My Girlfriend’s Best Friend Sabrina Ch. 05

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If you’re one of my Romance fans, I suggest you skip this series since it’s all group sex.


Sabrina sat in her car, unsure of what to do next. She supposed she could have driven to the cleaners to drop off Kaya’s stained white shorts, but she didn’t feel particularly compelled to do so, not right now anyway. Her hands clenched the steering wheel, peering over the hood of her mammoth SUV. The large black vehicle turned heads in the city, giving her plenty of attention she thrived on by driving it amongst the sea of smaller economical cars. It’d turn heads, guaranteed. At the moment though, all she wanted was to hide herself from the world.

She wasn’t sure why she felt the way she did, she only knew she did. It was a mixture of emptiness, as well as anger- not at any one thing, but enough to make her a grouch this morning. Sabrina was never one to be particularly in touch with her sensitive side, and bristled at the notion she was soft- finding the entire experience humiliating in accepting it as some sort of weakness. She was, however, tired. Exhausted even. It was a Sunday morning and she had no intention of doing anything other than lounging about her apartment. Sabrina rubbed her eyes, feeling how dry and coarse they felt. Coffee. She needed coffee.

The neighborhood around Dennis’ home was bare from any Starbucks or even Peets- Sabrina wondered how he could afford such a place. What did he do for a living anyway? She blinked and spaced for a moment; she had no idea what he did. She should ask. ‘Text him, I’ll text him’ she thought, but not before some coffee- can’t come off as too clingy. Focusing back on coffee, she remembered the small shop she had been to with Dennis when they met up previously. It was a bit snobbish and teeming with snooty hipster vibes, but it was the wake-up bean juice she needed and beggars certainly couldn’t be choosers.

Driving down the block, she parked beside a hybrid and someone’s vespa. Upon spotting the small shop, she smirked. She thought back to how Dennis had exposed her nipples out in the open- the thought of which made hers grow hard yet again. She’d have to do something equally daring with Dennis another time, when they could have some more alone time.

‘More alone time’, Sabrina thought, remembering Kaya was probably with him right now. Most likely giving him an earful about how much she didn’t want Sabrina around anymore. Sabrina’s lips pursed tightly imagining that scenario- not that it required much imagination. It was obvious Kaya loved it, yet she acted so cold the morning after. What a fucking cunt, Sabrina thought. She made HER boyfriend satisfied for once, Kaya should be thanking her rather than acting like a frosty bitch. Maybe if she got off her high horse she might even learn a thing or two. Fuck her, Sabrina thought as she pulled her phone out. She turned around and opened the camera, smiling widely as she snapped a photo of herself with the coffee shop in the background. Sabrina took a moment to pause, debating whether or not she should expose a nipple, or at least tease it. Imagining Dennis opening it in front of Kaya made her smile. It wasn’t a great picture but her sunglasses hid her sleep deprived eyes.

‘You exposed me to good coffee ;)’ she typed into her phone, smirking to herself at her subtle play on words. Sabrina glanced at the last messages between her and Dennis, spotting the nudes she sent him. They weren’t great, she’d have to take better ones- for her own sake anyway. She hit send and walked across the street, making sure not to look both ways.

Inside she found the shop much in the same way as it was before- virtually empty. Did anyone come here? She looked over towards the cashier/barista who was busying herself on her phone. Clearly she was working hard for her paycheck.

“Excuse me?” Sabrina said in a rather bitchy tone. The barista looked up and smiled. “I’ll just have a, um…” Sabrina began, looking at the simple menu. “Iced coffee. To go.”

“Of course,” the barista said typing the information onto the register. A silence fell over the two as she did, and Sabrina handed her her debit card before the barista could even figure out the total. More silence followed.

“No boyfriend today?”

Sabrina blinked and was stirred from her thoughts.

“Um, what?” she asked rather flatly. “What are you talking about?” Feeling a lack of control was easily Sabrina’s biggest pet peeve, but misunderstandings were high on that list as well.

The barista’s enthusiasm and cheery tone, however, were not to be squashed today.

