My Pregnant Neighbour Ch. 02

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On a pleasant late spring morning we were in Emma’s car on the way to visit her friend, Maxine. Though this wasn’t the way I’d normally choose to spend a day off work, I secretly didn’t mind too much. Maxine — one of Emma’s gorgeous former workmates — was now a “yummy mummy” to six month old Mia.

We parked in the driveway of Maxine’s house, and as we walked towards the front door, it swung open and I saw Maxine. They were just about as different from one another as two women could be – Emma, dark-haired, tall and quite slim, despite her pregnancy, and Maxine, short, fair-haired and curvaceous.

I sat on the living room couch while Maxine and Emma fussed over Mia. We had only been there a few minutes when Maxine said to Emma, “I hope she’s a bit hungrier now. She hasn’t been feeding much at all over the last day and I’ve got too much milk. My boobs are really sore.”

Without so much as a sideways glance at me, Maxine unbuttoned her blouse and opened the right cup of her maternity bra. Despite what she had said, when Maxine put Mia to her breast, the baby latched on immediately. Emma sat close, watching as Mia fed.

Normally I’d have loved having the chance to see Maxine’s breasts, but somehow now it seemed wrong to take advantage of the situation. Perhaps Max sensed my awkwardness, and deciding to tease me a little, she began interrogating me about work. I answered her questions with my eyes firmly fixed on her forehead.

After she had finished feeding Mia and had taken her into the bedroom, Maxine asked Emma, “Do you have time to run me down to the shops? I need a one or two things.”

Maxine didn’t drive. Having to ask family and friends for a lift all the time must be a pain, particularly now she had Mia.

“Sure, no problem,” Emma said after a quick glace towards me.

“Can you keep an eye on Mia?” Max asked, though her tone suggested it was more a statement than a question.

Before I could reply, Maxine said, “She’s got a full tummy and a clean nappy — she’ll sleep for at least an hour or two. It’ll be good practice — you’ll be doing this yourself in a few weeks!”

“And while we’re gone, you can watch the tape of Mia’s christening. I’m sure it’s just what you wanted to see!”

Emma was Mia’s godmother. I’d missed the christening because I’d had to work on that day.

After Emma and Maxine had left, I looked in on Mia and saw her sleeping soundly.

I returned to the lounge room and without much enthusiasm, I put the videotape in the machine. No doubt Emma would quiz me about the proceedings when she returned.

What I saw when I pushed the play button shocked me – so much so that the remote control slide from my hand and clattered onto the tiled floor. Instead of Mia’s christening, I saw Maxine, naked and very pregnant, lying on her side on the edge of a bed. Mike, Maxine’s former husband, was spooning her, fucking her vigorously despite her heavily pregnant state. Another man stood next to Maxine, his head half turned away from the camera. Maxine’s increasingly loud groans of pleasure were considerably muffled by the fact that she was sucking on his dick. After Mike Escort Bayan had cum, they changed places and the unknown man also did her from behind. When he had finished, Maxine rolled onto her back, her legs open for the camera to capture the cum dribbling from her pussy. Her smiling face was smeared with Mike’s ejaculate.

Remarkably, the next scene was even more surprising. A woman, presumably the person who had filmed the threesome, lay on the bed, between Maxine’s widely spread legs, performing oral on her. Judging by Maxine’s gasps, the woman was doing an excellent job. Though her body shape was now radically different and her long, dark hair partly obscured her face, there was no doubt who the woman was. It was Emma!

While Emma bought Maxine to a climax, the unknown man knelt on the bed and massaged Maxine’s left boob, squeezing out drops of milk, which he then licked off. The remaining minutes of the tape showed Emma and Maxine, using their fingers to masturbate each other, and finally them together in the shower, kissing each other and playing up to the camera.

My erection tented my jeans uncomfortably, as I contemplated what I had just seen. I knew Emma liked to have casual sex with women, but I hadn’t known that she and Maxine had been together.

The sound of Emma’s car turning into the driveway snapped me back to reality. I wondered if I had been meant to see this tape. Or was it a mistake that Maxine had left it out instead of the tape of the christening? Perhaps I should find the christening tape and swap them. Desperately, my eyes scanned the rows of tapes on the shelves next to the video machine. I couldn’t see it, and as I heard the front door open, I realised it was too late to do anything but put the sex tape back on top of the machine, where I had found it.

To my surprise and relief, nothing was said about the tape. Then, as we drove away from Maxine’s place, Emma asked, “So what did you think of the christening?” Although her tone gave nothing away, she couldn’t suppress a slight smile. Clearly, I had seen exactly what I was supposed to see!

“And you thought you were the only one who had done it with a pregnant woman!” Emma said, playfully, smiling broadly now. “Actually, I was a bit worried she was going to pop while we were playing – she was more than eight months pregnant at the time.”

“Who was the guy in the video?” I asked, not wanting to seem too fixated on the fact that I’d seen Emma having sex with another woman.

“Mike’s best mate, Paul. They used to have regular threesomes, at least until Mike and Maxine broke up, anyway.”

“Maxine prefers men to women,” Emma observed casually. The tone of her voice seemed incongruous, given the subject matter under discussion. “Though I wasn’t her first, I think she’s only slept with a couple of women.”

There was a moment’s silence, and then Emma said: “I think we should have Max over for dinner. And after dinner, perhaps we can make our own tape!”

“Are you serious?” I asked, barely able to believe what I was hearing.

“Absolutely! I’m in the mood for some girlie sex and I could tell by how hard Bayan Escort you were trying not to look when Maxine was feeding Mia that you’d enjoy getting your hands on her big milky boobs.”

