My Loving Mother-in-Law Ch. 03

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“Michael, Mom called.” Denise shouted, as I walked into the house, home from work.

“She did?” I replied, trying to sound uninterested. At the same time, a fire began in my loins.

“Yeah, she had some sort of exercise machine delivered today and she’s having trouble putting it together. Some part won’t fit into the slot like it’s suppose to. She said that if anybody can put it in right, you can.”

“Really, she said that? No problem. When does she want me?” Smirking to myself.

“Tomorrow afternoon. It’s Saturday and we don’t have any plans. So go over there do your thing and get back home.” She instructed.

That night, while lying in bed, I couldn’t help but think about Jean. My Mother-in-Law, the woman that gave birth to my wife and how she’ll urge me to play with her succulent breasts and to suck her enormous nipples.

She’ll beg me to let her suck my big, fat cock. To cum in her hot, wet mouth. Plead with me to fuck her juicy pussy and to my delight, to shove my cock up her burning asshole. I own her, she wants me to dominate her and I thrive on the feeling.

Getting into bed Denise couldn’t help notice my raging hard-on.

“My, my, what are you thinking about tonight” she said, taking hold of my cock.

Pumping her petite hand up and down the shaft of my throbbing member. Her thumb smears the pre-cum over the head.

Predictably, she lay down on her side and began to grind her ass against me, wanting me to fuck her.

“Oooooo, c’mon Michael. Put that big fucker in me.” She cooed.

Lifting her night-shirt, I find the waistband of her panties and pull them down.

Roughly, I start stabbing at her waterless pussy.

“Ow, Ow, OW Michael, be gentle.” She protests.

Paying no attention, I continue my assault. Savagely I forced my ramrod cock into her. She wants me to fuck her? Well she’s gonna get what her Mother is gonna beg for tomorrow. She cries,


Grabbing a handful of her hair, I yank her head back, while I continue slamming my cock into her. Her pussy began to moisten and stretch accepting my girth.

The slapping sound of our bodies, her moaning and groaning encourage me. Heightening my pleasure. My desire was to just bust my nut in her. She’s here for my pleasure and nothing more.

The only other thing that I did think about was Jean, her Mother, and how I’m raping her daughter. I wonder how she’d react to my battering of her little girl’s pussy.

I never treated Denise like this before. Something was happening to me. I was acting like my wife is a slut and I was just using her to get off. She’s another fuck-toy for my amusement.

“You Fucking SLUT. You want me to FUCK YOU? HERE TAKE IT! Snarling at her.


“You Better Get Yours, BITCH, ‘Cause I’m Gonna Get Mine.”

Grunting, my cock explodes, spewing a flood cum into my wife’s fucking cunt. Her cunt muscles squeezing and milking every last drop of cum from my cock.

When my cock stops jerking, I pull out and roll onto my back, trying to catch my breath. Denise turns toward me to snuggle placing her head on my chest.

“Mmmmm, you’re such an animal.” Playfully kissing my nipple.

What’s gotten into you tonight?” She asked with uncertainty.

I didn’t answer her. I just put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her down my chest and stomach.

Stopping when her face was just inches from my cock. The cock that just raped her and thickly coated with our slimy juices.

“Go on slut, clean me up.” I ordered.

Smelling our sex, she hesitantly opened her mouth and her tongue snaked out licking at the head. The taste was not to her liking.

“Oh Michael, do I have to?” She asked.

Slapping her on her hard on her bare ass demanding her to obey.

“Suck it slut. Suck my cock clean. You’ll do it and like it. Won’t you?”

“Uh-huh” she relented and sucked my cock completely into her mouth. My ordering her what to do was turning her on. She realized that she liked me ordering her to do something that she really wouldn’t do on her own.

Tasting our cum, she conceded and sucked hungrily. kayseri escort Licking and lapping up and down the shaft. She sucked almost as wantonly as her Mother. Enjoying the sensation and control.

“Ah yes, that’s a good slut. Clean me off real good.”

Next thing I know, the sun is shinning through the window into my eyes. Waking me from my sound sleep. Feeling like a million bucks, I jump into the shower. The water felt good as my thoughts went to Jean. My cock began to stir.

“Down boy, you’ll get into her soon enough.” I laughed to myself.

Hastily, I towel myself and dress. Humming and singing all the time, I bound down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“Good morning there Tiger.” Denise says seductively.

“You were pretty rough on me last night. Can’t say that I didn’t like it, but my pussy is a little sore. Your breakfast is almost ready and I made everything you like.”

Ignoring her rambling, I fill my travel cup with coffee and headed out the back door.

“Hey! What about all this….” She complained.

I never heard her finish her sentence because I was out the door and into my car. Backing down the drive I see Denise standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips and a puzzled look on her face. Talking out loud, I declare,

“Get use to it, Slut. ‘Cause that’s the way it’s gonna be from now on. I’m in control. I’m the boss of you and your Mother too.”

Arriving at my soon to be slut Mother-in-Law’s house. I make my way in through the back door, where I hear a strange whirring noise.

Following the sound, it takes me to the spare bedroom. Standing in the doorway, my Mother-in-Law notices me and proclaims.

