My Sexy Sister in Law Pt. 10

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It was Noon, and Kittie had just heard from Kevin, he was coming home today, and his flight would land at 8 PM.

“Now that we know he’s coming back, let’s hit the sheets, and do something special!”

Once naked and in the bedroom, Kittie told me what she wanted.

“Remember a few nights ago, when I felt like a bad girl, and Kevin knew what do? Well, I’m feeling like that bad girl again, you have seen how to handle it, do it!”

She opened the drawer where all the fun things were kept, and in short order, she was placed on the bed on her elbows and knees. I had her wrists cuffed together with a set of leather-wrapped fleece-lined cuffs, stretched above her head, and a clip at the top of the chain was attached to one of the brass rails of the headboard.

Her eyes were full of lust as she opened her mouth willingly, and I placed the red ballgag between her lips and fastened it shut. She looked at me, I could see the feral look of lust on her face, seeing her full lips ovaled around the gag made my cock throb.

I went down on her ass, and her muffled moans sounded as I munched her ass, god, my cock felt longer and harder than ever. She wiggled her ass, inviting me to keep going, as I slurped and slobbered all over that inviting rose-shaped pucker. I took the stainless steel butt plug, gently nudged it against her, and pushed. She let out another moan as the plug slipped on past the widest part, and had her tight starfish filled.

The sight of her ass and the red heart-shaped jewel base was a massive rush. I knew what was next, and when Kittie saw what was coming, she was nodding eagerly. I had the wooden yardstick that Kevin had used on her those few nights ago. I took aim and swung.

WHACK… her sounds were well gagged, and she wiggled her ass güneyşehir escort as if silently asking for more.

WHACK… WHACK… WHACK… WHACK… I landed 10 strokes on her backside, I did not swing hard, I was able to calculate from watching Kevin how much force to apply. She did not want a hard, cruel spanking, just paddling to make those sweet cheeks all warm and glowing.

I tossed the yardstick aside and slid my hand between her legs. Kittie was really getting off on it, she was sopping wet.

“Naughty little slut,” I muttered. I gave her ass 3 more spanks with my bare hand, growling, “Brazen, wanton, cock hungry fuck doll, getting what she deserves.”

I powered two fingers into the wet heat, my hand was instantly soaked, as Kittie made muffled sounds as I started to finger fuck her hard. Spreading her tight cunt lips wide and pistoning in and out, Kittie arched her back and moaned into her gag, and in very short order, she was cumming, spasming, and bucking against my fingers buried inside her.

Fired up to the max, I quickly mounted up and drove my raging prick into Kittie’s heat, enjoying her gagged sounds of pleasure as I impaled her, pulling her warm cheeks against my pelvis as he buried it.

“Oh fuck, so fucking hot, feels so good to fuck you while your ass is plugged, fucking great!”

The sight of Kittie’s amazing body, restrained and butt plugged, had me fired up. It was my first time riding like that, and the feel of her butt plug rubbing against my prick as I power fucked her was so fucking great. I had wondered, when I watched this rodeo a few days ago, how it had felt, now I knew, it was fucking fantastic.

Riding my sexy sister-in-law, she was as fired up as I was, corkscrewing güneyşehir escort bayan her cunt back onto my prick, her muffled sounds of pleasure were nonstop. I could feel the rising rush, and I grunted, “Fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

I drove forward one last time, it felt like a cannon going off as my spunk jetted out, over and over, I fired off 8 full shots, Kittie’s body writhing as I flooded her.

I released her, and her eyes were full of hunger, she took the subservient cock sucker position, as she cooed, “Bring that cock to me, it makes me feel slutty and wicked to suck a cock that has just used my body for its pleasure, I like to worship the cock that takes me.”

At the sight of Kittie on her knees and ready to service me, I was growing back quickly. Kittie opened her mouth and welcomed me into the hot, wet cling. I moaned with pleasure at the sensation, and her tongue began to roam all over my throbbing cock, over the shaft, up and down the length. licking up all the mingled essences of our passion.

Returning to the head of my cock, she parted her lips, and her mouth slid down over my cock. I groaned with pleasure from the feel of Kittie’s hot wet mouth engulfing my cock. She slid her mouth down until my entire eight inches were in her mouth. She clamped her pouty, rosebud lips tightly around my shaft, and she slid her mouth up, until just the head was in her mouth, then down, taking in my entire length again, deep throating me with expertise. Her mouth was warm and expert, the tongue swirling around, eager to taste every bit of our mingled essences of passion.

Kittie was making mingled sounds of passion, she had a hand buried in her cunt, masturbating in time to the plunges of her wet mouth escort güneyşehir down my cock. The other hand sneaked up between my legs, and I grunted as I felt a finger drive into my asshole.

Kittie knew what she was doing, I felt her finger find the spot, and I was getting my first prostate polish. Holy shit, the rising rush turned my cock into a red hot poker. I felt Kittie’s body shaking, her mouth tightening down, and muffled squeals as she climaxed.

That took me over, and I growled as I exploded, flooding her mouth as my prostate was emptied, and like a good little slut, she swallowed every drop.


At 8 PM, we were at the airport, and Kevin was there 10 minutes later. I watched as she welcomed him home with deep kisses, and I smiled inwardly at what we had been doing.

We had been back in bed at 6 PM, and Kittie was fired up. Eager to put every last minute to good use, I had munched her ass and slid her butt plug back into place, she had me lay back, and I was treated to the sight of my very naked, and very horny sister in law squatting above me, then a long-drawn-out cry of pleasure as impaled herself, matching my grunts of pleasure.

“Stiff, hard, and always ready, that’s how your horny sister-in-law slut likes it!”

She had given me her cowgirl ride, watching the jouncing of her breasts as she rode and the feel of her butt plug rubbing against my cock had been another sizzling rush, and I fingered her clit, bringing those grunts and sounds of impending orgasm that I had come to know so well.

“Fuck, gonna make me cum again, cum in me, make your slut sister-in-law cum all over your stiff prick, fuck, fuck, FUUCCKKK!”

Kittie had shrieked out, and the tight ripples of orgasm making the butt plug rubbing even more insistent had taken me over, and I let out a roar as I felt the explosion, my cock firing a juicy volley of spunk into the welcoming depths.


After the welcome home kisses, I saw Kittie’s eyes as she turned to me, that devilish grin on her face. She really had a hold on me, and I eagerly wondered what was next on her brother in law fuck list.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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