Naked at Home Ch. 02

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This story is in the genre of the “naked at college” series, but now at home. As such, it is very, very incestuous. If you don’t like stories involving incest there is no way you should read this one. You will just be appalled if not disgusted, and you would be much better off reading something you would enjoy. It is also important to note that this is Part Two. The story will make little sense without first reading Part One, although some of the introductory material from Part One is repeated.

Part 2: Mary

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Andersons were a rather unique family. They were quite open-minded, liberal, and forward thinkers. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were well educated, both having graduated from Abberville College with honors. Mr. Anderson went on to law school and was now a very successful lawyer, quickly becoming an associate partner of Wagner, Cronenberg, Tenyari, and Orblover, a rather successful and well-regarded firm specializing in divorce, mortgage, and estate law. And, being a lawyer, Mr. Anderson was a man who knew his rights.

Alex and Donna Anderson, however, were very concerned about their children. Well, they weren’t really children any more. Mary was 18 and Jeff was 20. They were now both themselves college students, Jeff was attending Templeton College, whereas Mary was attending Abberville, just like her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were quite pleased with that, but their concern was that Jeff and Mary weren’t excelling in their studies as the two of them had when they were at Abberville. Neither of their kids appeared to have the discipline, the motivation, to truly succeed in life.

They couldn’t live forever off the success, the income, the savings, that Mr. Anderson had struggled to accumulate. They needed to learn that someday they would be on their own and would have to fend for themselves, yet their grades in college were worse than their grades had been in high school. If not for Mr. Anderson’s connections, and perhaps Mrs. Anderson’s charm during the admissions interview, Mary and Jeff might not have even been admitted and, here they were, squandering away this opportunity that would be coveted by so many of their peers.

The parents were at a loss for what to do, until one day when Mary, home for summer vacation after having completed her first year at Abberville, told them about a new pedagogical technique implemented this past year at Abberville, called The Program (see “Naked at College”). Mr. Anderson was very intrigued by this apparent innovation in the training and development of today’s youth.

He learned that the primary purpose of The Program was to help develop personal growth, adjustment, and self-esteem. However, as he read more and more material, particularly the earlier papers of Mr. Peters at Templeton College, he discovered that some variation of this approach could also be used to develop better self-discipline, motivation, and dedication. Yes, they would have to try this at home. After all, discipline does begin at home.

He discussed it with his wife, Donna. She was a little apprehensive. It did seem like a rather radical idea, although she had been one of the more active members of the Abberville Enthusiasts Club.

They decided to begin with Jeff (see “Naked at home, part 1: Jeff”). He was the older sibling. If it was not helpful for him, then they wouldn’t try it with Mary.

But, they felt that the first night of The Program with Jeff had gone very, very well. They could both see an immediate positive effect on his behavior, his motivation, his sense of responsibility to his family and his future. He had become much more respectful and responsive as a son. They were really very, very impressed.

After observing the beneficial impact The Program had on Jeff, they knew that it was time to try it with their daughter, Mary. As they had done before, they made the announcement at the end of dinner.

“Well, Mary,” Mr. Anderson said. “I think you may have noticed how helpful The Program has been for Jeff.”

Mary had to admit that she had indeed noticed it, although she wasn’t too sure if Jeff was being nice simply to get in good with Patsy (a friend of Mary that Jeff might date), or perhaps to try to have another evening with her friends. “Yea, I suppose,” she responded in a non-committal manner.

“Well, we, your parents, believe it is time now for you to take your turn.”

“Me?!” Mary’s jaw dropped and her heart skipped a beat.

“Well, yes, naturally, pumpkin,” her father responded. “I thought we were quite clear about that. Each of you would participate, at various times.”

Mary’s face turned beet red. During the original night in which they introduced The Program, her parents had began their discussion by referring to both of them, but they hadn’t precisely, specifically, said that she would have to participate as well, or at least she had been hoping that it would be confined to Jeff. But, her perception görükle escort of what they had said was apparently more of a reflection of her desire than what they actually said. As she now recalled, they did say that Jeff would participate “first.”

