My Girl-Suzanne

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If you’re underage or offended by erotic literature, don’t read any further. In fact if either of those describes you-get off this website.

This work is not available for copy or distribution without permission from the author.



My name is…well name’s not important. Call me Ishmael-nah, just kidding. You can call me Nick. But I’m not writing this to tell you about me. I’m writing this to tell you about my girls. These are the girls I’ve known, the girls I’ve loved.

I’m a lucky man. I have a good life. I’m a musician. I’ve worked tours, studios, jingles, composing, songwriting, engineering and producing. My job is incredibly fun and I’ve made pretty good money at it. No, I’m not famous. Don’t even ask. You wouldn’t recognize my name if I told you.

I’ve had the chance to see some amazing places and meet some amazing women along the way. I’m going to tell you about some of them-not all, but some. Over the years I’ve slept with about three hundred women. I’m not bragging or anything, I’m just trying to make a point. My point is that the stories here are based on those girls. Some of the stories are combinations of more than one girls’ tale, but that’s only to keep me from writing hundreds of stories. What you’re about to read is based on true events.

Whether you believe them or not doesn’t make any difference to me. I got to live them so that’s all I need. Now I’m an old married guy, middle age is slipping by and I’m just reminiscing about the girls I’ve known in my life. Don’t get me wrong. I may not be chasing after girls anymore but I’m still a lucky man. I’ve spent over twenty years now with the same girl and I love it. I’ve never been happier and I’ve never been unfaithful. But every now and then I stop to remember….


The first fake breast I ever touched belonged to a girl named Suzanne. I didn’t even know it was an implant at first. When I grabbed it my mind was somewhere else-somewhere tight, dark, hot and wet. It was a wonderful distraction…

I first saw Suzanne dancing with a kind of sleazy-looking guy while I was onstage. It could have been her long, wavy brown hair whipping around or the long, lean body that made me look her way but the first thing I remember was her smile. Her cute crooked smile just lit up the room full of gyrating bodies. When I looked at her eyes, I realized she was staring right back at me.

As I played I watched her body move gracefully, sensuously in the crowd of spastic, clumsy dancers. She was 5’7″ (but taller in her heels) with nipple length wavy brown hair and a 36C-24-34 figure. Her movements were so smooth and fluid she looked like she was the only person who knew what to do when the music played. I was so envious of that guy. It was one of the hundreds of times I wanted to be down in the crowd with a woman’s body up against me instead of up on stage.

I had wanted to be down there so many times. I had to do something and I did. When my solo came up I jumped off the stage and into the crowd. Everybody went nuts. The guys in the band didn’t know what to do, but they kept playing. I moved around the dance floor as I played. I ended up in the middle of three girls and played to each of them, one after the other. Then I felt someone sliding down my back. I turned my head and caught a glimpse of Suzanne in profile. With our backs together we slid up and down as I played. It was incredible. The crowd went so crazy that the band let me go on and on with my solo. But the time I got back onstage, we went to the final chorus of the tune and the club was filled with people yelling for more.

James, the lead singer told me later that for a second he thought I’d fallen off the stage. The bartender, Max, told me he was going to kick my ass for doing it until he saw how much people liked it. Now, he was going to kick my ass if I didn’t do it every night.

When we moved on to big venues I’d leap down to the floor of the hall and security would lift me back up afterward, but back when I started doing it in little clubs I was on my own. I can’t tell you how many nights I walked around a club stepping from chair to table to chair as I played. I’ve lost count of how many bars I ran down or how many people I danced with. It was great. It helped he break out of my shell too. Soon I was the guy who did summersaults onstage while he played and jumped up on top of amps. That had never been me before.

But that first night was just for Suzanne. If no one else had even been there I’d still wanted to jump off stage and dance with her. A couple of songs later, at the end of our set, James told me to take a break. They had a request for an old ballad and I should lay out for this tune. I thought he was pissed at me for showing off until he pointed over my shoulder and there was Suzanne. “Go get her, kid.”, he said.

The next few minutes were like being in a movie. The people around me faded away and all that was left was music, lights and this soft, sensuous woman moving around istanbul escort the dance floor with me. We moved together like it was choreographed. We fit. It was so intense. When the band took a break, everybody came over to talk to us.

