Mystery Woman in Vietnam

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Chelsea lay in her bed, mindlessly rubbing her clit through her panties. Her mind was somewhere between sleep and the sexy Vietnamese woman cleaning her mothers apartment. Chelsea spoke no Vietnamese, so conversation went no where when she attempted to communicate, but there was a recognized attraction between the two strangers that was made clear by the look of lust Chelsea received when she walked through the door. The first thing Chelsea had noticed about the woman was her slender body with surprisingly defined curves. Chelsea guessed the woman’s cub size was on the larger side of a cup, and the idea of feeling their soft warmth in her hands excited Chelsea. She flicked her clit at the thought of the beautiful woman’s nipples in her mouth as she gently sucked on them, teasing them with her tongue.

Getting more excited, Chelsea grabbed her vibrator from the drawer, quickly removing her already moist thong and replacing it again with her fingers. Chelsea began stroking her warm pussy with her fingers, then ran the head of her vibrator along her swelling pussy lips. Switching the machine on, Chelsea began to massage her clit and slipped the vibrator into her wet, ready womanhood.

As Chelsea began to move the vibrator slowly in and out, she tried to keep her noise level to a minimum. Her breath quickened simultaneously with her stroke, and she let out a soft moan. Eyes closed, Chelsea began to lose Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort herself in her fantasy. Not hearing the door open, she was surprised when she felt a soft touch on her inner thigh. Opening her eyes, Chelsea looked down at beautiful, eager eyes. With no words needed, the woman removed Chelsea’s vibrator and replaced it with warm fingers.

The woman moved up to quickly kiss Chelsea’s soft, plump lips, as if seeking permission. Chelsea responded with a passionate yes, their tongues dancing slowly and gently. The Vietnamese goddess began to pull away, and Chelsea desperately sucked on her lip, begging her not to stop. With a quick peck the woman moved her lips down to Chelsea’s neck, across her collarbone. The woman slowly worked her way down to Chelsea’s erect nipples, kissing and licking her soft skin. Her fingers had slowed, and the woman slowly caressed Chelsea between her thighs. Focused on the fingers, Chelsea jumped in surprise and pleasure when the woman gave her nipple a little nibble, and Chelsea’s attention was quickly brought back up to the Vietnamese mouth that was providing such sensuous heaven.

The woman began to kiss her way down Chelsea’s stomach. She licked and sucked her way down Chelsea’s sides, then moved back up and blew on the warm wet spots she had left, sending chills down Chelsea’s back. She kissed a line along Chelsea’s hip bones, teasing Chelsea in a way only an experienced lover knows how to. The woman kissed further down, along Chelsea’s inner thighs. Again, she surprised Chelsea with a sensual bite, causing Chelsea to squeal. Finally the sexy woman began kissing and licking Chelsea’s lips, still teasing but getting closer to the hot sex that was awaiting her mouth’s attention. The woman then separated Chelsea’s lips and slowly licked up and down her dripping pussy. She continued this a few times, every now and then flicking her tongue over Chelsea’s swollen clit. The Vietnamese beauty then thrust her tongue deep into Chelsea’s pussy, her nose hitting her clit. Chelsea weaved her fingers into the woman’s soft, thick hair, signaling how much she loved the feeling of her warm tongue inside her pussy. The woman fucked Chelsea with her tongue until Chelsea thought she might explode, and then just as quickly as she started, she removed her tongue and began slowly licking up and down Chelsea’s pussy again.

Chelsea moaned in frustration, and pulled the woman’s head in closer between her thighs, as if begging the woman not to stop. The woman responded by sucking Chelsea’s clit into her mouth and violently flicking her tongue across it, faster than Chelsea thought possible. Again, just as Chelsea thought she might explode the woman stopped what she was doing, and resumed stroking Chelsea’s womanhood with her tongue. This time more desperately, Chelsea directed the woman’s mouth back to her clit, but the woman only fought harder not to give her what she wanted. The woman began slowly licking Chelsea’s clit. Chelsea closed her eyes and began slowly gyrating against the woman’s face.

Without opening her eyes, Chelsea heard the familiar noise of her vibrator, and seconds later felt it being gently pushed into her pussy. Chelsea gripped the woman’s head, holding on to her hair so that she wouldn’t stop. As she got closer and closer to her orgasm, Chelsea began to grip her legs around the woman’s head, holding her still, except for the thrusting of Chelsea’s hips that she could not control. Chelsea came with a loud moan, pulling on the woman’s hair as her pussy lips pulsated around the vibrator.

As her breathing began to slow down and her grip on the woman’s hair loosened, the woman removed the vibrator and stopped licking Chelsea’s clit. In a daze, Chelsea lay there as the woman began steadily lapping up her juices, every now and then sucking in one of Chelsea’s pussy lips and playing with them between her teeth. The woman then began kissing her way back up Chelsea’s sensitive body, stopping briefly at her breasts to gently lick Chelsea’s nipples, and then finally planting her soft lips on Chelsea’s, who could taste herself in their kiss. Eyes closed, Chelsea tenderly kissed back. As Chelsea began to drift off, the woman vanished as swiftly as she had appeared, leaving Chelsea to wonder if she would ever see this beautiful mystery woman again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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