“Yesterday!” she said with a smile. “You came in with the guy who always comes in here- Dennis.” Sabrina knew women, being one herself and all, and knew there was something else at work here.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” she answered back, looking the barista in the eyes. Was this the same girl? There was no way it was. Yesterday a plain but dorky girl took their order, Sabrina recalled, with shitty glasses and bad hair. etiler escort Today the barista wore a simple outfit consisting of cutoff denim shorts along with a V neck t-shirt, white and somewhat translucent, all of course under a small but functional apron. Her hair was up in a high ponytail and her face sported some makeup on. The only clue that could lead one to believe both girls were one in the same was the well worn pair of glasses.

“Were…were you here yesterday?” Sabrina asked, now a bit confused.

“Oh, yeah,” the barista began with a snort of laughter. “I wasn’t supposed to come in today but my coworker called out and like, she called me and woke me up and I was like yeah I can do it yeah.” Sabrina caught most of that, as much as she could given the barista spouted it in one long stream of breath.

“Oh. Ok.” Sabrina answered. “So why are you dressed all like,” she said motioning her finger up and down the barista. “Like that?”

“Oh well because my coworker called out.”

“But I thought you said she called you first thing in the morning?”

“Oh well, no. I didn’t say that. I didn’t mean to.” At this point, the barista pulled a carafe of iced coffee from the small refrigerator under the counter and poured a cup for Sabrina, lancing it with a straw she thrust in rather violently.

Something clearly felt off. Sabrina could tell this girl was a bit unhinged. That’s what happens when you give crazy girls a bit of attention, she thought, they end up doing psycho shit. Sabrina quickly opened her mouth, ready to give a juicy detail about Dennis to tease the poor girl. Sure she was a bit…off…but that would make teasing her just a bit more wild. However, she couldn’t think of anything to say. She didn’t know where he was, what he did, or even one of his favorite things to bait the barista with. Sabrina was stumped.

“I’ll tell him you say hi,” Sabrina finally said, grabbing the cup with one hand while her other finger reached over and pressed into the nametag on the barista’s apron, spotting the name ‘Lisa’ on it with a small heart dotting the I. “Lisa.” she finished, pushing her finger into the barista’s boob slightly. “Cute heart.” she added turning around, shaking her hips just enough to show off her small but perky ass.


Lily’s face and demure body language told me she found the photos of Kaya, Sabrina and myself naked perverse, but her rapt attention and intent gaze told another story. She paused on one, her small open mouth growing in size before quietly gasping and then pinching her mouth closed tight. I assumed she had seen Sabrina’s lips wrapped around my cock while Kaya looked on, knowing her friend was better at pleasing her own boyfriend.

The very notion of Lily seeing these pictures took Kaya about a minute to realize, which finally hit her like a bolt of lighting. Kaya sat up straight, and reached for my arm, grabbing it tight before looking at me horrified.

“Lily!” she said suddenly, turning to the backseat. “ARE. YOU. NO. STOP.”

The thought was there but I imagined Kaya simply didn’t want to yell ‘don’t look at those nudes of me’. If she was embarrassed of accidental flashing, I’d imagine she’d die of shame knowing Lily got an eyeful of her cuckquean exploits. All I could do was simply look confused in between trying to keep my eyes on the road, unsure of why Kaya was acting up. I was her dumb boyfriend after all, why was she getting mad at me for?

Lily may have been a bit of a basketcase, but she wasn’t dumb by any stretch of the immagination- her attending the same elite university as Kaya was proof positive her brain was sharper than she let on. She exemplified this with lighting quick speed, clicking on the address and turning the phone towards Kaya just in time for the directions to load on screen. Clever girl, I thought.

“I’ve just been looking at the map why?” Lily asked, her voice sounding completely and unconvincingly meek. She glanced over at me, then back at Kaya. “It opened right to it.” she added, clearly trying to cover her trail. Still, her voice and acting skills were…less than satisfactory- she didn’t come out to LA to act is all I’m saying. Silence filled the car, as we all glanced at one another. I decided to break the tension.

“You alright?” I asked, in a marginally better acting job. It would take two to tango.

“Don’t you remember?” Kaya whispered loudly to me. “The…you know?”

It was my job to act shocked, my mouth opening wide and looking over at Lily. I said nothing, simply staring in disbelief. It may have been good enough to fool Lily who’s brow furrowed for a split second before her eyes widened, looking as thought she was all alone, cornered in the car like an animal. She hunched down a bit, looking a bit defeated.

“What’s wrong?” she asked in a pained voice.

Kaya looked at her, then back at me. She reached for the phone and took it from Lily, scrolling through it before locking eve gelen escort the screen and putting it in her pocket.

