some more on her finger and lick it off, always with a satisfied mmmmmmmmmmmmm…..

No sooner were we inside and Judy turned to me and kissed me with her tongue darting in out of my mouth, at the same time her slender fingers fucking my hot wet pussy was more than I could bear, my knees getting weak, as I could feel my orgasm building. “Fuck me hard and fast don’t stop, don’t stop,” I breathlessly screamed as I came for what felt like an eternity. “Now it is your turn,” I said as I greedily licked her juicy wet fingers covered with my cum, I took her hand and we went to the bedroom. Stripping our clothes off on the way there, leaving a trail of clothes behind us. Judy laid on the bed as my eager mouth sought out her erect nipples, I gently bit them, flicked them with my tongue and sucked on them greedily, ever so slowly I worked my way down to what I knew was going to be her very hot, wet pussy.

I caught the scent of her juices as I slowly edged closer; Judy opened her legs very wide and bent her knees slightly. I placed my hands under her thighs and pushed them up towards her breasts. This opened her pussy and allowed me access to her clit, pussy and asshole. I gently circled her clit then slide my tongue into her pussy, gathering a tongue full of juices then I spread them over and into her ass. I raised my head a little and smiled as I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked the bud hard with the tip of my tongue. With her legs off the bed, Judy couldn’t arch her back as much as normal so I didn’t have to fight to hold my position. I slide my tongue back inside her pussy, curled my tongue and ran the tip along the roof, then pushed it back in and repeated the process. Her thick juices rolled down my throat, tasting sweeter as her climax approached. I knew she couldn’t last much longer so I slide a finger into her ass, which was all that was needed to send her over the edge. Her orgasm hit Keçiören Escort hard and I held on and sucked on her clit until she started to relax her body. I made my slow way up her body and kissed her mouth, smiling as I said, “Hi babe.”

When her breathing had returned to nearly normal, I reached over to the bed stand and took out the little present I had bought us, the look on Judy’s face when she saw the strap on cock, “When did you get this?” she asked with a wry grin, “I thought it is about time we became a little more adventurous and anyway I wanted to know what it must look like when our men do this to us.” Judy immediately went to lick it,”Hey! Let me get this on first,” I laughed; I loved the way she was surprised by our new toy. I strapped it on and made sure the butt plug was inserted into my tight asshole, Judy got on her haunches and licked and sucked the cock for a minute, “Ok baby, turn around and on your hands and knees, I want to do this doggy style,”

” yes please,” she said. She was still very wet and the cock slid easily into her hot craving pussy. I slowly started to fuck her, holding on to her ass cheeks, spreading them apart, licked my finger, and inserted it into her tight ass, fucking her pussy and ass at the same time, just watching that hard cock go in and out of her hot and very wet pussy made me nearly cum, it was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, the feeling of fucking my best friend like this and the added bonus of the plug in my tight asshole was nearly more than I could bear. “Oh fuck yes, this feels so good, fuck me harder and faster I am going to cum!!” She screamed, “Yes Yes Yes”.

Judy was so close that when she touched her own clit she exploded inside. She pushed back hard against the hard cock that was embedded deep inside her and the finger that was fully inserted into her ass. I continued to fuck her pussy and ass until she fell forward exhausted. I sat back on my heels and looked down at the hard cock sticking out in front of my own wet pussy, it was covered completely in Judy’s juices. I ran my finger along it and then put the finger into my mouth, tasting how sweet she was. Judy rolled onto her back and smiled up at me, “Mmmmmmmm that was sooooo good babe.” She sat up and started her blow job action again, cleaning the hard cock of her juices. I could understand how men where always wanting a blow job, apart from the feelings they must get, the sight of their cock slowly disappearing into a woman’s mouth must bring them close to cumming alone.

Judy undid the side buckles, eased the plug out of my ass and gently took the harness of me. I helped her to put the harness on and enjoyed licking Etimesgut Escort the butt plug and then easing it into her very tight asshole. This time I wanted to lie on my back as she fucked me, I wanted to feel her breasts against mine and I wanted her to see the pleasure she was giving me. I placed a pillow in the middle of the bed, lay with my hips on it and then raised my legs so my knees touched my breasts, opening my pussy up. Judy shuffled across the bed and placed the head of the cock against my pussy lips. She rubbed the head against my clit making me moan with pleasure then she eased the cock slowly into my pussy, pushing forward until it was all the way deep inside me, the tip just touching my cervix.

Judy loved to tease me, so slowly she moved the cock all the way in then ever so slowly out, I was resting on my elbows and as she did this, I was pulling and tugging at my nipples at the same time as she was controlling the cock in me, slowly driving me insane, ever so slowly in and out. I reached down with my right hand and found my swollen clit, gently rubbing it, moving my ass up to meet every thrust of Judy’s cock, shit this felt so good, my hand was wet from my soaking wet pussy, so I brought my hand up to my mouth to lick my fingers, tasting my very sweet juices. Feeling myself ready to explode I moaned,” For Christ’s sake Judy, fuck me as hard as you can.”

My hand back down on my swollen clit, rubbing it, teasing it. Judy started to fuck me harder and faster now, my ass moving up and down to meet her, trying to match the hard cock inside me. “Fuck yes, oh fuck” I moaned, my head buried deep in the pillow, I was losing all sense of everything except for the feeling of the earth shattering orgasm that was wracking my body, “More, more” I cried, “Please don’t stop.” My body totally exhausted now, I edged forward a little and just lay face down on the bed, waiting to catch my breath, my heart was pounding in my chest, and I was covered in sweat, my sweet juices dripping down my legs.

Judy eased the cock out of me and just to tease me more than anything else, she bent her head down and gently licked the juices that flowed from inside me. She removed the harness herself, I don’t think I could have been much use as my body was still gently shaking. When she’d placed the harness on the bedside table, Judy lay down beside me and gently kissed my mouth, eyes, cheeks and finally my neck. Just little kisses, barely touching my skin but so beautiful. After about 10 minutes of gentle cuddling and kissing, I got up and, taking Judy’s hand, led her into the shower. I made sure the water wasn’t too hot then we both got in under the streaming water. It felt wonderful. Judy ran her soapy hands over my back, ass and legs then turned round, letting me do the same to her, we then took a long time soaping each other’s breasts and stomachs. We dried each other off with big fluffy towels, made some coffee and went into the living room to relax and watch TV. Judy was staying the night with me and I knew we’d be having lots of fun later tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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