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Denise and I stepped into the shopping mall. Together. Just like Naughty had told us to. We were here to do some lingerie shopping and more.


Like a couple.

Not only has Naughty blackmailed me into dressing in lingerie and servicing men with big cocks like my, yes my, lover Mike, and into having a secret affair with my ultra hot secretary Denise, now Denise and I have to go out in public and act as a couple. Yes a couple. And go lingerie and more shopping together. What exactly the more is, I do not know. Denise knows but won’t tell me yet.

We appeared as a well dressed couple, perhaps stopping to do some shopping before getting to a reservation at a posh restaurant. I had my navy blue suit on, with a heavy white shirt and a wide metallic blue tie. Denise had a nice blouse and pleated skirt on, complete with stockings and heels. Her dark hair was neatly combed, belying the already torrid sex we had participated in not more than an hour ago in my office.

The mall was a fair sized one, with not too many people in it. It was one I normally did not frequent as it was on the far side of town. We chose it since we didn’t really expect to see anyone we knew here.


As we stood at the mall directory I felt very nervous and that everyone who was passing by was looking at us and knew that we weren’t married to each other. Instinctively I moved closer to Denise and put my hand on the small of her back.

“There is the one Naughty suggested,” Denise quietly exclaimed as she put her finger on the name of lingerie shop. “It is not too far from here. The other shops we need to hit are close by as well.”

“What do we need at the other shops?” I queried Denise again.

“Oh stop asking,” Denise chided me, sounding just like we had been married for years. “You will find out when we get there. Honestly I just don’t want you to worry more than you have to, lets leave it at that for now. Please.”

Worry more than I have to? A knot formed in my stomach. Asking was not getting me an answer. It only seemed to be irritating Denise. Not knowing was causing me anxiety. Especially after a response like that.

She took my hand in hers in a reassuring manner as she led me towards the lingerie shop. Even though she was likely just as nervous about being in public together, she made small talk with me to bring my anxiety level down I am sure. That made me feel warm inside.

We stopped when we got to the shop.

“Now follow my lead. If they ask any questions, let me do the talking. Just smile. Kay?” Denise said with a grin. She seemed a lot less stressed than I was.

I hesitated. A man should be excited to go into a lingerie shop with a hot looking woman.

Should be.

Instead of nerves due to excitement, I was nervous due to anxiety. We were not shopping for things she would wear for me, but rather for things I would wear for her and other men.

“Come on, it wont be that bad,” stated Denise as she smiled naughtily and pulled me into the store.

I furtively glanced over my shoulder as that hot little number pulled me along, worried that someone might see us not just going in there together but hand in hand. True, I could lie and say that I was buying something for my wife and wanted a woman’s opinion on what would be good, but that might still raise rumours.

Once fully inside she stopped tugging and let me take things in for a moment. The entire place was dedicated to mostly lacy, hot looking lingerie. Red, white, pink, black, lots of black. Even blues, greens and other shades of the aforementioned colours. I did not know what they all were called but they would look hot on a babe like Denise.

We weren’t there for Denise. We were there for me.

I felt embarrassed.

Denise first led me to the bra section. She had told me on the way over we needed red, blue and black. Luckily she had looked at the tags on my bras back at the office before we left. That felt so weird to be thankful for having my own bras with sizes on them to speed things up. Weird to think of MY bras. Thats not right.

I noticed a pretty young shop attendant looking over at us and smiling. The young brunette with a reddish tinge to her hair came over to us. She had a fashionable dress, large hoop bracelets on her wrists, hoop earrings and nice heels, and more than ample cleavage.

“Hi my name is Mandi. Did you need any help?” she asked us with a friendly smile, mostly directed at Denise. She could tell that Denise was in charge of this trip and likely assumed that the trip was for her.

“Thanks! We are good for now, we will ask if we need,” replied Denise with just as friendly a smile.

The pretty brunette nodded and headed back to where she had come from.

Next we picked up some garter belts and lacy elbow length gloves in matching colours. And also white and pink to match my other sets.

Then we headed over to their small clothing section. Apparently I needed a couple of skirts and blouses. And a play ‘outfit’ as Escort Bayan Denise called it, but would not elaborate.