All around us the guys were saying, “That was fantastic. Who is she? How did you guys put this whole thing together? How long have you been planning this?” The guys kept bugging me and I didn’t even know her name-I’d never even heard her voice.

She leaned over and whispered to me, “Come with me.” and pulled me away.

As we moved through the people I said, “Later, guys. I’ll be back-maybe.”

Tugging me along behind her she stepped over the rope to the VIP section that was closed for the night. I looked over at Max and he waved us on.

When we got upstairs she pushed me down into a dark booth and settled into my lap. I said, “Who….”

“Oh, shut up already.” she said kissing me.

Warm, soft wet lips…my whole world was filled with the feeling of warm, soft, wet lips and I loved it. As I nibbled my way up and down her neck, breathlessly she said, “Suzanne.”


“Suzanne. My name is Suzanne.”

“Oh, I’m….”

“I know who you are.” she said kissing me again. “I know a lot about you.”

“Do you?”

“Yeah. I know you’ve been married and divorced twice. I know you raised your son alone because your first wife left you when she hooked up with a coke dealer who was in a biker gang. I also know that yesterday your second divorce was final and you’re now a free man.”

The date had slipped my mind. The waiting period had ended. It was official. I was single again. It took a second for all that to sink in for me. “Wait how do you know that?”

“From the gossips at the courthouse.”, she answered. “Your wife and her lawyer have tried to paint you as a bum musician, but with you being a single dad who was given custody after your first marriage ended, it’s been a tough sell. I’m a lawyer so I’m at the courthouse a lot.”

The part of me that knew lawyers as evil, blood-sucking leeches kicked in. “You’re a lawyer?”

“Yeah, a criminal attorney. I’ve seen you hanging around at your uncles’ place a few times, you just never noticed me.”

“How could I have missed you?”

“Well, for the last six months all you could think about was your divorce. Plus, I think you’re kind of an idiot.” she said smiling. “But only when it comes to your ex-wife.”

“You work for Uncle Tim?” She nodded. “And Uncle Nathan?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“They’re bad guys. You’re a defense attorney.” I caught myself right before I said ‘mob lawyer’.

“Yeah, I am. I know you’ve stayed out of the family business and refused to take their money, but I do.”

“We’ll they’re not really bad guys. Inside they’re both nice, sweet guys.”, I said. Suzanne leaned back and looked at me skeptically. “Well, if you go very, very deep inside…no, they’re…”

“Bad guys. I know. But they’re not as bad as everybody thinks they are. They’ve been going crazy because they want to help you out. But they know you don’t want them to. I’ve been hearing about you for months now. And Tim keeps telling me ‘what a good boy you are’ and how ‘a nice girl like me ought to find a good boy like you’. I’ve been hearing it for months.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Her impression of Uncle Tim was pretty good. In my best impression of him I said, ‘Come here, darling. That’s too much with the talking here.” and pulled her back to kiss her again.

We made out and felt each other up through my break. I had to go back onstage for one more set and if my guitar hadn’t been hanging in front of me, it would have been embarrassing. Between watching her dance and thinking about that make out session, I was hard the rest of the night. When we were done for the night, I’d usually hang out with the guys and BS for a while or go to an after hours joint and then head out someplace for breakfast before I went home to sleep for the day.

But tonight after I finished playing and starting packing up my guitar, Suzanne popped up right beside me and asked, “Are you ready yet?”

James and Pete (our drummer) were both laughing as James told me to get out of there. “See you tomorrow, kid…if you survive.” Their laughter followed us out the door.

The top was down on her car just a few feet down the street. “Why don’t you throw your guitar in the backseat?”, she asked. “Then she tossed me the keys and said, “You drive.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I was taught to never drive with my mouth full.” she said with an evil grin.

Two minutes later we were flying down the road with the wind in my hair and my cock in her mouth. I was starting to think it wasn’t a good idea for me to drive with her mouth full either. “Oh, dear God, please give me a break. I may kill us if you keep doing that.”

She pulled her mouth off me and leaned on my shoulder and said, “If you get me to your place istanbul escort bayan fast enough I won’t do that again.”

