Natalie and Rachel

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Rachel – 35, white/Hispanic mix, divorced, 5’6″ 117 lbs , dark brown hair, shoulder length, brown eyes, nice figure (34C-26-36), tanned , fit. HR manager for Fortune 500 in NYC straight (she wonders)

Natalie – 30, white, single, 5’5″ 110lbs, brown hair- bobbed, brown eyes, fair skin, athletic, 32b-23-34. Production assistant for TV, NYC lesbian

A chance meeting at the gym triggers an exploration to resolve the question- am I a lesbian?

The meeting of Rachel and Natalie was pure, fortuitous chance.

It was Rachel’s regular gym, and Natalie was working out there just for a change.

Rachel, mid way thru a barbell bench press,thought, “Oh shit, I am jammed up mid push!”

Natalie, like an angel out of nowhere,appeared.

“Let me help you” she said.

Natalie was immediately attracted to Rachel, not knowing what her sexual orientation might be.

“Let me spot you on the next set,” Natalie said.

Rachel,lying on the bench, prepared to start her next set, Natalie above her, spotting. Rachel noticed Natalie’s golden arches.

She felt a slight tingle in her clit, “where did that come from,” she thought, “I am not a lesbian.”

She completed her set, thanked Natalie for her assistance and then finished her workout alone.

Later, in the locker room, Natalie was headed to the shower at the same time Rachel was. As Natalie got into the shower, she removed her towel, and Rachel looked at Natalie’s naked body.

“Oh no, I feel that tingle again in my clit, her shaved pussy is delicious looking, I want to eat it.”

Natalie smiled coyly and closed the shower curtain. Rachel took her shower, not seeing Natalie again. As she left the gym, Natalie was waiting in the lobby area.

Natalie said “call me if you want to know,” as she gave Rachel a slip of paper with her cell # on it.

“Know what,” Rachel replied,

“The answer to your question,” Natalie responded.

Rachel mumbled, “I don’t know what you are talking about,” and left, but she kept the slip of paper.

Two days later, Natalie answered her cell “Hi, it is Rachel, we met at the gym.”

Natalie replied, “Yes, I remember. Rachel, what a lovely name.”

Rachel asked, “Can we meet for coffee, this evening if possible?”

“How about the Grey Dog on University Place,” Natalie asked.

“How about 9pm,

.” asked Rachel.

“Sounds good, see you there.” Natalie replied.

Natalie was already there, she had picked out a quiet spot for two in the front window. Rachel came in, went over and sat down, seeming apprehensive.

“I don’t know how to start this conversation,” she said.

Natalie took her hand, and said “I felt the same way once, I understand. When we met, you had an attraction to me- physical and sexual. This was maybe the first time you felt it or perhaps acknowledged it, right?”

“Yes,” Rachel replied.

“You are curious to know what sex with another woman would be like?”


“You would like to find out the answer with me?”

” Yes.”

“Which of the signals I sent you did you pick up on?”

“Your smile at the shower.”

“Wonderful,” Natalie said. “

“How fast or slow do you want to proceed, because I would like to help you find out the answer.” Natalia inquired.

Rachel said eryaman escort “Your place or mine?” and then said “that sounds so bizarre and yet so right, I am very confused”.

Natalie said “I am going to suggest a ‘shock’ therapy approach, come to my apartment and I will make love to you and if at any time you want to stop, I will and you will know the answer.”

Rachel said “Yes, I want to find out quickly.”

“This Saturday 12noon?” Natalie asked.


“Ok, I live at 127 West 12th Street

“Do I need to do anything special?”

“Shower,” said Natalie, with a smile.

“Do you shave?”

“No,” Rachel replied,”should I?”

“I would prefer it, it definitely enhances the experience for both to us, if you chose to go that far.”

“Ok, I will read up on it and be shaved for you.”

“You are shaved, right?”

“Absolutely,” replied Natalie.

At 12 noon Saturday, Natalie’s bell rang.

“Hi, it is Rachel.”

“Hi, I will buzz you in,” Natalie replied

Natalie had the apartment door open as Rachel came into the public hallway.

“I wasn’t sure you would go thru with it,” Natalie said.

