My Sweet Bella Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: I’ve been writing this story on and off for a little while now, and thought I’d share it with the Literotica community. I’ve mapped it out to be an 8 chapter story, so stay tuned for more!

Chapter 1: The First Step Into Paradise

I still remember the first time I met Lucia. It was during my master’s year in University. I had just started performing guitar at some local venues in my free time. It was a great period in my life, it was a real turnaround and departure from where my life had been. After one gig I was sat alone with a beer enjoying the rest of the performers for the night, and some guy came over, complimented me on my performance, and invited me to join him and his friends. I said hello to everyone, and then I saw her. The first thing I noticed was her eyes. They were absolutely beautiful, I could have stared into them for an eternity. We quickly got to talking and before long we’d tuned everyone else out. By the end of the night it was just the two of us, and my heart was skipping and thumping as I realised just how special she was. We started dating, and I fell for her harder than I have ever fell for anyone in my life. She was intelligent, bold and exciting. Every minute with her felt like an adventure, and yet somehow also felt like the warmth of going home. I adored her endlessly, and devoted myself and my life to her.

Then, almost as quickly as she entered my life, she left it.

When she passed away I was devastated. I felt like a piece of me had been torn from within, leaving a wound that would never, ever heal. The days following her passing were so difficult that all I wanted to do was to throw myself off a building. The only thing that kept me going was our wonderful daughter – Bella. I gave myself completely to Luce. And Luce gave herself to me. From our love, Bella was born. She is the greatest gift I could have ever received. Lucia and I had both been broken people from broken homes, but with Bella we created something new. Something beautiful. When I lost Luce I felt like that had all slipped away, but Bella wouldn’t allow it. Though she was only 15 at the time, she was fiercely strong. She held it to together, and with her strength I held it together as well.

I feel like being a single father is something that should have been extremely difficult – but in truth it never was. They say people are reflections of their parents, and I couldn’t have believed that to be true – because somehow, even without my Luce, Bella grew up to be a wonderful person. I’d love to be able to take credit for it, but she really did it all on her own. I never had to yell at her to do her homework, or not to stay up late. I never had to force her to practice her piano lessons. I didn’t have to pry to get her to tell me about her life – she was always honest and open with me. She had grown up to be so much more than I ever could have expected. She was smart, funny, charming, creative, and she had grown up to be a reflection of her mother’s beauty. When I looked at her I saw Lucia – her beautiful eyes that I could get lost in. Her smile that could light a fire in the coldest of hearts. And of course the body of a woman who was born to be a champion athlete. Though she was only 18 I was so proud of her already. I knew she had the potential to achieve great things, and I knew she was the kind of person who could literally do anything she wanted.

When she left for university, I was miserable. I felt so lonely and missed her so much. Whilst I did tell her once or twice that I missed her, I never laboured the point, because I never wanted her to feel guilty. University was an amazing time in my life, and I wanted the same experience for her. Even though she was only going to University on the other side of London, I encouraged her to stay in student housing – knowing how seminal of an experience those University years can be. Of course, being the wonderful daughter she is, she visited often, and we still texted everyday, so I never truly felt like she had left.

As it was coming to the end of her first year, her birthday was also approaching, and I suggested we go on holiday to celebrate. I booked us a resort in the Dominican Republic for 10 days, and we looked forward to spending some good time together, just relaxing in the Caribbean sun. The logistics were a little awkward because of her exams and my work, so we ended up taking separate flights out there.

At this point it had now been three months since I had seen her, so I was admittedly overjoyed when I finally did. I had gotten to the resort first, so I checked into our villa and was just having a little wander about the place when I got a text from her saying she was on the shuttle from the airport.

I waited at the reception and greeted her with a great big hug when she arrived.

“Angel!” I said, as I wrapped my arms around her.

“Daddy! I’ve missed you so much!” she replied, squeezing me back.

“How have you been?” I asked, as I grabbed her bags and lead her to pendik escort our villa.

“I’ve been really good. My last exams were actually the easiest ones, I finished the last one yesterday! I pretty much just got home, and collapsed on the bed I was so tired!”

“Well hey, now they’re over, and we’re here – you can just kick back and really relax. Great way to start off the summer holiday right?”