Luckily there was no traffic and no cops to pull us over. I got back to my place quicker than I ever had before. Climbing the stairs to my apartment I had to hold my guitar case in front of me because she wouldn’t let go of my dick.

As soon as the door closed behind us, I dropped my guitar and started stripping her. I literally ripped her dress off. She was left in a lacy, half-bra that showed off her C-cup tits to perfection, a tiny pair of matching lace panties, a garter belt and stockings. I knew then what I wanted to do.

Pulling her in close to me I whispered in her ear, “I want you…I want you now.”, and grabbing the front of her panties I tore them off her. They bunched up in her crotch and drug through her pussy lips, spreading them apart and pressing on her engorged clit as they ripped to shreds. Her breath caught in her throat and she quivered in her arousal. “Now, I want to fuck you. You look so hot and so fuckable.”, I said. With that I backed her up against the wall next to the front door and shoved my hard cock into her in one long, hard, deep stroke.

Moaning in my ear, she came hard. Her cunt soaked my cock and my pants as her juices gushed out on me. “Oh, yeah. Fuck me. Please fuck me,” she said.

“I could never refuse a request as polite as that.” I said pinning her against the wall and pounding into her. She came two more times in rapid succession before I shoved into her one last time and filled her with a load of come that had kept my balls boiling. Months of being alone had built up in me and I let them all loose in her.

As I stepped back, she slid to the floor and took me in her mouth, licking and sucking me clean until I was too sensitive to take it. I looked down at her and realized how roughly, how brutally I’d been fucking her.

“Are you alright?”

“No…I’m great.”, she answered with a satisfied smile. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to do that. I loved it.” She was grinning from ear to ear. Holding out her hand she said, “Help me up. You actually knocked me off my feet with that cock of yours. I’ve never come so hard or fast in my life.”

After I got her to her feet, I leaned over and scooped her up in my arms. As we kissed I started down the hall to my bedroom. “Are you up for more?”, I asked.

“Yeah, I am, but are you?”, she responded. Reaching behind her she grabbed hold of my still-hard cock. “I guess you are. Does this ever go down?”, she asked.

“Let’s find out.”

“After you were so rough, I didn’t expect you to be such a gentleman, carrying me to your boudoir and all.”, she teased.

I like being called a gentleman…but I came back saying, “What makes you think I’m being gentlemanly? I’m just getting you back here as quickly as I can. I want to throw you down in my bed and fuck you again.”

“Good.”, she said. “Just don’t stop until I can’t walk.”

“No problem. Let’s see how much cock you can take.” With that I stopped at the side of the bed and threw her down making her land spread-eagle on the soft bedding.

Immediately she scrambled to hang her head over the side of the bed and take my cock in her mouth. With one hand alternating between her nipples where they peaked out over the lace of her bra cups and the wet lips of her pussy, she grabbed me at the base of my shaft and started sucking my cock with incredible intensity. Reaching for my ass, she pulled me deeper and deeper into her hot, wet mouth until she had her lips stretched tight around the base of my cock. A low, guttural moan vibrated down the length of my shaft as she came.

I wrapped her hair around my hands and started to fuck her face. She came again as I fed her my cock. Finally get dangerously close to loosing control, I pulled her mouth off me and threw her onto her back. Before she could catch her breath I was on her and sliding my cock up to her pussy. She grabbed my cock and shoved it into her soaking wet cunt then wrapped her long legs around my waist and pulled me in.

With our mouths and groins locked together, we fucked slow and deep. I grabbed her firm ass in my hands and pulled her tight to me. Spreading her cheeks apart I let the juices that were pouring of her pussy lube the tip of my finger before I slid it into her ass. Tensing up and wailing in my ear, she came again.

“You like that don’t you, Baby?”

“Oh, I’ve never…”she said her voice wandering off.

“You’ve never what?”, I asked her.

Looking me in the eye she said, “I’ve never felt like this. I’ve never felt so beautiful, or so desired. I’ve never had anyone take me like I was a prize. I’ve never had anyone fuck my face or my pussy like that. I’ve never had anybody fuck my ass and I’ve never come so many times…and you’re still hard and fucking me.”

“What do you want me to do now?”

“Please fuck my pussy and make me come again. escort istanbul Fuck my pussy, fuck my face, fuck my ass if you want to. Just take me-use me-fuck me.”