Nothing that they had in skirts was going to fit me it looked as they were for waists much smaller than mine. Denise surprised me then as she turned to look at an ‘Alice’ costume along the wall. It was frilly with puffed out shoulders, a white low cut blouse and a pleated light blue skirt.

“This is not your size,” Denise said matter-of-factly as she looked it over closely.

My heart froze as she turned and waved Mandi over to us.

“Do you have this in a bigger size?” Denise asked.

Mandi looked at the outfit, then at Denise. “This should fit you,” she said with a smile.

“Um, well, it is not for me.”

A naughty kind of smile broke across Mandi’s face as she grasped the situation and turned to look at me. “Oh, it’s for you, isn’t it?” she queried me.

My face must have turned 50 shades of red. My throat dried up and my hands felt clammy. This was no longer something being done behind the closed door of my office with a limited number of people.

“My boyfriend needs something to wear to a costume party we are going to,” Denise cut in and saved me the embarrassment of speaking. “I already have one like it at home and we were thinking of going as twins,” she continued.

“I get it,” Mandi replied with a wink. “Let me go see, we should have some more in the back.” She turned and headed for a door at the back.

I looked down at my feet. I was so embarrassed.

Denise took my hand again, stood right in front of me and looked me in the eyes. She had a caring look on her face.

“Its ok Shaun, we will get through this. It’s going to be ok. Remember we are in this together,” she said softly and squeezed my hand.

I must have really looked as nervous as I felt because then she pulled me to her and planted a light kiss on my lips. Then she whispered “No one here knows what these are really for, so play the part of just a costume party or two.” Then she added a light kiss on my cheek.

This made me feel less nervous. I squeezed Denise’s hand a little in return and whispered a thank you to her. Her compassion for me was making this a lot easier than it could have been. I still felt very nervous but I felt closer to Denise and ‘cared for’ in her presence.

Mandi came back with two bigger Alice outfits.

“Follow me, our change rooms are over here,” she nodded her head to the change rooms, still with a wry grin on her face.

I glanced around. No one else was in the store. Thankfully.

As she handed me the outfits she looked me directly in the eyes. From the twinkle in her eyes and the naughty smile on her face, I could tell that she knew it was for more than just a costume party. I felt so deeply embarrassed.

I took them and slipped into the room. I quickly took off my man-clothes and placed them on the bench. Then I tried on the smaller outfit. It was a one piece dress. Short for a dress but a dress nonetheless. A man should not be putting on a dress I thought. And kind of and in public. The knot that was still in my stomach tightened a bit more.

I unzipped it and stepped into the dress and tried to pull it up. The blouse part looked like it would fit, but I could not get the waist portion past my hips. The dress stretched a little, but not enough. Not made for a man. A man like me. That loosened the knot a little.

I quickly put it back on the hanger and tried the larger outfit. This time I was able to get all the way into the dress. Unfortunately. The blouse fit well enough and was a little loose on me, being made for someone with a larger chest than mine I assumed.

As I was reaching back and trying to zipper it up, Denise whispered loudly at the door, “How’s it going in there?”

“Ok, I could not get into the smaller one, but I can get into the other. Let me get my clothes back on and I will be out in a minute.”

“Uhhhhhh, no. I need to see you in it. I need to make sure it fits, Naughty’s orders, and I cannot come in there with you, you will have to open the door and step out at least one step.”

My knot double tightened.

I would have to be standing in a store, where anyone could see me, with a baby blue and white Alice outfit on. My feelings of humiliation were just as strong as the first time I submitted to Mike’s cock. When I knelt before him and had to take that big black cock of his in my mouth and suck all of his seed out of his balls dressed only in lingerie.

“Come on Shaun, its clear right now,” Denise whispered through the door.

I hesitated, then opened the door a crack. Then a bit further. To my surprise Denise pushed it open more and pulled me into the doorway. Now I was visible to anyone nearby. Mandi was in sight and she flashed me a smile.

Denise was looking over how the dress fit me. She checked out how well the waist fit, turned me and finished zippering it up. Then she turned me to face out again and stepped back.

“It looks Bayan Escort like it fits him fine,” exclaimed Mandi who had come back. It sort of caught Denise off guard as she had been focussing on the fitting of the dress.