“Hi there, handsome.” Looking at me with her lust filled eyes.

There she was. Walking on her new treadmill. Dressed in spandex that snuggly fit her body. Her jutting breasts swaying back and forth in rhythm with her gait. Her rock hard nipples pushing out against the flimsy material.

“I’m almost finished with my exercise. I wanna lose a few pounds for you. I wanna look my best for my lover.”

Her outfit was stained with sweat from her workout. Her hair was pulled back into a pony-tail.

She looked like a woman in her early 40’s, not one almost 60. She’s a hot piece of ass and I’m gonna make her my slut, just like her slut daughter.

Sitting down on chair in the corner I watch. Her eyes never leave mine. All I say is,

“Show me!”

Without hesitation her hand moves to her shoulder and frees one arm, then the other. Peeling the leotard down to her waist.

Her breasts are massive, 36DD, her best feature. Releasing them from the constraining material her breasts really begin to swing.

As she continues her walk, she fills her hands with her breasts presenting them to me for my approval.

“Oh Michael, I miss you touching them. Please squeeze them, baby. Pinch my nipples. Suck them for me, okay?”

“C’mer!” I call her to me.

Hitting the kill switch, abruptly stopping the machine. Jean jumps off and stands in front of me. She knew what to do without me saying a word.

Taking a hold of the material gathered around her waist she slowly pulls it down over her hips, down her legs, over her feet and tossing it over her shoulder behind her.

“Here I am Michael. I’m all yours. Take me however you want.” She submitted.

As I stand up, her gaze fixes on the bulge in my pants. I order her.

“Strip me!”

Her hands move to the buttons of my shirt. She’s so excited that she fumbles with them. It’s like she’d never unbuttoned a shirt before.

Pushing my shirt open, she kisses my chest. Grabbing her by her pony-tail I yank her head back.

“Did I give you permission to do that?”

“No, but I thought I…”

Cutting her off, I set the ground rules.

“You don’t think. You do as you are told. You speak when you are spoken to and if you want to talk, always ask first. You get your pleasure from giving me pleasure. Understand?”

“Yes, Michael. Whatever you say. I’ll do whatever you want. Can I kiss you?

“No! Just take off the rest of my clothes.”

Removing my shirt, she throws it to the chair and went to my belt. Her hands were shaking. Her whole body was trembling.

Unfastening the buckle and pulling down the zipper, my pants fell around my ankles and I stepped out of them kicking them out of the way.

With her hands on my hips, she paused and stared at my cock that was trying to burst out of my underwear.

“Oh baby, you’re so big and hard. I want you inside me.” She said lustily.

Reaching behind her I smacked her on her fleshy ass.

“Did you ask me to speak?”

Shaking her head no, she looks me in my eyes knowing that she knows her place with me. She willingly submits.

Pulling my underwear down. My cock springs free and she’s on her knees, her face inches away from my pulsing cock. Looking up, but not saying a word, her eyes communicated her desire to suck me.

“Do you want my cock in your mouth? Do you want me to cum in your Slutty mouth?”

With her cheeks flushing red with shame and embarrassment, she nods her head yes.

“What makes you think I’d let you touch me in your present condition. You’re all sweaty and smelly. Get up and take a shower.”

“Yes Michael.”

Walking towards the bathroom I follow close behind. I watch her voluptuous ass undulate as she walks. I notice her left asscheek is red where I swatted it, so I smack her right side.

“Ohhhhh.” Stopping her dead in her tracks, she bent over slightly offering her ass to me.

“No, no, keep walking. I just wanted you to know that I was still behind you.”

Bending over the bathtub, Jean adjusts the water and when she feels my hands on her hips, she places her hands on the side of the tub and remains bent over.

Sliding my cock between her legs, it splits her puffy labia and glides over her swollen clit. Her juices cover the length of my shaft and the heat from her pussy is steaming.

“Mmmmmmm.” She moans, as she stands on her tiptoes trying to entrap my cock in her gushing pussy.

Smacking her on her ass again.

“My, my we are a slow learner.” I sneer.

Her asscheeks are warm and red from my special attention.

“Get in the shower, Slut.”

“Yes Michael.”

Following her into the shower, I slide close the door behind us. Jean stands under the spray and the water cascades over her.

Picking up a washcloth and soaping it. I start by washing her huge breasts. The rough cloth scratches her sensitive nipples making her knees buckle a bit. Her hands go to the shower-head to hang on and keep her balance.

Working my way down. I swirl the cloth over her belly and to her yearning pussy. She spreads as wide as she can, giving me access. She bites her lip, not wanting to make a sound.

Dropping the cloth, I push two fingers into her sopping pussy. With my other hand I twist and pull on her nipple.

“How does that feel Slut? Do you like when I finger-fuck your pussy? Are you gonna cum for me? C’mon baby, tell me.”

“Ohhhhhh Yessssss, Michael. I Wanna CUM For You. I’m Almost There Baby. Keep Fucking Your Fingers In ME. KEEP FUCKING ME. I’M GONNA CUM.”

