My High School Wife

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I watched Georgia nervously chat with some of the girls from the sorority. She wore her jean jacket and jean skirt well, but anyone could tell she was still in high school. She was a senior in high school, I was a senior in college. I’d known her since she started kindergarten. I met her brother, Nathan, in elementary school and we became best friends.

My girlfriend joined the group of girls, she smiled at Georgia and smoothed out the younger girl’s blonde bangs. Heather liked her, looked after her. Nate wouldn’t be happy if he knew I’d taken his little sister to a party at my girlfriend’s sorority. But he was far away at a different college. So Nate wouldn’t find out unless Georgia told him, and she’d never do that because she liked coming out with me.

Georgia looked like a doll standing in a circle of tanned, overly made up, shells of human beings. Her piercing blue eyes stood out among the drunken, glassy and vacant stares of the other girls. This party was pretty tame, a Sunday night last gasp of weekend fun. There were probably only a couple dozen non-sorority people besides myself, mostly boyfriends and once-in-a-while boyfriends. Heather was one of them, she’d been initiated and molded when we were freshman.

It was only ten but I was bored. I wanted to leave and used Georgia as an excuse. I joined the circle to retrieve my high school blonde.

“Hey, Stephen, Georgia’s gonna pledge next fall!” My girlfriend was petting her. She was drunk. I’d made sure Georgia only drank one beer. She never complained, she’d let me fend off the other girls and guys who wanted to give her alcohol.

“Really? That’s fantastic, maybe she’ll become a rastafarian too, ease the transition.” Heather drunkenly wrapped herself around me.

“No, no, no. Dreadlocks are nasty. Georgia, you won’t get dreadlocks will you?” She looked at the younger girl, who blushed and shook her head. They liked her, she was like their pet, they asked her a million questions, loved how innocent she was.

“Well, she’s gotta get home, so say goodbye.” The circle of girls hugged her and all spoke at the same time, unintelligibly, and she looked pretty overwhelmed by it all.

“Stephen, you gonna come back after?” Heather was standing on my feet, rubbing her crotch against my thigh.

“I thought I’d just go home, I’ve got class at eight tomorrow.” She frowned, tried to suck my tongue out of my mouth. She asked me a couple more times if I was coming back, bit me a couple times before she finally let go.

Georgia was waiting, watching the mess unfold in front of her. I extricated Georgia from the girl love fest, took her to my car. I looked at her when we got in the car, Heather and the other girls thought she was harmless, this gullible little high school girl. She was tiny, shy around people she didn’t know but popular at her own school, incredibly pretty. She was my favorite person, easily.

She’d had a crush on me since she hit puberty. I teased her endlessly when we were in high school, flirted with her to the point that Nate would get irritated. Told her that she was my sweetheart and we were gonna get married when she graduated high school. I toned all that down when I started spending time with her for real after Nate left for school. I wasn’t looking to do anything but spend time with her; we both missed Nate, it just sort of turned into something more.

I took Georgia out on Sundays because my girlfriend either slept all day or did her school work then. I took her to pick apples and pumpkins in the Fall, went sledding in Winter, hiked in Spring, went to the beach in Summer, a lot of kid stuff. I’d usually see her during the week, talk to her on the phone and computer almost daily.

She wanted to be my girlfriend, she wouldn’t say it out loud, but she didn’t really mask her desire. And it wasn’t like I was leading her on…maybe I was a little. Georgia knew I was with Heather. I’d only kissed her a couple times in her room before that night I asked her to go down on me. Sure those earlier make-out sessions lasted hours, but this was altogether new, she was much more nervous faced with my naked penis.

I was genuinely drunk, but she did it. She’d called me at a party because I hadn’t seen her that weekend, she kind of demanded that I come to her–so I did. A few more blowjobs and handjobs later, months had passed and we were hooking up every time we were together. No sex though, she was still my high school virgin.

“You don’t really want to join a sorority your first semester at college, right?” She thought about it before answering.

“Maybe not my first semester…but they’re nice girls, I think it would be fun living in the house with them.”

“They suck away any personality a new girl has. I’ve seen them do it. Don’t join their cult, Georgie.” She giggled.

“How can you say that? Your girlfriend’s like the house mom.”

“I can’t deal with her when she’s with them. She’s a normal person when I get her off campus.” It was a short drive to her house on the Gaziantep Oral Escort hill overlooking the college, far enough away that you could only make out the tower and main lecture hall. When I pulled onto her street she broke the silence.

