My sleepover with Ethan

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My sleepover with Ethan
This is a true story, only names have been changed.
Me 14, Ethan 15

My sister had been friends with this girl for years before I knew she had a brother named Ethan.  And when I started on the swimming team I found out that he was on the team and we became fast friends.  One weekend over the summer my sister and her friend decided to have a sleepover at her house so I invited Ethan over to my house for the night.  We had both seen each other naked in the locker rooms so we were pretty comfortable around each other.  Our families meet at the public pool at about noon and we stayed and swam til about 3.  While we were there I had to go to the bathroom and Ethan fallowed. When I was in there I realized that they had finished constructing showers for people to rinse off in so we went to check it out.  Behind a wall, two shower heads hung from the ceiling with chains that turned on the water when pulled.  Well we tried it out and the water was scalding hot.  
” Oh SHIT!” I scream pain
“fuck…” he mutters under his breath
We keep the showers on and little by little get more and more into the steaming water.
” Aaaahhhhhhh, that actually feels real good.” he says 
“Oh yeah it does.” I say, and I pull my waist-band away from my hip and Bostancı Escort let the water run down my crotch.  I lean my head back close my eyes and let’s lose a deep moan. When I open my eyes I see Ethan lean towards me, trying to get a good look at my cock.  
” What?”
” nothing….”
” You were lookin at my cock!”
The only sound is the shower.  We stare at each other until I say,”. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”
He studies my face and says ok.  We each whip out or dicks and compare sizes and I realize we both have raging hard-ons.
” Wow dude your pretty hung.” he says to me at the sight of my 8 1/2 inch dick that’s  curves to the left when I get a boner.
” Hey thanks, you too.” I say to him admiring his 7 inch dick that curved up tight to his stomach.
” Thanks.”
We are slowly stroking our dicks looking at the other when he said ” You a virgin?”o
” Yeah, you?”
” Yeah.”
My mom yells into the bathroom telling us to hurry up and that we needed to leavethe pool cause they were closing soon, so we hurry up and get out.
We get to my house and play x-box till 11 and get bored watching YouTube  videos and decide to look at some porn.  So I get onto and watch some hard core porn and we get massive hard-ons and we both whip Bostancı Escort Bayan out or cocks and we start to slowly pump them.  Ethan says he needs to take a piss and I think to myself that this is my opportunity and I find a video of two twinks anal fucking that I had previously found for the fact that the two twinks looked like me and Ethan and continue it massage my dick which is now as hard as steel.  He came out of the bathroom at the part where the kid that looked like me was wacking above the one that looked like him.  He sees what’s on the screen and realizes what i’m thinking and leaps towards me and starts to kiss me.  I takes me a moment to get over my shock and then I start to kiss back passionately.  I’m in heaven.  Then I decide to do what I’ve wanted to do for a long time.  I start kissing his neck and down his chest making sure to pay extra attention to his nipples on the way to his dick.  I get on my knees and slowly pump his dick and in one swift motion I have his whole cock in his mouth and down my throat.  I suck him off for about five minutes until he blows a huge load in my mouth.  I swallow some of it but the rest I keep and move up and we make out and swap his cum.  He than kisses my neck and whispers in my ear, ” Fuck me……fuck my ass.” Escort Bostancı and he lays with his back on the couch and lifts his legs in the air which I throw over my shoulders.  I spit in my hand and rub it and finger his ass.  I slowly stretch his hole as insert my throbbing head and he let’s lose a moan of pleasure as I split him apart.  I get about two to three inches in and a tear runs down his face.  I give him a long kiss of pure lust and the pain is gone from his face.  I start to pick up the pace and get all 8 1/2 inches in.  I really start to fuck him and I wrap my hand around his cock and start to jack him slowly.  We both let lose moans of pleasure as I fuck him with all my dick.  He closes his eyes tight and opens his mouth in a silent scream then let’s out a loud moan an unloads his cum all over both of our chests.  With his cum on us I put my chest on his, continuing to fuck him as we rub our stomachs together, spreading his cum between us.  While I fuck him he reaches to my ass, spreads my cheeks, and inserts two fingers into my hole.  The combined fucking, his cum on my chest and him fingering me brings me to the edge and I yell “Oh!!  I’m cumming!!!!!” and before I can pull out he whispers in my ear ” cum in my ass baby…” and I can’t say no.  In seconds I let lose the biggest load I’ve ever shot, so big it felt like I was pissing cum into his ass and we both moaned loudly.  It was been the best night of my life…and I can’t wait for him to cum over next time.


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