She also figured, or at least hoped, that they would see how bizarre and wrong it was to have Jeff be naked in front of them, perhaps especially herself, and they would no longer consider having her participate. But, she had to admit, Jeff was indeed acting like a much better son, and even brother, than he had before that rather unusual evening.

Still, there was one very important point. “But daddy, I’m a girl!”

Her father furrowed his brow, wondering what her point was.

“It’s different for girls,” Mary explained. She turned to her mother. “Mummy, tell him! Explain it to him!” She couldn’t believe how dense her father was. He had been like totally absurd many times before, but this was well over the top.

Mrs. Anderson, however, was of no help. “Your father and I have discussed this. It has certainly been very helpful for Jeff. We both believe it is the right and proper thing to do.”

Mary knew that she had little choice. She did have a choice, technically. She was eighteen. She could choose not to participate. But now that Jeff had participated, it was really very difficult for her to refuse. And, more importantly, as they had indicated with Jeff, she would lose her financial support for college, and perhaps even more. With considerable reluctance, to say the least, along with as much surprise, she said, quietly, “Well, alright.”

Jeff grinned broadly, and felt his dick immediately swell within his slacks just at the thought of his sister’s participation. This is what he had been hoping for quite some time, fantasizing about visiting Abberville when Mary was chosen to participate in The Program. This would be even better, as this would be in the privacy and intimacy of their house, their home.

“That’s the Anderson spirit I like to see!” Mr. Anderson gleefully and proudly replied.

Well, Mary thought, he was about to see a lot more than that, and her face reddened again. She pushed her chair away from the dinner table and made her way to the spot where Jeff had undressed, standing in the entrance to the dining room. She slowly began to remove her clothes.

One advantage of sitting at the dinner table was that nobody could see the front of one’s slacks. Jeff slipped his hand beneath the table to quietly, surreptitiously, play with himself as he watched his younger sister undress. He tried to look nonchalant, even perhaps a bit disinterested, but his heart was racing and his pupils were enlarging, as was his dick within his fingers.

Once The Program had been implemented at Abberville Mary had feared that someday she would be asked, or chosen, to participate. Just the thought of having to go to classes naked was unimaginatively horrific! Yet, here she was, participating in The Program in her own home. One would like to say in the safety of one’s own home, but right now it didn’t really feel that way.

Mary felt the eyes of her entire family upon her as she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it from her skirt. She was reminded of when her family had all come to her ballet recital as a kid. The presence of her father had made her feel particularly nervous. She didn’t really know why. Perhaps because it was so often accompanied by subtle criticism and pointless advice. Well, this was certainly considerably worse. The presence of her brother hadn’t actually bothered her during the ballet recital, but it was much, much different now. She turned around to take off her skirt.

“No, no, pumpkin,” her father admonished her. “You must always present yourself to the audience.”

Mary was again reminded of the ballet rehearsals. Her father didn’t even know that much about ballet but always kept giving her suggestions and instructions. But, he was actually right this time. She knew the rules of The Program. Unless instructed otherwise by an audience member or a professor, one must always face your fellow students, or in this case your family. “Yes, father,” she glumly replied and turned back around to again face her family. She unzipped her skirt, stepped out of it, carefully folded it, and laid it on the side table.

Mary was wearing a blouse with long tails so nothing was really that exposed, yet. Plus, she was holding her blouse closed so that nothing could be seen there as well. Still, it was an endearing sight: the pretty Mary wearing now only shirt, socks, and shoes, clutching at her blouse, looking so nervous, so forlorn. It was a moment of grand anticipation. Jeff was openly handling his cock beneath the table.

Mary knew that if she hesitated too long her mother, or her father, would instruct her brother to help remove the rest of her garments, just as they had threatened Jeff. She started to again turn her karacabey escort back to her family, but caught herself. With her eyes closed she removed her arms from her blouse, folded it, and carefully laid it on her skirt, and stood before her family, in her undies.

