My Haunted House

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Every year at this time, I look back in retrospect. It’s always the day after Halloween, when I think of something I should have done, or wore the night before. But this year would be different. For once, I would plan ahead, making this next Halloween one to remember.

My girlfriend talks for weeks after, how great this party was, or how great that costume was. For once, I wanted to be the one everybody talked about. This would be my year.

I grew up in a small rural town, and although I traveled a lot, I made this burg my home. I am a very successful real estate agent, and could see the potential for growth in this area. But the piece I had my eye on became available on a fluke.

Old man Dixon died over thirty years ago, leaving his home to his only heir, his son. Junior didn’t want any part of the old Victorian monster. He said it was too much work, but many people thought he was scared as rumors of the house being haunted circulated throughout the county. Well, junior died in a skiing accident, and the house went to auction. Being the only game in town, it was all in my hands. I posted the required notices, albeit not very prominently around the town. A few people noticed them, but had no interest whatsoever in it.

On the day of the auction, only one person showed up…me. I bid one dollar, and was not outbid. It was mine! Standing there, gazing over my new purchase, I already begun to plan things out. The house looked like it was straight out of the Addams Family, and would be perfect for my haunted house party.

I wanted to keep it as creepy looking as possible, but still be safe and sound. I left the yard as it was, at least for now, and concentrated on the inside. I started upstairs, clearing out over thirty years of cobwebs and dust, prying open windows to air the place out, and just wandering around.

At first, I had this feeling I wasn’t alone, but I quickly grew comfortable here, and spent a lot of time cleaning and inspecting. I came to love this old place, and found myself talking to the walls as I worked. Of course they never talked back , thank goodness.

By late summer, the place was looking great. I picked a room up in the far corner of the house to use for storage, and moved a large armoire in front of the door. Walking down the hall, you couldn’t tell there was a door, much less a room behind the heavy cabinet. It weighed several hundred pounds, and would keep guests out. I figured it would ruin the illusion if someone walked in and saw paint cans and power tools, besides, I wouldn’t need them until spring.

I kept the decor original, and stashed what I thought to be valuable, so it wouldn’t get ruined at the party. I figured the storage room would be the safest, so I struggled with the armoire once again. I would now have to rearrange the stuff that was in here to make room for the antiques. Having worked so long and so hard, I must have forgot that I had already moved everything to one side. Must be the ghost of old man Dixon helping, I thought with a chuckle.

It took what strength I had left to push the hutch back in place, and went downstairs to take a breather on the porch. Staring out at the tall grass, I figured I would cut it short, and use it for parking, but would leave the rest of the yard the way it was.

I had all the wiring checked out, and the power guys said they could turn on the juice anytime, but they were installing a new transformer down the road, and I could experience power surges for the next week or so, until they finished. Since everything seemed to work, I told them not to turn it on until they were finished, which hopefully would be before Halloween. I didn’t want any last minute electrical problems.

I brought my girlfriend down two weeks before the party so she could get a feel for the house. She was speechless, but only for a moment. She now had so many things to do and so little time to do them in. I didn’t want to tell her too soon, as she might spill the beans to someone, and I wanted it to be a surprise. We quickly decided on Gomez and Morticia for our costumes, and that would be the theme. We sent out just over a dozen invitations to our close and trusted friends, and all were excited.

Some of her friends asked if it would end in an orgy, but she just blushed. They thought it would be fun to have “blind” sex, not knowing who your partner was, until midnight, when the masks came off. We discussed it in private, and although I was secretly all for it, I didn’t want to seem too obvious.

“Well, how do you feel about it?” I asked calmly.

“I don’t know, it sounds exciting, but…”

“But what? It’s only once a year. and it sounds like fun.”

“Yeah, you just want to get into my girlfriends’ panties!” she laughed.

“OK, I’ll make a deal with you…you can be the first to be seduced, if you don’t like it, I won’t do it.”

“Really? You would do that for me?” I think deep down, she wanted to play around anyway. At least this way she would feel in control.

The Trabzon Escort day of the party came quickly, and the only thing we were waiting on was the power. It should have been turned on this morning, but a big wind storm hit the area, knocking down power lines all over the county. The power people assured me they were working hard to get our power turned on, but we had candles all over the house, if we needed them.