“Stephen, you have class early tomorrow?” She was worried that I might not come inside.

“Yeah, but we can still hang out if you want.” She looked relieved.

“Ok.” I parked at the curb in front of her house so that the trees in her yard hid my car. She lived with her mom, and we didn’t want her mom to see my car at six the next morning. She lead me to the side door, her bedroom was on the first floor so I didn’t have to climb in or out of any windows in case we fell asleep. Her mom was suspicious of me, but not enough that she ever said anything.

“I think my mom’s in bed.” We turned the corner and went right into her room. She locked the door as was usual. I took off my coat and shoes and sat on her bed. She took off her jacket and hung it in her closet. She was wearing a thin white sweater. She stepped out of her shoes and lost an inch or two.

“Come here, Georgie.” She sat on the bed next to me, thigh to thigh. I could almost make out her heart beating under her sweater she was so anxious.

“Should I turn the TV on?” When her mom was up we usually turned the TV on, in case we got a little loud.

“Nah, let’s just talk a little. I’ve been dying to kiss you. I wanted to at the party. Your mouth’s very kissable, Georgie.” She leaned in and I kissed her, tasted her lip gloss. I held her cheek in my hand and we kissed soft for a few minutes. She never seemed to regret the things we did–and to her we probably weren’t being bad to my girlfriend. In Georgia’s mind I was her boyfriend too.

“Every time you sat down tonight, I wanted to just jump in your lap. I wish I could see you more. I wish you were mine for real. I’ve never had a real boyfriend.” I felt bad. I kind of tied up the last few years of her life with the hope that I’d eventually become her boyfriend. I never told her I would, but I know I’d be jealous if she started seeing someone. She was my virgin after all.

“I’m sorry, Georgia. I want to see you all the time, but I’m still with Heather.” I wanted to make her feel better about it, she’d been asking me to take her to one of her school dances for a while.

“Hey, you have your Winter Semi coming up, right?” She nodded. “I’ll take you if you want.” She smiled, hugged me.

“That’d be great, Stephen! I got a new dress for it, you wanna see?”

“Nah, I want it to be a surprise.” She kissed me, I explored her mouth, sucked on her little pink tongue. She moaned into my mouth. She held her mouth open for me, almost paralyzed, I tasted all of her. I rubbed her back and arms and thigh over her skirt. She’d given me oral countless times, I’d played with her puss, but I’d never given her oral. I wanted to change that.

“Georgia, can I go down on you?” She nodded, but she didn’t look like she knew what I meant.

“Like lick my coochie?” I nodded. She blushed and smiled. I kissed her and told her to lay back. She rested against her pillows, legs together. I ran my hand underneath her skirt over her thigh, she shivered and wiggled around. I put my other hand up her skirt and pulled her panties down her legs, she shimmied out of them for me. It was a blue thong, I was bummed that I didn’t get to see it on her cute little ass. I put her underwear to my nose and inhaled, she wasn’t that worked up yet, but it was still that sexy female smell.

“Lean back a little more.” She moved down, I parted her legs, got between them. Her skirt lifted and I could see her lightly furred blonde puss. Her tiny lips were pressed together. I kissed her inner thighs, she shook a little. I kissed her right on her slit and her lips quivered.

“Ahh!” She squeaked when I licked her slit and swirled my tongue over her clit. She tasted fresh, virginal, she was moist. I stuck my tongue into her little hole, she tried to close her legs on my face. I held her open, ate her out with more need. She was wiggling around on the bed. Moaning lightly, her breathing was laboured. I sucked on her lips and explored her inside. When I trailed down to her perineum she twisted and giggled. She had no idea.

“Oh boy…Stephen! What you doin’?” I ran my tongue down her ass crack and lightly over her anus. Her hips went nuts, she giggled nervously. I went back to her puss, sucked on her clit.

“Ahh, it feels so good, Stephen…unnh, fuck!” She came hard, squeezed my head with her thighs, quivered and shook around me, my tongue still buried in her treasure. I crawled over her and kissed her, stuck my pussy slick tongue in her mouth. She’d never tasted that before. We made out, my erection pressing through my jeans against her exposed crotch.