“Yes, I think it will do,” replied Denise. “He will need to try on some bras and garter belts to complete the look I want,” she added.

“Of course,” replied Mandi with a knowing grin. “Does he need some panties too?”

“No, I think we are going with some cotton lace top ones we already bought, for the comfort, of his, um, man-parts you know,” Denise said.

“Ok, let me know if you need me,” Mandi said with a smile and a twinkle again.

As I watched her walk away I noticed that there were two decent looking women standing together in the store now. They were looking at me and they appeared to be giggling and chatting closely with each other. Again a wave of embarrassment passed over me.

Denise immediately noticed. “Don’t worry, they don’t know you, right?”

“No, I don’t know them,” I stammered in response.

Denise put her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. She even slipped me some tongue. Then she glanced back at them and smiled. They were still looking.

“Good, remember, you are with your girlfriend. Now for sure they will see that and at most think we are a bit kinky is all,” added Denise in a reassuring voice as she surreptitiously handed me the light blue bra and garter belt.

“Try these on.”

“And come back out to show you?” My anxiety level peaked again.

“No, just let me know if they fit as well as the ones you normally wear.”

That made me feel relieved and humiliated at the same time. Relieved because I would not have to come out and model again, humiliated because a man should not know how a bra and garter should fit because he normally wears them.

All the lingerie that Denise had picked out fitted fine. She added some stockings to go with each of my lingerie sets and we headed to the till. As Mandi began ringing things in, the two women got in line behind us. I caught the eye of the redhead and her eyes narrowed as she smiled knowingly at me.

Denise must have sensed my awkwardness as she took my free hand and nuzzled herself in to me a little. That felt great.

It seemed to take forever for Mandi to get through our purchase as she scanned each item and then carefully folded it and placed it in our package. After a few items she looked directly at me with a naughty smile on her face.

“Now your girlfriend has picked out some very nice lingerie for you, if you are careful with it you can wear them for many years,” Mandi told me with a smile.

The redhead behind me let part of a giggle slip out.

My face turned redder than it had been I am sure. This was as humiliating as having to kneel before Mike and suck his cock.

To my surprise, Denise turned to her and was very direct in a professional way as she firmly stated “It took a lot of guts on my boyfriend’s part here to agree to dress up for me for our costume parties. Please don’t make him regret it.” And then she turned back to me.

Even though I felt awful, I felt closer to Denise and happy to be with her.

“Sorry, I just thought it was so cute. I do commend him, I wish my boyfriend would be willing to do this,” said the redhead politely.

It still seemed to take forever. Even with the apology there were some awkward quiet moments. After a bit the redhead and Denise engaged in a conversation about lace and cotton and other fabrics and what they liked etc. I was so humiliated still that I tuned them out and focussed on Mandi’s every move. It seemed like time was almost standing still. I needed this to end. I needed to leave the store.

Everyone knew this was my lingerie.

Before I knew it, Denise was saying goodbye to the girl and had me by the hand leading me out of the store. She was looking at me and speaking with a soothing tone in her voice.

“Come on, it was not that bad, you survived.”

She then stopped, turned to face me and placed both hands on my cheeks. She brought her lips to mine and kissed me passionately with a lot of tongue. This definitely made me feel less stressed, it made me forget some of the awkwardness of being at the till, of being in a lingerie shop for me. It was as if she truly was my girlfriend.

“You did better than most men,” Denise said, still before me as she looked me straight in the eye, now holding onto my hands as I held the shopping bags. “99% would never have done what you did, that took courage, my -“

“Hey there Shaun! And Denise!”

“Fancy meeting you two kissing and holding hands coming out of a lingerie shop together! The man in a suit looked at us and winked.

We both were floored. We stood there hand in hand holding bags with the lingerie company’s name all over them face to face with Mitch from accounting. Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.

“I bet the little wifey does not know about this indiscretion Escort with the secretary, eh?”

“Um, er,” I tried to speak.

He looked at us as if he was sizing things up.

“We need discretion,” began Denise who was turning almost as red as I was.

“Oh yeah? These sort of things generally do lead to divorce,” stated Mitch a gleam in his eye.