“Definitely, and of course I get to spend it with my favourite person” She said, nudging me with her elbow.

“Me too,” I said, nudging her back – and this was harder to do given how much stuff I was now carrying.

“So, this place has all sorts of stuff to do – they’ve got water sports, a gym, 3 pools, a nightclub, a whole bunch of restaurants – the list goes on.”

“That’s awesome! Well, let’s check out the villa first and I’ll get unpacked – to be honest, I’m still kinda exhausted from the flight and everything, so how about we just hit the beach and chill out today?”

“Sounds perfect to me!” I agreed.

I showed her to the villa, which was actually really nice. It was more of an apartment than a villa really – it only had one bedroom but it had two large double beds in it, and because I’d paid a little extra, we got a small private pool attached via the balcony.

“We have our own pool?!” She shouted, upon seeing it.

“Yep! Can go for a dip any time we want!”

“Wow Dad, you really know how to treat a lady right, don’t you?” She said, with a sly wink and smile.

“Oh Bell, what you are you like!?” I said, rolling at my eyes at her and laughing.

“Ok, so why don’t I get changed quickly and then I’ll go grab us a couple of loungers on the beach?”

“Sounds like a plan to me!”

I quickly got changed in the bathroom and headed out to the beach. Living in England it’s not often that we get a chance to experience beaches like this, so this was a real treat. It was fantastically warm and sunny, and the ocean was a crystal blue that I thought only existed in photoshopped images. Staring out at the beach, I let out a deep relaxing sigh as I admired it.

But despite how beautiful that beach and ocean was – it wasn’t the most beautiful thing I would see that day. 20 minutes after I had gotten our loungers, Bella came over and found me – and honestly, she was an astonishing sight to behold.

She was wearing a peach/orange coloured tankini top and a matching high waisted bikini bottom. She was my daughter, but I could not help but admire her. All those years of sports and hard work at the gym had given her an incredible figure – she was this perfect combination of muscular and curvy, and he skin was a beautiful shade of olive. I’m certain that there wasn’t a man she walked past that didn’t turn his head or lose his gaze to follow her. She wasn’t just beautiful, she was quite literally perfect.

“Hey Daddy,” She said, as she sat down on the lounger next to me.

“Hey angel, looking good!” I said, unable to stop myself from giving her a compliment.

“Not so bad yourself! How many abs have we got going on here now?” She said, reaching across to pat my stomach.

“Oh hush! You cheeky girl!” I said, batting her away and laughing.

We spent the rest of the day reading, lounging, and of course enjoying a few dips in the ocean whenever we got too hot. By the evening, we were completely relaxed – I’m sure the many cocktails we sipped during the day contributed to that as well.

As the sun began to set, in a glorious range of oranges and reds, we decided to shower up and head out to dinner. The resort had a whole bunch of different restaurants – enough for us to eat somewhere different everyday.

When she emerged from the bathroom after getting ready, I couldn’t help by tease her over her outfit choice.

“Remind me something Bella, are you studying a joint honours in Computer Science and Law, or fancy French modelling?”

“What are you on about?” She said, starting to giggle

“Nothing! It’s just that outfit – a matching blue tartan tank top and mini skirt, white tennis shoes…and an exposed mid-riff? So chic – c’est magnifique!”

“Oh screw you Dad! I look fabulous, and you know it!”

“Only kidding angel – I can’t disagree, you do look fabulous! Do they make a men’s tartan skirt and tank top to match?”

“I’m pretty sure you’re just after a kilt, Dad” Bella said, with a wink and a playful tilt of her head.

I loved messing around with her. Despite all the sadness we’d had in our life, Bella had a wonderful, lively sense of humour. It was this amazing spark she brought into any room she entered.

Of course, I certainly couldn’t disagree that she looked fabulous.

We walked to dinner, arm in arm. We used to walk like this all the time, and I always enjoyed the closeness. I loved being the perfect gentleman to my perfect lady.

Over dinner we talked about all sorts of things, from my job, to her studies, and even came to the pendik escort history of the Dominican Republic itself.

“Y’know, this place used to have this really evil dictator – ‘El Jefe’ they called him” She said.