Mary was a very pretty girl. Both of her parents were proud and pleased with that. She reminded many persons as a sort of young Kristin Chenoweth, particularly in her role on West Wing. She had long flowing blonde hair, split center-left, large green eyes, fluttering eyelashes, perfectly white skin, a perky nose and red rosy cheeks with a hint of dimple. Plus, she had the high pitched voice of Ms. Chenoweth, as well as her very diminutive stature, an inch less than five feet.

“Oh my, honey,” Mrs. Anderson said, “that’s a very lovely bra and panty set, don’t you think so, dear?” speaking to her husband.

Mr. Anderson could feel his cock swelling as well, and he felt a bit concerned about that. His daughter was indeed terribly attractive, and, yes, Donna was certainly right about her ensemble. It was indeed a very pretty bra and panty set. But, still, he did feel a little awkward to be seeing her so alluring.

Mary wasn’t wearing explicitly sexual or provocative lingerie. But, the matching cotton bra and bikini panty set were still quite fetching. They were both pink and decorated with colorful cupcakes, candy canes, and ice cream cones all sprinkled around, the brassiere and panties both trimmed with just a small band of white lace. The brassiere fit really quite well, providing her breasts with a very complimentary roundness, with the notable and endearing exception of her perky nipples poking through. The panties might have been a little tight, but for Jeff that was a plus, as he could very easily detect his sister’s camel toe.

“Honey!” Mrs. Anderson prompted her husband.

“Oh yes, yes dear,” Mr. Anderson responded. He was still contemplating his daughter and had not yet answered his wife. “They are really quite, um, charming.” Even just complimenting his daughter on her brassiere and panties seemed a bit awkward.

“Where did you purchase them, sweetie?” her mother asked.

Mary opened her eyes to look at her mom. “Mother, please.” Her mother always seemed to overdo her compliments of her apparel, and she didn’t really want her undies to be the focus of conversation, albeit she was indeed presenting a most captivating and winsome sight.

“Well just tell me where you got them, honey. I’m sure Alex would like me to purchase a set for myself.”

“Walmart,” Mary blandly replied.

That momentarily silenced her mother, but she quickly recovered. “Well, Walmart does have very good undies.”

Her father though was pleased. It was good to hear that his daughter was not spending her college stipend on expensive underwear. But, this was not an exercise on the economics of one’s apparel. The family needed to get back on track. “Yes, well, let’s get those off as well, Mary. You can keep your socks on though.” If Jeff got to keep his socks on, it was reasonable to allow Mary to have this courtesy as well.

Mary, as an Abberville student, had wondered what it would be like for The Program participants when they first had to take their clothes off in front of the college president or dean, and what it was like when they first stepped out naked onto the campus. She never did really want to know, but she was certainly very curious. Well, this must be a close second, if not even worse.

Yes, it might in fact be worse to have to be naked in front of your father and brother than in front of strangers. Anxious, self-conscious, and ruminative thoughts were all running through her head as she reached behind to grasp hold of the clasp of her brassiere, her boobs unintentionally thrusting forward, jutting outward, as she did so.

Jeff’s cock was doing a considerable amount of jutting as well.

Mary unclasped her brassiere, but as she pulled the cups away from her breasts she immediately covered them, as best she could, with her right arm and hand. Nobody admonished her for that, at least not yet.

Frankly, the effort to be modest, to hide her breasts, made her look all the more adorable, as she was displaying, proclaiming, how intimate and personal this was. Plus, what one could still see, the soft, white parts squishing out from beneath her hand and arm, were really very enticing and, for the moment, sufficiently pleasing. This wasn’t the reason her mother didn’t complain about Mary’s effort to hide her breasts, but it’s possible that it did factor into her father’s silence.

Pulling panties down with one hand though was a bit tricky. She had to keep pulling down different bits and parts of her panties, inching one part down as best she could, and then shifting over to the other side, all the time bent over so that nobody could see what was being exposed, as well as continuing to try to keep mudanya escort her breasts hidden as much as possible.

Once the panties were past her thighs, though, they slipped down the rest of the way fairly easily, gathering at her ankles in a little pile of very colorful cotton femininity.

