My Lovely Virgin Venus Lucy Pt. 10

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In the morning when She walked out of her room and an explosion of utterly unexpected color greeted her. A field of flowers spread on the floor before her and she walked in amongst the colorful blooms in wonderment at such a floral display in the corridor.

‘Lucy stay where you are!’ I told her, incensed to see her outside and unprotected and wandering with a toddler’s absence of caution.

‘What on earth—?’ she began, glancing up from the pink, purple and mauve blooms she was studying as she crouched.

I was already striding towards her, careless of the flowers crushed beneath my feet, clearly untouched by the beauty of the scene. I scooped her up bodily in my arms, exclaiming in Urdu. ‘And what the hell are you wearing on your feet?’ I demanded.

‘I am looking for my Sandals!’ she snapped. ‘I was standing on the flowers .’

‘Oh… OK.’ Lucy nodded, recognizing concern and superior knowledge when she saw it. ‘I didn’t know…but the flowers were so beautiful.’

‘It is your day and thought no better way than starting it with flowers’, I said.

Aamir is so loving, she thought helplessly, standing there straight and tall, blushing as well as emotional, so very emotional. She had never met a man with so much emotion that he couldn’t hide it. She had never met a man she could read so clearly. Reluctant hope, growing excitement, and the first seeds of satisfaction brimmed in his volatile gaze. She couldn’t take her eyes off his, could still hear the faint echo of his fervent promise to protect her from all threats.

I carried her to my room, thinking that I would never forget that first glimpse of her in that sea of flowers, her beautiful long hair falling to her waist and glittering like highly polished platinum in the sunlight, and those huge eyes blinking dazedly up at me as I lifted her, full of shock and love. I walked slowly on pretty flowers and it bothered her. She was sensitive, also possibly a little ditzy to walk out thoughtlessly. It was my duty to take care of her, watch over her, my job to protect. And the enormity of such a responsibility sat heavily on my shoulders for an instant because I had never been responsible for another human being before.

Nor did I wanted to be responsible, I told to myself. I would take care of her to the best of his ability without ever forgetting that she was my first lover and I refused to think of her as a short-term prospect, not a keep. I would remain impervious to her charms always. There would be none like Lucy, as she looked adorable posed amidst flowers. What an astounding thought that was!

She was so Innocent cute and a virgin. I decided that I want to make her deflowering a special occasion.

During the day an agreement was prepared and duly signed and witnessed by Ms. Jane and Bahçelievler escort Daina, where Lucy agreed to surrender herself to me and remain with me for her entire life and in turn will take care of her. Afterwards Jane and Daina provided all sorts of beauty treatments on Lucy for the special occasion. Surrounded by maids and Daina, her preperation was presided over by Ms. Jane, who sat in the corner, entirely dressed in a beautiful Red Gown, doling out instructions.

Though I had not married her, after discussions with Ms. Jane, the arrangement was more than a marriage, so I decided that she shall be dressed in bridal attire tonight. While getting dressed up in traditional bridal attire given by me for making the occasion a special one, Lucy studied her own reflection in the tall mirror. She was so heavily clothed in layers and jewelry that she was amazed that she could move. A gold headdress covered her brow, a veil covering most of her hair, weighty gold earrings dangling from her ears, hung there by a thread, and a big nose ring.

When Lucy wore the nose ring, Eva whispered to her that is the symbol of virginity. This is what Aamir shall take off today.

Lucy had very narrowly sidestepped having her ear lobes pierced there and then and she had Eva to thank for tactfully suggesting thread be used to attach the earrings instead. More primitive gold necklaces clanked and shifted around her neck with every movement while rich and elaborate henna swirls adorned her hands and her feet along with jewelry. What remained of her was enveloped in a white kaftan covered in richly beaded and colorful embroidery. Below that were several gossamer-fine silk layers, all of which rejoiced in buttons running down the back. Getting undressed again promised to be a challenge, she thought ruefully.

She had insisted on doing her own make-up though, having run her eyes over her companions, already festooned in their glad rags and best jewelry for the wedding, their faces over-rouged, their eyelids bright blue. Lucy had used more cosmetics than she normally did and had gone heavy on the eyeliner when urged to do so but at least there was nothing theatrical about the end result.

Eva said to Lucy ‘This has been arranged so quickly that it is a very small and quiet wedding—but the jewelry Aamir has given you is magnificent and you look so gorgeous in it’.

‘What jewelry?’ Lucy whispered.

‘Everything you’re wearing comes from him. Traditionally, jewelry is your gift.’ Eva replied

The liveliness surrounding her and wakened only when Ms. Jane discreetly pressed her hand and kissed on her forehead. She blinked in bemusement, for an instant not even knowing where she was. Darkness had fallen beyond the room and it was quieter now.