“Morticia” looked gorgeous in her skin tight dress, slit up the side, and cut low down the front. We were in the kitchen setting up the refreshments when the lights flickered on.

“Ah, just in time!” I said, as I wandered around, flicking switches on. I peered out the window, but as of yet, no one had pulled in.

As I set small caldrons of dry ice on the table, I heard the creak of the front door. I had oiled all of the door hinges in the house except for the front door, just for the purpose of having it creak anytime it was opened. I stepped into the living room to see who had arrived, and was surprised to see a dozen people milling about, all in costume. It looked as if they spent a fortune on makeup, covering everyone in the Addam’s family, and the Munsters’ as well.

I ran over and turned the music on, and they began to dance immediately. One of the gentlemen came over and offered his hand to my girlfriend, who, in turn, looked to me. I nodded, and he whisked her off her feet to the dance floor. As they moved in and out of the crowd, I could see his hand moving slowly down her back towards her tightly covered butt. Each time he would get close, she would gently move his hand back up. As soon as the song ended, she was back by my side.

“Did you see your friend? His hands were all over me!” she whispered.

“I thought that was the idea!” I said.

“Well, if you’re OK with it, I won’t stop him next time!” she said with a grin.

She hardly had time to down her rum punch, when another smartly dressed gentleman grabbed her hand, and rushed her off to the dance floor.

As they came whirling around, I could see his hand being drawn like a magnet towards her fine ass. But right at that instant, he made eye contact with me, and quickly raised his hand to the small of her back. I frowned and as I shook my head, he tentatively inched his hand down a bit. I gave him the thumbs up, and I could see his smile through his mask, as he slid his fingers down and cupped one of her cheeks. The next time I saw them, he had a firm grip on her butt with both hands, as they ground against each other. I decided to go get a drink and adjust my hard on, but as I returned, I saw them disappear into one of the bedrooms upstairs.

It didn’t appear to draw anyone’s attention, so I crept up to watch. I peeked around the door jamb to see her on her back, her tight dress hiked up around her waist and her legs spread wide. I don’t know what his tongue looked like, but it must have been huge as he already had her coming. He quickly flipped her over, and sensing someone watching, he turned to me and smiled. It was at this time I saw his tongue, it was long, hanging several inches out of his mouth. He had her butt pointing skyward, as he circled her chocolate starfish with his pink appendage. She just moaned as he dipped the tip in, then suddenly thrust it all the way in, causing her to writhe in pleasure.

I slipped downstairs before I messed up my pants. I was slightly embarrassed when I heard her moaning from upstairs, but no one seemed to notice, or care. I was just about to go back up to watch, when I met them halfway.

“Oh…hi! I was just showing our guest around!” she said, not knowing I had already watched them. For the next couple of hours, she gave several guys the “tour” of the house, and at one point, had two guys at once, in the king sized bed. I watched as she straddled one well hung guy as another took her from behind. As they were pounding away, I felt a hand on my zipper. I looked down to see the most beautiful female ever. She had long black hair and piercing blue eyes. She was petite and very pale, and before I knew what was happening, she had my cock between her lips. Even though my girlfriend gives great head, it could not compare with the velvet chamber I was experiencing right now. This lady had no problem taking my seven inches, as her long fingernails raked across my balls.

I could feel my impending eruption, and tried to pick her up from her knees before it was too late, but she just smiled and shook her head. As the familiar feeling rose from my nuts, she began a vacuum like I never felt before. I came harder and longer than ever before, and she had no problem swallowing the massive load. She now slithered up in front of me and wrapped her arms around my neck. She had adjusted her slit skirt so the slits ran up the front and back, instead of on the sides, and now she wrapped her long legs around my waist. Reaching down with one hand, she guided my cock towards her warm slit. Normally, I Escort Trabzon am only good for one round, but I was still rock hard as she slid down over me. Again, I couldn’t believe how tight she was, as she bounced up and down, and in only a few moments, I drained my balls deep inside of her.