“So you’re talking about a threesome?” I was aware I wasn’t paying as much attention to the road as I should be.

“Yep,” Emma said almost laconically. “Maxine really misses not having a partner and I think she’s just about worn her vibrator out.”

So you’re ok with me having sex with Max?” I asked, still amazed at the turn the conversation had taken.

“Why not? It’s just sex, after all.”

That sounded like something I should be saying.

Over dinner that night Emma asked, “How’s tomorrow night? For Maxine to come over, I mean. Seeing its Friday night, we don’t have to be up early in the morning.”

I left work right on the dot of five the next day. When I arrived home, I changed and hurried next door. Maxine had already arrived and was chatting to Emma as they prepared dinner. I couldn’t help surveying Maxine’s body lustfully as she bent over the sink, peeling the potatoes. Her swollen boobs strained against the front of her shirt. For some reason, over dinner we ignored the reason for Maxine’s presence, and after eating, we moved to the couch. It was only when I made the coffee that Max, smiling, said, “I hope everyone has milk with their coffee, because I’m starting to feel a bit full!”

“You didn’t feed Mia before you left?” Emma asked, catching on immediately.

“I did, but seeing it wasn’t really time for a feed, she wasn’t that hungry.”

Without really thinking about what I was doing, I placed my hand on Maxine’s right breast. I was surprised by the warmth and hardness of the flesh beneath the fabric.

Max unbuttoned her shirt and I saw she was wearing an ordinary bra. It wasn’t really up to the task. Her breasts spilled over the top of the cups, and as she unsnapped her bra, I could see the deep pattern on her skin where they had been.

“Nursing pads,” Max said to explain the small, round pads in each cup. “Essential if you don’t want to leak straight through your bra.”

A pale drop of milk formed immediately at the end of her thick, dark right nipple. “Have a taste – I taste surprisingly good!” Max said, with a cheeky smile.

I covered her nipple with my mouth, and sucked gently. Although her milk was slightly watery, it was sweet – sweeter than cow’s milk. As I suckled, I felt Emma’s long hair against my cheek. Emma was drinking from Max’s left breast.

As I continued to suck, I felt Maxine’s hand sliding through the gap between my leg and my shorts and playing with my dick through my underwear.

Though I hadn’t been aware of it, I was already hard. While she caressed my balls and dick, Max took my hand and placed it on the opened zipper of her jeans. I slid my fingers under the waistband of her panties, as she wriggled down on the couch to give me easier access. I could feel the dampness on the tip of my finger as I ran it along the length of her slit.

After playing with Max for a few minutes, I stood up and hurriedly removed my shirt, followed Escort by my shorts and underwear. Max and Emma, following my cue, also undressed. Now I saw Max naked for the first time. I saw few signs of the effects of pregnancy or childbirth, except perhaps for her slightly protruding stomach. The little “landing strip” I’d seen in the movie was gone – Max was now completely shaven.

Maxine lay on the couch and spread her legs. I got between them and she reached down to guide me into her. I pulled her legs up onto my thighs so I could penetrate her deeply. Emma, facing me, lowered herself onto Max’s face. Looking down, I saw her tongue massaging Emma’s slit. I kissed Emma passionately, sticking my tongue in her mouth. I felt a sudden surge of lust and excitement. There was something obscene about kissing my pregnant girlfriend while fucking her best friend! I loved it!

After a few minutes, Emma broke the embrace. She got off the couch and moved behind me to cup my balls loosely in her hand. At almost the same moment Max let out a shriek, twin streams of milk spraying from her nipples as she orgasmed. That was way too much for me, and I began to cum. As I did, Emma continued to massage my balls, helping me to deposit the biggest possible load into her friend.

“I need a towel!” Max said, after she had recovered. “I’ve got Em’s juices all over my face and I think I’m leaking onto your couch!”

“Why don’t we go into the bedroom?” Emma suggested.

I lay on the bed while the girls cleaned up in the ensuite bathroom. Maxine emerged first and joined me on the bed.

“Not fair! You’ve had your turn!” Emma said, with pretend outrage, when she came into the bedroom a few moments later to see Max sucking my dick.

“Well you know what to do then,” Max said cheekily, lying back on the bed, legs open, offering her pussy to Emma. Emma took the hint, positioning herself on her hands and knees between Max’s legs.

I needed no such invitation to get behind Emma and feed my dick into her puffy pussy. What a view — Maxine using her fingers to spread her pussy lips as Emma licked her towards orgasm, and, when I looked down, I saw my dick, still wet with Maxine’s saliva, sliding in and out of my girlfriend’s pussy. I reached around and massaged Emma’s heavy, pregnant belly.

I came again quite quickly, and as my erection subsided, I saw that Emma was still licking and sucking at Maxine’s clit. I moved to Maxine’s side and contemplated sticking my dick in her mouth, but her eyes were shut, focussed on her own pleasure. Instead, I cupped her right breast in my hand and fed the nipple into my mouth.

That seemed to send her over the top. Her gasps of pleasure were accompanied by another release of her milk, which flooded my mouth. I swallowed it down greedily.

With a little difficulty, Emma slide down onto the bed, lying on her side, to be embraced by Maxine. I lay on the other side of Maxine, and for the first time that evening, three people in bed together seemed a little awkward.

After only a short time, Maxine announced, “Sorry guys, I’ll have to go. I could only get my Mum to babysit for a couple of hours. And I’ll need to use your shower. I can’t go home to Mum smelling of sex!”

As she searched for her bra and panties amongst the jumble of clothes Emma had deposited on the bedroom chair, Maxine asked with a smile, “Same time next week?”

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