“Oh really? Did you read up on the Dominican Republic before you came out?” I asked.

“Well, not really, I read this book – ‘The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao’ and a lot of it’s set in the Dominican Republic. It’s really good, it’s really dark, but it’s also a beautiful story.”

“Oh yeah, it’s by something Diaz right? Jose or something?” I said, trying to remember the book cover.

“Junot… you racist!” She said, correcting me.

“Hey, come on, that’s not fair!” I laughed, slowly getting redder even though I knew she was only teasing.

“His books are really good actually. I like his short stories the best – they’re really beautiful depictions of romance.”

“I always struggle with the romance genre, they can just get so cheesy sometimes.”

“You should try one of his short stories – I think you could use some romance in your life!”

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?!” I asked, leaning forward in my seat.

“Just kidding, but it’s been a while right?”

In truth, I had actually dated a few women since Lucia had passed – but none of them really lasted more than a few months. I just couldn’t imagine myself with another woman. The simple truth of it was that with Bella in my life, I genuinely felt like I didn’t need more. Maybe it was bad to be so dependant on her, but I had found where I was most happy – and I didn’t have an urge to leave that.

“Yeah, I dunno – it’s been 6 months since I broke it off with Claire.”

“Eh, I mean do your own thing Dad. You’re a strong independent women who don’t need no nothing!”

“Speaking of strong independent women, how about you? First year of University, must have made a few memories?”

“Well, a few I suppose – but to be honest, nothing memorable. I dunno if I’m just being pretentious or snooty or something, but I just feel like all the guys I meet are just kind of, I dunno – basic.”

“Bunch of basic bitches eh?”

“Kind of! I mean, every now and then I’d meet someone with a bit more to them, but after a couple dates I just didn’t feel that much interest.”

“I get it, that’s fair to be honest. You know, they say girls mature faster than guys – and you’re more mature than most girls anyway. I think you can do whatever you want, so just do whatever makes you happy. If you wanna date, date – and if not, enjoy being by yourself.”

“Totally. Who knows what the future holds, right now I’m happy. Actually, right now I’m ecstatic – beyond happy – because I’m with the best guy in the whole world right now.”

“Thanks angel, you’re so-“

“Even if he is a basic bitch as well.”

“Dammit Bella! Way to ruin a nice moment!”

As she burst out laughing I too joined her in cracking up. And I agreed with her – right now I was ecstatic – I was with the best girl in the entire world.

“Either way angel, when you are ready to date – I’m 100% sure you will have guys queued out the door, out the building, out the town, out the country, out the continent, and shit – probably a couple aliens wanting a chance to take you out to dinner!”

“Well, right now – only my Daddy gets to” she said, reaching across the table and taking my hand.

“And it is my honour to do so. Honestly Bella, I am so happy we’re here together. This trip is going to be so much fun.”

“Me too Daddy. I’ve been looking forward to this trip from the moment you suggested it. Just you and me. I’m so happy to be here with you.”

“I love you angel,” I said, squeezing her hand.

“I love you too Daddy,” she said, squeezing me back.

She went on, “you know Daddy, there’s not a lot of guys like you out there. I’ve always been so grateful, so proud to have you as my father. Other girls don’t get to be this close with their dad – you’re my best friend in the whole world – I’m so lucky.”

“Oh come on angel, if anyone’s lucky it’s me. You are beyond amazing. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think myself the most blessed man on the planet that I have you as my daughter. I mean come on, you’re intelligent, funny, charming, talented – and to top it all off you’re absolutely beautiful.”

She blushed, and I suddenly felt embarrassed for gushing like that. She squeezed my hand again and said “You really do think I’m amazing don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“I’m smart, funny, talented, caring, and creative. I’m kinda fucking awesome right?”


“You’re right. I am awesome. But don’t you ever forget – I’m all these things, because of you. Every single quality I have, is because of you. You have inspired me all my life to be the person I am. I’m talented because you played music to me and made me want to learn. I’m funny because you always made me laugh. And I’m beautiful, because you always pendik escort made me feel beautiful. Everything I am – I am because of you.”