“I almost didn’t,” Rachel said, “but I just bulled thru the doubt and said fuck it, today I find out.”

Natalie took Rachel’s hand, led her into the bedroom.

“I like to get completely naked,” Natalie said and started to undress Rachel.

Without delay, she striped Rachel naked and then herself. It was easy, as both had on not much more than blouse, skirt, bra and panties/thongs, no hosiery, flats.

Natalie looked Rachel up and down, noting her lighter skin around her mons and pussy where Rachel had just recently shaved, Natalie felt as if Rachel’s pussy was inviting her to taste it.

Rachel took in Natalie’s nakedness and felt that by now familiar tingle running thru her clit into her asshole.

Natalie moved Rachel to the edge of her old fashioned high bed.

“I am going to start by kissing you, and then move down your body, kissing, sucking, licking and biting as I go. At any time, tell me to stop and I will.”

“Actually,” Rachel said, “I would like to do that to you.”

“Oh, that would be lovely,” replied Natalie.

Rachel, somewhat hesitantly, moved close to Natalie, leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips.

Natalie, holding Rachel’s arms, responded with a warm, no tongue kiss. Rachel put her hands on Natalie’s asscheeks and pulled her close, continuing to kiss her, more passionately.

“OMG, Rachel uttered, “it is better than I imagined, I am a lesbian , I am happy and sad at the same time.”

Natalie replied, “Let go completely and you will find happiness. Life is about happiness and goodness. Embrace all of the happiness you can.”

Giving a low moan, Rachel put her tongue deep into Natalie’s mouth, began to massage her luscious aureole and perky, erect nipple, her other hand slipped down to Natalie’s box, which was becoming wet.

Now Natalie moaned, “Yes Rachel, that is it, kiss my nipples.”

Rachel moved down and took Natalie’s B cup breast into her mouth, licking the aureole and nipple- sucking, licking, biting and tonguing it. Now her 2 middle fingers were in Natalie’s very wet cunt, Natalie’s clit scissored between her fingers.

“Oh sincan escort god, Rachel, don’t stop! You have done this before?” Natalie inquired.

“No, but I watched some lesbian porn yesterday to pick up some techniques,” Rachel said.

“You delightful creature, I can’t wait to get your succulent twat into my mouth.”

Rachel took her fingers out of Natalie’s pussy, brought them to her mouth and sucked the clear, sweet, sticky nectar off her fingers, like sucking meat off a rib bone.

Rachel orgasmed,”Oh no, I came already.”

Natalie said, “Don’t worry, before today is over you will have cummed many times. Tomorrow when you wake up, you will cum again dreaming about today, and then you will call me, wanting the real thing and I will be here waiting for your call.”

Rachel dropped to her knees, facing Natalie’s pudendal cleft and clit. Natalie’s outer lips were very close in color to the surrounding skin, somewhat to Rachel’s surprise (she had noticed differences watching the lesbian porn), the outer lips full, the inner lips tinged a dark pink, protruding an inch below her outer lips, engorged and throbbing.

Natalie’s mons venus was bald, smooth and inviting. Rachel kissed it, put her tongue out and traced circles around the mons, moving to the waiting hooded clit and cleft. Rachel’s tongue lightly moved over Natalie’s clit and probed into her slit just below the clit.

Natalie moved her legs apart, whispered,

“Oh girl, are you teasing me?”

Her right hand rested lightly on Rachel’s head.

Simultaneously thrusting her hips out and pressing Rachel’s head with her hand, she sought to get Rachel’s mouth into her waiting muffin.

She wanted Rachel’s sweet lips sucking hers and drinking her juices.

Spreading her legs further, she took both hands and gently but urgently pushed Rachel into her pussy saying, “Sweetie, I need you so badly, make love to my pussy.”

Rachel, now dripping wet herself, stopped teasing and swallowed Natalie’s pussy lips, sucking, biting, licking, pulling, and tonguing. The honey from Natalie’s cunt flower gushing into her mouth, which she gleefully drank. Natalie’s fleshy inner lips felt like living velvet in her mouth and she rolled the pulsing flesh around with her tongue.

“Lover,” Natalie said, “let me lie down on the bed so you can get better access to my candy box.”