Pulling my fingers out of her clutching snatch.

“You’ll cum when I say so, SLUT. And right now, I’m gonna cum first.”

Taking hold of her pony-tail, I force Jean to her knees. Eagerly she opens her mouth and I thrust my cock in and down her throat. I relish in the feel of her hot mouth on my cock.

Pumping my cock in and out of Jean’s mouth, she sucks on it as I pull back. Then takes it all the way down her throat again and again. Fucking her face like it was a pussy.

“Ahhh yesssss, now I know why your daughter is such a Slut. She gets it from you.”

The words burn.

“You Fucking SLUT, I Gonna Shoot Into Your FILTHY SLUT MOUTH.”

Letting go of her hair, my cock erupts. Sending stream after stream of hot scalding cum into my slut Mother-in-Law’s gulping mouth.

She grabs hold of my cock and milks every last drop out of my ball sack and swallowing it all. Looking to me for my approval.

“Yeah, that’s a good Slut. Now turn off the shower dry yourself and then you may dry me off. I want you in your bedroom, get on the bed on your hands and knees.”

Quickly, Jean did exactly what she was told in complete silence. When I entered the bedroom, she was on the bed, on her hands and knees, but not in the position that I wanted. I want her positioned so she could see herself in the mirror of the dresser.

Moving her to the position I wanted I sat on the edge of the bed, close to her head. Her eyes glued to my limp cock. I continued to humiliate her.

“Just look at yourself. Look into the mirror and see how much of a Slut you really are.”

Looking into the mirror she sees herself in the doggie-style position. Her breasts hung almost to the mattress, swaying gently. Nipples rigid and extented. Her ass round and welted with my hand prints.

“You let your daughter’s husband fuck you. You suck his cock until he cums in your mouth. All you think about is fucking and sucking your daughter’s husband. And you can’t be a bigger Slut than to let him fuck you up your asshole. Can you?”

“Yes Michael, I’m a Slut. I’m your Slut. I wanna be your Slut always. Let me show you how much of a Slut I can be for you. Please, Michael!”

“Are you trying to confess something?”

“Yes Michael, I want to tell you that when you’re not with me. I use a substitute.”

“A substitute? What kind of a substitute?”

“It’s in the drawer of my night-stand.” She said sheepishly.

Reaching for the handle of the drawer I open the night-stand and discover a dildo and lubricant. Picking up the fake cock, I examine it and hold it in front of her face.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. What do you do with this Slut?”

“I use it to fuck myself with Michael, but I only do it because I miss you. And…” She explained.

“And what? Go on Slut, tell me everything.”

“My girlfriend, Rena and I have used it on each other. Oh, I’m so ashamed.”

While her cheeks burn with shame. My cock inflates at the idea of my Mother-in-Law with her best friend, Rena. I’ve always wanted to have two women at the same time and I just may get my wish.

Getting up from the bed, dildo in hand, I stand behind my Slut Mother-in-Law. Looking in the mirror, I tell Jean,

“You dirty Slut. Watch as I fuck your slut cunt with your dildo.”

Jean shudders as I rub the fake cock over the entrance to her sopping pussy. Looking into the mirror. The dildo slides effortlessly into her gapping snatch.

Sawing the dildo in and out of her I fuck her with her substitute lover.

“Now you can cum, Slut. Are you gonna cum for me? Do you wanna cum for me?”

“Ohhhhhh yesssss Michael, I wanna cum for You. I am gonna cum for You. Can I rub my clit? Ohhhhhh Please Michael, let me rub my clit. I’m so HOT Baby, Soooo HOT.”

My eye catches a stimulating sight. Her puckered asshole is an inviting prospect. I remember how hot and tight it was last time.

“Yes Slut, rub your clit. Cum for me, Slut. Cum for your Michael.”

Her hand pounces on her clit, as I fuck the dildo into her like a piston.


Her orgasm overtakes her and she cums like a bitch in heat. Her face buried into the bedspread, panting, all out of breadth. What a sight. If only her daughter could see her now.

My cock throbs as I coat it with the lubricant from my Mother-in-Laws secret store. Squirting a generous glob on Jean’s anus, I climb onto the bed.

Standing over her, one leg on either side of her, I pull her head up by her pony-tail.

“Watch Slut, watch as my cock disappears into you slutty asshole.”

Jean watched in the mirror as my cock plunged into her shithole. Again and again I fucked into her. She moaned and groaned and was probably rubbing her clit. But I let her get away with it because I was concentrating on cumming in her asshole.

“Do You Want My Cum, Slut? Do You Want Me To Cum In Your SLUT ASSHOLE?”


My cock began to spurt, spurt deep in my Slut Mother-in-Law’s rectum.


She groaned under my weight as I collapsed on top of her. I lay on her back until my cock stopped twitching. Rolling off of her, my deflating cock slipped from her tight asshole.

Laying on my back, looking at the ceiling, lost in my thoughts, Jean started to kiss my chest. She continued kissing and licking her way down. Just before she reaches my cock, she stops, resting her head on my stomach.

Then I feel her take hold of my cock with her lips and suck it into her mouth.

Deja Vu!

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