My Girlfriend’s Sister Pt. 03.1

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Enormous Erection

It’s been a four days after the video game incident and I haven’t been able to cross paths with Liv without feeling uncomfortable. My body freezes up in anticipation when she walks by me as if she’s about to make me suffer again, but luckily for me we haven’t been alone in the house for a few days preventing another fiasco like the other day.

What’s worse is that Liv seemed to revel in the power she had over me. Sometimes she would just smirk as she harmlessly passed me in the house. Sometimes she would give me looks as if to psych me out. She was effectively messing with my mind and I didn’t the balls to call her out. I hadn’t spoken to her since our last “encounter” because I was too conflicted. I felt humbled and embarrassed at what she did to me, and I felt weak that I actually let my guard down to allow it to happen. At the same time, I remembered the feeling within my pants. Clearly I felt something, but why would I feel turned on after being so humiliated? Also, I had no clue if she noticed my hard dick making it’s presence more than known.

Kirstin also began to suspect something strange. She noticed my standoffish behavior, but she never linked it to Olivia. However, Liv became more bold and impatient as the days went on. She knew I couldn’t ignore her and she would make it uncomfortable and impossible for me to avoid her for long. The walls were closing in.

It was the late evening and Kirstin and I were watching a movie. It was a cheesy 80s horror film – the kind both her and I enjoy due to their campy nature. We were sprawled out on the floor in a spooning position on top of an old blanket. We had all the lights off to set the horror movie mood. She took notice that I wasn’t as close to her as I could be, especially since she was wearing these tight cotton booty shorts under the covers.

“You okay bae?”

“Yeah, why?” I asked to make her feel silly for asking.

“Well, you don’t seem to want to cuddle with me. You’ve been acting weird lately…”

“Sorry, work has been stressing me out lately. I think I’m just tired is all. I love you bae.” I leaned over her to give her a kiss on the forehead. I had to make something up to get off the subject.

“Oh, well okay. As long as nothing is wrong. I love you too. Now move closer so my butt has something to rub on” She joked.

I chuckled a bit as I moved a bit closer so I was actually spooning her. I thought to myself that I was just acting silly. Kirstin suspected nothing so I had nothing to worry about. However, just as I had that thought the door creaked open a bit more .

“Hey, whatcha watching guys?” Liv said as she sidled in the room. I looked up at her and my heart instantly sunk through the floor. My body tensed up and I got hot. I focused my attention on the movie after I gave a cursory response to her question.

“A movie.”

“Hmmm, I can see that.” Liv said in a paused tone.

“It’s some old slasher flick. It’s actually pretty lame. You can watch with us if you like.” Kirstin invited.

“You sure? I’m bored as hell.” Said Liv. I could feel her glance taksim eskort in my direction after she said that.

“Yeah just hush up. I know how you like to talk during movies.”

“Oh shut up Kirstin. Salem doesn’t mind me being here? Right?” Liv said with a tinge of smugness in her voice.

“…Yeah…It’s fine” I hesitated.

Out if the corner of my eye I saw Kirstin give me a weird look. She then glanced over to Liv, but only briefly until her gaze shifted back to me. I shrugged my shoulders while making a confused expression at Liv’s comment. It didn’t seem like she suspected much, but I knew that she knew that I wasn’t acting like myself. Whether or not she knew it had something to do with her sister was another story.

“Besides, I like horror movies!” Liv said.

*Yeah you would you sick little witch* I thought to myself.

I clicked play, and hoped that Liv wouldn’t say anything to expose us. At this point I wasn’t sure how sadistic she was.

As the movie progressed, Kirstin began to fall asleep (which was expected). She doesn’t watch movies for the substance, but rather for the opportunity to spoon with me like we always do. I would frequently adjust myself closer to her, but I would jostle in a distinct way to keep her awake for as long as possible. I hadn’t turned around the whole time, but I could feel Liv’s steely, hazel-eyed gaze piercing right through me. I knew if I met her stare it would make this situation that much more uncomfortable for me. I continued to make calculated adjustments to keep Kirstin from falling asleep, but they were becoming gradually less effective. Her body soon went limp around my left arm, and I felt her rhythmic pulsations as she faintly breathed in and out.

“Hey Kirstin, do we have any popcorn or did you eat it all?” Liv asked. It was as if she was testing to see if she really fell asleep. No, that’s exactly what it was.

“Uh, I think she fell asleep.”

“Psssh, didn’t take long. I’m going to get some popcorn for us. Want some kiddo?”

“No, I’m good.”

Liv got up from the bed and made her way the door, stepping over us on the way. She lightly brushed her foot over my leg as she stepped over me, making it look unintentional. I scowled up at her while she was leaving only to see the bottom of her buttcheeks. Her shorts were a little small so they rode up her butt crack a good bit. Her skin was an olive-like tan throughout her butt. Her legs, nice and long, were freshly shaved so they were baby smooth. I couldn’t help but notice and appreciate her features. In that moment, she quickly glanced back at me. I nervously paused as she caught me mid gaze. I kept a straight face hoping she didn’t realize she caught me.

“You suuuure you don’t want anything?” She giggled.

“Y-Yeah I’m sure.”

My body fell still as she left the room. I prayed that she hadn’t caught me semi checking her out. My left arm was numb. At first I thought the nervousness got to me, but I realized It was because I was under Kirstin. I composed myself in the brief minutes Liv was out of the eskort şişli room.