Lying back, Natalie lifted and spread her legs, revealing all of her delights to Rachel, the outer lips swollen with lust, the inner lips glistening, their folded, convoluted, flesh had an hypnotic effect on Rachel, as she dove in to eat, she noticed a little trickle of Natalie’s juice running down toward her balloon knot. Rachel homed in on it, her tongue finding Natalie’s knot, tracing upward, catching the honey and continued into the slit, sucking as she went, then, ravenous for Natalie’s sweet meat, sucked her into her mouth, pulled back and released Natalie’s lips, which snapped back, Rachel did it again and again, Natalia’s pussy meat was soft, spongy, but firm, slippery yet not slippery, warm.

Bringing Natalie to a fever pitch, her hands pressing Rachel’s head into her cunt, bucking and rocking, Natalie’s twat detonated. Rachel grabbed Natalie’s hips, pulled her tight and continued her love assault on Natalie’s etlik escort quim.

Natalie gently pushed Rachel’s head away, saying “Angel, I am too sensitive.”

Rachel stood up, laid next to Natalie, her face covered with Natalie’s cunt perfume, kissing deeply, the lovers enjoyed Natalie’s nectar together.

“You do want me to reciprocate, right?”

Rachel, in a dreamy state and still intoxicated by the experience of eating Natalie replied,

“I want it more than I have ever wanted anything.”

Natalie, frenching Rachel deeply, started stroking her left breast, aureole and nipple, which was super sensitive.

Natalie, still massaging Rachel’s left breast, started sucking on the other nipple. Rachel begin a low guttural sound, her hips started moving around.

Natalie said, “Sweetheart, time for the main event.”

She got up, took Rachel by her knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed, and knelt down. Slowly spreading Rachel’s legs apart, Natalie watched as Rachel’s freshly shaved pussy opened up before her, like a flower, her lips like petals, glistening with her dew, her hooded priestess proudly erect and quivering. Her nymphae peeking out from her bigger lips, ruby tinged on the edge, fading to bright pink.

With her tongue, Natalie traced swirls over and around Rachel’s mons, coming close to her clit, but not touching it, then moving down the space between her inner thigh and outer lip, up the side and to the top of the labia major, her saliva mixing freely with the love liquor bubbling up from Rachel.

“Oh, you cunt tease,” Rachel shouted, “I want you to eat my pussy so bad!!”

But Rachel resisted from using her hand to push Natalie’s head down. Rachel started to writhe, Natalie stopped her tease, and dived into Rachel’s moist poon, sucking, licking and tonguing ferociously.

Rachel’s hands now clamped on Natalie’s head, she rocked and twisted, and then her orgasm came, Rachel felt like she was splitting open.

Natalie pushed away, waited 30 seconds, and then placed her left thumb and pointer finger on either side of Rachel’s mons, and pushed down, at the same time, she put her 2 middle right fingers into Rachel’s cunt, and using a “come hither” motion, started to massage the G spot.

Natalie then begin to suck on Rachel’s pussy lips.

“Oh what are you doing to me,” Rachel cried, “I have never felt anything like this.”

Natalie stood up , both fingers still in Rachel’s throbbing cunt and begin to move them up and then down, hitting Rachel’s G spot on the way up and stretching her vagina on the way down, faster and faster.

Rachel was moaning continuously at this point, lost in such intense pleasure she did not know where she was. Moving around uncontrollably, she came, her whole body jerking and spasming . She squirted 3 times, Natalie bent down and caught squirt 2 and 3 in her mouth and on her face.

Natalie stood over Rachel as she continued to have aftershocks.

Rachel was smiling, murmuring “oh, oh, oh.” Looking at Natalie with a loving smile on her face.

Natalie lay down beside Rachel, they cuddled, arms and legs entwined, mons to mons, breasts to breasts, kissing and stroking, basking in the afterglow of their shared passion. The soft sibilant sound of skin on skin, the friction and warmth kept them both in a semi aroused state of lust and pleasure. Their pussies continued to contract slightly, pumping out nectar. They drifted into a semi conscious sleep, their bodies still entwined.

Two hours later, they got up, dressed and went out to lunch.

They remained lovers and Natalie introduced Rachel to her circle of lesbian friends, pussy eating enthusiasts all!!!

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