Nature Calls….

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It was almost 5 o’clock in the morning. I had stayed up late watching movies, and although exhausted, found that once again I couldn’t sleep. Unbelievable, I thought to myself, irritated at the arrival of my ever-present insomnia. I had thought that the medicine I had taken for my cough could have at least knocked me out, but all it had done was leave me feeling….well, restless. It was a warm night out, and, since I love nothing more than the Moon and the stars, I decided to sit on the back steps and relax under the peaceful night sky.

As I went out and took my place, I realized that there was a breeze that carried a little chill to it. Wearing nothing but a night shirt and shorts, I didn’t grow cold, really, but there was a definite effect on my body. I glanced down to see my nipples visibly poking through the thin fabric of my shirt. I automatically glanced around, making sure that no one was out and about to notice me. Silly, I thought. It was the middle of the night, with not a soul in sight, and dark, save for the small amount of moonlight. But still, I felt as though I might be seen, and rather than go in, my nervousness turned into an erotic rush that fiercely flew through me. I briefly looked around again to be sure no one Escort Bahçelievler was there, and did what I hadn’t done in years, lifting my shirt up over my breasts. I leaned back onto my elbows and closed my eyes, breathing in the night air deeply, then sighing with pleasure as I felt the breeze swirl across my naked skin.

My nipples became even harder, and a little shiver ran down my spine, as I once again experienced the tender caress that I had last felt in my youth, the carnal pleasure brought by Nature herself. I reached down and began running my hands over the cool skin on the inside of my legs. Slowly they worked their way up, and as they passed over my pussy, they discovered my shorts to be soaked. On up they traveled, over my stomach and around my breasts, finally squeezing my nipples. As I moaned a little, I realized that, compared with the rest of my body, my nipples were extremely hot. This turned me on even more. I was now lost, completely entranced by my need for sweet release, my overwhelming desire to feel Nature’s greatest gift to my the body and soul, right there, outside, in her very midst.

I reached down with my right hand and pulled my shorts to the side with one Bahçeşehir escort finger as the others began to explore my wet center. They dipped down inside of me, then, covered with my juices, slid up over my clit, beginning a steady rythm. Every now and then, they would slide back down inside of me to wiggle back and forth, then back up to my vary hard button. I was so close, so very close, feeling the fire building up inside of me, my hips arching up and down against my hand…..

I heard a noise from behind me! My hand flew away and my shorts slid themselves back into place as my other hand simultaneously jerked down my shirt. I turned around and looked in the house for a moment, finally satisfied that it had only been my mind. It suddenly occurred to me that what I was doing was pretty crazy, but at that point, with the state that I was in, I didn’t care. I resumed my former position and began to close my eyes, when I noticed that the kitchen light was off in the house on the other side of the alley. My heart pounded furiously, because I knew after living there for 5 years, that light never, absolutely never went off. I knew it had been on earlier, because as I had glanced around, I knew this Bakırköy escort bayan to be “normal”, and had seen that no one was standing in front of the window.

My eyes still half-lidded, I noticed a slight movement of the curtains. My mind was screaming for me to stop and go in the house….but I couldn’t. My hand worked faster, and I could feel my wetness begin to drip onto the concrete step below. I leaned back and thrust up my breasts, my mind finally allowing my body to take over. I completely let myself go, and gave into this stranger’s gaze, feeling their thoughts mingling with the flesh of my hand. Then I came, came hard, moaning out loud, hearing the echo of my passion fill the alleyway…Still, I couldn’t stop! My fingers were not my own as they slowed and continued in firm, slow, slow strokes back and forth over my come-soaked clit. I came again, and then again. Finally, I was satisfied, and slowly removed my hand and covered myself. I sat there for a second, never glancing over at that window, partly out of embarrassment, and partly out of fear….fear that I would once again be possessed to perform for this concealed unknown, and instead stared up at the sky. Finally, I was calm enough to get up and go back in the house….

This occurred just little more than an hour ago…I had to get it out, share this experience. And I do believe that I am ready to go to sleep now, and sleep better than I have in months. I look forward to a peaceful night, and maybe, just maybe I am looking forward to putting on another moonlit show sometime….

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