My Woodland Dream Ch. 02

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The long awaited sunset had begun and I made my way into the house to face the crowds. Thankfully most of the mourners had left, and only the closer of my Dad’s cousins remained behind to help in the cleanup.

“Bastian! Where have you been?” My Mother squawked. Like she cared.

My Dad was in the lounge talking with his uncle, my Nana’s brother. “So Philip, with your mother passed, have you put any thought into what you’re going to do with this old place? You know I have a friend on the golfing circuit that has been buying up land in the area. Two acres could fetch a million easy, knock this ruin down and build some nice new flats.”

“What!” I yelled, “You can’t let them tear down Nana’s house. She would have never allowed it. She loved this house and the woodlands.” My heart pounded as I thought back to my dream, unable to shake its hold on me.

“Now listen here, Bastian, this is not your decision to make and Lord knows we could use the money after all that we wasted on you and your so-called degree.” Dad, as ever, took any chance he could to throw that back at me.

I stormed upstairs as my anger boiled. Nana would be rolling in her grave if she knew he wanted to sell this place to developers. She lived here all her married life. Ok so, in the last few years as she got older, a few parts fell into disrepair, but it was nothing a little love and attention couldn’t fix. I couldn’t let him do this.

I slept that night in the room I always slept in here. It was as I left it ten years ago and it saddened me to think that Nana had missed me as much as I missed her. In the early morning my mother woke me.

“Bastian. Bastian!” she yelled, “You have half an hour then we’re leaving. Your Dad has work today, so if you don’t want to have to make your own way back, be in the car in 30 minutes.” I pulled the duvet over my head and fell into a sound sleep.

The dream enveloped me again, but this time going straight to the kiss. I felt the pressure of Cad’s lips on mine, before I opened my eyes. “Hmmm.” I lost myself in it.

“Sorry to wake you, but I couldn’t resist. And I’m sorry about before. It was my first kiss, you see, and it was such a rush and I panicked.” I let his words hang in the air, my brain still clouded with sleep, unable to make sense of them. Demetevler Escort “Was it like that for you, when I restored you to your normal size? I’ve never done it to myself before and it felt like all the elements in my body were separating.”

Something switched in my brain. I sat upright, making Cad recoil off the bed. ‘It was not a dream.’ My mind screamed in comprehension. No dream could feel this real. Nana’s stories were all true. I leapt forward, grasping onto Cad, desperate to have the tangible proof in my arms that I wasn’t going crazy. His solid frame supported mine and held on tightly as I shook from the sudden rush of adrenalin.

“I thought it was a dream,” I said, pathetically.

“I’m real Bastian, here…” He took my hand and held it to his chest to prove his point. The evidence of a beating heart, although amounting to nothing, felt colossal in that moment. I stroked the hair of his chest beneath my hand, before leaning to kiss where I had just stroked.

He lifted my gaze, and sitting there side-by-side on the bed, he kissed me with a passion that would ruin me for any other. His tongue emerged and then with a curiosity all its own, explored my lips and mouth.

I fell back on the bed and he followed, maneuvering his body over mine, connecting us head to toe. His arms pushing into the worn out springs either side of me, one leg came to rest between my thighs. I felt his wanting pulse against my own and begin a torturously gentle grind. As he kissed his hips moved with the same rhythm, creating a glorious friction that had me moaning into his open mouth.

“Cad I want you to take me,” I said, not bothering to hide my longing.

“Are you certain?” he asked, looking down on me, “I’ve waited a lifetime and I don’t want to rush this.”

“It’s like you said, I feel like I’ve know you for that lifetime. Please, I need you.”

With that he rose to kneeling, removing his threadbare top before watching me pull off the t-shirt I wore to bed. As his fingers explored my smooth chest I went, again, into the coarse curls that covered his torso. Placing my hands on the bed either side of me I pushed up, extricating my legs from between his. I gestured for him to lie down, watching his Otele gelen escort beautiful hair fan out over the pillow.

Leaning over, my tongue first found his ear. I licked from the join at the bottom to the pointed tip, fascinated by it.

