My Girlfriend’s Dad

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I had stumbled out of the cabana and headed back to the covered porch where everyone else had sought protection from the rain. My breath had come in snatches, not because of the exertion, but because I was still a little freaked out by what had happened in the cabana a few minutes before. My girlfriend’s dad had come on to me.

Some of the details are a little blurry now, six months later, but on the whole my memory is clear enough. The rain had come on without warning, interrupting my girlfriend’s 18th birthday party with a roar of wind and a crash of thunder that brought shrieks and laughter from the two dozen friends who were grilling burgers and drinking beer in the back yard.

Most of the group ran to the porch, including my girlfriend, Jenny, her mom and most of our friends. Jenny’s dad and I, who were standing next to the pool when the rain hit, headed the opposite direction, toward the cabana at the back of the property.

When we reached the cabana I turned around and spotted Jenny at the edge of the porch, just out of the rain. She was saying something I couldn’t quite catch in the pelting rain but might have been, “What the hell are you doing over there?” I shrugged theatrically and mouthed back, “What can I say?” She waved at me dismissively, smiled and turned to her friends.

It was only then that I realized I was alone with her dad.

Dan was fairly young as dads go, 40 at the oldest, and still a pretty good-looking guy. He and Jenny’s mom, Tina, had married and had kids young, and they were still youthful and, it seemed to most of our friends, pretty cool. They let us drink beer in the house – though nothing stronger than beer, and not ever enough of that to get drunk – and they looked the other way if they caught us smoking pot.

I always had a bit of a crush on Tina, who was not as pretty as her daughter but much more shapely, and who had a way of looking at you that to a horny kid of 18 felt more than a little flirtatious.

Dan, for his part, was much admired by the girls my age. I had overheard them many times talking about how sexy he was, and they were given to giggling whenever he spoke to them for more than five minutes. No doubt he was good-looking, with sandy blond hair that never quite accepted a combing and light blue eyes, but it never occurred to me to think of him as sexy.

When we found ourselves standing together under the cabana, half-soaked from the rain, we both laughed and plopped into some chairs facing the pool to wait out the rain.

After a few moments of awkward silence Dan said, “It doesn’t look like the rain’s going to stop for a bit, how about he have another beer?” Without waiting for an answer he went inside the cabana. I heard a couple of cabinets opening and closing, and then the sound of ice clinking in glasses, and a few seconds later he came back with two glasses and a bottle of scotch on a tray.

“This is better than beer,” he said, and poured a generous splash of the amber liquid over the ice in one glass and handed it to me.

I must have looked unsure about it – I was unsure, because I had had scotch only once before and didn’t much like it – but he said, “Swirl it around a bit to melt some ice, and sip it slowly, it’ll go down smooth enough.”

I did as he said and took a sip. It made me cough and wheeze, which made Dan laugh, but the second sip went down better and the third one better still. Meanwhile I noted Dan had drunk his whole drink, which had been more generously splashed than mine, and poured himself another. As he did so I realized he was not drunk exactly but certainly loose and happy, and after finished my drink I felt loose and happy, Demetevler Escort too.

The rain was still coming down hard. Jenny came to the edge of the porch and waved again, saying, “Come on,” I think, but I just smiled at her, held up my empty glass and pointed at her dad. She shook her head, saluted me with the beer she was drinking and slipped back into the crowd. By now someone had turned the music up pretty loud, some kids were dancing and Tina, I noticed, was chatting earnestly with a couple of my buddies in one corner of the porch. It was as if everyone had forgotten about Dan and me.

Dan and I talked for a few minutes about how hard the rain was falling and other inconsequential subjects. At one point he asked me how old I was, and I said 18, my own birthday having occurred about three months before. I remember wondering why he asked that, because I was pretty sure he knew already, and it was only later I realized why.

After 10 minutes or so I got up to go pee.

There was a small bathroom with just a toilet and a sink in back of the cabana. I had gone in, nudged the door closed with my foot and undone the button on my shorts when the door opened again and Dan squeezed in. I was already standing there with my dick in my hand but he didn’t seem to notice; he undid his own shorts, fished out his cock and pointed it at the sink. I did my best not to look but when i glanced at the mirror I could see he was looking straight at my cock, and despite the discomfort I was feeling it gave a little jump in my hand.