She then used her left hand to hide her cunnie, although still exposing the very naked, lily white hips and thighs. Mary had very strong tan lines, which now appeared to largely shout and scream by the contrasting pale whiteness that the parts of her that were now exposed and soon to be seen were very, very private indeed, not ever seen in the light of day.

Mary stepped awkwardly out of her panties and then wasn’t too sure what to do next. She didn’t really want to reach down to pick them up as she would then have to expose one of those two parts of her body. But, she knew she couldn’t just leave them there. She looked down at them, wondering what to do.

“Dear, don’t leave your panties lying around on the floor,” her mother admonished her.

Mary knew that she would eventually, if not almost immediately, have to remove her hands from her body anyway, but which part to expose now? Well, that wasn’t actually a difficult choice. She removed her hand from her breasts, blood immediately rushing to her face, and bent over to pick up her panties, her boobs coming into sight and even wiggling and bobbling as she bent over.

Jeff inhaled with wonder at the sight of his sister’s breasts now fully exposed. He had seen a number of naked breasts. Frankly, Patsy’s were probably better than his sister’s, if size was the only basis for evaluation. But, these were indeed his sister’s breasts, and that did make them rather special in his eyes. He had seen them slowly develop over time, gradually growing into a woman’s breasts, and he often thought about how they might look. He had even attempted to get a few peeks at them, such as coincidentally being in the hallway when she left the bathroom after a morning shower, or being sure to walk by when he knew she was changing to go out on a date. He had even got caught once peeking into her room. None of these peeping efforts though had ever paid off. But, now, he was being treated with a very open, explicit show.

Mr. Anderson was equally pleased, but considerably more ambivalent. His immediate reaction was one of further arousal, within his pants. His daughter did really have very cute wiggly boobies. And, they were clearly the firm and fresh breasts of youth. But he then, almost as quickly, felt guilty and ambivalent about having such reactions. It was not only that she was his daughter, but his wife, her mother, was sitting right there, across the table from him. It’s bad enough when your wife catches you ogling the breasts of another woman, it’s probably a lot worse when it’s the breasts of her daughter.

“Honey, my goodness, didn’t Mary develop well!?” Mrs. Anderson exclaimed, with considerable pride and enthusiasm. She was really very pleased. Mothers do like it when their daughters grow up to be pretty and attractive young women. They would love them anyway, even if it was not true. And, they would sincerely and accurately tell them that they will find a man, a good man, even if they aren’t particularly attractive. But, still, it is nice when she is indeed objectively pretty and attractive, and Mary was certainly that.

Mary’s face was so red as she laid her panties on her skirt and returned to her spot in the entranceway. She did not return her hand to her breasts. The cat was now out of the bag, so to speak, and there was no point in trying to get it back in. She stood before her family, very self-consciously, presenting for their observation, their consideration, their evaluation, and perhaps their pleasure (at least for Jeff), her young, naked boobs.

Mr. Anderson was relieved that his wife didn’t appear to object to him noticing how attractive and appealing were his daughter’s breasts. In fact, she even wanted him, was inviting him, to comment on them. Objectively, they were not large. Unlike Ms. Chenoweth, they were a bit on the small side. But, being a very petite girl, Mary’s titties were really very proportional to her size and still very, very lovely. They were so wonderfully round and perky, and her pink nipples were even standing up so proud, almost as pink as her face.” Yes, she has indeed,” Mr. Anderson agreed, still a bit uncomfortable at making such an observation. He briefly reached beneath the table to adjust his dick, which was also getting rather uncomfortable for a more specifically physical reason, but doing so because it was also very, very pleased with his daughter’s breasts. He turned his attention though to his wife. “Of course, she has you to thank for that, dear. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, you know.”

“Oh honey, hush-up,” Donna modestly replied, but the compliment was well appreciated. Just as she wondered previously whether Alex might feel uncomfortable about his son being bigger, she was herself a little jealous at seeing how perky and firm were her daughter’s breasts. They were really so wonderfully round. Her own were beginning to droop, she felt, at least just a bit.

“Yours though are also quite bigger,” her husband added.

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