“Hmm, that feels good,” he responded, “Aahh.” I had started to nibble along the edge of the other ear. My arm rested casually over his body, but I felt him shift, his crotch desperately searching for contact. So, straddling his thighs, I relented and began undoing the complicated lacing of the front of his trousers. Rising off the bed to allow me to pull them down, I discovered he wore no underwear. His penis, now free to the air, jutted out from a dense bush.

Scootching further down, I lowered my face to his crotch, inhaling the earthiness I first encountered when we kissed. Bottled nature was the only description that seemed adequate. I licked the crevice at the top of his thigh and then moved down over his balls, half licking, half nuzzling. Starting at the base, my mouth and tongue traveled up to the head of his cock, over the skin that protected it.

My tongue probed the slit as he cried out nonsensical pleas. Carefully pushing back the folds, as I had learnt to do from years of watching porn, I caressed just the tip in my mouth. I then suddenly forced down, taking him to the back of my mouth, reaching my hand to grasp the two or so inches that were left.

Breathing no longer a priority, I employed lips and tongue and cheeks to massage his cock as I held it in my mouth. After a few undulations I pulled off, his hips attempting to follow me as I rose.

My mouth traced with pre-come, I moved forward to kiss his lips once more. His eyes closed a second before mine, his face an expression of bliss.

I stood, pulling down my boxers, before walking naked to my rucksack, eyes on me. At the bottom I found the bottle of lube I used for wanking.

“Cad, I want you to be my first.”

I saw confusion on his face, looking down at the bottle.

“This will help,” I continued, “I’ve not done this before and I’m guessing you haven’t either,” he shook his head, “But trust me, this will help.”

“I trust you Bastian, with my life, with my body, Balgat Escort and with my cock,” he added smirking.

I straddled his body again, and squeezing lube into my fingers, brought them to my arsehole. I pushed the tip of one finger inside. I was tense, but could feel my way deeper with first one, then two fingers. Pausing to add more lube, Cad then reached up and began to stroke my thighs. One hand then took hold of my shaft, and I let out a long sigh, that took with it all apprehension I still held. His oceanic blue eyes focused completely on me, I knew I was ready.

Reaching underneath me, I coated the length of his hardness with more lubrication. I held him steady as I came up onto my knees, lined myself up and then slowly eased down. I felt the edge of my hole stretch around his cock, his hand still steadily massaging me. Tilting my hips forward, I was able to move down, inch after slippery inch disappearing within me.

I removed my hand as I settled in his lap. The ache was soon drowned out by Cad’s continual motion on my penis. His rough hands showing a gentility that took my breath away.

Still on my knees, I started to rise up. I could feel the swollen head within me, dragging over my prostate, a delicious thrum.

Although outwardly silent I could see extreme concentration in Cad’s eyes. He was holding back and I felt it as a tension beneath me.

“This feels, ahh –” I moved down again repeating the assault on my inner nerve endings, “So good, ahh –” a rhythm built, “But please, ahh, please, ahh, god yes –” Catching on to my words Cad moved both hands to my waist, gripping tight. As I next lowered onto him he simultaneously pushed me down and thrusted up.

Ecstasy, it was ecstasy. “Yes, Cad, yes, ahh.” The heat rose up through my body, I became lightheaded, he forced himself deeper in me, sweat from the friction between us building. I rolled my hips as he plunged into my channel, leaning back to get the most of him.

“Close, ahh, there, mmm, there!” I moaned as his engorged manhood ran the length of my prostate one final time before I felt it pulse inside me. I continued to roll my hips, squeezing my cheeks to ebb out his orgasm. As I did so, his hand came back to me, stroked firmly once initiating my own surge of cum, hypersensitive to each spasm that hit.

Wonderment in his eyes, he licked from his hand, first tentatively, then with resolve. I had to kiss him, so leaning forward, all strength gone from my legs, I plunged my tongue into his cum-coated mouth.

I rolled next to him, our arms and legs a tangled mess. Blue reflecting green, our eyes slowly shut and we drifted off to sleep.

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