After a few seconds that seemed like forever I finally got a stream of piss going, and then I heard his piss hitting the sink. He finished first, but didn’t put his cock away. Out of the corner of my eye I caught him giving it a long slow stroke, and my cock gave another little jump. As I flicked the last drop away I felt my cock start to swell just a little bit, and the next thing I knew Dan’s hand was on it.

“That’s a nice big cock,” he said, giving it a couple of slow strokes. “You be careful how you use it with Jenny.”

For a few seconds I was frozen in place. Then Dan gave my cock a squeeze, which made my cock swell a bit more, and then I felt him take my hand, and before I realized what he was doing he placed it on his own cock, and it was only then I realized he was fully erect.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” he said. “Girls are nice, but only men know what a cock is really for.”

He was right, it did feel good, and I couldn’t help giving it a little squeeze.

Before I could say or do anything else Dan had slipped to his knees and taken my cock his mouth.

I was stunned. I gasped as my cock disappeared into his throat, and I had to grab the edge of the sink to keep myself from falling over. I could feel his tongue swirling around the head and shaft, and I felt his nose press into my pubes.

He pulled back, then swallowed me again, backed off and swallowed me a second time. Whatever reluctance I had felt about the whole situation was gone now, washed away by the ecstatic feelings centered in my dick.

Girls had sucked me before, including Jenny, but none had done it quite like this. They had been tentative about it, but Dan was determined.

He got a rhythm going, and before I knew what was happened I felt that familiar tingling in my balls. With a sob I started to come. The feeling was so intense I made an effort to back away but he grabbed my thighs and kept his lips clamped firmly on my cock. With four or five quick jerks I pumped everything I had into his mouth. I felt his throat working and realized he was swallowing, Otele gelen escort and I nearly doubled over in surprise and ecstasy.

When I finally stopped coming he let go, stood up, pointed his own big cock at the sink and starting furiously stroking. Without thinking I felt for my own cock, was startled to find it still half-hard, and I too started stroking. He came, great jets of cum splashing on the mirror and the faucet and in the sink, and then turned to watch as I wanked myself back to full hardness. In less than a minute I came again, just a few drops this time, plopping in two or three big drops in the basin next to his.

For a moment I couldn’t speak. My knees were shaking and I felt a little lightheaded. Dan gave me a broad smile, buttoned his shorts, punched me playfully in the shoulder and turned to go.

“Our little secret, eh?”

He opened the door and was gone.

I stood there for a few moments in something like shock. I looked in the mirror and realized I still had my dick in my hand. A last drop of cum hung at the tip. WIthout thinking I wiped it off with a finger and put the finger in my mouth. I had tasted my cum before after jacking off, but this time I was trying to see how it tasted to Dan. It tasted good, I decided.

“Jesus,” I thought. “What the fuck just happened?”

I looked in the mirror again, saw the big splashes of cum that were already starting to dry. I grabbed a couple of paper towels and cleaned up best I could, not forgetting to wipe the faucet and sink. By the time I finished I was calmer, but then with a start I realized that the rain was no longer drumming so hard on the roof.

I started to leave the bathroom but realized that my pants were still down around my ankles. I pulled them up, looked at my face in the mirror – it was impossible to hide the look of shock – and walked out.

When i got to the front of the cabana, Dan was sitting in his chair, looking completely unconcerrned. He had a fresh drink, and there was a fresh one for me, too, on the table between our chairs.

“Sit down,” he said, friendly as ever. “The rain’s almost stopped, and then we can rejoin the party.”

I sat down without looking at him, picked up the drink and drank it straight down.

“That’s the ticket,” he said.

I looked toward the porch. Three or four people were standing near the edge of the roof, looking at the sky. Jenny was not among them, but as I watched she emerged from the crowd and sought me with her eyes. When she saw me, she gave me a beckoning wave and a big smile.

I held up my hand, fingers extended.

“Five minutes,” I mouthed, thinking I needed to calm down a little more before I could face her.

