My Sex Life Ch. 26

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Chapter 26: Fun In The Sun

Back in the depths of what had been a particularly cold and miserable winter, Katie and I had decided to book a week in the sun to coincide with our Easter break. Having booked our holiday on a particularly snowy day in early February, I had been looking forward sunning myself on a beach or beside a pool, relaxing and, well taking advantage of any other ‘recreational’ activities that might present themselves. Even if Katie had become a one man woman since she’d been going out with Dan, that wasn’t going to stop me from ‘enjoying’ myself if the opportunity arose.

Of course, I hadn’t counted on the fact that by the time Katie and I jetted off, I would have a boyfriend too and, as far as other guys were concerned, we were both going to be on our best behaviour.

Of course, that ‘best behaviour’ clause only applied to other guys; it very specifically did not apply to what we got up to with each other. Naturally, Katie and I exploited that particular loophole at every opportunity.

On this particular occasion, Katie had decided to opt for a lazy lie in. In part, this was because we had been up quite late the night before and she didn’t actually have to get up but mostly, I suspect, it had more to do with her feeling just a teeny-weeny bit delicate on account of the amount we’d had to drink the previous evening.

Anyway, she was still sprawled out in bed and showing no sign of going anywhere anytime soon when, around 10am, I kissed her goodbye, gathered up my stuff and headed off to the pool.

It was less than a ten minute walk from our apartment to the pool. The sun was well up and it was already pretty hot. Despite there being a pretty large contingent of German holidaymakers at the resort, I didn’t have any trouble securing a sun-lounger. Stripping off quickly down to just my sun hat and almost indecently skimpy bikini bottoms, and stopping only to apply a generous covering of sun cream all over and dig my trashy novel out of my bag, I settled down to enjoy the sun.

The fact that I was behaving myself didn’t, however, prevent me from sizing up the talent on offer from beneath the rim of my hat and from behind the safety of my sunglasses. There were quite a number of guys (and a few girls) where, had things been different, I would have been quite up for finding some shady, out of the way spot and having my wicked way with them. Instead, I just had to content myself with my daydreams and the knowledge that Katie and I were more than capable of ‘amusing’ ourselves and each other. One thing was certain though, Gary wasn’t going to know what hit him when I got home. A week without cock is a bloody long time when you’re used to having it pretty much available on demand.

The morning passed pleasantly as I alternated between baking myself in the sun and cooling off in the Gaziantep Olgun Escort pool but, eventually, my stomach decided it needed some attention so I packed up my stuff and headed back to the apartment for some lunch.

Having stopped to pick up some bread and cheese on the way, I got back to find Katie sunning herself on the balcony. After a quick shower, I made up some sandwiches, got some nice cold water from the fridge, stripped off once more (this time down to just my hat and sunglasses) and made my way out to join her.

Our balcony was fairly private, so it made the ideal spot for eliminating any ‘white patches’. I suspect however, if someone really wanted to, they could have found a way of observing us. If anyone did manage that particular afternoon (or on any other number of occasions), they would definitely have got a treat.

There were, of course, a couple of very nice beaches nearby where nude sunbathing wasn’t just tolerated but seemed to be the norm; and we frequented them quite regularly during our stay. In the early afternoon, however, our balcony was at the perfect angle to catch the sun and was a lot more convenient. It also provided us with the opportunity to duck back inside to the shade if things got a little ‘too hot’ although, to be honest, mostly we didn’t care and that afternoon was one of those carefree occasions.

Having made short work of the sandwiches I’d prepared, it all started off with us rubbing suntan lotion on to each other. Of course, the trouble is, once Katie and I start exploring each other with our hands, we usually can’t stop and it’s only a matter of time until our mouths get involved in the action too. This time was, of course, no exception.

The sweat and the lotion made our bodies slick and the heat just made our bodies even more sensitive to the touch of each other’s hands.

Within seconds we were sharing a long, deep passionate kiss, our tongue dancing inside each other’s mouths, our hands gently caressing each other. After a few minutes, I began to kiss my way down her neck, nibbling gently as I went, until I found myself at her tits.

I let my tongue swirl all over their surface, occasionally eliciting a gasped, “Ooohh!” of pleasure from Katie as my tongue flicked over her nipples. As I sucked and licked Katie’s tits, my fingers found their way to her smooth pussy. She was warm and wet and I easily slid two fingers into her. “Ohhhh, Julie!” she moaned as I began to work them in and out, twisting them inside her, my thumb teasing her clit.

I worked a third finger into her pussy. Katie’s back arched up off the mat and, with a low moan of pleasure, she came, her pussy contracting, gripping my fingers tightly inside her.

I let her recover before beginning to kiss my way down over her abdomen. I moved between her legs and ran my tongue up the inside of her thighs. “Ohhhhh, mmmmmm!” she gasped as my tongue lightly grazed her moist, smooth lower lips and wormed its way between them.

The taste and scent of Katie’s juices was intoxicating as I began to feast on her pussy. Katie would whimper softly, her fingers in my hair, lightly pulling me against her as my tongue licked over her clit.