“Play with me.” I opened my pants, let my cock out. She held it, stroked me gently as I kissed her neck and ear. I wanted her mouth on me as soon as possible so I wouldn’t try and fuck her. I moved up the bed and she knew what I wanted. I slid my pants to my knees so my balls were free.

She held my cock so she could put her lips around the tip. She wasn’t very good at it, she just sort of sucked, took a couple inches in her mouth then stroked awkwardly, licked a little. What got me off was her inexperience, the fact that she’d suck me and not ask for anything in return, would swallow me when I came.

I never lasted long with her sucking on the head of my cock, looking up at me. I told her I was going to cum and she prepared herself. I shot and shot into her warm, wet, mouth and she continually swallowed so she wouldn’t choke. Finally, when she thought I was done she’d suck me a little more then pull her mouth off, wipe off her chin and cheeks.

I pulled her over me so we could kiss, she was heat, her skirt was still bunched up and I wasn’t wearing pants. My semi-hard cock was pressed against her virgin lips, we rubbed against each other lightly as we made out.

“I love you, Georgie.” I said it lightly, because I cared about her and wanted to be honest.

“I love you, Stephen.” She said it serious because she believed it. We lay in her pink room on her little twin bed and rubbed our genitals together. I fondled her breasts over her sweater, squeezed her naked ass.

“Georgia, take off your sweater, I’ve never seen you all the way naked.” Usually I’d get her top off when she went down on me, play with her breasts, or just her bottoms when we were stroking each other. She removed her sweater and bra, her tits were perfect, they were small but looked bigger on her frame, fun to play with. I took my shirt off too, my pants were already off.

I lay next to her, we were both entirely naked. I held her waist and we kissed. I kissed her body, suckled her breasts, played with her nipples, fingered her sopping puss. She was all over the place, loving the attention. I could have sex with her, she’d let me. But I didn’t want to, because I knew I’d have to become her boyfriend for real, I’d have to dump Heather and deal with Nate and Georgia’s mom. I wanted her all to myself, but at the same time I didn’t want to deal with all the baggage.

“You make me feel so sexy, Stephen. I love you.” We were pressed together again, I was hard, resting against her flat belly.

“Let me make love to you, Georgia.” She shook her head.

“Not unless you promise to be my boyfriend and no one elses.” I told her to put her pajamas on. I watched her climb out of bed, her labia parted and gave me a peek of her pink insides. She slipped on her pajama pants and t-shirt, no underwear, and got back in bed with a naked me.

“Stephen, are you gonna stay all night?” I told her I’d stay if she wanted me to. She pulled the sheet over us, pushed herself against me. My erect cock pressed against her bottom was amazing. I thought I could stay aroused the whole night just lying with her.

“Please, stay.” I told her I would and we talked and I fondled her a little more until we fell asleep.

She always woke up before me, always in time for me to leave and just make it to class. One of the reasons she always had to wake up first was because she still sometimes wet the bed. I’d experienced it a couple mornings, waking up in her wet spot. I couldn’t tease her about it, the look on her face was horrible, pure embarrassment. She wouldn’t let me sleep in the same bed as her for weeks after.

“Stephen, wake up, you gotta go to school, wake up.” I pretended to sleep so she’d get nervous that I wouldn’t get up in time, she began shaking me and whispering louder in my ear. I turned and grabbed her, pulled her to me and kissed her neck, she screeched in surprise then covered her mouth.

“Quit it, you gotta go, my mom probably heard!” She looked so amazing in the morning, her hair a mess, still bright eyed.

“Georgie, let’s ditch school today.” She smiled.

“Ok. What you wanna do?” Last time we ditched together we drove across the state because she wanted to go to the Lucille Ball Museum.

“You wanna get married today?” Her eyes went wide, she slapped my chest.

“Yes! How?”

“Ouch. We’ll go to the courthouse and get a marriage license. You wanna be my wife?”

“Yes! Don’t tease me, Stephen…” She pouted. I wasn’t really thinking things through, I wanted her.

“I guess you’ll just have to come with me and see if I’m serious.” She giggled.

“Ok, you have to go and then come back. I need to get ready and my mom will be up in a little while.”

“George, you’ll need your birth certificate and learner’s permit.”

“Ok, go.” I kissed her quick and got dressed and was out the door in a minute. I went home and put a suit on, pulled in front of her house and sent her a text. She came out in jeans and jean jacket with her purse. When she got in the car she smiled then frowned.

“Oh boy, I didn’t think about dressing up, I’ll go get changed.” I grabbed her before she could escape.