It is Bahçelievler escort bayan time for you to retire,’ Daina told her, reacting to a signal from Ms. Jane.

‘It is symbolic,’ Ms. Jane is taking you to your Aamir.’

She almost staggered into the room lit by lanterns and little lamps that awaited her and there she froze in consternation. A large bed confronted her and it dawned on her at last that this was her night to lose her virginity, which she was expected to spend in close proximity to her lover. She wasn’t going to get her own room tonight this time or even her own bed because she was supposed to share the bed. In silence, she pulled a face because she hadn’t anticipated that, although she knew that she should’ve done. It was all decorated with flowers and sweets, wines and drinks were placed on the side of the bed on a table. In all a perfect setting like a first Wedding Night- A Suhagraat as it is called in India. The night of the first mating of the bride and groom.

Then jane asked her to be seated on the bed and wait for Aamir but she sank down on the bottom of the sofa on the side of the bed and breathed in deep while she waited for me to arrive. My goodness, she was getting so hot.

Lucy prepared herself for bed, the palpitating girl found herself in a maze of conflicting emotions. The events of the last evening had been quite upsetting; like all girls, she had had a rather romantic idea of the relations between man and woman. Coming as she had to her my home with absolutely no notion of any sex relationships, she was hardly prepared for her reception as, for instance, a young girl might have been who was spending her first night with her lover, or even the expectancy that a sweetheart might feel in anticipation of a tryst with a lover. Before arriving, the idea that I might take liberties with her had never entered her head, and due to her sheltered life in the convent, she had only the vaguest ideas as to the nature these liberties might take.

She got up straightened and walked into the luxurious bathroom alongside for their comfort. A mirror sat propped up on a chest.

‘Do you know where my clothes are? Are they still back at the house we were staying?’ she asked uncomfortably. ‘I will enquire for you in the morning,’ Jane murmured smoothly.

‘I don’t even have a toothbrush!’ Lucy protested, falling back on trivialities rather than dealing with her insecurities over the situation she was in.

‘Aamir will give you one,’ Jane informed her in a tone of finality. ‘Now onwards he will take care of all your needs’.

Lucy swallowed hard on a burst of angry exasperation. Was she supposed to go to bed naked with all her make-up on? It wasn’t his fault that she had been separated from her belongings, Escort bahçelievler she told herself urgently, and she shouldn’t take her ire out on me. Deal with it, she instructed herself, and she went back into the bathroom and wanted to remove the jewelry, ornate kaftan before beginning to undo the buttons of the layers beneath. Arms aching, perspiration dampening her face.

Jane instructed her that she should not remove any of her jewelry or clothing as Aamir would like to see her adorning the jewelry and clothing. She instructed her to come back after she has relieved herself.

Consequently, as she wanted to disrobe and take her bath, she was a little dazed as to just what had happened and, more important, what was to happen. She thought upon my arrival with mingled feelings: fear of what I would do and hope that it would be enjoyable to her. She was filled with a sort of curious anticipation as to what was in store for her. She dimly realized that I would insert into her maidenly cleft that his tool and she felt sure that it would kill her instantly, tearing her tender tissues, utterly rending her. She feared the ordeal, yet feared more the thought of being forced out into a cruel, harsh world with which she was entirely unfamiliar and where she would be the prey to she knew not what strange terrors. She wanted to remove her clothing, take her bath, brush her hair; then, her body burning with fear, shame, and passion, she considered whether she might disobey me to the extent of concealing her body in a nightgown. She feared Ms. Jane and me, yet felt that his harshness might perhaps be a bit assumed; she feared that I was the type of man who would gain his ends, by force if need be, but preferably by persuasion. She decided that she will not change, as she knew she would have to answer for her disobedience to Jane as well as to me whenever I appeared. and then more that she wanted to make me happy as she realised that I wanted to see her adorning the jewelry and clothing. Oh God, she saw her image in the toilet mirror, she was looking very pretty in that attire. She wanted to kiss herself. so she planted a kiss on her mirror image.

Lucy complied with the directions given by Jane. She stalked back uneasily into the bedroom after relieving. Jane told her to sit on the bed as she was on phone, with her careful and watchful eyes on Lucy. Jane helped Lucy to sit on the bed. At that moment I entered the room, seeing me Jane cast her phone down and I studied her enquiringly.

As I entered I saw Lucy poised like a princess, her beautiful hair piled high on her head in a style no doubt selected in order to display her long slender neck to the greatest advantage, the dress a sheath of glittering gold falling from neck to ankles and hugging a body that was nothing short of female perfection.

Clearly I had been right in my assumption that she’d spent the entire afternoon at the hairdresser and with the maids styling her, I thought with cold objectivity, my gaze sliding slowly down her body.

This beautiful and lovely girl is going to become a woman tonight.


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