Her legs were still wrapped tightly around me as she leaned back, holding my hands, until she stuck straight out from my body. I’m not sure how she did it, but she grasped my right hand with her right hand across her chest, then she pulled her legs up tightly to her chest, and spun around, so she was now facing the floor, holding my hand behind her back. She set her feet down on the ground, the whole time keeping my cock buried deep inside of her. She then placed my hands on her hips, and reaching between her own legs, repositioned my cock so it pressed up against her tiny butt. Wow, as she folded herself in half and grabbed her ankles, I slowly pushed, and didn’t stop until I was buried balls deep in her bowels. I was only able to pump in and out a few times before her tight sphincter milked me dry. I came with the same intensity as the first time, shooting spurt after spurt deep into her body. She quickly spun around and sucked my cock clean as I watched several guys pounding away at my girlfriend, filling all of her holes. I looked down, and she was gone, probably to join the others before she was missed. The men, having completed their task, also filed past me down the stairs, leaving my girl sprawled out across the bed.

I lay beside her, cupping a firm breast, feeling her heart pitter patter as she regained her composure.

“Wow! I wish you would have introduced me to your friends long ago!” she said, her breathe slowly coming under control.

“I thought they were your friends!” I said, not exactly sure who they were. Our giggles were interrupted by the grandfather clock downstairs.

“Oh, it’s midnight! Lets go see who everybody is!” she squealed as she jumped off the bed onto wobbly legs. She straightened her dress out, and we casually strolled downstairs to an eerie silence. The room was empty, not a soul around.

“Looks like everyone left already.” I said, a little bummed that no one even said good bye.

“They must have been so horny, they couldn’t wait to get home!” Morticia chuckled as we went to clean up. “Hmmm…that’s odd.” she said, sounding a bit puzzled.

“What’s that?”

“There’s only two dirty glasses, yours and mine, and it doesn’t look like anybody ate anything.”

“They must have eaten before they got here.” I offered. “Let’s go get some fresh air.”

We stepped out onto the huge porch overlooking the moonlit yard. The full moon was bright and the dew glistened on the grass. I thought it was strange, looking out, that there were no footprints, or tire tracks on the grass. I didn’t want to mention it for fear that she would freak out.

“Oh wow, this is weird!” she said softly. Did she notice?

“What’s weird?” I asked, pretending not to notice.

“Uh…I kinda messed around with a couple of your friends earlier…”

“A couple? more like all of them!” I laughed.

“Yeah, well, I was drunk…anyway some of them came inside me.”

“How many of them?”

“All of them. At least eight or nine that I remember…anyway…when you and I make love, your stuff runs down my leg as soon as I stand up.”


“So, nine healthy guys shooting nine, or more healthy loads inside me, and not one drop is leaking out. Isn’t that weird?” I watched as she pushed her fingers inside her pussy looking for something.

“I know they came inside me, I felt it!”

“What about when you blew them?”

“Oh, I didn’t know you saw that.”

“That was one of the best parts!”

“I don’t know if it was the booze, or what, but somehow I was able to deep throat them quite easily. And each guy held my head firmly when they came, so I felt it, but never tasted any of it.”

As we pondered the night’s events, we saw headlights coming up the long driveway. First one then two, then at least six cars all in row, pulling slowing onto the grass.

“See? They came back!” I said, glad that I hadn’t lost my marbles after all.

“Is the party still on?” I recognized my friend Tom’s voice, as he got out of his car. “The wind storm knocked down the power lines across the road, then it knocked down several trees across the road behind us. We were all trapped there while the road crews worked to clear the street. We almost went home, but felt sorry for you guys stuck up here all alone!”

They marched up the steps and through the creaky door.

“The power guys said no one would have electricity for a couple of days, as the new transformer blew up.” Bobby said as he looked at all the lights shining inside. “Oh, you guys must have a generator…good thinking!” My girl and I just looked at each other.