“Nothing.” she said plainly without looking at Lily. It immediately became awkward, before I cleared my throat and looked for a way to alleviate the tension.

“Hey you know what always makes beach trips better?” I asked out loud.

“Is something wrong?” Lily asked almost tearfully at a silent Kaya.

“BOOZE!” I added.

I pulled my car over about a block later, spotting a nondescript liquor store. Both girls remained silent, so I took it as cause for me to keep controlling the damage.

“Hey Lily let’s get some beer and drinks and stuff.” I said looking back at her with a soft smile. “Also if you behave, maybe snacks. Maybe.” Lily could probably tell I wanted to talk to her, or that I was simply trying to ease the tension so she nodded and quietly uttered a ‘yes’ before hopping out of the car. Anything to escape that situation, I gathered. I turned towards Kaya who looked at me with a very annoyed look.

“You’re cute when you’re mad,” I said as my hand reached to stroke her cheek “Don’t worry I know which chips you love.” My hand, however, was batted away. “Oh c’mon she didn’t see anything. She’s just freaked out you…” I started, about to say ‘freaked the fuck out’. “Snapped at her suddenly,” I said finally. Kaya slowly nodded in agreement.

“You’re right, I just didn’t want her to see us naked with Sabrina.” Kaya said softly.

“So you saw us naked with Sabrina,” I blurted incredulously to Lily as we made our way down a cramped hallway of the liquor store. We had picked up a hard sided cooler as well as a bag of ice and were now walking through the store looking with drinks to fill it with. My words came out of seemingly nowhere, cutting to the heart of the matter and nearly causing Lily to drop the two cases of hard seltzer she picked off the shelf. She merely looked at me, frozen for a second. I could only imagine her heart was beating through her chest, a very ashmatic gasp finally escaping her lips. Lily wet her lips, pursing them as I saw her swallow.

“I don’t know.” she finally said. Lily struck me as the type I could influence to go along with many things, but she felt how she felt- guilty for having betrayed her friend unintentionally. Lily was very sweet, and I could see I would need to treat this delicately. Legitimately delicately, I said thinking of my brick-like hands fumbling every situation before this.

I reached over and wrapped one of my arms around her, pulling her into a side hug. Lily remained frozen before finally letting her arms settle down by her sides.

“It’s ok.” I quietly told her. I wasn’t sure if being affectionate with her was the best course of action, but she looked like she needed a hug. She looked like she gave great hugs anyway. To my relief, she didn’t rebuff me. Instead, she leaned in a bit and let me hug her in the store.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Of course I’m sure!” I said with a jocular, joking tone. “Why wouldn’t I be sure?”

“She was pretty mad…” she said. Lily’s voice seemed to grow in volume, feeling a bit more at ease now.

“Well,” I began, the two cogs in my brain slowly moving as I attempted to bullshit my way out of this jam. “It’s like this… so, you know- obviously- Kaya can be a bit um, bossy.”

Lily nodded her head.

“OK well, she’s really not.” I began. “If you show any, you know, spine or backbone and just talk back to her, she backs down easily.” I saw Lily take this information in, looking a bit confused. “She’s really submissive.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Lily asked, her face a light red to match the slight confused annoyance in her words. It was just a bit too much information for her. Aw shit, Dennis, act fast!

“She only acts like it’s a big deal because she knows she can make you feel bad for it.” I said pulling some pop psychology out of my ass. “If you act more confident, and swat her down, like, you know, it’s no big deal…then she’ll back down.”

Lily finally looked less confused, as she began to process what I just told her. I decided to pile on for good measure.

“She acts you know, how she does to you-“

“Like a bitch?” Lily interjected. I wasn’t sure how she interpreted it, but she wasn’t mad at me now so no sweat off my back. Was this some deep seated anger? Kaya never mentioned tension between the two.

“…How she does,” I continued. “Because she knows she can get away with it. Look, I’m not saying be a bitch back, but if you just stand up to her and be a little more assertive, she’ll fold- she’ll at least ease up a bit.”

I was playing a dangerous game. Sleeping with my girlfriend’s best friend and getting her into a threesome? Child’s play. Carrying on an affair with a girl my girlfriend thinks I hate? Cake walk. But this sexual maneuvering and power play with her roommate might just blow up in my face. fatih escort This might just end badly, I thought as I comforted Lily, ready to surprise her and Kaya with a trip to a nude beach.