It was 10:15 and I knew that I was past my 10 o’clock “curfew”. I normally stayed in her room until her Dad inevitably reminded me what time it was. It occurred to me that he was probably being more lenient because Liv was in the room with us. Also, the door was halfway open so I doubt he would think I was up to anything. I heard sounds of another TV playing on the mid level Living Room so I knew her Dad and Mom were closely monitoring me.

*Beep Beep Beep* the microwave just went off.

Thankfully, I could tell the movie was nearing it’s end so Liv wouldn’t have an excuse to be in here with us much longer.

“Did you miss me?” Sang Liv as she slightly closed the door.

“Hmph, yeah sure.”

She just smirked as she skipped over us again. This time, she stepped on my leg lightly as she made her way to the bed. The bottom of her feet were so soft that it almost didn’t bother me much, but I had to act like I was annoyed at her pestering.

We lay watching the movie for a couple more minutes until she broke the silence.

“You know, popcorn makes me really gassy…”

“That’s gross Liv. I don’t need to know that.”

She continued to munch on her popcorn in between talking.

“Heh heh, well I just thought I’d let you know in case it starts to smell in here.”

“And this is why we shouldn’t have let you in.” I sighed. “Please control yourself”.

Liv giggled some more as she continued eating. Kirstin was still fast asleep in my arms. I just had to keep this up for a bit longer. If I left now, Liv would know she got to me.

After a few minutes, Liv got up from the bed. I heard her footsteps so I could tell she wasn’t heading for the door. I turned around and saw that she was slightly smirking.

“What?” I said in a hushed tone.

She continued smirking as she stood right behind our heads.

“Please don’t” I continued in my hushed tone to not wake Kirstin up. If she caught Liv standing this close to us she would think something was weird. A chill ran through my body when I knew what she was up to. She caught me in an impossible position. I couldn’t believe she was so bold to try this in front of her sister.

She continued giggling as she turned around with her butt facing us. I was staring right at the bottom of her ass cheeks. Immediately, stinky flashbacks came to my mind. I remembered the last thing I saw before my face was stained with her stench.

I turned toward the TV in hopes of calling her bluff. I stared stiffly forward and just hoped that she would go away. Suddenly, I felt the air around my face get warmer. Her ass was suspended right over our faces. I feared for the worst. The skin on my arm had goosebumps, and my face went flush when I realized the position we were in. I hoped that she would ultimately be bluffing. She giggled on last time before I felt it.


She farted right in our faces. The stench soon hit my face after I felt the slight waft of butt air. It wasn’t beşiktaş eskort as stinky as it could’ve been, but it was decently loud. I tried to hold my breath, but as I did Kirstin opened her eyes. Liv was already back on the bed eating popcorn.

“Salem, what was that?” Her voice was slightly grainy. She began to ask again when the smell hit her.

“Did you just fart?”

My face turned red. I heard Liv laughing her ass off as they both said “Ewwwwwwww” in unison.

“No I-I didn’t…I” I stammered through my response.

“Dude, it stinks!” Kirstin screamed. Liv was giggling on the bed. I looked back at her and scowled. She smirked as I furiously got up and made my way out the room. I couldn’t say a thing to get myself out of the situation.

“I still love you!” Kirstin teased as I left.

I could still faintly smell Liv’s fart in my nose and it made me a little nauseous. The first time I suffered her gas it was pretty point blank; For me to still smell it meant that she had some really stinky farts. Kirstin seemed to get the worst of it.

In my embarrassment I wondered if she had ever done this to her sister before. She didn’t seem hesitant to do it in front of her at all. I wished I could tell her what really happened, but then she would question why her younger sister would fart in my face.

I went back in my room and laid down in the bed to play some video games until I got too tired. Liv had left the room soon after she made us suffer her fart. Five minutes later, I heard I small knock on my door. I thought it was Kirstin because she oddly knocks sometimes even though she knows what I look like in my boxer briefs. I walked to the door shirtless and with boxer briefs on expecting her. To my surprise, it was the little stinker herself.

“Ooooo, expecting someone else?” Her eyes widened as she gazed up and down my body.

“Oh shut up! What do you want?” I shut the door slightly to shield myself.

“Heh heh, oh nothing. What are you up to in there huh? Playing with yourself?!”

“What? N-No! What’s wrong with you?”

“Haha just messing with you. You know you still smell right?”

“What do you want?!” My face turned flush again. “Can’t you just leave me alone?”

“Hehe fine. Just know that I know where you sleep.” In that moment, she reached through the door to touch my exposed nipple. “Goodnight my little ass kisser.” She had an evil smirk as she disappeared into her room.

I quickly closed the door. My body pulsated after her finger brushed over my nipple. It was my weakest, most sensitive spot and Kirstin knew this very well. She would frequently rub herself over my chest to stimulate me.

My penis grew erect after Liv teased my nipple slightly. I knew she had no idea what she had done so I left it as simple teasing. Shamefully, I went to my bed to do the very thing Liv accused me if doing. All the while I was thinking about her last comment. It almost stopped me dead in my mastubatory tracks…almost. Thanks to that, I could barely sleep through the night without thinking about Olivia. I couldn’t tell if this was all harmful playing, or something more. I couldn’t risk stoking the fires with my girlfriend, her SISTER, living in the same house. Eventually, I made my way to sleep, but it wouldn’t be long before I was interrupted yet again…

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