My Uncle Alex

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I pulled my car up in front of the house. I had come back to my uncle’s house for the summer, just as I had for the last nine years. My parents traveled each summer and they had left me in his care each year since I was 12. And for the past three summers, since I turned 18, I had spent them in delirious pleasure. This man, my uncle Alex, had been my first lover, my first fuck, and he would always be the only one who could really satisfy my hungry pussy.

I walked up to knock on the front door. I had barely knocked once when he swung the door open and pulled me inside.

“Hello there, little slut. I’ve missed you.”

“Hello Uncle Alex. I’ve been wet for weeks thinking about coming here.”

“Really? Lets just see about that.” He reached down and put his hand up my short denim skirt. I hadn’t worn any panties in anticipation of this. He slowly worked his finger between my pussy lips and swirled it around my clit before sinking it deep inside my pussy. I leaned back against the front door, my eyes rolling back in ecstasy as my uncle finger fucked me.

I quickly reached down and unzipped his pants, letting his 9 inch dick spring free. He yanked my skirt up around my waist, and I jumped, wrapping my legs around his waist as he impaled me on his long, hard cock. I held onto the door frame as he started pumping into my soaking wet pussy.

“Oh God yes, Uncle Alex…No one fills my pussy like you do. Fuck me hard, please, please Uncle Alex.”

“Anything for my little cum slut. Take all my big fat cock. I’m gonna fill this little baby pussy up with cum.”

He pistoned into me, the sound of flesh smacking and my ass repeatedly hitting the door ringing in the air. I arched my hips and felt him go even deeper into my hot cunt. I squeezed my pussy muscles around him, trying to make it tighter and tighter, feeling every inch of him inside me. I felt the pressure building and knew I was going to cum.

“Yes, of yes yes yes. I’m gonna cum all over your big cock Uncle Alex. Mmmmmm, please cum with me, fill my pussy full of your yummy cum.”

“Oh emek escort fuck yes, I’m cumming now little bitch.” With that I collapsed around him, shivering as the waves of pleasure overtook me, feeling spurt after spurt of his hot cum hitting my womb. He let his dick fall out of me and set me back down on the floor. I could feel the cum immediately start to run out of my pussy. I didn’t make a move to go clean it up. Uncle Alex liked it when I let the cum run down my legs.

“I love the way you say hello, little one,” he smiled lazily at me.

“Always for you Uncle Alex.”

After that, I took my bags upstairs to unpack, took my clothes off and came back downstairs to make dinner. My uncle preferred me to go without clothes while we were at home, and I was fine with that. I had dinner going on the stove and I had laid the plates on the counter when my uncle came in to sit at the table. He still had his pants unzipped and I could see he was beginning to get slightly hard again. He motioned me over to him.

“Do you remember what I like before dinner, missy?”

“Of course Uncle Alex.” I dropped to my knees beside him and licked the length of his cock. I swirled my tongue around the tip, tasting my own cum still on him. I nipped at him with my teeth and looked up at him with a gleam in my eye as I suddenly engulfed him in my mouth. He sucked air in through his teeth at the sensation of being instantly deepthroated. I bobbed up and down on him, swirling my tongue around his length for some time, then I got up to stir our food, and came back, taking him in my mouth again. He patted me on the shoulder, signaling for me to stop. I pulled off of his cock and began fixing our plates. As we ate dinner, I sat there, totally naked and juicy wet, leaking onto his wooden dining chair and he was rock hard with my saliva still glistening on his beautiful cock.

After dinner, I cleared our plates and we went to sit on the couch. He turned on the TV (it didn’t really matter to what). I laid back on the couch, spreading my legs for him eryaman escort and we sat watching the screen while he idly finger fucked my pussy. He worked his finger and and out of my wet hole, then added a second, then a third. I arched my hips against his hand, trying to push him deeper. He twisted his hand and I could feel him slipping his thumb into my ass. I groaned in pleasure.

“Oh please, Uncle Alex. I need to be fucked. Please fuck your little slut. My pussy needs to feel that big cock pumping in and out of it.”

He reached up and pinched my nipples hard. I loved that feeling, the pain and the pleasure it brought me. He continued pinching me as he positioned himself between my legs, ramming his cock all the way into me, his balls smacking my ass as he did. He fucked into me harder and harder, lifting my back off the couch by my nipples as he did. I started cumming all over his cock from the feeling of the pain in my nipples and how full he make my pussy. He sat back on the couch, pulling me on top of him.

“Ride me, little bitch. Milk my cock if you want my cum so bad.”

“Yes, sir.” I smiled happily at him as I began moving up and down, swiveling my hips forward and back as I did. I gripped him with my pussy each time he was all the way inside me. I rode him harder and faster, then suddenly stopped, hovering over him with just the head of his cock still barely in me. I flashed him a devilish smile.

“Oh, that’s how you want to play, is it.” He grabbed my shoulders and rammed his hips up into me, almost lifting me off the couch with the force.

“Oh fuck yes, Uncle Alex! Fuck me, fuck me now! My pussy is so fucking wet for you. I want to cum all over that big dick.” I continued riding him, leaning down to nibble his neck, biting into his earlobe as he pinched me nipples so hard. Suddenly, I could feel his cum start to spurt hot inside me, which caused me to orgasm around him, my pussy squeezing him, milking his cock for every last drop of cum.

We continued like that into the night before heading up to etimesgut escort bed, exhausted from our fucking.

I woke up the next morning and I could hear Uncle Alex was already in the shower, getting ready for work. I made my way downstairs and began fixing breakfast. Uncle Alex soon entered the kitchen just as I was setting his plate on the counter.

I knew what came next, this had been our lovely routine for years. He already had his dick out, rock hard at his full 9 inches. I walked over and laid down across the breakfast table, with my ass close to the edge.

“Mmmm, I do love the first course of breakfast.” He smiled down at me, sinking his dick into my sopping wet pussy. This is definitely my favorite part of breakfast too. I sighed as he slowly pumped in and out of me, my dark hair spread across the table, my pert breasts arching up to meet his hands as he reached out to pinch my nipples. He looked down, watching his cock going in and out of my glistening cunt, almost as if it were eating his big cock, so hungry for his cum. Then he began to really fuck into me, sliding me back and forth across the kitchen table. I wrapped my legs tighter around him, my feet holding his ass firmly against me as we fucked.

“Cum for me little girl, give it to me. Give it to me now!” At his words, I started convulsing around him,lost in my orgasm.

He closed his eyes and began shooting stream after stream of cum into me.

“Oh fuck yes! You little whore! Goddamn, nothing feels like this tight little pussy.” He pulled out of me and walked to the bathroom to clean himself off while I continued laying across the table, just as he liked. He came back in, all buttoned up and handsome, looking the part of the brilliant business man. He brought his plate to the table and began to eat beside me, occasionally dipping his fingers into my pussy. He got up and took his plate to the sink, walked back over and ran his tongue the length of my pussy.

“Walk me to the door, little pet.”

I obeyed immediately. He kissed me full on the mouth, our tongues thrusting into each others mouths, knowing we wouldn’t see each other for 9 hours.

“You be good and get your chores done, and be right here, kneeling by the door when I get home.”

“Yes sir, Uncle Alex.”

To be continued…..

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