“I’ll confront her when we get back,” Lily said, placing both cases of hard seltzer into the cooler.

“NO, I mean…no.” I quickly interjected. “Just let things smooth over. For all she knows you didn’t see anything. Let that sink in and don’t show your cards until it’s advantageous.” Lily nodded in agreement and we continued picking up alcohol for the beach. Things seemed to be much more relaxed, and calmness won out once more. Acting strange would give us all away.

“Can I just say I also saw your penis?” she said giggling before laughing out loud. She turned to me, flashing an amused but slightly lustful smile. She looked playful and not at all disgusted. Maybe she wasn’t a virgin after all.


The trip to the beach was more or less uneventful. Luckily, silence wasn’t the soundtrack for the trip, as both Lily and Kaya began talking aloud once again. They mostly both spoke to me rather than at one another directly, but it was a step in the right direction. Lily and I even shared some lighthearted jokes, and I glanced over into the rear view mirror to see her laugh in her goofy but adorable little laugh.

“You’re a dork!” she said after I made a terrible joke, saying it with no trace of irony before snorting. Lily was cute. Not that I saw myself ever dating a girl like her, but there was something about her easy going attitude. It wasn’t that she was naive or innocent, she just seemed kind, as odd as it sounded. Kaya had started that way too, it wasn’t until a few months in that she became so critical and no fun to be around. I suppose everyone was the same in that regard once you got to know them or maybe I was just a bit immature. Still, I was never a huge fan of red hair but on Lily it worked, along with her big glasses. I wondered if she was a good kisser or not- she seemed like she just lacked some confidence in her body and didn’t realize she was attractive.

I remained silent as I focused on the road, both girls falling quiet and looking out towards the ocean as we made our way up Highway 1. It was still early enough in the day for the softness of the morning light to bounce off the water in a brilliant display. I occasionally glanced over and had to admit it was a sight. It would be even more majestic once I had at least one naked girl to share it with.

Eventually, we pulled up to a small, nondescript road that seems to come out of nowhere- unmarked and fairly untraveled to the world at large. I easily and slowly made my way down it, with some vegetation growing thicker and the road being a surprisingly smooth ride.

“Where are we?” Kaya asked, looking around. She held her phone in her hand, the map on screen as the dot showing our location slowly moved closer to the ocean.

“Almost there.” I heard Lily say. I looked up into the rear view mirror and caught her smiling again. I looked over at Kaya who checked the phone and repeated the same words, her face wearing a small smile. It might be the only thing she’d still be wearing in a few minutes.

Soon we came to a gate- a large white slab of stone with a small keypad near it. I pulled out my phone and texted Tiff. ‘We’re here’ I typed in, before erasing the entire message and opted for ‘is there a gate code?’. It took less than two minutes for her to replay, responding with the gate code which I promptly punched in. The stone gate slowly but surely moved inwards, allowing us to pull in. The road split in two, with one road leading up whilst another made its way down. Taking the lower path, I drove until I came across a small clearing, with Tiff’s wagon parked under a eucalyptus tree. I followed suit, parking next to her before we all piled out of the car.

I could feel my heart begin to pound, and my breath sounded very uneven the moment I opened my mouth. A lump formed in my throat, and the anxiety was getting the better of me. Would Tiff be naked waiting for us? How would I react? Jesus Christ this was a terrible idea, but the promise of taking things even further was driving me wild. My mind knew this was stupid, but the rush I felt as we walked down the path to the beach was better than anything I’ve ever felt before in my life. I wanted the girls to be surprised, I wanted them to witness perversion.

My eyes weren’t greeted with a naked Tiff, however, but with the immense view of the Pacific Ocean, stretching for as far as I could see. Smooth, flawless sand met the gentle waves, and without a single soul on the land, I thought I was hallucinating.

“Wow…” Lily breathed, amazed. I looked over to her, spotting her eyes completely glued to the sight ahead of her, her mouth unabashedly hanging open wide. I reached over with one finger and touched her chin gently, closing it for her. Lily blushed and scrunched her face, making a face at me, attempting to hide the soft pinkish hue of embarrassment.

“What? Never seen the ocean before?” Kaya shot to her. Lily’s face suddenly grew quickly annoyed, and she looked away. The scowl didn’t go away however, and with a second wind that seemingly breathed life into her, she turned back towards Kaya.

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