“Ohhhh, Julie,” she sighed as I worked my fingers inside her again, “That’s just soooo good!”

I continued to flick my tongue over her swollen bud, my fingers twisted inside her. The walls of Katie’s pussy flexed, gripping my fingers as her body began to tremble.

“Oh fuck! Oh yes! I’mmmmmm cummmmmming!” she moaned as her body began to shake ever more violently.

I didn’t stop. I kept licking and sucking. My tongue darting inside her; my fingers reaching up to tease her nipples as I fed her climax.

Katie’s body shook harder and harder. Her moans became deeper and longer. Her breathing became increasingly laboured as she came again and again, her sweet juices flooding into my mouth.

Still I continued, wanting to give Katie as much pleasure as she could endure. “Yessssss! Oh, fuck! Yesssss!” she screamed as her climax climbed to new heights.

The heat of the sun and the intensity of her climax drained the energy from her body. “No more! Ohhhhh, please, no more!” she begged me at last, weakly, unable to endure any more.

Reluctantly, I did as I was asked and moved up to lie beside her, enfolding her in my arms, feeling her heart pound in her chest. She thanked me with a dreamily contented smile and I kissed her, tenderly, lingeringly on the lips then just held her, gently caressing her as she slow regained control of her body.

After a few minutes, Katie kissed me and whispered, “Your turn.” She kissed me again. This time it quickly increased in passion, her hands roving all over me as her tongue explored my mouth.

She began to move down, kissing and nibbling my neck until she came to my tits. “Mmmmmm, that’s nice,” I murmured as she began to lick and suck on my nipples.

She caressed my inner thigh with one hand as her mouth worked on my tits. The heat of the sun on my naked body added to my arousal. I tensed and lazily opened my legs slightly as her fingers worked towards their target.

“Oooh, yessss!” I moaned as her fingers slipped between my moist lower lips. Katie slid her finger into my pussy and my muscles contracted to grip it tightly. She pulled it out and then used it to tease my nipples, coating me with my own juices. “Ohhhhhh, mmmmmmm,” I moaned again as she moved her mouth to suck my essence from my nipple.

The finger of her other hand was now in my pussy and she was soon repeating the process on the other side.

Over and over, knowing how much I loved it, Katie’s finger dipped into my hot wet hole then spread my juices over my tits, only to have her mouth lick and suck them clean. The feelings were deliciously dirty and I soon found myself on the brink of an orgasm. “Yesssssss!” I sighed as my body shook when her fingers brushed lightly over my clit. “Yes! Oh yesssss!” I breathed as I surrendered myself to the sensations.

“Nice?” asked Katie softly.

“Mmm, nice,” was all I could muster in reply.

Katie removed her fingers from my pussy, giving me the chance to recover and kissed me. I could taste myself on her lips. Hungry for more I lifted her hand to my mouth and sucked her fingers between my lips, savouring the rich taste of my arousal.

Without any further delay Katie was kneeling in front of me. I wriggled my bum forward so that I could lie down comfortably. Her tongue pushed between my moist lower lips and licked the length of my slit.

As always, Katie’s tongue was soft and my body shuddered in response to its touch. She flicked her tongue lightly over my clit, sending bolts of pleasure shooting through me. “Ohhhh, mmmmm!” I moaned in appreciation as she delicately sucked my labia into her mouth.

My hands stroked over my tits as Katie’s tongue darted in and out of my pussy. My nipples were stiff and I teased them between my fingers as Katie’s tongue hungrily explored my pussy.

I felt my body begin to tingle as my arousal rose even higher. “Yes,” I sighed, “Oh that feels so good.” Katie sucked my clit between her lips and flicked her tongue over he tip. My body responded and I began to feel the first stirrings of my impending climax. “Oh yes! Don’t stop!” I moaned as Katie’s tongue lapped up and down between my lower lips, tracing its path from my hot, wet hole to my clit and back again.

My body began to shake. Squeezing my tits together as Katie’s tongue fanned the flames of my passion higher, I bit my lip and let the pressure grow. My body screamed for release as Katie’s mouth relentlessly drove me closer and closer to my orgasm.

Finally, I could hold off no longer. “Mmmmoooh!!” I moaned as my back arched, lifting my bum off the mat. I clutched Katie’s head pushing her mouth even more firmly against my throbbing clit as the walls of my pussy contracted sending violent spasms through my womb. My head lashed from side to side as my climax held me in its grasp.

Katie’s tongue still flicked over my clit but now her touch was lighter, slower, more tender as she endeavoured to hold me at boiling point.

“No more! No more!” I gasped finally. Smiling, Katie reached out to me.

We lay there in the sun for about half an hour before deciding to cool off with a dip in the pool. After that, we both headed off to one of those beaches I mentioned earlier and spent the rest of the afternoon either baking in the sun, or splashing about in the sea.

All in all, it was a particularly pleasant way to spend a morning and afternoon.

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