She smiled again and melted back into the crowd.

“Don’t worry,” Dan said. “Nobody noticed we were gone.”

It was only then I turned to look at him. I must have looked shame-faced, because he repeated, “Don’t worry. You’re never as conspicuous as you think. Nobody noticed, trust me.”

“It’s just…” I started to say, but faltered.

“Never messed with a guy before?” he asked.

I had, actually, with a cousin a couple of years earlier. But I already knew that was kid stuff compared to what had just happened.

“No,” I said. “Not like that.”

“But you liked it, didn’t you?”

I looked away. I couldn’t decide how to answer that.

“You sure seemed to,” he said.

I looked down at my drink.

“Look,” he said. “I’m not trying to take you away from my daughter. I just like a little fun on the side now and then. If you would like that, Balgat Escort too, just let me know. You know where to find me.”

With that he got up, picked up our glasses and put them on a shelf behind us.

The rain had all but stopped.

“Better get back to the others,” Dan said, got up and jogged across the yard to the porch.

For half a minute I couldn’t move. Finally I shook myself, stood up and headed across the yard.

When I reached the porch Jenny was waiting. She was a beautiful girl, with long light-brown hair, nice legs and pert little tits whose nipples always seems on the verge of erection. I could see them now, making little bumps in the front of her T-shirt.

She threw her arms around me and gave me a sloppy kiss. She was more than a little drunk and very happy.

“You and Dad have a nice talk?” she asked.

“Um, yeah,” I managed to say.

“He’s pretty friendly for an old guy,” she said.

“Yes, very,” I said.

For a second I was afraid she would ask what I meant by that, but she didn’t notice the tone and started nuzzling my neck and rubbing my chest with her hand. She was clearly thinking about sneaking off at some point to fool around.

Normally at this point I’d be getting a serious hard-on, but my exhausted cock could only manage a little jump. I felt a slight wetness on my thigh, and looking down I realized with horror there was a wet spot the size of a dime on the front of my shorts. I was still leaking a little cum.

Luckily I got rescued by a couple of Jenny’s rowdy girlfriends, who came up and dragged her away to meet some latecomer. I arranged the tail of my shirt over the wet spot as best I could and while I rejoined the party physically my mind was somewhere else entirely.

Dan behaved as if nothing had happened. He spoke to me a few times, asking if I needed anything and making small talk, but no more or less than would be normal. I on the other hand had forgotten what normal was like, and could barely look him in the eye.

Once, however, when he was turned sideways to me while talking to one of the girls, I looked at him more intently, realizing what a good-looking guy he was, and that for a guy of 40 he was really in good shape. He must have felt me looking at him, because he glanced over and smiled before turning back to the girl, and I was glad the lights were dim enough that people couldn’t see me blush.

The party went on a couple more hours. Several girls and a couple of guys got pretty drunk, including Jenny. I gave her a kiss goodnight before Tina put her to bed, and the party started to break up.

Dan and Tina were responsible parents, and they made sure that the drunker kids were driven home by the kids who didn’t drink at all. I was going to spend the night at my friend Gil’s, who lived a few blocks away. I said goodbye to Tina, who gave me a big hug and a kiss on the neck that, at least in my state of heightened sensitivity, felt a little more ardent than it should have been.

Dan followed me and Gil to the door. Gil went out first, and as I was about to leave Dan came up behind me and squeezed my ass with both hands.

I turned around, startled, and before I could react further he kissed me.

I pushed him away.

“The fuck?” I said, and walked out the door, praying that Gil hadn’t seen what happened.

When I caught up with him, he was standing in the yard, staring out at the night sky.

“Great party,” he said.

Then he added, under his breath, “Dude, what’s up with Tina? Isn’t she just a little too friendly for a mom?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, thinking about the goodbye kiss.

“Once I was standing next to the bar and I felt a squeeze on my ass, I turn around, and there’s no one there but her, and she’s looking away like nothing happened.”

“Yeah,” I said. “Dan, too.”

“Dude, what, did he squeeze your ass?”

“No,” I laughed, not very convincingly. “Nothing like that.”

He shrugged, and we walked off into the night.

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