“We’ll go shopping first.” She liked that. We drove just down the street to the mall. The department stores were open, there was no one but sales people around. She looked at a million dresses, not school dance type dresses, more grown up type dresses.

“This one. This is a getting married today type of dress.” It was blue with a white belt, she tried it on and showed me.

“It’s perfect.” She had to get new shoes too, that probably took longer than getting the dress. She wore her new outfit out, jean jacket over her dress because it was getting chilly. We drove downtown, it was morning and busy. We parked in the parking garage.

“Ok, Georgia, you ready?”

“Stephen, I love you, I wanna marry you.” She held my arm across the street, we went in and waited in line at the licenses desk, filled out the residence forms.

“You wanna move in with me, maybe this Friday?”

“Of course silly, I’m gonna be your wife!”

“We’ll have to explain this to our families…they aren’t going to be too happy, you know?” She nodded, finished filling out her information. When it was our turn at the desk the lady looked over our form, took our licenses and birth certificates and disappeared into a back room.

“I told my mom I needed my birth certificate for a cheer competition. How long do you think it’ll take?” The woman returned, smiled and told us the mayor himself would be free in an hour to marry us. She took our money and told us where to go at eleven. Georgia giggled and took my hand and we went into a waiting room.

“You wanna call anyone, tell them what we’re up to?” She shook her head.

“She said we don’t need anyone special for a witness. I don’t want to call any of my friends until after. Your sister is the only person I can think of that we might want to come?”

“I’ll call her.” Karen was three years older than me, I’d taken Georgia to her art gallery a few times, they really liked each other. I called her, told Georgia what she said,

“She was at the gallery, she’s gonna walk here. She thinks I’m in trouble for some reason.” When she arrived we took her in with us, she was surprised to see Georgia.

“What are you two up to?”

“Hey Karen, since you’re my favorite sister of all time and Georgia loves you too, we wanted you to be our witness when we got married.” To say she looked surprised was an understatement, her jaw dropped. A woman came in to tell us the mayor was ready. Karen followed us into an office.

We’d ambushed her, she usually had plenty to say and all she could get out was a few questions. Before she could make sense of the scene we were standing before the mayor getting married. I kissed Georgia and it was over, Karen and one of the mayor’s aides signed the certificate. We were ushered out into the lobby and finally Karen let us have it.

“You two just got married?! Stephen, you tricked me, I thought you were in trouble and I rushed over here and now Mom and Dad are gonna kill me for letting you get married. Georgia! Did he trick you too?”

“No, I love him and I’ve wanted to marry him since I was six-years-old.” Karen laughed, hugged Georgia and hugged me.

“Ok, I’m going back to work. The two of you are crazy and I’m gonna pretend like this is a surprise to me when Mom calls hysterical.” She left and I was alone with my new wife walking back to the parking garage.

“Wanna go get some wedding rings?” She smiled and nodded. We drove down to my friend’s dad’s jewelry store. A woman was working, she showed us the wedding bands.

“Pick which ones you like.” She tried on a few, finally chose two gold bands with birds etched on them. It wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be, and I made a mental note to return to get her a proper ring. We left with our rings on our fingers and went to lunch.

“I like being married to you so far, Stephen.” She ate her sandwich.

“Me too, Georgie. You dress nice.” She smiled.

“Thanks. My husband took me shopping this morning.” We finished and walked around the downtown walkways, she wouldn’t let go of my hand, she kept looking down at our rings.

“Hey, I know we talked about moving in on Friday, but I’d like you to stay over tonight.”

“Definitely. I’ll tell my mom I’m staying over at Joan’s.” She was almost agonizingly pretty then, her hair was pushed back over her right ear with a clip. I felt bad, I knew she deserved someone that would be good to her and not wake up one morning and want to marry her on a whim.

“Hey, Georgie, I promise I want to be your husband and take care of you forever.”

“I know, Stephen. I’m gonna take care of you forever too–make your dinner, make your babies.”

“You better graduate high school first.” She giggled.

“After high school you’ll have graduated too and be designing your circuits, and maybe we can make a baby then?” Jesus, we were married for an hour and she was talking about getting pregnant. She was so petite, I tried to picture her pregnant.

“We can talk about that next week, you know, after we tell our families we’re married this week.” She said ok, but she was thinking about houses and babies and making Sunday roasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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