I kissed her hard and long before I flipped her over and took her from behind, riding her like a bitch in heat. As I got close to coming I pulled her up to me so she was on her knees with her back arched she pointed those beautiful tits up and I ripped the lacy little bra off her tits. I squeezed and mauled her tits in my hands before I pushed her face down into the bedclothes and pounded into her as I came.

We were curled up for a while before she slid off my dick and crawled around to take me in her mouth again. She seemed to love to lick and suck our come off my cock. She sucked me and licked me almost reverently. “You’re an amazing man. And you have an amazing cock,” she said quietly.

I laid back and pulled her on top of me. She ground her pussy against me with an almost frightened look said, “You’re still hard. I can’t believe that you’re still hard.”

I told her that I could stay hard for hours and get off four or five times or more before I got soft. More than once I’d found women couldn’t keep up and I’d have to get them off and leave with my cock still hard.

Sliding her wet gash up and down the shaft she said, “Well, tonight I’m going to fuck you until I can’t come anymore. Then when I can’t fuck you anymore, I want you to keep fucking me until you can’t stand.”

I played with her perfect tits while she rode me until she came. Then I rolled her over for another fast, noisy fuck. I got her up on her hands and knees and slipped my cock in between the firm cheeks of her ass. She wiggled and moaned as I teased her with the head of my cock. We were both so soaked in each juices we didn’t need any other lube. She was so exhausted she didn’t even tense up as I popped the head of my dick in her ass. A low groan came from deep inside her as I kept pushing in deeper and deeper. Quick shallow little thrusts in and out made her loosen up for me.

“Oh, God help me, I love it. Please fuck my ass…please.”

When her second ‘please’ I showed the rest of my shaft up her virgin asshole. Tight, hot flesh squeezed me as she came with a howl. She’d come just from having me in her ass and was about the pinch my dick off at the root with her muscles as they spasmed with her orgasm.

By now I’d come four times and the next one wasn’t going to be soon. I took her ass slowly and gently, then fast and hard, then rolled over and let her ride me with my cock in her ass while we took turns making her come by playing with her tits and pussy.

We went on and on. After finally unloaded my balls in her ass, she cleaned my cock off with a wet washcloth and rode me to another shuddering climax. We fucked in every position imaginable and probably some that aren’t.

The next morning I freaked out when I saw blood on my sheets. It took a while for her to calm me down and convince me she was okay. She was sore and exhausted but okay. We both had lost count of how many times she came. She knew it was well over a dozen because she’d lost count at ten. I’d set a record that I’ve never beaten since. I got off seven times in a row without going soft and fucked her for nine hours.

I missed rehearsal the next day. Even though the guys were pissed, when they heard her voice in the background, they understood why. She called in sick that morning and the next. We barely got out of bed for two days. We spent a lot of time just holding each other and talking. It was good for us both. We both had issues about ourselves, love and sex and they were easy to talk about after that first night.

Suzanne confessed to me she’d never felt pretty. With her fit, curvy body I couldn’t understand. Then she showed me why. One side of her body was smaller than the other. Her left and right hands and feet were different sizes. I didn’t believe her until she held them side-by-side for me to see. Her left leg and left arm were longer than her right. I had thought she just stood with a sexy tilt to her hips, but it was the way she was built.

What she saw as a birth defect, I saw as a charming crooked smile and a rakish casual quality. She told me how in school kids had given her such a hard time because she had to wear different size shoes on each foot, her clothes all hung crooked and she’d had to pad one cup of her bra. The worst was going through puberty and having one breast grow to a overflow a B cup and the other barely get past a double A.

When she’d started making some money writing legal briefs, she’d gotten a boob job. She hadn’t had both done, just one. Her left was a perfect, round, firm C cup so she’d had the doctor make the right one the same. After she’d started working for Uncle Tim and Uncle Nathan they sent her to Saul, the tailor, and he custom fit all her clothes.

Now she never bought anything without Saul putting his touch on it. They accepted her, faults and all. Like me they saw the beautiful girl inside her, not the awkward kid she once was. The day I knew she’d really come to accept herself is impossible to forget. She called me up in the middle of the night, wanting to come over for a booty call. When I answered the phone she giggled and said, “I lean here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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