The girls began chattering and quickly disappeared inside, leaving me Trabzon Escort Bayan standing out on the lawn by myself. As I started for the door, something caught my eye, and I looked up. Peering out of the window in the corner room was my raven haired beauty, smiling and gently waving. My cock twitched at thought of seeing her again, but then it suddenly dawned on me. The corner room? There is no way she could have gotten past the armoire to get inside that room. I rushed in, and flew up the stairs to find the room was still blocked off. Like a madman, I ran back downstairs and outside to look back at the window. Nothing. I waited a moment, catching my breathe, and as I turned to go back inside, I almost ran right over her.

“But…how…you…” I pointed up towards the window. She touched her finger to my lips.

“Shhh.” She then reached up on her tip toes and kissed me. As her tongue wiggled past my lips, I melted.

“I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my house.” she whispered.

“But it’s my house!” I said with some confusion.

“The first house on this foundation was built almost two hundred years ago. People thought it was haunted, so they burned it down. Almost one hundred years ago, this house was built in it’s place.”

“How do you know so much about this place?” Mentally I was wondering why I never knew this, living here my whole life.

“Because I was here when the first house was built.” she said matter of factly.

“But that would mean your a ghost…or something.” I chuckled nervously. “And there are no such things as ghosts!”

As she looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes, she took my hand and started walking. I was so mesmerized by her beauty and grace, I never saw it coming. She was walking straight towards one of the parked cars, which I assumed was hers, and as we neared it, she looked up into my eyes. I returned the look, not watching where I was walking, and “Wham!”, I smacked right into the side of the parked car. But oddly enough, she kept walking, until she was on the other side of the car, having passed right through it.

“What the?…” Now I was really baffled. “I know I didn’t have that much to drink!” I said as I felt the solidness of the car. She then walked right back through the center of the car and took my hand once again.

“But I thought you couldn’t touch a ghost.” I said, sounding rather foolish.

“Just a myth. We can touch whoever or whatever we wish. We can’t taste, which is fine because we don’t need to eat, and we don’t feel pain, just pleasure.”

“Wow! You would make a perfect…” I wasn’t sure how to end that.

“Move into this house!” she pleaded. “Move in and I will be your bed mate forever. I will please you anytime, anyway, anywhere!”

I had a steady girlfriend to think about, but I also had a steady hard on doing a lot of thinking on it’s own.

“Please!” she said, gazing at me with those big eyes. Her stare was steady as she slowly knelt down, and pulled at my zipper. In a flash, her mouth was wrapped around my cock again, as she slowly bobbed up and down.

“Oh jeez…” I moaned. “But I have a girlfriend.” I said as convincingly as possible.

“She’s more than welcome as well!” she said between slurps. “Besides, I have more than enough friends to help take care of her.”

“You mean like tonight?” I tried hard to carry on a conversation, but my time was quickly approaching.

“Of course. I had to distract her, so I could be with you.” she grinned. “I love to please you, and will forever, if you let me.”

I came hard again, spraying the inside of her mouth as her tongue danced around along the underside of my shaft.

“I’m all for it, but I’m not sure about her.”

“After your friends leave, I’ll bring my friends back…I’m sure they can convince her.”

“Especially the guy with the long tongue!” I said, remembering her pleasure.

“All of my friends can alter their appearance, to suit her fancy.”

“You mean they can all have long tongues?” I asked wide eyed.

“They can snake their tongue down her throat, through her insides, out her butt, and back up her pussy, if you want them to.” she said so casually.

“Eww…I wouldn’t want them to hurt her.”

“Believe me, it definitely wouldn’t hurt. In fact, they could bring her to orgasms she has never dreamed of before.”

“Kind of like what you did to me.” I said as I squeezed her hand.

“What I did so far is nothing compared to what could be. You have no idea how intense an orgasm I can bring you to, if I want.” Somehow I believed her. Now I just had to convince my girlfriend.

“You know, I don’t even know your name.” I said with embarrassment.

“I was born Magenta Rose Bush.”

“Your kidding, right?” I asked, but knew from the look, she was serious.

“No, I’m serious, but you can call me Maggie. You better go join your friends.”

I wandered through the small crowd, amazed at how dreadful their costumes were. It was so funny, I couldn’t keep from laughing. All too soon the party was over, or was that not soon enough, I thought, as the last couple finally staggered out the front door. I’m glad they live just down the street, otherwise they might have a tough time getting home.

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