Denise looked at me. She saw that I had the deer in the headlights look to me.

“Um, I think we can work something out tomorrow at the office, um, to lets say, erase what you saw,” she continued.

“What might that involve?” queried Mitch with a sly grin on his face.

“You will be, uh, lets say, satisfied,” Denise managed to put together.

“Hmmmm,” he looked at us like a loan shark does at a seriously in-the-hole gambler.

“Stop by to see us tomorrow at lunch,” She added as her gumption returned and she spoke with more confidence.

“Ok, I will. I would hate it if someone’s wife found out,” he added with a wink. “We will work something out tomorrow. Have a good evening kids,” he finished with a smirk. Then he went on his way, looking back at us several times.

I was getting myself back under control. The double knot in my stomach had returned and it had doubled again.

“Shit, I don’t trust him. No one really likes that arrogant prick. He has a bad reputation,” I said quietly to Denise as we hurried along the other direction.

“I know, he has hit on most of the girls at work. He tried several times to get me to go out with him. He is even married himself,” replied Denise with a hushed tone.

“We need to come up with a plan.”

“I will just have to blow him, or if he pushes his luck, fuck him.” thats likely the only real solution.

A twinge of jealousy hit me at the thought of my Denise, yes my Denise, kneeling in front of that prick looking him in the eyes as she takes his dick in her mouth. Images of her wrapping her legs around his back with him pounding into her took over. Why am I feeling this? She is not my wife. Still I felt jealous.

“Only if you have to,” I conceded. “There must be another way. A man like him does not deserve to touch you, ever,” I added trying to hide the feelings that were welling up in me.

Denise stopped, looked me square in the eye. Then she planted a soft kiss on my lips and snuggled in tight to me. I must not have hidden my feelings that well.

We continued shopping, hitting up a department store for some night clothes. She picked out a couple of pink camisoles for me without us trying them on. After that Denise said if we needed any more things, we would pick them up on the trip. She was more rattled than I thought. She still did not tell me what else Naughty had mentioned. She hoped Naughty would understand why we cut the trip short.

I tossed and turned all night. I slept very little. The ‘what ifs’ of Mitch spilling the beans to Emma or others in our office had me on edge.

The next morning we logged in at 8:59 am and explained what happened to Naughty. He/she said not to worry, some items would be picked up for us, the rest she would let Denise know to get when needed. Naughty was concerned about Mitch though. Denise was told to get him into my office and satisfy him on camera. Naughty would do the rest to ensure he would be kept quiet.

i prayed that all would work out. I could not have Emma find out about Denise and I.

After our session with Naughty we went about our usual morning lingerie and toy routine, oh and we got some work done too.

At 11:55 am, my office door opened and Denise stood in the doorway with Mitch’s hand in hers.

“I think Mitch and I will be needing your office today at lunch, it will take care of last night’s indiscretion,” stated Denise softly with a slight grin on her face.

I felt relieved.

Mitch was not going to blow up the situation by telling the wrong people.

I also felt odd inside.

It was apparent that Denise was going to service Mitch’s needs today in my office. My Denise. I felt jealous, surprisingly very jealous. Just like I felt last night.

I was already logged into the chat program, with the video camera turned on and facing the couch, as per Naughty’s instructions. I made like I was logging out, but I just was turning on the screen saver to hide what was on the screen.

“I will take my leave then,” I said curtly as I rose from my desk and remembered my butt plug as I noticed the vibrations more as I stood up.

“Not so fast,” Mitch replied motioning me to sit back down. An evil grin spread across his face. “I want you to watch what I do to your girlfriend. I want you to see me pleasure her.”

What? I have to stay and watch my Denise do nasty things with Mitch? My stomach turned. It shouldn’t have, she is only my secretary, but it did.

“He shouldn’t have to see this,” chimed in Denise plaintively.

“No, I want him to see who is in control here, now lets get started,” said Mitch with a ‘this-is-a-done deal’ voice as he closed the door.

Denise looked at me and I reluctantly nodded my assent.

Denise led Mitch to the couch. They sat and began kissing and fondling each other. In perfect view of the camera. Part of me smiled inside. Part of me felt very jealous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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