My New Tennis Partner Ch. 02

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“How do you get by if you aren’t able to come out and share this part of you?” Matteo asked me. We were having dinner, an Uber Eats order from the local Italian place, and nice bottle of Amarone. I was positively glowing as we had already had earth shattering oral sex together, and my Italian God promised to take my virginity later. I was wearing a very skimpy pair of lace bikini panties under a robe. Matteo had given them both to me so I’d feel special before my promised deflowering. I felt very sexy, I didn’t bother to tie the robe so he could see my six pack and my hairy chest. And… my panties. Somehow, it felt so liberating.

“Well, I am good at keeping secrets, it’s just a part of me I’ve never really shared with anyone until today. Quick anonymous sex is all I could risk, and my God, that’s risky enough!”

“So your girlfriend doesn’t suspect?”

“No one does. She’d never know that sometimes when I’m ready to cum inside of her I imagine a big cock cumming all over my face. It’s very personal, I just accept that I’m wired differently than most men. Tell me; How do you get away with it? Aren’t you married?”

“I married a unicorn!” said my gorgeous new lover. She goes away on weekends to visit a girlfriend. She is bi and when we met, I was dating a man, so there was never any question Cebeci Escort about my sexuality, we have an agreement that as long as its just sex with our same sex partners, we can both enjoy. Sometimes together, sometimes not.”

“Well, I’ve never met such a unicorn, my relationship would certainly end if she knew. I just compartmentalize things, you know? I’m a Dad, a tennis player, a professional, and sometimes I’m a slutty fag. I quit feeling guilty about it along time ago. But my biggest fear is getting outed. I don’t feel like I can safely share that with anyone. In fact, talking to you feels like therapy.”

Matteo reached out and held my hand, “Everything is safe here, I won’t share this with anyone, even my wife won’t know who you are. You are a handsome man and a passionate lover and I’d like to help you feel whole while you are here.”

I’m not going to lie, I started to cry when Matteo told me that. I never- ever imagined that I could embrace this side of me and share it with another. I felt so liberated and even more attracted to this man. He reached over and brushed the curl off my forehead and said, “I’d like to have you for dessert.”

He invited me to stand and he asked Alexa to play Unchained Melody, and he began dancing Kolej Escort with me, I was happy to let him lead, his strong arms wrapped around me, my head on his shoulder, I felt safe. Maybe, for the first time ever, I felt at peace with all of me. I was here in the home of a beautiful man who understood me and wanted nothing more than to make love to me. I was ready.

Our dance ended in a passionate kiss and he led me back to his bedroom, this time Matteo was in charge. He kissed my neck and then down to my nipples which he lapped and sucked so much that I got hard, so he started to stroke me. I reached for his glorious cock, but he held my hand firmly,”No lover, this time it’s my turn.”

He lubed a finger and then began to rub it around my ass until it was inside me. I moaned like the woman I wished I was at that moment.

“Do you trust me?” he whispered and I said, “Of course.”

“Then let me do this, just relax and let me do what I want, I promise I won’t hurt you.” So, I took a deep breath and made myself relax. I rubbed his curly black hair as he slipped my cock in his mouth and looked up at me with those big brown eyes. With a finger already inside me, I didn’t stand a chance and I came buckets down his throat. My God!

“Do Yenimahalle Escort you still want me, now that you came?” He asked after I had finished my eruption.

“More than ever!”

Now his tongue replaced his finger and I felt his warm breath passionately on my anus as fucked me with my tongue. I was in heaven, giving myself to this strong, handsome man. I was at my most vulnerable and at peace that I was with someone who understood that.

He was pretty excited and ready now, “How do you want me?”

“I want to watch you and kiss you.”

So that was it, I took my lover, his lubed cock slid into me before I even had a second though. My ass was so full and the discomfort was soon overcome by pleasure. I was looking at this God of a man, he looked at me with passion, urgency and a beautiful smile. As his speed increased, I heard noises coming from me that I didn’t quite recognize, I had surrendered completely.

“I’m going to cum!” He announced and then he roared like a lion, right in my ear as he came buckets of hot cream inside me, I never wanted this feeling to end.

Eventually, he rolled over, spent, and it was my turn to get him a warm washcloth and clean off this magnificent stud of a man who had just given himself to me, I felt pretty proud of myself. I’d made a man so passionate that he screamed, who knew? It wasn’t just about me sucking a random dick, no, it was about me opening up to a man, sharing my secrets and then pleasing him in a way that I never imagined could be so wonderful.

“Next time,” Matteo said as I kissed his neck, “Is my turn to get fucked.” And I said, well I can’t wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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