My New Sex Life Ch. 01

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My name is Jessie Lewis. I’d always been sort of shy. A wall flower. I’d stand in the background of parties, trying to stay unseen, which was kind of difficult considering my looks. I’m a 5″9 black woman with dark almond-shaped eyes, caramel colored skin, full lips and a lithe body (from playing volleyball all four years of high school). So I never would of guessed that I’d marry the most gorgeous man alive, Brian Matthews.

He’s tall, taller than me, standing at around 6 feet tall. He has these gorgeous hazel eyes, and dark brown hair. We just got married a day ago, and we’re spending a week long honeymoon on a cruise around the Caribbean.

Well, right now we’re in our bedroom. Now, as I said before, I was always kind of shy, so I’m still a virgin. I know that tonight’s the night that we’ll…you know. Have sex. And I’m extremely nervous. Brian looks at me, and smiles.

“Are you okay?” he asks.

“Yeah,” I murmur. He leans over and starts kissing me. It’s slow at first, but gradually the kiss grows deeper, more urgent. My arms wrap around his broad shoulders, and I pull him closer.

He pulls away, and starts unbuttoning his shirt. I blush as I get a glimpse of his muscled chest. He tosses his shirt to the ground, and I quickly pull my sundress over my head, and toss that to the ground. I feel so self-conscious as he looks at Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort me, my body. Like I said, I have a good body, but no one’s ever seen it but me.

“God, Jessie, do you have any idea how sexy you are?” he murmurs.

“I’m not the only one,” I reply, smiling. I reach behind my back, and unclasp my bra. It falls down, revealing my 36B cup breasts. The cool air makes my nipples perk up. Brian pulls me to him, and I marvel at the feel of my skin against his. He kisses me softly, and starts to kiss my neck, making me moan. He makes his way to my breasts, and softly flicks his tongue over my nipples.

His hand travels down to the waistband of my panties. He goes even further, and abruptly cups my soaked mound.

“You’re so wet!” he says, sounding surprised. I blush. He retracts his hand to pull off his pants. I look down and see his hard-on. Deciding to take some charge, I pull down his boxers, and his seven inch cock springs up. My mouth waters, and I lean down towards it. To his surprise, I take him into my mouth.

I’ve never done this before, so I start slowly. I work my tongue over the head, then up and down the shaft. I lower my hands towards his balls, and start stroking them, making him groan.

“Jessie…” he moans.

I finally take him into my mouth fully, going up and down his pole. I start to go faster, and I can tell he’s close. I stop’ and look up at him.

“How’s that?” I say, knowing it’s killing him that I stopped so soon. He seems to know that I’m teasing him.

“Who knew you were such a..” he starts. Before he can finish his sentence, I clamp my mouth over his cock, and he immediately bursts, filling my mouth with his cum. Some of it gets onto my chin, and spills out onto the bed.

I lean up, and smile triumphantly.

“I find it had to believe you’ve never done this before,” he says, pulling me to him. I shrug, and smile again at him.

I remove my soaked panties, removing the last barrier between us.

“Lay down on the bed,” Brian says. I do as he says.

“Spread those legs, I want to get a good look at that cunt of yours.” he growls. I gasp at the language he uses, but secretly I love it.

“I bet you taste as good as you smell,” he says. He gets between my legs, and palms my dripping cunt. He starts to stoke my swollen lips with has hand, making me moan. He leans in, and feeling his warm breath against my mound makes me moan again.

Suddenly, I feel his tongue, going up and down my cunt, ravishing it like a starving man at a feast. He plants kisses against my clit, and nibbles at it, making me moan his name over and over again. He pushes two fingers into my tight cunt, and starts to slowly finger fuck me.

“Brian, I want you..” I moan.

“You want me?” he asks, his voice cocky.

“Yes,” I say, sitting up.

“Hmm, nope.” he says, laughter in his voice.

“Why not?” I say, noting the whiny tone in my voice.

“You have to ask nicely.” he says, enjoying my misery.

“Please…” I say. I crawl towards him, and look him in the eyes. “I want you to fuck me. Please.”

He looks a bit surprised that I’m so blunt. I have no idea what’s come over me. But he tells me to spread my legs. He lines up his stiff cock to my drenched whole. He pushes in slowly.

“Fuck, you’re so fucking tight.” he groans as he pushes into me. It hurts, but it’s a good pain. Once he’s all the way in, he stays there so I can adjust to his size. Once I get used to it, he pulls out, then goes in again. He develops a steady rhythm. I hold on to him as he starts to go faster. I push myself onto him, trying to get closer.

“Brian,” I moan. “I’m, I’m…I’m going to cum!”

“That’s right, cum for me,” he says, pumping into me like his life depends on me.

And I do. My legs start to tingle, and a warmth rises in me. I cum, feeling as though I’ve found a bit of heaven on earth. He comes right after, filling me with his hot spurts. I collapse onto him. He doesn’t pull out, not yet. He just wraps me in his arms, hugging me.

“I love you so much,” he murmurs into my hair.

“I love you too,” I say….

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