My Friend’s Husband

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“Just get in the pool hun!” Eric yelled to his wife, annoyance filling his tone.

Miranda’s only response was to shake her head and dropped her eyes back down to her phone. Eric let out a sigh and swam back over towards me.

“Ever since she had the baby she’s convinced she’s hideous.”

I’ve been friends with Miranda for about five years, and I know that she’s always had issues with her weight, even before her baby that was born a few months ago. She also confided in me about how her problems with appearance were interfering with her new marriage. Eric & her had only been married for about two years, almost straight out of high school, and things were quickly going down hill. But I barely knew him and wasn’t about to bring any of it up with him.

“She’ll get over it” I said casually, not knowing what else to say.

Eric nodded briefly and then smiled mischievously at me. I returned with a confused look, then quickly caught on when he began swimming towards me. “Don’t even think about it!” I shouted while slowly backing up. My words meant nothing to him as he grabbed me around my waist, picked me up and tossed me a few feet away from him.

I rose from the water with the intention of playing mad, but couldn’t help but laugh. Once I wiped the water from my face, I angled my arm at the perfect position to splash a huge wave of water at him, until I saw the look on his face. I followed his eyes down to my chest, where my left breast had gotten loose from my pink polka dot bikini top. Embarrassed, I franticly adjusted my top and put my tit back where it belonged. I glanced at Miranda, who still sat on the deck with her eyes glued to her phone. Thank God she hadn’t seen Eric staring at my bare breast.

When I looked back to Eric he still had his eyes glued to me, but instead they were burning right into mine. Lust was flaring in his gorgeous blue eyes and water was trickling from his spiky blond hair, dripping down his sharp features and trailing down his well toned chest…I mentally shook myself and decided the istanbul escort best action would be to completely remove myself from this situation.

I hopped out of the pool and told Miranda I was done swimming and desperately wanted a shower. She briefly looked away from her phone and smiled, “that’s fine, we’ll be ok out here.” I smiled back and headed upstairs.

I let my long, dark hair drop from the hair clip and jumped in the shower. The cool water felt great against my warm skin. Although I had been in the pool, the water was heated from the 110 degree weather.

I soon realized Eric wasn’t the only one with desire as I soaped my tits and led my hand down my flat stomach towards my neatly shaved pussy. Slipping my middle finger easily into my cunt, I rubbed my clit with my thumb, all the while massaging my tender nipples with my left hand. I was so overwhelmed by the pleasure that I didn’t notice someone had joined me in the bathroom until they had actually stepped into the shower with me.

I spun quickly in the shower to be greeted by the same bare chest that was in the pool with me. I swallowed hard and looked up, meeting Eric’s crystal blue eyes and white smile.

I bit my lip and moaned, feeling like an idiot considering he wasn’t even touching me.

“Hello beautiful” he said as he slid his arm around my waist.

“What…what are you doing?” I stammered

His smile turned to something different just then, it wasn’t just a gesture, it was full of lust and passion and just then I knew I needed to taste him. I pressed my body against him and kissed him hungrily, biting his bottom lip and sucking on his tongue.

After a few moments of heavy making out, I managed to pull myself off of him. “What about Miranda?” I asked, breathing heavily.

“She finally got in the pool, complete with t-shirt and shorts” he said bitterly.”

“And what doe she think you’re doing?” I asked

He smiled the same mischievous smile he gave me in the pool. “At the store getting some istanbul escort bayan things to BBQ for later.”

The fact that we had time to do whatever we wanted filled my mind, and my concern for my friends feelings vanished. I was going to give her husband everything she wouldn’t.

I grind my hips against his semi-hard cock and smiled as he leaned his head back in pleasure. I replaced my hip thrusts with my hand, slowly jerking his cock until it was fully erect at about 8 inches.

“Mmm” I moaned “How can she not want to fuck this beautiful cock every night?” I asked, my voice more of a growl.

He didn’t respond, his breathing was quickening and his hips were thrusting in motion with my hand. “Not yet, I’m not even close to done with you.”

I bent down awkwardly in the shower, adjusting myself on my knees as the water hit the back of my head and slid down my back. Grabbing his cock tightly, I licked the tip before letting just the tip slip into my inviting mouth.

He slammed his cock into my mouth deeply, and I knew he was wanting to cum right then. I forced his big dick out of my mouth, “It’s been a little too long, hm?” I asked innocently. He looked down at me and without saying a word, he took a fistful of my hair and guided me back to his giant cock.

“Suck it now and suck me good, I’m gonna cum all over you, you little slut.”

Normally, talking dirty wouldn’t do much for me, but in this situation I thought I was going to cum before him. I placed two fingers back on my throbbing clit as I continued to wildly suck him off. He forcefully rocked his body against my face, forcing me to take in nearly his entire cock.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum soon!” He yelled. I slid my mouth off his engorged manhood and began sucking on his balls, taking them into my mouth one at a time. “HOLY FUUUCCK!” he screamed and nearly slid down the bathroom wall. He grabbed my hair against and put my face directly in front of his cock, but wouldn’t let me place my lips on it. I began jacking him escort istanbul off instead, and soon enough huge streams of cum were pouring from his cock. Load after load they landed on my lips and I lick as much of it as I could. His juices tasted heavenly.

He just lay there for a moment, leaning against the shower while I continue to rub my clit, close to orgasming. I closed my eyes and began furiously rubbing my sensitive piece when suddenly, my hand was pulled away & it was replaced with a tongue. “Oh God!” I moaned, so surprised at the jolt of pleasure that ran through my body at that moment.

His tongue probed in and out of my dripping wet cunt as his large thumb rapidly rubbed against my sore clit. “I’m…gonna…cum” I managed to breath as I dug my nails into his shoulders. To my disappointed, he removed his tongue just then. I quickly went to move my fingers and finish the job, until I felt his cock pressing against my pussy lips.

“Yes! Fuck me with your monster prick!” I yelled excitedly. Without hesitation, he slammed his cock into me. No thrusting was needed, his cock was engulfed inside of me with one quick motion. I screamed with a mix of pain and pleasure, letting him fuck me full force and balls deep. I had the best orgasm of my life, my juices poured all over his massive cock as he still thrust into me. Once my orgasm subside, he pulled out of me.

“Bend over the side, now!” he demanded

I smiled knowing he wasn’t finished, and did exactly what he said. I bent over, placing my hands on the edge of the tub and spread my legs. He didn’t hesitate, he slid his cock back into my sore pussy and fucked me with the same desire and hungriness as the first time.

“Tell me how much you love my cock, tell me how good it feels to be fucking your friends husband” he grunted and slapped my ass multiple times.

“Your dick is amazing, I’ve never been fucked so good. Miranda doesn’t deserve such a yummy cock!” and with that, he let out another flow of cum into my pussy and I orgasm along with him as he reached around and rubbed my clit.

He stayed still, resting against my back trying to calm his breathing. Once we were both a little more together he said “I think I’m going to want to come swimming more often.” and with that, he began pumping his cock in and out of my beat up pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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