As she spoke I was lost in her eyes and in her words. I loved and adored Bella more than anything in this life. And as she praised me, I felt my heart flutter about like a lost kite in the wind.

“I love you Daddy. For everything you are, and for everything you made me.”

She smiled a soft warm smile at me and my heart felt so full it could burst.

“I love you too angel. I always have, and I always will.”

That evening in the Dominican Republic was still very warm, but without the direct sun beating down it was much cooler, and rather refreshing. We wandered around the resort for a bit after our dinner, arm in arm until we got to the beach. With the lumpy said beneath our feet it became awkward to stay arm in arm so we just held hands as we strolled.

Once we’d done a short lap of the beach, we found ourselves back at our villa. It was only 9pm at that point, and although we were tired, we weren’t really tired enough to sleep.

We decided to watch a movie, and found some romcom on the TV to watch. It didn’t really look very good, it looked like one of those films big name stars make just for an easy pay check – but it was watchable enough so I didn’t mind.

The lounge did have a TV, but the sofas weren’t very comfortable, so we decided to watch it in the bedroom, where there was a massive flat screen. I changed into a t-shirt and shorts, and Bella did the same – although hers were significantly more interesting than mine. They were both a matching light grey colour, but while her t-shirt was thin, and barely covered her midriff, her shorts were a soft tracksuit like material. Despite the fact that I’d already seen her in a bikini and a miniskirt that day, my eyes still felt like popping out of my skull when I saw her in those tight shorts.

The TV was aligned directly in front of my bed so she slithered up next to me to watch the film. The ironic thing about places that are scorching hot is that you often turn the AC up so high you make the room a bit cold. She combatted this by sliding up close to me, and taking my arm to cuddle while resting her head on my chest. I didn’t mind one bit.

The movie actually wasn’t that bad, it was pretty funny actually. As we watched we shuffled about at first, but half way through the film, I pulled my arm out from her grasp and instead wrapped it around her, and really brought her into me. She snuggled down into my chest and let her other arm fall across my stomach. We’d always been very physically affectionate, and I had given her lots of hugs – but we’d never cuddled like this before. It felt strange at first, but only in the same way that a new flavour tastes strange on your tongue before you let it wash over you and truly appreciate it.

I had zoned out of the movie at this point, and all I could think about was Bella. This astonishing, wonderful girl in my arms. My daughter. The person I loved the most in the world, and I was getting to hold her. I loved Lucia more than anything. But when Bella came into our lives – that changed. Lucia was always the love of my life, but we would both agree that Bella always came before either of us. As I held her there in my arms, I thought of Lucia, and the way we used to cuddle exactly like this, and how happy I was. Now I was holding Bella, and I loved every second of it. The feeling of her warm body and her soft curves pressing against me made me happier than I ever thought I could be.

As the movie went on she started to move her hand ever so slightly, running over my stomach softly and gracefully. I felt so relaxed by the sensation. It was if every single pain in my body – every ache, every single negative memory and broken cell was lifted from me, and just drifted away into the ether. What was left was nothing but the pure essence of myself, just a man watching a film and enjoying the feeling of being cuddled up with his beautiful daughter.

She shuffled herself again, and when she was finished shuffling she had placed her leg over my lower half, her beautiful thick thigh resting across my lap. I could feel the intense smoothness of her skin on part of my legs, and more shocking than that I could even feel it through the fabric of my shorts. Her legs were utter perfection and I admired them. Suddenly all I felt was an intense to desire to reach out and touch them. I wanted to run my hand across her soft, smooth skin, and to squeeze the gentle curves of her thigh.

My heart started fluttering, and then it started pounding. It was like the roll of a jazz drummer. It was so even, and the rise was so smooth I couldn’t tell when the tempo increased. Each second I let myself melt further and further into the moment and enjoyed everything. The scent of her hair. The feel of her body against me. The roll of my heartbeat got faster and louder, eventually becoming a violent percussion within my chest, with each beat echoing the intense desire I had for my beautiful daughter.

“Daddy? Are you ok?” She said, looking up at me, with her soft, shining eyes.

“Huh?” I replied, ever so eloquently.

“Your heartbeat’s really fast?” she said, furrowing her brow.

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